Chapter 1800 - Taunt

Against the Gods

[email protected]#\%...” Caizhi’s face turned from white to red, from red to purple, and finally from purple to black. The image of a blue wolf appeared behind her as she shouted murderously, “Qianye… you are courting death!!”

“Caizhi!” Yun Che tried to grab her wrist, but missed completely.

After the demonic wolf behind her let out a howl, Caizhi bent her fingers like talons and swiped at Qianye Ying’er. She wanted nothing more than to tear her into pieces right here and now.

“Heeheehee!” Qianye Ying’er giggled and waved her sleeves, nullifying the deadly energy and allowing it to float her out of the hall.

At the same time, Yun Che finally caught up to Caizhi and hugged her waist before she could give chase.


There was a black flash, and the three Yama Ancestors charged into the hall. “What happened, mas—” 

“GET LOST!” Caizhi shouted angrily.

They scrambled back out of the hall before they even finished their sentence.

“Caizhi, she’s obviously just playing you. You didn’t need to stoop to her level,” Yun Che tried to console her.

However, Caizhi shook him off forcefully and turned her back on him. Cheeks still red with humiliation and anger, she hmphed. “Go play with your Qianye! It’s not like you need me for anything!”

“No! She’s just playing you! I… she… Ah, Caizhi!”

He missed again, and Caizhi flew out of his reach. She never looked back until she vanished completely from view.

“Hah…” Yun Che sighed while pressing a palm to his head.

Earlier, Qianye Ying’er had promised that she would keep her distance from Caizhi if she returned with them. Now though, it was obvious that she had never planned to keep it.

A while later, Yun Che looked to the north with darkness in his eyes.

You’ll be fine even if your opponent is Crimson Destruction Dragon God, right? Chi Wuyao…


Inside the internal space of the Sky Poison Pearl, Hong’er and You’er were dozing like a pair of cute little dolls. He Ling was nowhere to be seen, however.

She had been trying to enter the internal world of the Primordial Seal of Life and Death again to no avail. After a couple more attempts and failures later, she left and appeared inside the Eternal Heaven Pearl.

The internal world of the Eternal Heaven Pearl was pure white and boundless.

He Ling closed her eyes and concentrated her mind. Wisps of invisible aura started converging soundlessly within her palm.

At the end of the Profound God Convention, the Eternal Heaven Pearl had activated the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm in a final bid to save the world.

The price was the complete depletion of its energy.

Thankfully, after all these years, the Eternal Heaven Pearl had finally begun regenerating some of its energy, albeit slowly.

He Ling didn’t have full control of the Eternal Heaven Pearl yet because she became its master not too long ago, but she did her best to guide and bring together the small amount of energy the Eternal Heaven Pearl had accumulated this far.

It was only a couple of tiny wisps, but she could probably activate Eternal Heaven Divine Realm for a short time if gathered properly.


North of the Eastern Divine Region, at the border of the Northern Divine Region.

The Crimson Destruction Dragon God had departed immediately after receiving the news of the Northern Divine Region’s evacuation, and he didn’t slow even once throughout his flight. Surely the devil people wouldn’t be able to escape in time even if they learned of his arrival now.

His plan was to slaughter all the devil people who thought they could escape the fury of the dragon gods at the border. He only brought Pure with him because they were Dragon Gods, and there was nobody in this world who was their equal!

He would remind the souls of the Primal Chaos once more why the Dragon Gods were to be feared and respected.

As they approached the Northern Divine Region, a dark aura that discomforted even them began brushing against their skin. The closer they neared, the thicker the aura became.

Suddenly, both dragon gods came to a sudden stop.

Something didn’t feel right about this.

“Strange,” the Pure Dragon God frowned slightly while gazing into the distance, “we should’ve picked up a devil person’s aura by now.”

“Are we so fast that we arrived at their borders before them?” asked the Crimson Destruction Dragon God while spreading his divine senses further.

“That’s not possible,” the Pure Dragon God answered, “We are much faster than the devil people, but we are also several times farther away from the Northern Divine Region than they are. It sounded like they were already on the move when the news reached us, and it’s unlikely they would waste time given the urgency of the situation.”

But the reality was that they could sense no one no matter where they checked. There was not a single devil person to be found be it to the north or the east.

The Crimson Destruction Dragon God couldn’t be right, could he?

Suddenly, the Pure Dragon God recalled something and frowned. “Now that I think about it, didn’t Zhou Xuzi worry that the devils might’ve found a way to make use of his greatest profound space artifact, the Void Cauldron? If they discovered the way to use it and empowered it with the special energy sources left behind at Eternal Heaven God Realm, there’s a chance they could’ve built a great teleportation formation that connects the Eastern Divine Region and the borders of the Northern Divine Region together, right?”

“Did Zhou Xuzi’s premonition come true after all?”

“Impossible,” the Crimson Destruction Dragon God replied, “We would’ve sensed it if they did construct such a thing. And even if we somehow missed it, the eye of the formation cannot withstand the Northern Divine Region’s devilish energy for long, so it has to be somewhere around the borders. Destroying it here will be as easy as turning over a palm, no matter how many formations they’ve constructed!” 

It was at this moment they both felt a reaction.

After exchanging a glance with each other, the Pure Dragon God waved her arm and activated a sound transmission formation surrounded by thick draconic aura. A voice came from the other side of the formation. It was the Azure Dragon God.

“Big brother, Pure, we’ve been played.”

The two dragon gods already suspected that something was amiss, but their expressions still changed when they heard the confirmation.

“What did you learn?” the Crimson Destruction asked. A stifling anger was slowly but surely seeping out of his body.

“The devil people’s evacuation to the north is a feint. The profound ships we detected carrying thick devilish auras in them really contain a small number of devil people only. They also gathered a couple thousand profound ships and deployed them at the easiest places to detect so as to create the illusion that they’re evacuating en masse.”

“These profound ships came to a stop at the northern border of the Eastern Divine Region about three hours ago, and after a thorough check we can confirm that there’s no one inside them!”

“It’s… a diversion!” the Pure Dragon God said slowly.

“Correct!” the Azure Dragon God answered, “On the surface, it looked like they were withdrawing to the Northern Divine Region to hide from our wrath. In reality, they’re moving to the Southern Divine Region!”

“To improve the illusion, they made sure that the diversion to the north was suitably loud, while the movement to the south isn’t. They only stopped concealing their tracks and traveled at full speed about two hours ago. They’re expected to escape from the Eastern Divine Region safely in a couple more hours.”

Another reason the diversion had succeeded so spectacularly was because the devil people no longer leaked dark energy like a faucet. It made what everyone thought was impossible before possible.

“How… dare… they!?” uttered the Crimson Destruction Dragon God. His talons clenched into fists, and his crimson hair spat fire like a volcano. Space started distorting madly around him.

This was the first time in many years that he, the number one Dragon God of the Dragon God Realm, lost his temper. Who would’ve thought that his very first operation after years of seclusion would be a complete miss? And that was putting it nicely. The blunt fact was that he had been played like a fiddle.

He was the Crimson Destruction Dragon God. Who dared to play him? Who dared to play HIM!?

The Pure Dragon God patted his shoulder consolingly and said, “Calm yourself, big brother. The devil people are naturally devious, and truth be told we should’ve foreseen something like this. We allowed our desire to avenge Ash to blind our minds.”

The Dragon God Race was a righteous and forthright race who found trickery and deception to be beneath them. If someone among their race pulled off such a thing successfully, they would only shame them for it.

Their creed was their pride and honor.

When the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s hair slowly returned to normal, he suddenly crushed the Pure Dragon God’s sound transmission formation by force and faced toward a certain direction. Then, he asked in a cool, steely voice, “Do the devil people of the Northern Divine Region only know how to play petty tricks like these?”

The Pure Dragon God also faced toward the same direction and stared at a wisp of gray mist that looked like a black cloud.

“Aiya, you found me.”

A sweet, soft, and lazy voice slithered into their ears like a dream. It made their bodies feel like mush, and their souls feel warm.

Realizing that something was wrong, they concentrated immediately and cleared their minds in no time.

The gray mist dissipated, and three women stepped out into the open.

The woman at the front was shrouded by a black mist. Her face was hidden, but the amorousness leaking for her aura threatened to engulf any lesser-minded being whole.

The two girls following behind her had the appearance of seventeen or eighteen year old girls. Their faces were beautiful, emotionless, and perfectly identical. Despite being Dragon Gods, the duo couldn’t discern any differences between the twins.

Even their auras were perfectly identical.

“The Devil Queen and her Witches.”

The Pure Dragon God’s pupils focused into icy needles. This was the first time ever she had encountered people like them. The Devil Queen’s aura felt like a bottomless swamp of pitch-black lust and danger, while the two girls immediately reminded her of the legendary twin Witches, also the strongest Witch of them all.

Chi Wuyao slowly walked toward the two Dragon Gods, gray smoke chasing her feet with every step. She didn’t seem to fear them at all.

“I am Chi Wuyao, consort of Yun Che, the Northern Region Devil Master. I’ve come to greet the famous Crimson Destruction Dragon God and the Pure Dragon God in person.”

“Hmph.” The Crimson Destruction Dragon God bottled his anger and glared at the terrifying woman in front of him. “I’m disappointed. The rumors claim that you’re a terrifying devil with abyssal-like wits, but your petty tricks seem hardly worthy of that boast.”

“Why are you here?” the Pure Dragon God asked suddenly. “If your goal was to divert us while your forces escaped to the Southern Divine Region, then you’ve already succeeded. You didn’t need to show yourself before us.”

Then, a flash of realization passed through her pupils. “Unless…”

Chi Wuyao finally came to a stop when she was about a quarter of a kilometer away from the Dragon Gods. She smiled like a poisonous flower and said, “Crimson Destruction, I heard that you were the strongest Dragon God in the Dragon God Realm for two hundred thousand years, am I right? Your name is known even in the Northern Divine Region.” 

“This ‘invitation’ was really meant for your dragonlings, but then I heard that the number one Dragon God himself would be attending my little banquet. So I thought, this seems like a good opportunity to meet you in person and… experience your skills, so to speak. Don’t you agree?”


A cold chill whooshed toward the Dragon Gods before coming to a dead halt.

The anger brimming in the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s eyes subsided, and the corner of his lips turned into a scornful, even playful smile. “You came all the way here… to fight me?”

The Pure Dragon God was smiling too, but a disturbing thought suddenly flashed across her mind.

Wait a minute!

There was a huge gulf between Eternal Heaven God Realm and the border of the Northern Divine Region, and yet the Devil Queen claimed that she had been lying in wait for them. This meant that she knew that Crimson Destruction would be the one to show up beforehand.

The Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s decision to come here had been a spontaneous decision. They had departed immediately, and they hadn’t stopped once throughout the whole flight. Also, very few people could detect them in mid-level considering their power level. So… how did the Devil Queen know that they were coming!?

Had the northern spies slipped that deep into our ranks?

Or maybe...

“Of course,” Chi Wuyao said with an obvious chuckle. It was almost too bad that her seductive smile was hidden by her shroud.

“Hehehe… hahahahaha!” The Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s laughter grew louder and louder. There was a faint hint of anger in his tone.

His perception told him that there was no one in the area besides the Devil Queen and her two Witches. She could’ve brought all her forces with her and caught them in a trap, but no… she had only brought two Witches with her!

He laughed because he was both amused by the Devil Queen’s ignorance and infuriated that the indomitable reputation he had built for himself over two hundred thousand years was scorned by a mere devil.

He truly had gone into seclusion for too long.

“Aren’t you afraid that this would be the last regretful decision in your life, Devil Queen?” the Crimson Destruction Dragon God asked quietly.

“Funny you say that. To this day, there is only one person who made me feel that way.”

Chi Wuyao extended her arm and summoned a pitch-black vortex between her fingers. The stark contrast between the black energy and her pale skin somehow made her look even more seductive than before. “And you, Crimson Destruction, are not that person.”

“It looks like all your lack of rivals in the Northern Divine Region, and recent successes in conquering the Eastern Divine Region and the Southern Divine Region have gotten into your head. You really seem to think that you’ve seen the limits of the sky above your heads.”

Crimson Destruction Dragon God laughed again, but this time he was no longer angry.

All things considered, this outcome wasn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened.

He waved his left arm, and the Pure Dragon God backed far, far away from him.

No Dragon God had ever joined hands with the Crimson Destruction since he became a Dragon God. Not even once.

After all, no one was worthy of the honor.

“You three,” the Crimson Destruction Dragon God said in the manner of a superior, “Come at me together.”

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