Chapter 181 - Desperate Straits

Against the Gods

Chapter 181 - Desperate Straits

Yun Che’s words stabbed into one of Jasmine’s many nerves, and she no longer said anything.

Within this period of time, the fifth wave of Stone Dragon Warriors were summoned. A total of thirty-two Stone Dragon Warriors appeared in a circling formation and surrounded Yun Che.

“Don’t… care about me…” Little Fairy had always been awake and she clearly understood the current predicament. She, who was pressed against on Yun Che’s shoulder, slightly struggled.

Yun Che turned a deaf ear on her, and wielding his sword with a single hand, he engaged the incoming Stone Dragon Warriors. His sword swinging speed naturally decreased, as he was wielding a one thousand nine hundred and fifty kilo heavy sword with a single hand; however, it was still as ferocious and tyrannical as before. Each one of his swings were huge and wide, bringing about the whistling of the wind as the sword sliced through the air, causing the destruction of the Stone Dragon Warriors one after another before they could even approach him.

The sounds of exploding stone continued without rest. Although he was wielding the heavy sword with a single hand, although he was hugging onto and protecting someone with his left arm, these thirty-two Stone Dragon Warriors still did not threaten Yun Che. In less than two minutes, under Yun Che’s dozens of continuous swings with his heavy sword, they all turned into shattered rocks on the ground.

But, the fifth wave, was still not the end. Immediately after, the sixth wave of Stone Dragon Warriors appeared before Yun Che, and this time, there were sixty-four of them!

Looking at the sixty-four Stone Dragon Warriors encircling him, Yun Che took a deep breath as the hand he was using to wield the sword unconsciously tightened. The Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome was able to give him complete mastery over the control of heavy swords, but it definitely did not mean it could allow him to ignore the weight of the heavy swords themselves. Holding a heavy sword with a single hand was unwise to begin with, and after eliminating the fifth wave of Stone Dragon Warriors, his right hand had already begun to feel numb.

Boom… Boom...

The sixty-four Stone Dragon Warriors started running together and the ground they ran on shook with every step they take. Yun Che growled, raised his sword and plunged into the crowd of Stone Dragon Warriors which just doubled in numbers. He charged. He clashed. His heavy sword was swung to the left. And then, it was swept to the right. Over and over again. The enemies were swept away one after another, and their bodies shattered one after another… Right here and now, he who had Little Fairy in his embrace, was extremely glad that he chose a heavy sword as his weapon back then. Because, when heavily surrounded, the only weapon that would allow one to fearlessly sweep in all directions like now, was only the heavy sword! The only weapon that could allow one to embrace a person, and protect her from the slightest bit of harm, was only the heavy sword! The only weapon that could easily shatter these Stone Dragon Warriors, whose hard and sturdy bodies could hardly be harmed by any other weapons, was also only the heavy sword!

The advantages of a heavy sword, in a battle like this, were thoroughly displayed. Yun Che absolutely believed that if he was currently wielding a light sword in his hand, he would not be able to move effortlessly in this encirclement of many Stone Dragon Warriors, and he would not be able to protect Little Fairy this perfectly.

But at the same time these advantages were being displayed, the disadvantages were slowly revealing themselves as well.



Boom… Boom….

With another set of tyrannical brandishing with the heavy sword, the sixth wave of Stone Dragon Warriors had turned into rubble as well. And the time taken, was exactly four times the time he had taken to finish the fifth wave.

Yun Che stabbed his heavy sword into the ground as he finally began to pant. Under Jasmine’s “command”, Yun Che had never kept his heavy sword in the Sky Poison Pearl, and had always carried it behind his back, so as to get used to its weight. However, no matter how one gets used to it, it definitely did not mean that it could be be completely ignored. Because that weight of a thousand nine hundred and fifty kilos, will always be there. It will neither decrease, nor will it disappear.

The sixth wave, was still not the end.

Ziiing… Ziiiing...

A large number of yellow rays of light flashed around Yun Che, and the figures of an exact total of a hundred and twenty-eight Stone Dragon Warriors appeared. And these Stone Dragon Warriors had undergone changes as well. Their weapons were no longer just longspears; at the back, there were Stone Dragon Warriors who decided to discard their shields, and were wielding two longswords and two longblades.

More than a hundred of them… Facing more than a hundred enemies of the same level at the same time, and even after a large consumption of energy, how the hell could this be a trial? It’s basically abuse! This should probably be the last wave, I guess.

Yun Che thought as such. His initial ragged breathing had already calmed down after he regulated it. He threw an Intermediate Profound Recovering Pellet into his mouth, and adjusted his left shoulder so he could tighten his hold on Little Fairy by a little bit. He then pulled out the heavy sword from the ground with a single hand, and pointed it to the front.

The fierce battle between a one-handed person and a hundred warriors, thus began.

The Stone Dragon Warriors wielding longswords and longblades were not only different weapon-wise; even their movement speed was evidently faster than the Stone Dragon Warriors wielding spears. They rushed towards the front, and silhouettes of swords and blades enveloped Yun Che… Until now, what Yun Che was really consoled about, was that these Stone Dragon Warriors did not possess any long-ranged profound skills. Under the swings of his heavy sword, they were not able to approach him, which also meant that basically, they were not able to harm him and Little Fairy. Otherwise, their predicament would undoubtedly be several times more difficult.

However, the condition for this situation to persist was for him to maintain the frequency of his swings. But with the combination of his increasing energy consumption and increasing sense of fatigue in his arm, the speed of his heavy sword swings, and their level of ferociousness, were evidently falling. This also lead to even bigger openings and flaws after his every swing.

Bang bang bang...

In a series of explosions, five Stone Dragon Warriors that came to attack together were sent flying with a crescent swing of the heavy sword. But because of the gradually piling exhaustion from exerting his strength, when Yun Che was withdrawing his sword, his posture suddenly became unbalanced for a moment, so the longspear of a Stone Dragon Warrior came thrusting from his side and ruthlessly pierced into Yun Che’s waist.

Blood splattered out, and the Stone Dragon Warrior’s spear-tip was instantly broken as well. With a protective veil of profound energy on the exterior, and adding the hardness brought about by the Great Way of the Buddha, although this thrust did cause a bit of blood to spill, it did not bring about any serious damage. However, it was enough to allow Yun Che to feel a heavier sense of danger.


The nearby Stone Dragon Warriors were smashed with a single swing of Yun Che’s sword. He then suddenly flung his right arm and threw the heavy sword in the air. Right after, he quickly and gently moved Little Fairy to the right and held her tightly with her right arm. His left hand grabbed onto the descending heavy sword, and with a single swing, it brought about a howl that was similar to the roar of a furious dragon...

With the swapping of arms, the numbness in his right arm finally eased up by a little. Although he could not wield the heavy sword as freely with his left arm, the frequency of his swings and the power behind them slightly increased. However, the energy exhausting rate, was also evidently faster than when he wielded it with his right arm.

The Stone Dragon Warriors swarmed together towards Yun Che, and they shattered together by him as well. If these were not Stone Dragon Warriors, but actual living human beings, Yun Che’s entire body definitely would have already been dyed in fresh blood.

His left arm then began to feel heavier, gradually reaching the point of unsustainability. He once again returned the heavy sword to his right hand, which had eased up slightly from the numbness, and continued the close quarter combat.

The amount of time he took to clear this wave, to him, was very much longer than the previous wave, to the point where he did not even know the total amount of time he used. When the final Stone Dragon Warrior was destroyed, only heavy panting came out from his mouth. When he finally stabbed his heavy sword into the ground, and when his right hand left its handle, that sense of relief, was basically as if he was soaring into the heavens.

“Hu… hu… hu…”

Yun Che’s entire face was flushed red; he was panting extremely severely, and the hot beads of sweat on his forehead were so fine that they looked like raindrops. Little Fairy, who was hooped before his chest, could clearly feel the shivering arm hugging onto her.


Not even three breaths’ time after Yun Che let go of his heavy sword did an even larger number of yellow light flash around him. These rays of light caused Yun Che’s ragged breathing to abruptly stop. He forcefully raised his head, abruptly stopped the shuddering of his right arm, and firmly gripped onto the hilt of the heavy sword.

The eighth wave… two hundred and fifty-six Stone Dragon Warriors!

This trial could no longer be described as “difficult”, but extremely brutal, and as brutal as hell. Within this brutality, not only did one have to face enemies with the same profound level, and not only did one have to face twice as many enemies after exhausting a large amount of energy, the most frightening thing was that the time between the clearing of a wave and the appearance of the next wave, did not even reach five breaths of time...

It completely did not give the person taking the trial any time for a breather and recover… or even the chance to heal his injuries!

With the appearance of these Stone Dragon Warriors, Yun Che’s hand had returned to the heavy sword’s handle. His expression was calm, but his pupils had evidently shrank a little.

There was actually… another wave!

The crowd of Stone Dragon Warriors that appeared charged towards Yun Che with uniform movements. Yun Che looked beyond the group, and at the back of the group, he was shocked to see Stone Dragon Warriors whose bodies were entangled with long metal chains, in which ball-shaped stone hammers were suspended at both ends of each metal chain.

Those are… meteor hammers!!!

The Stone Dragon Warriors swarmed over with their overwhelming numbers like a huge wave that tried to drown Yun Che within it. Yun Che’s heavy sword was swept back and forth across the crowd of Stone Dragon Warriors but currently, his heavy sword felt particularly heavy. Every single time he swung, he was seemingly required to use his full strength. The Stone Dragon Warriors at the front of the crowd were falling one after another, while the Stone Dragon Warriors carrying the meteor hammers at the back were also quickly approaching.

Swish… Swish… Swish...

Five to six meteor hammers flew towards Yun Che and Little Fairy, who was in his embrace, from different directions.

Every single time Yun Che swung his heavy sword, he would always be able to tyrannically blast away the surrounding enemies, and prevent them from approaching too close. But attacks with the meteor hammers basically did not need the users to approach their enemies. These Stone Dragon Warriors were standing about six meters away, but the thrown meteor hammers were enough to accurately crash towards Yun Che. And, these meteor hammers also came from above, so when he was attacking the Stone Dragon Warriors, he basically could not sweep his sword towards the meteor hammers. If he were to sweep his swords towards these meteor hammers, he would be unable to sweep towards the surrounding Stone Dragon Warriors in time, which would cause them to approach too close...

To Yun Che, the addition of these meteor hammer warriors were undoubtedly a nightmare within a nightmare. He could not help but use the Star God’s Broken Shadow to move and cut through the crowd of Stone Dragon Warriors. But, because of this, no matter his energy consumption, attacking efficiency, or the number of dangerous elements, all of them had greatly increased.

Swish… Swish… Swish… Swish… Swish… Swish...

More and more Stone Dragon hammer wielders were charging over, and the meteor hammers flying towards Yun Che were becoming more concentrated, to the point where, in every moment, there were at least dozens of meteor hammers pounding towards him from different directions. He continuously moved and dodged, and once again, moved and dodged. He basically did not have the chance to retaliate...


A good number of meteor hammers smashed together, creating dazzling sparks. Yun Che leaped high into the air, and when he was the highest point, dozens of meteor hammers came flying over. Yun Che took a deep breath, and used Star God’s Broken Shadow to descend instantly, but when he landed, his right leg stepped on a fist-sized rock… In these type of situations, it usually would not have affected Yun Che in the slightest, but currently, because of the heavy consumption of energy, and with his mind strained, it was enough to influence his balance… His body leaned towards the left as he landed, and he staggered a distance of two steps… And this opening, was easily caught by Stone Dragon Warriors on his left, for three longblades came cleaving down ferociously at Little Fairy’s position.

The approaching blade waves caused Yun Che to forcefully raise his head. But currently, he already had no time left to retreat, nor did he have the time to use his heavy sword to block them. Watching the trajectory of the three incoming longblades, Yun Che straightened his left arm, which was holding onto Little Fairy, at lightning speed, and took the three stone blades head on...


Three stone blades cut onto Yun Che’s left arm at the same time. The sounds of the impact allowed Yun Che to know that, not only did the three blades cut into his flesh, they even cut into his bones. Yun Che’s eyes widened. With a loud roar, he used his profound energy to push out the stone blades cutting into his bones. He wildly swung his heavy sword, smashing away all of the Stone Dragon Warriors that approached him. This sweep was exceptionally ferocious; although he was able to sweep away all of the surrounding Stone Dragon Warriors, it also revealed a large enough opening. A meteor hammer suddenly flew over, and with a loud bonk, it smashed into Yun Che’s head.

Yun Che’s mind was currently shaking as his vision became a field of white. He quickly bit the tip of his tongue to recover his calm… But this split second of dizziness in this heavy encirclement, was enough to cause him his life.

Swish…Swish… Swish… Swish… Swish…

The moment his vision cleared up, he heard piercing sounds come from close proximity; a total of seven meteor hammers were currently flying over… Without even thinking about it, Yun Che instantly took a lowered body stance, and at the same time, used his two hands to firmly embrace Little Fairy.


Seven meteor hammers struck Yun Che’s back at the same time, immediately smashing Yun Che onto the ground. Yun Che’s complexion paled as a large mouthful of blood welled up and gushed out of his mouth. He did not stand up. While releasing a roar similar to that of a wild beast’s, a scarlet fire started to wildly blaze from his body; it even shot up to a height of a few dozen meters in an instant...

“Star Scorching Demon Lotus!!”

Like a blooming lotus, layers of flame waves were released layer after layer and in a blink of an eye, they spread to a circumference of a hundred meters. These more than two hundred Stone Dragon Warriors were packed closely as they surrounded Yun Che, and thus, were all drawn into the Star Scorching Demon Lotus. Under the hot flames that were mixed with the flames of a phoenix, all of the Stone Dragon Warriors quickly turned into ash.

He had never used Star Scorching Demon Lotus, which had a large radius, because the consumption of this move was enormous. Within a short period of time, he could only use this ability once, and once used, he would definitely be close to total burnout. Hence, this was his final trump card. In the predicament earlier, he had no choice but to use it… Right now, he could only pray that the eighth wave was the last wave.

Since the eighth wave was already terrifying to this degree, it’s impossible for a ninth wave to appear, right…

Unless, this Primordial Azure Dragon was simply just a crazed beast that liked to toy and deliberately murder the challengers taking its trial!!

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