Chapter 1821 - Eternal Heaven Divine Realm

Against the Gods

It wasn’t long before the core of the devil race gathered at the central hall once more.

The first person to arrive was Qianye Ying’er. The way she looked, it was as if she was carrying a storm behind her.

When Qianye Ying’er returned from the Eastern Divine Region and learned that Yun Che and Shui Meiyin had left for the south without the three Yama Ancestors, she had exploded like a volcano and beat the crap out of them. She would’ve traveled to the south to capture Yun Che and Shui Meiyin too if Chi Wuyao hadn’t stopped her.

It was why the three Yama Ancestors were scared shitless and begged for mercy when Yun Che had smiled at them earlier… they thought that he was angry that they had pissed off his woman.

When Yun Che felt Qianye Ying’er walking up to him like a volcano, he turned around and shot her a warm smile, “When did you come back?”

“You’re asking me?” Qianye Ying’er said angrily, “I can’t believe you found the leisure to go on a trip with that girl at this… time…”

Suddenly, she stopped talking and raised her eyebrows slowly. A while later, she said,

“You… something’s not right with you.”

“Is that so?” Still smiling, Yun Che responded noncommittally before answering her grievances, “There’s nothing to worry about. Even without the three old monsters, there is no one in this world who can stop me from escaping. The Devil Queen and Yan Tianxiao overseeing the overall strategy, the star realms overseeing the war preparation themselves, and Cang Shitian keeping the Southern Divine Region under control, I can afford to go missing once in a while.”

“...” Qianye Ying’er’s eyes narrowed even further.

It was because Yun Che had taken the time to explain things to her. Previously, he would’ve just let out a cold snort and ignored her completely.

Before Qianye Ying’er could figure out what was going on, Yun Che suddenly pulled a strand of hair hanging in front of her forehead to the back before saying gently, “In the future, don’t trouble yourself over such a small matter, okay?”

“...!?” A flabbergasted Qianye Ying’er blanked out for a second before taking half a step away from Yun Che like she was electrocuted. She then stared and scanned him with her spiritual perception from head to toe.

She knew Yun Che well enough to identify every strand of hair on his body. And yet she still found it difficult to believe that the man in front of her was truly Yun Che.

A person’s subconscious was impossible to fake. Any change to one’s subconscious would also affect their emotions and actions.

The destruction of the Blue Pole Star had completely changed Yun Che. The realization that it was unharmed had caused a transformation that was just as drastic. That was why he seemed like a completely different person to someone who knew him so well like Qianye Ying’er.

Pausing for a moment after realizing that his action was completely at odds with how he usually acted, he sucked in a deep breath, gathered his dark profound energy, and tried to return to his dark and brooding self.

However, the only images that he managed to conjure in his mind were his parents, his daughter, Lingxi, Caiyi, Yuechan, Cangyue, Ling’er and more… the mere knowledge that they were alive and well filled his blood with red hot love.

He was able to school his expression in the end, but that darkness and hatred that seemed to seep out of the deepest depth of his soul… he just couldn’t find it anymore no matter what he tried.

It was at this moment the barrier covering the central hall was unlocked, and Chi Wuyao, Caizhi and Shui Meiyin arrived and entered the chamber together. Behind them, Yan Tianxiao was just dropping down from the sky as well.

Qianye Ying’er allowed herself to be distracted for now and shot Shui Meiyin a look. The latter simply giggled and stuck out her tongue at her.

“Hmm. It looks like our Devil Master has something urgent to announce,” said Chi Wuyao as she approached Yun Che. However, just like Qianye Ying’er, she immediately noticed that something was off with him and stared at him for a long time.

“Your Magnificence, I have ordered the men to gather the divine crystals, divine jade and highest quality divine swords you wanted. Your will will be done in six hours at most,” Yan Tianxiao reported the moment he arrived.

Yun Che nodded acknowledgingly and said, “Very good.”

“Why the sudden mobilization of these resources? And why would you need the swords for?” Qianye Ying’er asked with a frown.

In preparation for the upcoming war, they had been using all the resources they plundered from the Eternal Heaven Realm, Brahma Monarch Realm, Xuanyuan Realm, Purple Micro Realm, Southern Sea Realm and more to empower various profound artifacts, formations, weapons and more.

“I need them for my cultivation,” Yun Che replied simply.

His reply stunned everyone except Shui Meiyin. His next words shocked them even more.

“Also, the assault on the Dragon God Realm will be delayed for ten days,” Yun Che said slowly.

“Ah? Wha?” Yan Tianxiao lifted his head and stared at the Devil Master in confusion.

Eight days had passed since Yun Che declared of an all-out assault on the Dragon God Realm.

Right now, everyone was doing their utmost to prepare for D-day. Their spirit, power, morale and even their devilish blood were burning like never before. However, if they were to delay the assault now, that energy was sure to falter drastically no matter how sound the reason was.

Even if that passion was rekindled, it would surely be weaker than it was before.

“Why?” Chi Wuyao asked in her seductive voice as usual.

Yun Che was unsurprised by their reaction. He explained, “The Eternal Heaven Pearl we acquired from the Eternal Heaven Realm now has enough power to activate the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm one time.”

“Therefore, I’m planning to use this chance to cultivate for a bit before we crush Dragon God Realm beneath our feet.” A pause later, he explained in more detail, “Previously, the Eternal Heaven Pearl had used up all its power to activate the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm for three thousand years. Although it has regathered a small shred of its power since, it is only enough to keep the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm active for three years, and its time compression is much weaker than before.”

“Long story short, three years in Eternal Heaven Divine Realm is about eleven days in the normal world.”

Qianye Ying’er: “...”

Chi Wuyao: “...”

Caizhi: “...”

Shui Meiyin: (#^.^#)

“I see!” Yan Tianxiao’s realization quickly turned into excitement. “Three years is nothing for most people, but Your Magnificence is the successor of the Devil Emperor herself! Naturally, you’ll be able to make use of this time far better than us mortals do! Your might has already cowed the world when you are still at the Divine Sovereign Realm, surely you’ll be able to squash even the so-called Dragon Monarch like an ant if you are able to become a Divine Master during this time!”

However, just as he finished his sentence, he abruptly realized that the atmosphere wasn’t quite what he expected it to be. A quick scan of his surroundings revealed to him that it was deathly silent for some reason.

Qianye Ying’er and Chi Wuyao exchanged a wordless glance with each other.

Not long ago, Yun Che couldn’t wait even a day longer to make his move after becoming a level ten Divine Sovereign at the Northern Divine Region. Now, he’s delaying his assault on the Dragon God Realm to cultivate in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm for three years!?

If either of them was slightly more hot-tempered than they were, they might have jumped to their feet, pointed a finger to his nose and screamed at him, “Where the fuck was this you when we asked you to stay just a couple years longer in the Northern Divine Region? And why the fuck are you appearing now of all times!?”

“Something’s wrong with him,” Qianye Ying’er messaged Chi Wuyao directly.

“...” The Devil Queen shot Shui Meiyin a thoughtful look before responding, “Something must’ve happened between him and Little Meiyin during the time they were gone.”

“At least… it’s probably not a bad thing.”

“How many people can enter this Eternal Heaven Divine Realm?” Caizhi suddenly asked with a strange look in her eyes.

“Two,” Yun Che answered before looking at Shui Meiyin, “I will be bringing Meiyin with me during these ‘three years’.”

Caizhi’s face immediately scrunched up. “Can you add one more person?”

“Er…” Yun Che felt a tingle on his scalp, but he had no choice but to say the truth. “Unfortunately, every new addition will halve the amount of time the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm can hold.”

“...” Caizhi’s chest heaved up and down. She was biting her lips as well.

Yan Tianxiao was going to speak when a sudden chill suddenly turned his back into ice. He immediately bowed his head and kept his breathing shallow.

“Hmph!” Caizhi said with a disdainful snort, “Eternal Heaven Pearl my butt. What a useless artifact!”

She turned around angrily and acted to leave.


However, Yun Che reached her and caught her hand right as she gathered her profound energy. She tried to shake it off, but Yun Che pulled her closer and wrapped his arms tightly around her body. He whispered beside her ears urgently, “Caizhi, it’s not that I don’t want to bring you into the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, alright? There’s a very special reason I chose Meiyin.”

“What does that have to do with me? You don’t need to explain anything to me.” Caizhi struggled hard, but this time Yun Che refused to let go no matter what.

Chi Wuyao couldn’t help but chuckle a little at the sight of the squirming duo. She decided to lend Yun Che a hand and said, “If I’m not mistaken, you intend to cultivate your soul in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, am I right?”

“Correct.” Yun Che nodded without hesitation.

“I see.” Chi Wuyao fell into thought for a moment. She was starting to grow a real idea on what this special “trump card” of Yun Che was about. “In that case, little Meiyin is indeed the best choice. Not even my devil soul will be more helpful to you than her Divine Stainless Soul.”

“Mn. That’s what Big Brother Yun Che said to me too,” Shui Meiyin added. “I’m not sure how I’m supposed to help Big Brother Yun Che yet, but… you have nothing to worry about, Sister Caizhi. I promise I won’t disappoint you, and that I will do my best to help him.”

After her irritation was put down in a lighthearted manner, Caizhi started growing self-conscious. She blushed a little and put on another token struggle before saying, “Enough. I know already. I wasn’t trying to… do anything. None of you needs to explain yourselves to me… let me go.”

However, Yun Che held her firmly before whispering into her ears again, “The next time the Eternal Heaven Pearl regains enough power, I’ll move in with you however long you like, okay?”

Caizhi felt even weaker after hearing that. She lowered her head as much as she could and said in a mosquito’s voice, “Seriously, let go already… there’s people here…”

Caizhi’s waist was so thin and soft—it almost felt like he was holding the most wonderful sponge in the world—that Yun Che didn’t want to let go. For the same reason, he didn’t dare to put too much strength into his arms for fear of actually hurting her. So, he declared like it was the most natural thing in the world. “I am the Devil Master and the future king of the God Realm. Who dares to question me hugging my own wife?”

Chi Wuyao: “...”

Shui Meiyin: (*^▽^*)

Yan Tianxiao: (¬ω¬)

“Hah!” Qianye Ying’er looked away. “Manwhore.”

“Oh my?” Chi Wuyao looked at her interestedly. “Where did you pick up that word?”

“Like I know,” Qianye Ying’er huffed snappily.

“Seriously though,” Chi Wuyao muttered while narrowing her eyes into slits, “What on earth did he go through today? It’s almost as if he came back with an entirely new soul.”

Ten hours later.

The Eternal Heaven Pearl floated at the center of the Deep Sea Central Hall while shining a pure white light.

Due to many considerations, they ultimately chose to activate the Eternal Heaven Pearl at the heart of the entire realm, the Deep Sea Central Hall.

Seven different layers were laid down inside and outside the hall. Moreover, the three Yama Ancestors would be guarding them day and night until they returned.

He Ling’s image appeared inside the Eternal Heaven Pearl. She pressed her hands together in front of her chest and focused on gathering the power of the Eternal Heaven Pearl.

“Master, the Eternal Heaven Pearl has too little remaining energy, so I’m going to have to guide and channel them at all times while the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm is active. I won’t be able to listen or transmit anything that might be happening outside.”

“I understand.” Yun Che nodded. “Thank you for your hard work, He Ling.”

“Also, my mastery of the Eternal Heaven Pearl isn’t complete yet, so it’s best if… no, you must ensure that no external force will disturb the Eternal Heaven Pearl during this time. Otherwise, there’s a chance that the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm will collapse on itself. I don’t have full confidence that I’ll be able to prevent it from happening, and if a time and space distortion were to happen during this time, the consequences would be… unthinkable.”

“I understand.” Yun Che swept the three Yama Ancestors a glance before adding, “I’m only going to repeat myself one time: do not allow anyone to approach the barrier except the Devil Queen, Qianying and Caizhi, understand!?”

Yan Tianxiao dropped his head knowingly.

“As you command, Master.” The three Yama Ancestors stared at Yan Tianxiao right after the hurried reply.

They would’ve chased off Yan Tianxiao already if Yun Che hadn’t said to kick him out now.

Yun Che grabbed Shui Meiyin’s hand and looked at Chi Wuyao. “I leave everything to you and Qianying.”

“One more thing. Always watch out for Cang Shitian.”

“You will pleasantly surprise us when you reappear, right?” Chi Wuyao said with a faint smile on her face.

“Hmph. We hardly need the reminder.” Qianye Ying’er replied coldly before side-eyeing Shui Meiyin. “Three years is neither too long nor too short… if you’re tired, feel free to use all those erotic techniques you used on me on your precious little girl. I’m curious to know if you’ll break her or turn her into a proper—”

“AHEM!” Yun Che cut off Qianye Ying’er loudly even as he sensed a sudden rise in temperature from Shui Meiyin’s hand. “He Ling, activate the Divine Realm!”

He Ling’s hands parted ways inside the Eternal Heaven Pearl.

A white light surged and engulfed Yun Che and Shui Meiyin.

A moment later, the aura of the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm was replaced by the heavy, cold and ancient aura of the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm.

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