Chapter 1828 - Deep Sea Crisis (3)

Against the Gods

Inside the central hall of the Deep Sea God Realm, a pure, white light was circulating slowly around the Eternal Heaven Pearl but it was clearly dimmer than it was a few days ago. Standing guard faithfully and tirelessly around it were the three Yama Ancestors. It had been many days since Yun Che and Shui Meiyin had gone in, but they hadn’t lost their concentration for even an instant.

The front of the central hall was filled with people. Even now, a great number of profound practitioners were flying over at top speed.

It was because the Devil Queen had sent out a critical alert order. Soon, every essential profound practitioner of the devil race, the god emperor, and the Sea Gods of Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm were present.

The Devil Queen stepped out into the open, and everyone focused their eyes on her. Considering the situation, whatever she was going to announce must be of the greatest importance.

“First, I would like to thank everyone for carrying out the Devil Master’s order and preparing for the all-out assault against the Dragon God Realm.”

Even as she spoke, her devil soul informed her that the World Dragon City had been activated, and that it was approaching them at a level of speed that couldn’t even be described as “speed” anymore. Whatever pipe dream she might have had before, it was mercilessly crushed by the sight of the vessel leaping from one space to another with every passing instant.

Even so, she didn’t allow her voice or her expression to waver in the slightest. The only visible change in her appearance was that her normally invasive charm was a tad weaker than before.

“But…” she sighed audibly as she said this, “I regret to say this, but the situation has changed, and not for the better.”

Everyone held their breath at the same time.

“For a million years, we, the northern region devil race, have been forced to hide in the darkness like rats under the oppression of the three divine regions. Then, against all odds, you shattered the chains that bound us for so long that they almost felt like a part of us, and returned our will to this world once more.”

“Make no mistake, you, all of you, are the pride of the Northern Divine Region and the devil race. No matter how dark our future may become, you will always be praised as the generation who made the impossible possible. You will always be the eternal flame of hope that keeps our future generations going.”

“For now though, this... is where our journey must come to an end.”

It sounded like Chi Wuyao was praising their outstanding achievements, but no one felt good about it for obvious reasons... Something was deeply wrong here.

“Your Majesty,” Fen Daoqi took the initiative to broach the subject, “what happened? Please speak clearly. It is thanks to the Devil Master and you that we’ve come this far. And we will bravely follow you two even to the ends of the world.”

Chi Wuyao shot him a glance before saying, “Your bravery was never in question. It is I who have committed a grave blunder. I recently discovered that I’ve completely underestimated the Dragon God Realm and the Western Divine Region’s strength.”

A small commotion broke out, but Chi Wuyao’s next words silenced it immediately.

“We are not in familiar territory, but I’m sure that some of you have heard of the Dragon God Realm’s recent movements. First, Long Bai has returned earlier than expected. Second, not only did the Dragon Monarch not underestimate us, he issued a most ruthless order, one that rendered all the psychological attacks we have accrued against the Western Divine Region so far useless.”

“Not only has the Dragon Monarch conscripted every Divine Master of the five king realms into his army, he has recalled every Dragon God, Dragon Sovereign, and Master Dragon as well. In total, there are over eight hundred Divine Masters in the Dragon God Realm right now… it is a force we cannot ever hope to fight directly.”

“Not only that, five hidden powers who are at least as strong as Crimson Destruction Dragon God himself have emerged. Suppose that I have a plan that could deal with eight hundred Divine Masters, these five Dragon Gods… turned even that flimsy hope into nothing.”

Not far away, a frowning Qianye Ying’er had to restrain herself from interrupting Chi Wuyao.

She should be giving assurances to the people right now, not tell them the whole truth and spread despair even more! What in the world was she thinking!?

At this point, every devil person’s expression had taken a turn for the worst. They felt as if the Devil Queen had poured a bucket of ice water over their fighting spirit, extinguishing it in an instant.

A surprised Yan Tianxiao implored urgently, “Your Majesty, are you saying that we should—” 

“Retreat, yes!” Chi Wuyao’s hard gaze swept across the people as she continued, “All realms are to organize an immediate retreat as soon as this meeting is over! In half an hour at most, you are to organize the men into your respective profound arks, scatter in all directions, and escape to the Northern Divine Region at top speed!”

Clamor clamor

Forget the rest of the devil people, even the Yama Devils, the Witches, and the Moon Eaters could scarcely believe their ears.  

“Wait!” Most people didn’t have the authority to question the Devil Queen’s orders, but the Yama Emperor did. Frowning deeply and speaking in an even deeper tone, he asked, “Why the urgency? Half an hour is just too much!”

Chi Wuyao replied, “Because the enemy will descend upon us in two hours at most!”

Chi Wuyao hadn’t changed her tone, but the listeners felt like they were struck by lightning anyway.

The Western Divine Region would hit them in… two hours?

Naturally, everyone’s first thought was that the Devil Queen’s claim was impossible. Before they could voice their accusations though, Chi Wuyao waved her arm and brought up a projection. It was the image she spied through Zhou Xuzi’s soul.

In the projection, they saw a floating city with many terrifying profound practitioners in it, especially the gray or white figures standing at the center of it all. Their “weight” was enough to stifle their breath even through a projection.

That wasn’t the scariest thing, however. It was the fact that the space outside the floating city was changing by the instant, and that it didn’t look like it was flying at all. No, it looked like the floating city was leaping across dimensions itself!

At the same time, a completely unfamiliar term called “Spatial Jump” popped into everyone’s mind!

“What… is that!?” Yan Tianxiao exclaimed in shock.

“This is a live projection I conjured from a spy I planted in the Western Divine Region. What you’re seeing is what is happening right now,” Chi Wuyao said. “The Dragon God Realm calls this floating city the ‘World Dragon City’. It is a profound ship the Dragon God Realm has hidden from the other realms until now. It is an inheritance of the ancient Dragon Gods, and it contains the power of the World Piercer in it… you should understand now that I was neither lying nor exaggerating when I said that they will arrive in two hours at most!”

“We were hoping to catch the Dragon God Realm by surprise, but it turned out that the Dragon God Realm was harboring the same thoughts as us. Worse, their plan was more ruthless, devious and sudden than ours!”

Doubt, shock, panic. Every emotion erupted at this moment.

Not only that, the Sea Gods and Divine Envoys of Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm were staring at their master, Cang Shitian as well. The god emperor was furrowing his brows and brooding like a dark cloud, but he chose to keep his silence for now.

The king realms of the Western Divine Region had come together as one, the hidden Dragon Gods had returned to the world, and their destination… was none other than the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm!

If a battle truly took place here, it would be no exaggeration to claim that the very realm they were standing on would shatter into dust!


Yan Tianxiao waved his hands and created a buzz that shook everyone’s ears and eliminated all the noise. Then, he asked solemnly, “Has the Devil Master agreed to this?”

The Devil Queen shook her head at first, but stopped herself midway and nodded slowly. “There’s no need to hide anything now, I suppose.”

She moved out of the way and revealed the sealed entrance to the central hall. It was surrounded by seven flowing barriers. “Earlier, I told you all that the Devil Master has entered secluded cultivation after chancing upon a breakthrough opportunity. The truth is, he found the way to use the Eternal Heaven Pearl and activate the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm. Right now, he is cultivating inside it.”

There was practically no one who didn’t know that the Eternal Heaven Pearl was in Yun Che’s hands.

“...!?” Qianye Ying’er shot Chi Wuyao another incredulous look. Why did she reveal this as well?

Qianye Ying’er didn’t understand what it meant to exchange honesty with honesty in the face of death.

Her wits and ruthlessness might be surpassed by no one, but her ability to control the will of the people was ultimately far below Chi Wuyao’s.

“ it not possible to enter or exit the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm freely?” Yan Tianxiao asked.

Chi Wuyao shook her head before replying, “The Eternal Heaven Divine Realm is a world with its own independent laws. It is completely separate from the real world, meaning that the Devil Master has no way of knowing what is going on right now. There is no way to send a message to him either.”

“Moreover, external disruption is absolutely forbidden after the Eternal Heaven Pearl is activated. Otherwise, the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm may collapse, and in the worst case scenario… the Devil Master himself may die with it.”

Yan Tianxiao’s expression grew solemn. “How much longer will the Devil Master be cultivating inside the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm?”

“Two days,” Chi Wuyao said indifferently. “The Devil Master is the Devil Emperor reincarnate, and he’s capable of creating miracles no matter the situation. This time though… fate isn’t on our side. We must retreat.”

“But…” Fen Daoqi sucked in a deep breath before asking, “what happens to the Devil Master if we retreat now? I understand that the Eternal Heaven Pearl mustn’t be disrupted, but is it possible to transfer it to a profound ark? Using the gentlest means we can think of?”

Chi Wuyao fell silent for a moment before sidestepping the question. “Worry not, I shall protect him myself. Your duty is to leave immediately. We have already dilly-dallied for too long.”

The meaning behind her words became clear. The commotion turned into deathly silence once more.

“You are saying that we can retreat, but the Devil Master cannot? But… but that means…”

Chi Wuyao said, “It is a terrible choice, but it is also the only choice we have. Without the Devil Master, any battle waged against the Western Divine Region can only end in complete annihilation. If we leave now, we will still have hope and a future.”

She swept her gaze across the crowd again before frowning suddenly. “What else are you people waiting for? We only have two hours left! We cannot afford to waste a single moment! Leave and make preparations for the retreat now!”


A young man’s cry suddenly cut through the air. It was Tian Guhu with a distorted expression on his face, “We can never leave the Devil Master behind!”

Chi Wuyao glared at him. “Are you going to die for nothing then!? You have already created history! You have already earned more than enough glory! Right now, retreating is the wisest and only choice we have! As long as we escape back to the Northern Divine Region, as long as we stay alive, there is always hope to make a comeback! This is not the time to be acting emotionally!”

“Without the Devil Master, we wouldn’t have forged the era of devils, however short it may be! Without the Devil Master, we wouldn’t be creating any history! Without the Devil Master, we wouldn’t even have the strength to set foot on this land right now!”

Tian Guhu’s face was red, and his voice was shivering. “We may not survive at this last hurdle, but at least we would’ve shown that we are penned animals of the Northern Divine Region no longer! It was our ancestors’ long-cherished wish to look down on our oppressors and savor their fear!”

“The one who truly forged this era and miracle isn’t us, but the Devil Master! We are just lucky devils who got to enjoy the shadows cast by his darkness! With that in mind, I can never leave the Devil Master to face the Western Divine Region himself!”

“This is an order!” Chi Wuyao’s voice grew severe.

“Forgive me, but that is one order I will not obey!” Tian Guhu dropped to his knees, but his determination was unwavering. “If I somehow survive this crisis, you may punish me however you wish. But the only way you’re making me abandon the Devil Master in a time of crisis… is to execute me!”

“...” Chi Wuyao remained frowning, but her voice softened a bit as she explained patiently, “Tian Guhu, I am not blind to your loyalty. However, while it makes sense for me, the wife of the Devil Master to live and die with him, you are different. Your life and strength should be devoted to the survival of the Northern Divine Region. You don’t deserve to die a worthless death for the Devil Master.”

“I must disagree, Your Majesty!” Tian Guhu replied without hesitation, “Starting now on, Guhu of Tian swears to spill all his blood and power only for the Devil Master!”

His words caused ears to ring, hearts to race, and souls to shiver.

“Well said, my son!!”

Tian Muyi, the Imperial Heaven Realm King roared as he stood next to Tian Guhu. His subsequent declaration shook the ground itself. “That we are standing on this soil and basking in its sun is already a favor we may never repay in a lifetime! To leave the Devil Master to die while we escape? The guilt would haunt me until I die!”

“If our war against the heavens must end here, so be it! We will simply entrust our duty to the next generation. But today, Imperial Heaven Realm King Tian Muyi will fight for the Devil Master with all his power!”

He even turned around and shouted, “Men of my Imperial Heaven Realm, heed my call! This upcoming battle is a battle of no return! This battle is fought in the name of the Devil Master and the Devil Master only!”

“All those who wish to leave may board the Imperial Heaven Ship and leave now! If you manage to return to the Northern Divine Region, I trust you to become the guide and hope of our future generations! Remember, no one will stop you, and no one will scorn you for making this choice!”

“As for those who wish to fight for the Devil Master, stand behind my back right now!”

A scene that shocked every Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm profound practitioner present and even Qianye Ying’er happened. Every Imperial Heaven Realm profound practitioner had moved behind Tian Muyi and Tian Guhu like they had practiced this their whole life.

Not one person had chosen to escape this fight!

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