Chapter 183 - Stone Dragon General

Against the Gods

Chapter 183 - Stone Dragon General

This almost miraculous profound skill that was self-made by fusion, became a light of hope to the Yun Che who was in despair. His focus of attack switched to the far away Stone Dragon Archers; following the brandishing of the heavy sword, the close by Stone Dragon Warriors were blown away. What’s more, the phoenix shaped flames that were shot flying out also blew up the Stone Dragon Archers one by one.

Yun Che’s resounding roars, the heavy sword’s howling, the rumbling collisions, and phoenix’s low cries weaved into a dreadful sonata in this isolated valley. Yun Che’s vision gradually grew hazy. His body almost became entirely numb, to the extent that he almost could not feel the existence of his arm. But his right arm that tightly gripped the heavy sword, still continued to swing mechanically. After a few tens of phoenix cries, all of the Stone Dragon Archers fell, and more than half of the Stone Dragon Warriors that had numbered over five hundred also fell at this time. Nevertheless, the dancing of the heavy sword still did not stop, and made the numbers of fallen Stone Dragon Warriors higher and higher… Three hundred…. Four hundred…. Five hundred….


Following the sounds of an explosion, the earth broke apart. Mustering up the last of his strength, Yun Che attacked. All the Stone Dragon Warriors were blown far away, and a fifteen meter radius void of nothingness instantly appeared around Yun Che. After this blow, Yun Che was finally going to black out as he knelt down… If it weren’t for the heavy sword’s support, he would have already collapsed to the ground. However, in his left arm, he still tightly held onto Little Fairy… His entire arm was covered in more than twenty blade, sword, spear and arrow injuries. His arm was blood red and there was essentially no area that was left unscathed. Little Fairy, who was under the protection of this arm, did not suffer any injuries although her clothes had been stained red with fresh blood.

Under the Yun Che’s last strike, the group of the Stone Dragon Warriors that was likewise the last, fell. The breath he had held on to with all his might, also exhausted along with the falling motion of his body. Let alone standing up, he couldn’t even heavily pant. Even though his eyes were open, he could only see a field of white...

Even he himself could not believe that he actually trudged through this ninth wave of Stone Dragon Warriors. However, he was already incapable of remembering how he did it.


A burst of heavy sounds came from his front and made him subconsciously raise his head. In the midst of his blurry vision, he saw one Stone Dragon Warrior that fell down from his last attack, actually slowly stood up. It then wielded its spear, and pierced toward him at a running pace.

There was… one more...

Yun Che’s teeth viciously bit onto the tip of his tongue as he abruptly lifted his body.... However, his current body felt as if it weighed millions of kilos; under all his strength, not only did he fail to stand up, it also instigated an acute and heart-drilling pain in his entire body instead. It was simply impossible for him to lift the heavy sword; even nudging it was an impossibility.

The Stone Dragon Warrior was already a foot away as it came piercing in a straight line…. He had already killed an entire nine waves of Stone Dragon Warriors, which amounted to over a thousand. But this last one, instead, became a turbulent river that was seemingly impossible to cross.

If this spear strike was pierced toward Yun Che, it was quite possible for it to directly take Yun Che’s life. However, it aligned the head of its spear, at Little Fairy.

The stone spear that stabbed toward Little Fairy, heavily touched a certain very sensitive nerve of Yun Che’s. With strength that he mustered from who knows where, his left hand shot out like a bolt of lightning, and firmly gripped onto the spear’s tip. His right hand grasped into a fist, and violently smashed out. With a heavy sound, it directly smashed through the Stone Dragon Warrior’s chest.

With a ‘bam’ sound, the Stone Dragon Warrior heavily crashed down onto the ground. Yun Che’s vision also went black once again, and he couldn’t even keep his kneeling posture. After letting out a wheeze, he fell onto the ground facing upwards.

His entire being had already turned into a bloodied person through and through. Countless wounds and bloody holes dispersed throughout his entire body. Even he himself didn’t expect that after receiving so many injuries, losing so much blood, and even exhausting his life on top of that, he was actually still alive.

No wonder all the previous challengers had died here… Yun Che closed his eyes and let out a powerlessly bitter laugh. This was only the trial’s first stage and it had not even ended yet. Even though Yun Che had the aid of several divine skills and god’s secret arts, he was already in such a predicament. If it were anyone else, he might not even pass the fourth wave or even just the third wave. The later stages were definitely a nightmare or abyss that became scarier and scarier.

Is this really just a trial? How could there be such a scary trial in this world…… This trial, compared to the Phoenix Trial, was not just ten times more difficult. It was at least a hundred or even a thousand times more difficult…

“Yun Che… Yun Che!” Little Fairy shouted gently, but did not get a response from Yun Che.

Suddenly, the voice of the Primordial Azure Dragon rang from above.

“Very good, young human. The fact that you were able to reach this stage is already an unimaginable miracle. If it weren’t for the lady by your side, this trial would be several times simpler; at least you would not be in such a desperate situation. However, the first stage of the trial has not yet been completed. The last wave, which is also the most difficult challenge, is going to start soon. But before that, I will give you sixty breaths of time of rest...... No, with your injuries, this sixty breaths might not help you rest properly, and might instead even worsen your injuries, causing you to lose more life force…… Everything, will be decided by your own fortune.”

Yun Che laid down on the floor motionless. Even though his eyes were open, they were lifeless, as though he had not heard the Primordial Azure Dragon’s voice. Just as his consciousness was about to fade into stillness, Jasmine’s voice seemed like a wake-up call, shocking him back to life.

“If you do not want to die, hurry up and use the Great Way of the Buddha to stabilize your injuries!”

Yun Che’s eyes sprang back to life as his body slightly moved. The Great Way of the Buddha soundlessly activated. In just less than ten breaths of time, all the bleeding on his body had stopped.

“Little Fairy, don’t worry. I’m fine…” While stabilizing his own breathing, Yun Che turned around and revealed a smile to Little Fairy to comfort her: “You also heard it just now… There’s only one wave left… Victory, is just before our eyes. W… We, will definitely endure through this together!”

“If… it weren’t for me, you… at least… would only suffer some slight injuries… At least, you would still have thirty percent of your strength left… to deal with the next trial… You’re… really… stupid….”

“Haha….” Yun Che started to laugh. This laugh, instantly affected the countless wounds on his body, and made the muscles on his face intensely cramp from pain: “Since I’ve already been stupid for so long, then let me be stupid till the end. But you definitely cannot say such words like leaving you behind anymore. Otherwise, wouldn’t I have suffered all these wounds on my body for nothing.”

Sixty breaths of time silently passed.

At this time, a rumbling sound suddenly came from the mountain cliffs directly in front of him. Along with the sound, a gate that was near ten meters in height suddenly opened in the mountain cliff. Within the mountain gate, a towering silhouette slowly walked out with heavy steps. As it fully walked out, the stone gate behind him also closed amidst the rumbling sound.

This silhouette's outer shape was very similar to the Stone Dragon Warriors, however, it was much bigger than an ordinary Stone Dragon Warrior. Its body was over three meters, and its entire body was covered in thick and heavy golden colored armor; the weapon in its hands was more so extraordinarily eye-catching… That was a colossal sword with a completely grey body, and was even a size larger than the Overlord’s Colossal Sword in Yun Che’s hands. The sword’s shape was twisted, as if it was an oddly shaped dragon bone. As for the sword’s tip, it impressively displayed the shape of a ferocious roaring dragon.

Whether it was this enormous Stone Dragon Warrior, or the sword in its hand, both emitted an extremely terrifying aura… An aura that was even more terrifying than the five hundred Stone Dragon Warriors that appeared altogether at the same time.

The last trial of the first stage of the Dragon God Trial, only had one opponent —— Stone Dragon General!

Yun Che laid Little Fairy down delicately, then stood upright, both hands grasping onto the hilt of the heavy sword. If there was only one opponent, all he had to do was pull it away a little, so he wouldn’t need to hold Little Fairy anymore, and he would be able to fight with both his hands and all his strength.

Every part of his entire body, every ounce of energy from his cells was forced out with all his might. With a low growl, he stood up once again, and grasped the heavy sword horizontally in front of him with both hands.

“You are not its match… Fifth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, even if you were in peak condition, there is simply no chance that you would be able to defeat it, let alone the you in your current state.” Jasmine said with a gloomy voice: “And… Do you see the sword in its hands? That sword is even more frightening than the enormous Stone Dragon General itself because it is a heavy sword, and a genuine… Sky Profound Weapon!”

Yun Che: “...”

“Even if I can’t defeat it… I still have to fight! I’ve already gotten to this point, I don’t have any reason to give up and resign!” Yun Che growled in a low voice. In order to have the fight as far away as possible from Little Fairy, he took the initiative to face the Stone Dragon General. In order to save a bit of energy, he dragged the heavy sword as he moved forward, and the heavy sword’s body plowed a deep indentation through the ground.

The Stone Dragon General did not show any emotion and did not speak; it only attacked. When Yun Che entered its range of perception, its eyes suddenly lit up under the golden-yellow helmet. Its footsteps abruptly sped up and it swung the heavy sword out, smashing straight at Yun Che.

This was the first time in Yun Che’s life against an opponent that also used a heavy sword. But he firmly believed that this Stone Dragon General’s ability to control a heavy sword definitely could not compare to him, because he possessed the Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome. And because he was proficient in the fundamental stage of the Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome, Yun Che was well-acquainted with all the advantages of the heavy sword, as well as all the disadvantages of the heavy sword. He must not forcibly clash with the Stone Dragon General’s heavy sword; the only chance of him defeating it relied on speed and guerrilla warfare, attacking whenever there is an opening.

When the Stone Dragon General’s heavy sword came swinging by, his eyes flashed as he swiftly retreated with a Star God’s Broken Shadow and completely dodged that strike. Although he managed to dodge it, he was completely spent and weakened. The wind wave brought about by the sword strike made him lose his balance and narrowly missed the floor.

The Stone Dragon General stepped forward and brandished the heavy sword in a chain of four or five successive strikes that were all dodged by Yun Che’s use of the Star God’s Broken Shadow… However, the only thing he could do was evade, because his weakened body had become slow and it was fundamentally impossible to find any opening for a chance to counterattack.

Its body was too heavy, the sword was too heavy, and the Stone Dragon General’s speed was not fast. In the few times it attacked, it didn’t touch Yun Che at all. Thus, it seemed to have been enraged. It suddenly raised the heavy sword in its hands high in the air, and emitted an extremely harsh screeching sound.

In the wake of the screeching sound, several chaotically flashing yellow lights appeared at random places of the area. In the midst of the yellow lights, around thirty or so Stone Dragon Warriors wielding all sorts of weapons appeared in different locations… A few that were near Little Fairy’s location immediately charged straight at her.

No matter what, Yun Che would never have expected that this Stone Dragon General could actually summon Stone Dragon Warriors. Looking at the Stone Dragon Warriors that rushed toward Little Fairy, he maniacally roared; energy surged from his entire body as he dashed over with his fastest speed. He then swung out his heavy sword and blew away all of the nearby Stone Dragon Warriors. While quickly passing ahead, he once again held up Little Fairy to his chest.

At this time, a terrifying whirlwind suddenly pressed toward him from his backside. As he rushed backwards, the Stone Dragon General also closely followed behind him. When he lifted up Little Fairy, the Stone Dragon General’s terrifying heavy sword also violently smashed toward Yun Che’s back. The Yun Che in this current situation could not evade, and it was impossible for him to even fully turn his body around. He could only firmly hold Little Fairy with his left arm, turn his body halfway and tightly clench his teeth; carrying all of his strength, his right hand that gripped the heavy sword greeted the Stone Dragon General’s heavy sword.

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