Chapter 1830 - Deep Sea Crisis (5)

Against the Gods

As the situation changed, Cang Shitian’s attitude had clearly changed as well.

Previously, he had to bend his knees to the devil race in order to protect himself and to prevent the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm from turning into the next Southern Sea Realm.

Now though, he held the initiative… because he was the one who controlled the Deep Sea Barrier.

If he chose to backstab the devil race and open the barrier after the Western Divine Region arrived, their already hopeless situation would become even more hopeless than it already was. Not only that, the merit he would earn from doing it might even be enough to cancel his crime for having submitted to the devil race.

It was the wisest and simplest choice… so simple, that even a three year old couldn’t make the wrong decision.

The Deep Sea Sea Gods and Divine Envoys at least were clearly anticipating it. They were all waiting for Cang Shitian to give that order.

However, not only did the Devil Queen not raise her guard in his presence, she didn’t demand that he submit to something like the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark. Forget taking control of the Deep Sea Divine Realm by force, she hadn’t even warned him verbally or shot him a warning stare.

Her lack of reaction greatly piqued Cang Shitian’s interest and curiosity.

After all, the Devil Queen he knew was anything but a “good person”.

Chi Wuyao replied in an indifferent tone, “I heard that you, God Emperor Shitian, were the first person to swear his loyalty to the Devil Master after the Southern Sea Realm was destroyed. In fact, you even attacked the Southern Sea God Emperor prematurely and got ahead of both the Xuanyuan God Emperor and the Purple Micro God Emperor.”

“The Xuanyuan God Emperor and Purple Micro God Emperor are of the follower type, so their choice to submit to the Devil Master at the time was hardly unexpected. Your choice and your decisiveness however, deeply interests me. It is why I have spent some time researching you recently.”

“Is that so? What kind of person do you think I am then, Devil Queen?” Cang Shitian asked with a grin.

“You are a man who refuses to obey the norm,” answered Chi Wuyao directly. “When you begged the Devil Master to take you in, you gave him a most curious answer. You complained that the world was too ‘boring’.”

Cang Shitian: “...”

“That was not the only answer you gave, but it is the only one that I chose to believe, even if it was the least believable reason of them all for someone of your status. Why do I say so? Because it fits the terrible infamy you’ve made for yourself in the God Realm.” 

“For the past month, you have done everything in your power to seize the Southern Sea Realm, Xuanyuan Realm and Purple Micro Realm’s resources. You have spared no effort to collect intel on the Western Divine Region and the remnants of the Southern Sea. You used everything trick up your sleeve to perform your duties most wonderfully.”

“Most people would think that you’re just trying your best to express your loyalty... but in reality, you did it because you enjoyed it, didn’t you? Everything you’ve been ordered to do so far was something you have always wanted to do, but were never able to… until now.” 

“...” Cang Shitian’s eyes started twitching uncontrollably.

Her eyes were covered by black mist, so he could only catch glimpses of her gaze from time to time. That alone still sent a chill through his heart.

They couldn’t have had more than ten exchanges since their first meeting, and yet he felt like she had seen through his entire person completely.

Chi Wuyao had already walked past him by the time he awoke from his daze. “You have been a god emperor for a long time, so long that few things in the world can stimulate you anymore. To you, the inability to vent your frustrations was no different from torture.”

“That’s why you were very excited when the Northern Divine Region invaded, and darkness blotted out the heavens.” 

“Well, a new opportunity has appeared before you. It is up to you to take the risky gamble, thrill seeker.”

“Am I gambling, or are you gambling?” Cang Shitian asked.

“We both are,” said Chi Wuyao with a smile. “But if you need a little push, I can give you that. You are a man who jumps into the darkness like an excited child and dreams of witnessing the change of the world in your lifetime. You won’t make the safe choice and become a boring emperor like Xuanyuan and Purple Micro, right? That would be a shame.”

“...” Cang Shitian narrowed his eyes but said nothing.

Qianye Ying’er had been staring intently at Chi Wuyao’s back throughout the conversation. She thought to herself: if this witch ever becomes an enemy… she will die first no matter the cost!

“Oh right.” Chi Wuyao suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked at Shitian again. “Can you adjust the Deep Sea Barrier to just thirty percent of its full power?”

Cang Shitian replied, “Of course. The Deep Sea divine power is capable of countless changes, much less basic energy control.”

“Very good. When you activate the Deep Sea Barrier later, please make sure it’s at thirty percent power,” Chi Wuyao said.

“But why?” Cang Shitian frowned. “It will take a not insignificant amount of time to reactivate it at full power. It is practically suicide against the Western Divine Region’s forces.”

“You only need to do what you’re told.”

The Devil Queen’s voice was faint, but the authority behind it was unquestionable.

“Very well. I will do as you command, Devil Queen,” Cang Shitian stopped asking questions and accepted the order.


The news that the full might of the six king realms of the Western Divine Region was about to bear down on the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm sent countless Deep Sea profound practitioners fleeing like headless chickens. Countless people and profound arks were scattering in every direction.

Rumble rumble rumble…

A while later, a blue-colored barrier appeared in the sky before expanding slowly to envelop the entire Deep Sea God Realm.

The crystalline blue energy of the barrier made it look like a bubble that might burst at the slightest contact. It was hard to believe that it would be the ultimate barrier of a southern region king realm.

Time passed quickly and mercilessly. Two hours passed in the blink of an eye.

In the central hall, Chi Wuyao finally turned around and faced the entrance.

The last thirty minutes before the inevitable was supposed to be the busiest time, and yet she had spent it staring at the Eternal Heaven Pearl until the very last moment.

In the end, Yun Che hadn’t appeared ahead of time, not that she thought that a miracle would happen from the beginning.

Back facing toward the Eternal Heaven Pearl, Chi Wuyao started walking toward the entrance. Her eyes blackened with every step she took until they looked like a pair soul devouring abysses.

Yun Che, Mu Xuanyin and I have watched you grow, taught you, felt our hearts flutter for you, and witnessed all of your good or bad moments...

For you... she was willing to give up the Snow Song Realm she had protected her whole life.

For you… I am willing to end the future of the Northern Divine Region as well.

If you are able to escape, even when no one else can, then...

Given enough reason, even the most logical woman would want to act illogically once in a while. 

I’m sorry… I don’t have even the slightest confidence that I’ll be able to do it… two days is just too long, too long… if only you could hear our voices… if only you could appear even a day sooner...

The sky of Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm was dark when she exited the central hall.

Every Divine Master was gathered in front of the entrance. Everyone was present. Not a single person had withdrawn from the battle.

No energy swirled in the air despite the terrifying lineup, however. There was only suffocating silence.

The Northern Region profound practitioners looked at Chi Wuyao. The Deep Sea profound practitioners looked at Cang Shitian.

“Let’s go.”

Two simple words opened the curtains for a great battle that would stun countless star realms to come.

“Let’s go!” said Yan Tianxiao with a light wave of his hand. He sounded neither excited nor tragic. There was only calm.

They moved to the west of the Deep Sea God Realm and stared at the empty space where the enemy was expected to appear. If anyone had any lingering fear before, they were gone now… after all, they were the ones who chose to insert half their bodies into the grave.

When even death could no longer strike fear into a person, all that was left was the will to fight until the last drop of blood.

They didn’t have to wait too long. An unnatural spatial distortion suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and the next moment an impossibly huge floating city flashed into existence.

BOOM !!!!!

The World Dragon City slammed into the Deep Sea Barrier like a meteor.

The crystalline blue barrier shivered intensely. Thousands of kilometers of earth outside Deep Sea God Realm was flattened like soft clay.

If they hadn’t evacuated the people earlier, this impact alone would’ve taken countless lives.

The floating city stopped above the barrier after the impact. At the same time, many terrifying pressures passed through the Deep Sea Barrier and enveloped the entire Deep Sea God Realm in a vice-like grip. Hearts began racing many times faster than before.

In the God Realm, Divine Masters were the pinnacle of all existences. Those who became a Divine Master gained the right to disdain anything that wasn’t a king realm. Even the king of an upper star realm could decide the fate of a middle star realm with the snap of a finger.

Divine Master Realm was the realm countless profound practitioners dreamed of attaining, but physically couldn’t do it even if they cultivated their whole lives.

So… how much pressure was six king realms worth of Divine Masters exuding? The strongest king realms in the world no less?

Suffice to say, it was something no mortal could ever imagine.

The Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm was a king realm themselves, but even they seemed to be shivering before the pressure.

“God Emperor, have you—” a Sea God implored in the softest voice possible only to be shut down rudely by his master. 

“Shut up,” growled Cang Shitian. When he lifted his head and stared at the floating city, the struggle in his eyes suddenly vanished like it was never there. Taking its place was a blazing madness that erupted like a volcano.


What a terrifying pressure this is! It feels like my soul is being torn to pieces!

The despair is physical… the only outcome I can see from this is the destruction of the Deep Sea Realm, and the death of everyone who chose to resist!

But if I can turn this around… if I make the impossible bet and actually win...

This is madness alright… so much madness that I can’t wait to bet on it with my life!

His eyeballs were shivering, his scalp was completely numb, and every pore on his body was shivering with fright and excitement… he knew then that he would make a mad choice no one sane would ever make.

He nearly ejaculated from the decision alone.

This is life! This is the choice—no, the entertainment a true god emperor would enjoy!

Long Bai slowly stepped out of the floating city. He looked at the king realm below.

In the God Realm, there were sixteen god emperors, but only one monarch! 

Right now, that monarch was standing right above their heads and looking down on them like a god. Everything and everyone was but ants before him.


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