Chapter 193 - The Primordial Azure Dragon’s Request

Against the Gods

Chapter 193 - The Primordial Azure Dragon’s Request

Under Yun Che’s forcefulness, Chu Yuechan’s weak struggles amounted to an exercise in futility. In the blink of an eye, her flawless, snowy white body that looked as though it had been sculpted from jade or ice, had become completely uncovered in front of Yun Che… and when her last ‘barrier’ was broken through by Yun Che’s charge, her mental defensive perimeter instantly, completely collapsed as well.

This was a world separated from the outside world; it was incomparably silent. And thus, the sounds of a man and a woman joining together were exceptionally clear, striking against their ears and souls. In this place, nobody would be able to bother them; there wasn’t even any wind.

Her agitated attempts at resisting slowly transformed into increasingly charming sounds of panting. Her minute struggling movements slowly, unconsciously transformed into a welcoming acceptance. After several tempestuous, emotional rounds, at the location where their bodies pressed tightly against each other, his virgin Yang and her virgin Yin finally completed their perfect union.

Yun Che lay there, his mouth open as he panted roughly. His hands were holding Chu Yuechan’s soft, slick white back. Chu Yuechan quietly lay there against his chest, her beautiful eyes shut, seeming to have fainted. The quiet, sorrowful tears that silently leaked out had left tear stains that had yet to dry.

Biologically speaking, Yun Che truly had been a virgin. Mentally, however, he definitely was not. In the Azure Cloud Continent, he and Su Ling’er had been together for many years, and although the number of times they had coupled in the ‘inverted phoenixes’ position might not have reached into the thousands, it had certainly reached into the hundreds. When he thought back to it, however, back then his heart had been completely filled with hatred, and so he had essentially been giving vent to his bestial lust upon Su Linger’s body. Today’s ‘storm’ was one of a gentle wind and drizzling rain. It really was his first time…and this made him feel even more regret towards Su Ling’er.

Only, although it was a ‘gentle wind with drizzling rain’, this had still ‘tormented’ Chu Yuechan quite a bit. This was because his body possessed the Great Way of the Buddha, and had also just fused the Dragon God’s bloodline, making the strength of his body far superior to an ordinary person’s. He had spent more than two full hours entangling Chu Yuechan’s charming, fragile, virgin body before finally releasing what the Primordial Azure Dragon had referred to as the ‘virgin Dragon seed’. Chu Yuechan had been ravaged like a tender lotus in a tornado. Her upper body, her lower body… every part of her body was covered with traces of the storm.

After the wind and the rain, the two remained tightly coupled to each other. Yun Che secretly looked at the quiet, silent Chu Yuechan. Even after a long period of time passed, he didn’t say anything. He didn’t know what he should currently say to her. In his head, however, now came the bellowing shouts of Jasmine.

“You BASTARD! Lowlife! Pervert!! You actually caused me to see this sort of a scene! And hear those unmentionable sounds for so long… If I didn’t have to rely on you for now, even though you are my disciple, I would definitely kill you!!”

Jasmine’s voice was filled with anger, and it was even quivering slightly. Yun Che rolled his eyes; his face didn’t even redden. He replied quietly, “All you had to do was seal off your six senses and make it so that you couldn’t hear or see anything.”

“Bastard! Lowlife! Pervert!” Jasmine began to bellow again.

“…Haha, this is a type of normal human behavior. The first time, perhaps you might truly be unaccustomed to it, but after you see it a few more times, you’ll naturally grow accustomed to it.”

“Pervert! Pervert!! PERVERT!!! You are exactly what my mother and big brother told me about, a PERVERT who I absolutely, absolutely, absolutely can’t get close to!”

After finishing her howling, Jasmine said nothing else and paid no more attention to Yun Che.

At this moment, from the place they were conjoined, he suddenly sensed an icy aura violently surge into his body, causing his entire body to grow stuff. His consciousness instantly was dispersed, and he fainted. As he fainted, that powerful, icy energy moved from the inside to the outside, quickly covering his entire body and causing tendrils of icy, misty energy to rise above his form.


As Yun Che lay in his coma, he didn’t know how much time had passed.

He remained within that dark world, but Chu Yuechan’s form was no longer by his side. The only thing remaining was a red ‘blossom’ on the ground and several marks, which testified that what happened had been no dream.

“Young human, you have awakened.”

Within the darkness appeared two blue lights. Two enormous azure blue eyes had opened in the air above.

“Why did I…faint?” Yun Che pressed against his head. His body didn’t feel strange at all; his earlier sudden fainting had caused him to feel very confused.

“After the two of you joined your Yin and Yang together, she gained your True Dragon’s virgin seed. Her wounds were completely healed, and, as I anticipated, her newborn Profound Veins allowed her to make a huge breakthrough, and she directly entered the Emperor Profound Realm. As for you, after you gained her virgin Yin, your body gained a powerful ice-attribute profound energy. Unfortunately, your profound energy was originally of the fire-attribute. Fire and ice just so happen to counter each other, and so not only was the ice-attribute energy of no benefit to you, it actually clashed against your Phoenix flames. The reason why you suddenly passed out was because these two types of diametrically opposed energy suddenly began to clash with each other.

“Your ice-attribute energy has now been completely suppressed by the flames of the Phoenix. If my guess is correct, you have already gained the ice-attribute profound energy that woman had on her.”

The words of the Primordial Azure Dragon caused Yun Che to be stunned. He somewhat calmed himself down, then suddenly discovered that within his consciousness, there was a powerful ice-attribute Profound Art…

The Frozen Cloud Arts!!

In addition, it was the Frozen Cloud Arts that had already reached the sixth realm, of being able to “activate the celestial snow”!

This discovery greatly shocked Yun Che. Of course he had heard of the saying, ‘dual Yin Yang training’, but the true essence of ‘dual Yin Yang training’ lay in harmonizing Yin and Yang, helping them make up for each other’s deficiencies. Perhaps the attribute of one’s energy might be transformed through dual Yin Yang training, but to gain the other person’s complete Profound Art after coupling with them…

This was completely unheard of!

Wait a moment! Yun Che suddenly thought of something. Could it be that the reason why Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace absolutely forbade the disciples of the palace from losing their chastity was actually precisely because…the Frozen Cloud Arts could be completely transmitted to a man through the virgin Yin?

As Yun Che pondered this, the more he thought about this, the more likely it seemed. The results of ten or tens of years of cultivation by the disciples of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… if a man could take away their chastity, then without any effort at all, he could gain it all. How unfair was that! At the same time, it would result in their sect’s Profound Arts being transmitted to outsiders. If word of this spread, without question, there would be countless greedy eyes which would stare at every single disciple of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Despite how powerful Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was, they would be thrust into tremendous danger.

So that was the reason why…the women of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace were forbidden from developing relationships with any man, and until the day they died, they were not permitted to lose their chastity. It wasn’t because love would impact their training of the Frozen Cloud Arts; it was because of this…

The Primordial Azure Dragon continued, “Generally, you will need to use the Frozen Cloud Arts to lock up the ice-attribute energy as much as possible. Otherwise, if it explodes forth, it will probably result in tremendous damage to your body…unless, of course, you are able to find the water-attribute Evil Seed which the Heretic God left behind. Only the Water Seed of the Heretic God is capable of letting ice and fire, these two diametrically opposed attributes, to perfectly coexist within a single person’s body.

“…You know that my body has the profound veins of the Heretic God?” Yun Che raised his head.

“I can even detect the bloodline of the flames of the Phoenix, so how could I possibly not recognize the aura of the Heretic God? Aside from that, your body also has the aura of the divine power of the Rage God and of the Heavenly Wolf. The reason why you were able to pass these trials was because you relied on these powers. Your situation makes me sigh in amazement, and also makes me, for the first time, desire to see what a human’s future is.”

The voice of the Primordial Azure Dragon was filled with deep regret.

“The Heretic God’s Water Seed. I will try to find it.” Yun Che said. Sensing the additional ice-attribute energy in his body, he murmured in his heart, “I won’t let the energy that you bestowed upon me with your chastity to forever be sealed…”

He raised his head and asked calmly, “And her? Where did she go? Did she say…when she would return?”

“She left. She didn’t say when she would be back.” The Primordial Azure Dragon replied.

“…Then before she left, did she want to kill me?” Yun Che asked in a rather lost manner.

“She raised a sword and pointed it at your vital points, but from the moment she lifted up the sword to when she put the sword away, she never had a hint of a true killing aura. I could tell that she was just struggling in her heart about something… She stared at you for a long time, then left. But when she left, she didn’t seem very resolute; at the very least, as she left, she turned to look at you three times.”

Yun Che’s eyes trembled, and the lost look on his face vanished and was replaced with a calm smile. “Thank you, Primordial Azure Dragon. You not only bestowed me with power, you truly rescued her as well.”

In his heart, he added another phrase: If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have even gotten close to being able to enjoy Little Fairy’s body…

“Heh heh heh heh, you don’t need to thank me. I simply wished to, for my own sake, find an ideal candidate for the transmission of my lineage. However…if you truly do feel gratitude for what you have gained, then can you agree to a request of mine?”

The word ‘request’, when spoken, carried a slight tremble to it. As the Primordial Azure Dragon, the leader of the countless divine beasts of the Divine Realm, how often had it ever ‘requested’ anything from others? A request from the Primordial Azure Dragon…this was something that a normal person couldn’t even fathom.

Yun Che nodded solemnly. “Speak. Although I cannot guarantee that I will definitely be able to assist you, as long as it is within my powers, I will definitely try to do everything I can.”

“It is enough for you to answer me in this manner. My request is indeed far too difficult for you. You might spend your entire life without being able to even come close to the borders of this request, but the strength in your body, as well as your soul, makes it so that I can’t keep myself from feeling hopeful… I hope that you, sometime in your life, will be able to find a sword.”

“A… sword?” Yun Che was stupefied. “What sort of a sword?”

The Primordial Azure Dragon didn’t directly answer this question. Instead, he said slowly, “Have you heard of the place known as the ‘Realm of the Gods’?”

“Realm of the Gods?” Yun Che shook his head. “I’ve never heard of it.”

“The Realm of the Gods is also known as the Divine Realm. In the Primordial Era, the Gods dwelled there. That is an incomparably enormous plane, ten thousand times greater than the Profound Sky Continent you currently reside in. Afterwards, the Gods fell, but the Divine Realm didn’t grow empty because of this. It became filled with countless humans, who took over this world that was formerly of the Gods and who searched for and fought over all the things which the Gods left behind… Relics, weapons, spiritual medicines, lineages, profound arts, and more. Afterwards, by relying on the divine relics that they found, they erected increasingly large and powerful clans, forces, lands, and even miniature worlds.”

A dazed look was in Yun Che’s eyes, as though he were hearing the words of the heavens.

“That place also has the lineage that I left behind. I learned these things only through the remnant spirits that remain in that place. The current Divine Realm is no longer a world of the True Gods; rather, it has been chopped up into many spheres of power by the countless inheritors of the lineages of the Gods. It has become the plane with the highest levels of power in this era. In addition, the Divine Realm is incomparably large. Everyone continues to imagine that there must be more divine relics that have yet to be discovered, and so every day, many people will go to search for them…and in particular, they are searching for a sword. That sword has already disappeared countless years ago. Ever since the Gods were annihilated, not even a hint of it has appeared. However, its power and might made it so that people are unable to give up the search for it.

“That sword’s name is the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword.”

“You possess one of the Seven Heavenly Profound Treasures, the Sky Poison Pearl. Naturally, you should understand what it means to be in possession of one of the Seven Heavenly Profound Treasures. As for that Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword, it is ranked as number one amongst the Seven Heavenly Profound Treasures! According to legend, its power is enough to annihilate everything. It entirely lives up to its title of being the number one supreme treasure. Even if it falls into the hands of a mortal, that mortal will still be able to easily slaughter True Gods and smite the Heavens!”


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