Chapter 199 - Number One Beauty

Against the Gods

Chapter 199 - Number One Beauty

“We’ll have to waste some effort again to settle the matter of competing disciples. Selecting the disciples that took fourth place and fifth place in the selection competition should be alright, but the process of finding them and preparing them may take a bit of time.” Qin Wuyou said somewhat helplessly.

Suddenly, Yun Che said: “Palace Chief Qin, Senior Sister said before that the power rankings from the Ranking Tournament are assigned according to the highest ranking disciple, and not the average rank of the disciples. Is this true?”

Qin Wushang nodded: “This is indeed so. For example, if some disciple from a power ranks first, and the other two disciples do not place within the top hundred, and the disciples of another power rank second, third, and fourth, the former will still be ranked first, and the latter will be ranked second. This is because being able to foster a peak powerhouse is the most important sign of power.”

Yun Che smiled, and said haughtily: “Then, if only I were to represent the imperial family in the tournament, wouldn’t that be enough? Although Fen Juechen, Feng Bufan, and Fang Feilong are not weak, I am confident their ranking definitely won’t be higher than mine. None of the other disciples within the Profound Palace are capable of surpassing me either. If this is so, there’s no need to waste time by summoning other disciples.”

“This… What you say is indeed true, but, participating the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament is a rare opportunity after all. Regardless of ranking, witnessing the tournament personally is incomparably rewarding to any young profound practitioner. Naturally, we cannot waste this opportunity.” Qin Wuyou said.

“I understand this point.” Yun Che said: “If there was an ample amount of time, we would indeed be able to re-select two disciples to participate in the tournament. But there is only two days’ time till the Ranking Tournament; if we depart now, we’ll already be pressed for time. If we were to select another two disciples and prepare them, we may not have enough time. And if a small mishap were to occur while traveling, it may lead to not getting to the Heavenly Sword Villa on time at all, and everything would be for naught.”

“This…” Qin Wushang was unable to refute Yun Che’s words.

Yun Che turned and asked Xia Yuanba: “Yuanba, do you want to go watch the Ranking Tournament?”

“Ah? Yeah… of course!” Xia Yuanba nodded his head like a little chick pecking at grains: “Since I was very young, I’ve heard Uncle Sikong talk about the Ranking Tournament. He said that all the peak young geniuses assemble there. Being able to watch the battles personally is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; of course I dream of going there.”

At this point, his expression dimmed: “But, I simply don’t have the qualifications to enter that kind of place. I’m only at the Elementary Profound Realm right now. Back in Floating Cloud City, I wasn’t considered much, and I only realized after arriving at the Blue Wind Profound Palace that I don’t even have the qualifications to mop the ground with the meager profound strength I possess. As for the Ranking Tournament, I won’t dare to have such excessive expectations for my entire life. Brother-in-law, you must do your best in the Ranking Tournament and get a good ranking. When you come back, you can tell me what happened there.”

“No! I decline. I’m too lazy to tell you about it.” Yun Che said with a grin.

“Eh…” Xia Yuanba scratched his head.

“If you want to see what the Ranking Tournament is like, then you’ll have to go see for yourself.” After Yun Che finished speaking, he turned and said to Qin Wushang: “Palace Chief Qin, I only have one selfish request that I wish Palace Chief Qin would approve. Since reselecting competing disciples would most likely delay us and empty the spots, how about bringing Yuanba with us?”

Halfway through Yun Che’s speech, Qin Wushang had already understood what he wanted to say and could only force a smile: “This would make things difficult for me. This kind of thing, is completely unheard of.”

Bringing a disciple who was only at the Elementary Profound Realm to participate in the ranking tournament would even be more of a “spotlight” than bringing the crippled Feng Bufan and Fang Feilong.

How was this sort of thing appropriate? It was simply causing a disturbance. If crudely said, bringing a disciple in the Elementary Profound Realm to participate in a gathering of the finest elites at a ranking tournament, simple dragged down the class of the entire ranking tournament. Even before the match started, it was even probable that all kinds of mocking and sneering would be directed towards Blue Wind Profound Palace, and even the entire Imperial Family would be drowned in them.

But Cang Yue did not care about that. Facing the Yun Che that she thought she “lost and then regained”, her current heart laid on his person. After suppressing her emotions and losing all hope, and then became flooded with a large comparably pleasant surprise, what emperor’s daughter identity, what ranking tournament? It was all thrown away with the appearance of Yun Che. Whatever Yun Che said was what should happen: “Palace Chief Qin, what Junior Brother Yun said was correct, if we start reselecting disciples, we might not make the ranking tournament. Although bringing Yuanba is a bit inappropriate, you too, have seen Junior Brother Yun’s strength. He had even easily defeated Fen Juechen, so he would definitely obtain an exceptionally good ranking and represent the Imperial Family. For Junior Brother Yun to have this kind of request, is not unreasonable at all.

Since the Blue Moon Princess had opened her esteemed mouth, Qin Wushang naturally could not refute, and laughed wryly. “Alright, since Your Highness also feels this way, then we won’t select other disciples and bring Yuanba along.”

As he said that, he groaned in his heart… F*ck! What the hell is this! The Blue Wind Ranking Tournament is such an important and serious matter. Out of the original decided participating three disciples, two had been crippled in the blink of an eye and one had left. What replaced them was a person so strong that he was always out of everyone’s expectations and a weakling who could not do anything… This huge matter that would impact the Imperial Family’s reputation had entirely become as chaotic and messy as child’s play.

Forget it, let’s just do it this way.

“However, in exchange, Yun Che, I also have two requests.” Qin Wushang said with a serious expression: “Number one: Yuanba can go, but his status can only be the same as us, escorts, and not as a competitor.”

“Alright.” Yun Che nodded. What he wanted was to fulfill Xia Yuanba’s dream of personally watching the tournament. As for allowing him to participate, even if Xia Yuanba actually wanted to compete, he wouldn’t allow it. Because in that tournament, Xia Yuanba was really too weak. If the opponent was just a little insidious, Xia Yuanba might be injured heavily.

“Number two.” Qin Wushang looked at Yun Che directly, and said extremely seriously: “I hope that your individual ranking in the Ranking Tournament… can enter the top hundred! Listen well; it’s the individual ranking, and not the power ranking!”

“Ah!” Before Yun Che could respond, Cang Yue gave out a cry of shock.

In the last Ranking Tournament, the Blue Wind Imperial Family ranked two hundred thirty in the power rankings, but it only ranked five hundred thirty seven in the individual rankings! If any other power had this ranking, it could be considered very honorable and was sufficient to be recognized as an overlord. But for the grand imperial family, capable of overturning the heavens, to be ranked as such, they could only be considered a matter of ridicule… And they had been ranked this dismally for all these years.

Let alone the individual rankings, even entering the top hundred in power rankings was something the Blue Wind Emperor had always dreamed of, but it had never occurred.

And this time, Qin Wushang actually said he wanted Yun Che to enter the top hundred in individual rankings!!

That is, amongst all the peak geniuses under the age of twenty in the world, he had to storm into the top hundred!

And to be able to enter the top one hundred, not one wasn’t a top powerhouse among powerhouses. Not one wouldn’t become renown throughout the world and the prestige to shake the four seas in the future.

And if Yun Che actually enered the top hundred in individual rankings, then the Blue Wind Imperial Family’s power ranking wouldn’t be as simple as just entering the top hundred; it’s very likely it can directly enter the top fifty! It could even clear out all their disgrace, and cause others to raise their brows in surprise.

For Qin Wushang to give Yun Che this objective, he obviously wasn’t deliberately trying to make things difficult or force him to make false promises. Yun Che had instantly defeated Feng Bufan and Fang Feilong, shocking Qin Wushang greatly, and had just revealed his power while facing Fen Juechen, which surprised him even more. He had personally witnessed the last two Ranking Tournaments, and he more or less understood the power level in the Ranking Tournaments. With his speculation of Yun Che’s power, entering the top hundred in individual rankings might actually be possible!

“Alright!” Yun Che didn’t even think about it, and nodded directly: “I definitely won’t let Palace Chief Qin down.”

“Mn.” Qin Wushang nodded cheerfully.

“Yuanba, did you hear that? You can come along with us to the Ranking Tournament now; quick, go thank Palace Chief Qin and Senior Sister Xueruo.” Yun Che said to Xia Yuanba while smiling.

Their conversation had long ago left Xia Yuanba so excited that he didn’t know what to do. He was so excited and surprised that he couldn’t make left from right; talking was even more stuttery: “Thank you Palace Chief Qin. Thank you… Thank you Senior Sister Xueruo. I, I, I… I really can also go to the… Ra… Ranking Tournament?”

“Hahahaha,” Xia Yuanba’s behavior caused Qin Wushang to laugh. He gestured at Xia Yuanba: “Yuanba, come here and sit with me on the snow eagle. We’ll leave right now.”

“Ah? Okay… okay okay okay okay!” Xia Yuanba nodded his head incessantly, then walked with Qin Wushang to the largest Giant Snow Eagle... With his physique, not selecting the largest eagle would be a big mistake.

“Junior Brother Yun, let’s go… Little Snow, let’s depart.”

Yun Che and Cang Yue mounted the other Giant Snow Eagle. Both Giant Snow Eagles rose into the air, and not long after, faded distantly into the horizon.

The Giant Snow Eagle rode the wind, and rose to an altitude of a several thousand meters rapidly. Its speed was extremely fast, but it flew with exceptional steadiness. The speed of the two Giant Snow Eagles were different, and not long after, they were separated a great distance, and each couldn’t see the other.

“Junior Brother Yun…”

The Cang Yue who had always struggled to suppress her emotions when others were nearby, finally called Yun Che as she hugged him close. She hugged him tightly and did not let go until a very long time.

“Sorry, Senior Sister, you’ve had to worry about me again.” Yun Che hugged her soft body back, and said softly.

“No. It’s my fault, it was my reckless thinking. I should have trusted… trusted that nothing would happen to you.” Lan Xueruo closed her eyes and said softly, as she quietly enjoyed this tender moment.

“Senior sister…”

The Giant Snow Eagle cried and then accelerated once more. Unwittingly, they had already flew out of Blue Wind Imperial City’s borders.

This was the second time that they rode together on a Giant Snow Eagle. The first time, had also made them experience their trials and tribulations together. The feelings Cang Yue felt for him were established there. Little by little, the simple importance she attached to him had become a deep dependence that then became an attachment that she could not let go of.

Cang Yue leaned onto Yun Che’s chest and said peacefully: “Junior Brother Yun, the relationship between you and Yuanba is really good. When he heard that something had happened to you, he cried like a baby. When he was bullied, you had even become that angry… You guys aren’t even blood related relatives, yet are like that. But those brothers of mine…”

Yun Che slightly raised his head and replied sentimentally: “Yuanba and I have grown up together since young. When he was young, his physique was not this robust. Instead, he was somewhat thin and weak. In those days, whenever he was bullied, I always stepped in to help him. Then, when his body suddenly skyrocketed and I discovered that I was born with crippled profound veins, regardless of whether or not it was inside or outside of my clan, almost everyone looked down on me and anyone bullied me at anything. At that time, it was Yuanba who protected me; so much that he even severed relationships with many of his playmates who ridiculed and bullied me. In my eyes, aside from Grandfather and Little Aunt, he is my only close relative… And now that I have the power to protect him, no matter who dares to bully him, I’ll obviously make the other party pay the price by several folds.”

“How could he be only your only family, you clearly also have a wife… Hmph.” Cang Yue muttered in a very small voice, and pouted lightly at the end, filled with the simple jealousy of a young woman.

“Her?” Xia Qingyue’s unrivaled appearance swam in his head. Her sixteen year old self was already beautiful beyond compare. He had not seen her for a year and half. The already seventeen and a half year old her, should have inevitably blossomed into a more elegant peerlessness. But although she was his wife in name, she actually belonged to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace and not him. He flatly replied: “Even though she treats me alright, at least did not look down on me, and always tried to defend the previously weak me’s dignity, she had never considered me as her husband, nor is it possible that she considered me her close relative.”

In front of a girl, it was best not to talk too much about another girl, not to mention the other side had a very sensitive relationship with him. Naturally, Yun Che understood this point. He changed the subject immediately, and said: “Right, Senior Sister, have you heard of the name Chu Yuechan?”

“Chu Yuechan? You said Chu Yuechan?” Cang Yue’s reaction was much more intense than what Yun Che expected.

“Senior Sister knows this name?”

“Of course I know. In this world, how many do not know of this name?”

Yun Che: “...”

“Chu Yuechan, head of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s renown “Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies”. Since twenty years ago, she was always the publicly acknowledged Blue Wind Empire’s number one beauty and was also her generation’s unrivaled number one expert. But her fame of her beauty, far surpassed her strength.”

When talking about “Chu Yuechan”, Cang Yue’s expression revealed a great deal of ruefulness and yearning: “A long time ago, those who admired her covered the four seas. Just to win her smile, or even see her once, many braved death and left towards Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Among them included Xiao Sect’s current Sect Master and Heavenly Sword Villa’s Villa Master… My father was included as well; after Father saw Chu Yuechan once, he was unable to free himself. Even after he had succeeded the position of Emperor. The only reason why he had never paid attention to the Empress, was also because of Chu Yuechan. Even now, he unconsciously reminisces about this “Fairy of Frozen Beauty”.

With a dazed expression, Yun Che’s mouth slightly gaped open…

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