Chapter 209 - Establishing Dominance

Against the Gods

Chapter 209 - Establishing Dominance

Once the name “Yun Che” rang, Cang Yue’s reaction was quicker than Yun Che’s. She immediately grabbed Yun Che’s hand. Then she spoke with a nervous and excited manner: “Junior brother Yun, it’s your turn.”

“Brother-in-law, good luck! Go beat up all your opponents and show those people who mock us who’s boss!” Xia Yuanba said with clenched fists.

“I’ll be back soon.” Yun Che casually said that without thinking as he left his seat and walked up to the Sword Discourse Arena.

And the fifteenth Sword Discourse Arena suddenly became the focal point.

“Hurry, look! The kid from the Blue Wind Imperial Family’s up!”

“Tsk tsk, that Fu Yanjie’s truly lucky to be going against this guy in the first match. Why can’t I be that fortunate?”

“I think I remember that Fu Yanjie was at the second level of the Spirit Profound Realm. I’d reckon that he’ll beat him sprawling in three moves… HAHAHAHA! Why wasn’t I placed in the fifteenth group. Because even if I lose the eleven other matches, I’ll at least be able to pleasurably oppress this kid from the Blue Wind Imperial Family.”

The surroundings immediately echoed with roars of laughter.

Yun Che didn't respond to the surrounding voices as they filled his ears. He was silently looking at the opponent before him. His first opponent had wide shoulders and a round waist, as well as a robust frame. A huge machete of eight feet in length was held in his hand. However, all of these were not the points that Yun Che was paying attention to. What Yun Che was paying attention to, was the slight sneer on the corner of this person's mouth, as well as the unceasingly flickering cruelty in his eyes.

“Heh…” Yun Che’s brows lowered slightly as the corners of his mouth curled into an extremely light sneer.

“Match, start!!”

As the referee’s voice faded, the enormous blade in Fu Yanjie’s was ferociously swung out, carrying a gust of howling wind with it. He looked at Yun Che, and in midst of sneering, said with a very low voice: “Yun Che, consider it your misfortune to have met me. Obediently lay flat onto the ground for me!”

Amidst his sneer, Fu Yanjie did not wait for Yun Che to take out weapons and rushed forward with a brisk pace. His frame was robust and huge, and the blade in his hand was also quite enormous, but his speed was not slow in the slightest. With a low cry, he raised the enormous blade, and slashed down toward Yun Che’s left arm while utilizing profound energy.

In the seating area of Burning Heaven Clan, Fen Juebi said while laughing heartily: “Big bro, just wait and watch the show. This person had already been especially informed. He won’t give any chance for Yun Che to surrender, and will chop off one of his arms as fast as possible, and then give him a slice on the face along the way.”

“Very good.” Fen Juecheng’s mouth twitched as he laughed coldly.

The wind blade that came toward him was extremely vicious, without the slightest intent of holding back. Yun Che slightly shifted his body to the side and dodged the blade strike, yet Fu Yanjie's blade then swept upwards in the next instant... The direction of its sweep, was clearly Yun Che's face.

Yun Che's gaze focused. Then, he flew into an extreme rage... I could forgive breaking my arm, and I can even endure losing half my life, but this mother f*cker actually wants to ruin my face!! This cannot be tolerated and forgiven by any means; even if an old uncle can endure and tolerate his wife, I still won't tolerate this!

A glimmer of vicious light flashed through Yun Che's eyes. He shifted his body down low, dodging this blade strike. Instead of retreating, he advanced; he suddenly rushed forward like a bolt of lightning, and his elbow violently smashed onto Fu Yanjie's abdominal region.

“Holy crap! This guy’s looking to die!”

"Is this kid crazy? Fu Yanjie doesn't even need to open his eyes. Just a convenient swing on the way downwards can directly end his life there. He really is young in the end. Not only is his profound strength low, his battle experience is also extremely trashy and lacking."

However, the next scene made everyone freeze right then and there... Yun Che's forcefully advanced and attacked Fu Yanjie's abdomen, yet Fu Yanjie's blade that was suspended above him did not conveniently swing down, but froze there. After Yun Che straightened his posture and took two step back, his arm still did not drop down.


The blade in Fu Yanjie’s hand fell down onto the ground.

“Ugh… ug…” Hoarse sounds leaked out from his mouth. Fu Yanjie’s eyes fixedly stared wide and bulged out in an extremely exaggerated manner as if they were almost jumping out from their sockets. He slowly knelt down onto the ground, held his abdomen with both hands in agony, and curled up there like a baby shrimp. His entire body trembled, and the cold sweat on his head flowed down like a rainstorm. The fresh blood in his mouth mixed with white foam and flowed out together.

Even though that elbow blow of Yun Che’s earlier did not strike him backwards even half a step, the overbearing energy had already dispersed into countless streams and violently entered his body, making him lose his ability to fight in an instant amidst the immense pain. If not for that this was the arena, and Yun Che didn’t want any possibility of being disqualified because of this, just based on Fu Yanjie’s intentions of ruining face alone, he would’ve definitely crippled him thoroughly.

Yun Che looked down at the Fu Yanjie beside his feet who was in extreme agony, and coldly spoke with a overcast voice: “There are no prior grievances and grudges between you and I, and you don’t have any reason to viciously harm me; seems like you were used by someone like a marionette. I can’t guess who was the one that ordered you just yet, but I believe that I’ll find out soon enough. Go back and tell that person that I have received his provocations; I’m afraid however, that the consequences will be too much for him to take.”

Fu Yanjie was still curled up on the floor and could not even utter a distinct word.

“Fu Yanjie down for ten breaths of time! Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che wins!”

Yun Che leisurely walked down from the Sword Discourse Arena, while Fu Yanjie was still curled up there, unable to get up for a good while. Only after a long time had passed, did his two other clan members go up and drag him down with reddened faces.

The sect disciples who were originally expecting to see a one-sided show instantly became wide-eyed and slack-jawed as they looked at each other’s faces.

“What’s going on? Fu Yanjie actually lost?”

“It should be that Yun Che’s strike earlier had just happened hit Fu Yanjie’s dantian energy gate, and made Fu Yanjie lose all of his strength in an instant… It should be like that, right?”

“Hm, seems like that’s the only way it can be explained anyway. But this Fu Yanjie actually lost under the hand of someone of the True Profound Realm, it’s really just too humiliating.”

The pace at which Yun Che walked down was very slow. He narrowed his eyes halfway and concentrated his focus, perceiving the surrounding presences without any expression on his face. Not long after, he felt a slight hint of killing intent coming toward him… This hint of killing intent was extremely insignificant, however, Yun Che was truly way too familiar and sensitive to this kind of thing called killing intent. He turned his head in a flash, his gaze meeting the owner of the emitted killing intent… An instant after, he retracted his gaze, and returned to the seating area.

Fen Juecheng…. Ha, so it was him. Yun Che coldly smiled, thought about what happened last night in association, and instantly understood everything.

With merely an instant of their gazes meeting, and since it was flat out impossible for Fen Juecheng to possess the kind of frighteningly sharp sense Yun Che did, he naturally did not notice that Yun Che had already found out about him secretly pulling the strings. The result of this battle caused Fen Juecheng’s complexion to darken once more: “Seems like, we have underestimated this Yun Che.”

“Tsk.” Fen Juebi, however, was extremely disdainful: “No matter what, he’s only a laughable True Profound Realm. It’s obvious that Fu Yanjie lost because he underestimated the enemy too much and was too unlucky. If nothing out of expectation happens, Yun Che’s opponent for the next round, would coincidentally be Fu Yanjie’s twin brother. His profound strength is even one rank higher than Fu Yanjie, and would definitely not let Yun Che have anymore strokes of luck.”

The first round of group stage matches proceeded like a raging fire. Just as Cang Yue said, the pace of the group stage matches was very fast. A mere three hours had passed, and the average number of matches that proceeded in each Sword Discourse Arena had already surpassed thirty. There were matches that ended quickly, as well as matches with dragged on bitter battles. Yet when faced with someone from the Four Major Sects, most would forfeit right away. Especially when met with super raid bosses like Ling Yun, Xiao Kuanglei, Yan Jin, and Shui Wushuang; their opponents would directly forfeit without even having the thought of fighting... Otherwise, if the other side accidentally struck out a little too heavy, and one ends up being gravely injured or something, it would definitely affect their performance in other matches. It was better to forfeit directly and conserve strength.

“Group Fifteen’s thirty-fifth match: Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che —— versus —— Southern Jade Cloud Faction’s Fu Yinjie!”

Yun Che's second match was about to start, but the opponent of this match made him stare blankly for a bit.

Eh? How could it coincidentally be the Southern Jade Cloud Faction again? And this name sounds quite familiar as well.

Yun Che walked into the Sword Discourse Arena, and looked at the opponent in front of him while feeling very speechless. He also had wide shoulders and a round waist as well as a robust frame. Other than his different clothing, he looked just like the Fu Yanjie who was struck off the stage by him earlier. Even their weapon was one and the same, an enormous machete.

“This daddy here is Fu Yinjie! You actually dared to severely injure my younger twin brother earlier, this daddy will destroy you!” Fu Yinjie raised up great machete, and roared with rage. His eyes that wasn’t very big were brimmed with ferocious and malicious intent.

“Haha, not only did these two twin brothers get assigned to the same group, they even met the same opponent, how really interesting.”

“Fu Yinjie, quickly beat that brat up and vent the hatred in your little brother’s stead! He lost that match so hard that it went to his granny’s place.”

“If you were to also lose, you two brothers had best immediately go look for some tofu to crash into and die. Hahahaha.”

Yun Che’s gaze indifferently swept across the surroundings. Fen Juecheng’s malicious sneer, those mocking faces and mouth of those sectoral disciples who thought that they were hotshit, as well as the contemptuous and malicious gaze of the Fu Yinjie before him; he received all of them under his eyelids. The corner of his mouth twitched, and Yun Che began to slightly smile coldly.

Ha… Do you seriously think that I, Yun Che, is a soft persimmon that could be molded and played around with in anyway you want?

With just you lot, you think you are worthy of judge me with a contemptuous attitude? And worthy of mocking me?

“Match start!”

“I’m going to destroy you!!” Right after the referee's voice faded, Feng Yinjie lifted the enormous blade and rushed toward Yun Che while roaring loudly. From the viewpoint of an outsider, Feng Yinjie’s rage was perfectly normal since Yun Che made Fu Yanjie lose a great amount of face, and even left him heavily injured. However, Yun Che was very clear about the reason behind his “rage”.

“With just you?”

Yun Che laughed with disdain. In midst of many’s cry of shock, he empty-handedly greeted toward the Fu Yinjie’s enormous blade, and his arm instantly smashed onto the back of the blade.


Along with an extremely ear-piercing shattering sound, the great blade that Fu Yinjie had filled with abundant profound energy directly shattered into several pieces. Before Fu Yinjie had the chance to even scream from shock, Yun Che’s right foot had already flown up and kicked at his chest.

With a “bang” sound, Fu Yinjie’s profound energy defense was directly penetrated like a sheet of scrap paper, and six of his ribs snapped with the sound. His robust frame flew backwards for several tens of meters as if a cannonball, and violently smashed onto the profound energy barrier behind him; the collision even made the entire profound energy barrier tremble slightly.

Fu Yinjie’s body slid down along the profound energy barrier, and slumped down onto the ground. He had already lost consciousness.

Breaking a blade empty handed, and defeating an opponent in one strike; everything, had occurred in an instant. Everyone who was watching this place lost their voice, and even the referee could not react in time.

“Hmph!” Yun Che made an indifferent cold snort. Without taking another glance at Fu Yinjie, he expressionlessly walked off the Sword Discourse Arena.

As if woken up from a dream, it was only just now that the referee hurriedly announced: “Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che, wins!”

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