Chapter 219 - I’m an Expert in the Same Field

Against the Gods

Chapter 219 - I’m an Expert in the Same Field


Mu Tianbei’s expression paled as he flew straight down towards the Sword Discourse Arena. Ling Wugou quickly stepped forward as well, extinguishing all the flames on Mu Xiongyan with his profound energy.

With the extinguishment of the flames, Mu Xiongyan’s tragic state was displayed to everyone’s eyes. His entire body was charred black, a large portion of his flesh erupted apart with blood splattering everywhere, his white bones were even revealed on his pair of shoulders and knees. A large half of his hair was burnt, and his face was even blurred from the blood and exposed flesh… ‘Tragic’ was not even a suitable word to describe his current state.

But since the firearms on Mu Xiongyan’s body self-destructed because they were ignited by flames, and not by profound energy, the power of the explosions were not really large. Although Mu Xiongyan suffered extremely serious external injuries, his internal injuries were actually quite light, at least, he would not be crippled. However, to fully recover his serious external injuries, it would probably take a very long time. And, there would be countless of ugly scars left around his entire body… including his face.

Mu Tianbei charged through the profound energy barrier, arriving in front of Mu Xiongyan’s body. After inspecting his wounds, he heaved a sigh of relief, and then, glared at Yun Che with extreme hatred. However, he did not utter a single word. Carrying Mu Xiongyan, whose entire body was dripping with fresh blood, he walked down the Sword Discourse Arena. Mu Xiongyan’s current tragic state, was basically caused by the hidden firearms on his body. Under everyone’s attentive eyes, if he were to cause Yun Che any trouble, he would simply be looked down upon by everyone on-site. And, Ling Wugou was on the stage as well, so he could not possibly do anything to Yun Che. Without a choice, his heart filled with silent rage and hatred as he went down the stage. However, the killing intent directed at Yun Che, was as cold as the freezing abyss.

“Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che wins! He shall advance to tomorrow’s Quarterfinals!”

After Mu Xiongyan was brought down the stage by Mu Tianbei, Ling Wugou loudly announced the outcome of the match.

According to the progression of the previous Blue Wind Ranking Tournaments, the further the progression of matches, the stronger the participating disciples were. Every battle would become even more intense, and the time taken for each match would naturally be longer as well. This was the first match of the Round of 16. Everyone wished to find out if this ultimate dark horse, Yun Che, could actually once again turn out victorious in this match, and dreamily enter the Quarterfinals. There were many people willing to believe that he would have the possibility of obtaining victory once again, however, they absolutely would not think that, he would actually win so quickly, and so easily.

This duel ended the moment it just began. It was so quick, they did not have the time to even react. Only after Ling Wugou announced the results, did they accept this unbelievable reality in the midst of their astonishment.

After defeating Xiao Nan, who was at the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, the previous day, Yun Che had once again defeated Mu Xiongyan, who had strength of the eighth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, in just a few seconds the following day. Although Mu Xiongyan’s tragic state was due to the explosion of the firearms on his body, people who were wise enough were able to clearly see that even without the explosion of the firearms, Mu Xiongyan had already been thoroughly defeated.

Those two strange and unpredictable afterimages, and that surprising and overwhelming fire blast attack… The strong experts on-site, in their astonishment, had once again realized that they had completely and utterly underestimated Yun Che. Back then, when Yun Che was obtaining his consecutive level-skipping victories, he had actually been hiding his true abilities, and only until this match, did he reveal a tip of the iceberg, so as to obtain a quick and decisive victory.

“There’s actually such an individual within our Blue Wind Empire, who even I can’t clearly fathom the limits of. Every single time I thought he had already reached his limits, he would always once again astonish me.” Ling Yuefeng stood up with shock revealed on his calm face. “To actually be able to unleash such power while just being at the tenth level of the True Profound Realm, forget about the Blue Wind Empire, I have never heard of someone capable of doing this in the entire Profound Sky Continent. Just what kind of monster is he!? And just which supreme individual is his master? That master of his is actually capable of bringing up such a disciple!”

Ling Yuefeng’s exclamation, naturally gave Yun Che an extremely high evaluation. Ling Yun slightly frowned, and suddenly asked. “Father, the movement skill he used earlier, just how did he accomplish it? When one uses profound energy to move his body, it will not only bring about obvious ripples of profound energy, there will be obvious differences between the afterimage and the actual body as well. However, he formed three images, yet, I did not even feel a hint of any profound energy ripple, and, these three images were completely identical, and it was basically impossible to distinguish them from the real one. I have never seen such a strange profound movement skill.”

Ling Yun’s words caused Ling Yuefeng to momentarily enter a state of silence, and then, he shook his head. “Your father was not able to clearly distinguish them as well.”

“What!?” Ling Yun’s eyes turned towards Ling Yuefeng as a hint of shock flashed past his face.

“That guy actually won again, and he’s actually capable of manipulating fire! Big bro, were you able to distinguish what kind of flames he was playing with?” With a sway of his left hand, a ball of flames burned at top of Fen Juebi’s palm. Looking at the ball of flames, he slowly asked.

“Hmph, it’s nothing but the lowest level of profound flames. To actually play with fire in front of us, the Burning Heaven Clan, he’s basically underestimating us.” Fen Juecheng’s expression sank, saying with disdain.

Fen Juebi blew at his palm, directly extinguishing the ball of flames. He then said with a beaming smile. “Big bro, there’s no need to be angry. In contrast, this is actually a very good thing.”

“A good thing?” Fen Juecheng frowned.

“Did big bro forget? After claiming his victory in this match, who do you think is his opponent tomorrow?” Fen Juebi’s voice was low, and his smile had begun to grow even more sinister.

Fen Juecheng’s eyes turned, and then, his expression slightly changed. “It’s you!”

“That’s right, hahahaha.” Fen Juebi began to laugh wildly. “I didn’t expect that. I was not able to encounter him in the small group matches, but I’m actually going to encounter him in the elimination rounds. This world is simply too marvelous, it’s basically a present bestowed by the heavens to me and big bro. Let me personally end this so-called genius. I shall forever leave my shadow in the heart of the person who dares to offend big bro.”

The Round of 16 started off with a duel that exceeded everyone’s expectations, and immediately after, the second match was also one that shocked the audience. Ling Jie easily defeated an opponent who was two levels above him with just a few strikes, similarly ending the match with lightning speed. There were merely four to five exchanges of blows during the entire process.

Third Match: Fen Juebi easily obtained victory.

Fourth Match: Ling Fengyu won.

Fifth Match: The opponent surrendered, Ling Yun instantly obtained victory.

Sixth Match: Shui Wushuang fought with Wu Xuexin of the same sect, after an exciting battle, Shui Wushuang won by a slight margin.

Seventh Match: Xia Qingyue won.

Eighth Match: Xiao Kuanglei fought with Xiao Zhen of the same sect, and won by a slight margin.

Thus, the Round of 16 concluded, and the top eight in this Ranking Tournament were determined. The Quarterfinals’ match arrangements tomorrow were also revealed on the center of the profound stone after the conclusion of the Round of 16.

First match: Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che vs Burning Heaven Clan’s Fen Juebi.

Second match: Heavenly Sword Villa’s Ling Jie vs Heavenly Sword Villa’s Ling Feiyu.

Third match: Heavenly Sword Villa’s Ling Yun vs Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Shui Wushuang.

Fourth match: Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Xia Qingyue vs Xiao Sect’s Xiao Kuanglei.

As the Ranking Tournament progressed, the eight people who were determined, represented the strongest powerhouses of the current young generation of the Blue Wind Empire. Among these eight, there were a total of seven disciples from the Four Major Sects. Yun Che, the only one who did not belong to the Four Major Sects, was evidently particularly dazzling.

The history of the finale of the Ranking Tournament turning into a power struggle between the Four Major Sects had once again recurred, while Yun Che had undoubtedly became the most unnatural existence in this Ranking Tournament. The moment he entered the top thirty-two, his name was destined to be spread far and wide after the Ranking Tournament. And the Blue Wind Profound Palace was finally able to vent out their frustration because of him, allowing them to regain their honor, and drew more practitioners to join them.

“Entering the top eight also means that we have secured our qualifications to enter the Heaven Basin Secret Realm after the Ranking Tournament. This simply feels like a dream.” Returning to the courtyard, Qin Wushang looked towards the sky, and sighed continuously. This was indeed an outcome which he had never even dreamed of.

“Heaven Basin Secret Realm? What’s that?” Xia Yuanba asked curiously.

“It is rumored to be an independent space opened up by a mysterious expert from the Ancient Era. Countless of opportunities and treasures are hidden inside. It opens up once every three years, and people who enter the Secret Realm will always obtain great rewards.” Cang Yue said with great yearning. “Palace Chief Qin, after the Ranking Tournament concludes, you will be able to enter the Heaven Basin Secret Realm with Yun Che. That’s great.”

“That’s right.” Qin Wushang smiled. “Unfortunately, good fortune did not fall on Palace Chief Dongfang, he actually did not follow us here this time. He had always dreamed of being able to investigate the legendary Heaven Basin Secret Realm at least once. But, speaking of which, even I didn’t think that Yun Che would actually be able to get this far…”

He deeply looked at Yun Che, and said. “Challenging someone with a higher level of profound strength is not uncommon, but defeating someone with strength at the late stage Spirit Profound Realm with just the strength at the True Profound Realm, I have never heard of such a thing. I don’t know what method you used to accomplish this; it might be your talent, or it might be the opportunities you have gotten, but what I can confirm is that after this Ranking Tournament, your name will spread throughout the entire Blue Wind Empire, or even, the entire Profound Sky Continent. Are you prepared for this?”

“It can’t be that exaggerated, right?” Yun Che said casually.

“No! It will only be more exaggerated than what I described. If you obtained victory with oppressing profound strength, then that will simply be some new news to know about. However, obtaining consecutive victories with just the strength at the True Profound Realm, this has completely broken history, and has even exceeded everyone’s understanding. Currently, all of the sects, including the Four Major Sects, are already targeting you, investigating your personal history, looking for all the information regarding your life. After the tournament, there will definitely be many people inviting you to join their sects, like what Mu Tianbei did. I possess no authority to intervene in your decision to stay or leave, but, I hope that you can remember this. No matter who you’re facing, do not offend that person like how you did yesterday, because every person you offend, may bring about a danger to yourself that can explode at any time. Yesterday, you made it difficult for Mu Tianbei, and today, you even seriously injured his son, Mu Xiongyan, he will definitely not simply leave this matter at it is. Within this Heavenly Sword Villa, he does not possess the guts to act against you, but after the tournament, Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress might possess the qualifications to enter the Heaven Basin Secret Realm as well. When that time comes, I doubt they will not take the opportunity to exact vengeance.”

“I completely understand what Palace Chief Qin is trying to say. Although I have never been afraid of offending others, I have never casually offended others as well. If Mu Tianbei did not ridicule our Blue Wind Profound Palace nor mock the Blue Wind Imperial Family yesterday, I would not have made things difficult for him either. Seriously injuring Mu Xiongyan was intentional as well. But, since I have already done it, I will not regret it. If he wishes to exact vengeance, then I will take responsibility for it.” The corner of Yun Che’s lips moved, curving up to a dangerously cold smile. “Who shall suffer under whose hands has yet to be determined.”

Knowing that he was unable to persuade Yun Che, Qin Wushang simply sighed, and said. “You must definitely be cautious in tomorrow’s match. Although Fen Juebi’s level of profound strength is the same as Mu Xiongyan’s, he is someone who has inherited the profound arts of the Burning Heaven Clan, his abilities can be said to be a few levels above Mu Xiongyan’s. And, this person, Fen Juebi, is ruthless, brutal, and likes to humiliate his opponents. The reason why Fen Juechen left the Burning Heaven Clan and was so focused on exacting vengeance on Fen Juebi, was due to the huge shame he received after being defeated by him. When you’re exchanging blows with him, you must definitely, definitely, be careful.”

Fen Juecheng’s expression, which was filled with killing intent, flashed past in Yun Che’s mind. Smiling coldly, with a voice which only he could hear, he muttered to himself. “Hmm… Humiliating opponents… I’m an expert in that field too…”

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