Chapter 223 - The Power of a Throne

Against the Gods

Chapter 223 - The Power of a Throne

"Chu Yuechan, what is the meaning of this?"

Since the situation had already progressed to such a stage, Fen Moli allowed anger to take over him and practically ignored all consequences. Although he had only met Chu Yuechan once many years ago, he still recognized her at one glance. However, he could never have imagined that the legendary Fairy of Frozen Beauty would suddenly attack him.

Chu Yuechan replied coldly: “As a Great Elder of the Burning Heaven Clan, how shameless are you to attack a junior without reason.”

“Hmph!” Fen Moli remained frowning: “He severely injured a Burning Heaven Clan disciple. With just this reason, him dying ten thousand would still be insufficient! Chu Yuechan, this is a matter of our Burning Heaven Clan. It is out of place for a member of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to intervene!”

“I’m going to intervene for sure!” Chu Yuechan held out her ice jade-like hand, and a flickering deep blue light appeared in her palm.

“Good~~” Fen Moli, knitted his brows tightly: “I have always heard that Fairy of the Frozen beauty has already reached half-step into the Emperor Profound Realm at a young age and even exceeded the skills of Xu Fairy, the Palace Mistress, when she was that age. Among the ladies of Blue Wind Empire, you are without equal. Today, let me experience the skill of Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies’ number one!”

Facing Chu Yuechan, Fen Moli was fairly confident. Even though they were both half-step into the Emperor Profound Realm, Chu Yuechan had merely stepped into it for a few years while Fen Moli had already stayed in it for an entire thirty years. Even if he was unable to break into the Emperor Profound Realm, he was confident he would not lose against those who were half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm.


Fen Moli shouted loudly out as his whole body ignited with a surging purple profound flame. Raising both his hands, the purple flames in his hands forged together to form a sword that was more than thirty meters long. He suddenly slashed it towards Chu Yuechan… To their knowledge, the purple profound flame was known to all within Blue Wind Empire as the strongest flame, and generally, only people in the later stages of the Sky Profound Realm were able to use it. Rumor had it that under the purple profound flames, anyone with profound strength below the later half of the Earth Profound Realm would be burn to ashes instantly, unable to put up any resistance. If the purple flame swept past a small lake, the water in the river would be completely evaporated in a short moment. It was very frightening.

The speed of Fen Moli’s flame sword was not quick. However, Yun Che was not far behind Chu Yuechan. If she avoided the blow, the purple profound flame would hit Yun Che. Even if Yun Che had wings, he would not be able to escape. If Chu Yuechan received the blow head on, Fen Moli was confident that this attack would at least make her sustain some injuries.

Chu Yuechan did not move her feet, as she did not have any intention of avoiding the attack. Instead, her palm flipped upwards and she clutched towards the flame sword with empty hands…


The huge flame sword that brought along a suffocating heat wave, was suddenly knocked aside by an invisible obstacle and stopped in midair. Following it, a deep blue light appeared at the tip of the sword. Soon, with the “crack crack crack” sounds of ice forming at an average speed, it quickly enveloped the entire flame sword. This caused the originally scorching hot purple flame to turn into freezing cold blue profound ice.

When the ice attribute profound strength had reached a certain level, it could seal not only a body or object, but also various forms of profound strength!


Following the flipping of Chu Yuechan’s jade palm, an exploding noise rang throughout the Sword Discourse Arena. The ice sealed flame sword exploded in midair, turning into many tiny pieces of blue ice crystals, as it scattered all around…

“Wh… What!?”

Fen Moli took two steps backwards in panic, quickly dispelling the layer of ice on his hands. His face was filled with shock and disbelief. At this point, he looked at Chu Yuechan, who had her palm stretched out in front of him as a blue light flashed past him…

A half a foot long icicle suddenly appeared in front of him out of thin air… That’s right, it appeared in midair out of nowhere. Even though Fen Moli was half step to the Emperor Profound Realm, he still did not manage to see how it appeared and when it appeared. He merely just saw a seemingly normal icicle which had a frightening coldness that made his whole body shiver. Before he could take a good look at it, the deep blue icicle attacked his chest with an unimaginable speed…


The part of Fen Moli’s body that had been struck by the icicle instantly sunk and his back swelled out outrageously. A scream of pain with blood was spewed out from Fen Moli. He seemed like an arrow that had just shot out and flew out far away as he crashed onto the surface of the Sword Discourse Arena before being continually forced back for several tens of meters, leaving behind a deep gully on the surface of the hard discourse arena floor.

The arena was instantly a field of silence. Even the silent and expressionless Ling Kun from the Mighty Heaven Sword Region appeared to be surprised. Ling Yuefeng seemed as though he was struck by lightning and jump up and said in a quivering voice: “Space compression… This… This is… an Emperor Profound power!!”

Once the three words “Emperor Profound power” came out, they were like thunderclaps on a clear day as they sounded in everyone’s ears.

“Emperor… Emperor Profound? This, this… This can’t be possible, right?”

“How is that impossible! Villa Master Ling personally shouted it out himself! And if it’s not the true Emperor Profound Realm, how could Fen Moli be so fatigued after only taking one of her blows?”

“Oh my god, another Throne actually appeared in our Blue Wind Empire, and it’s actually such a young Throne. Even if she had just stepped into the Emperor Profound Realm this year, she has done it much earlier than Villa Master Ling… She’s the fastest person to reach the Emperor Profound Realm in these hundreds of years!”

“Then, other than the legendary Xu Fairy Mistress, another Throne has appeared in the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace! And it is rumored that the Grandmistress of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace is actually still in the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, and has yet to pass away. If this rumor is also true, then doesn’t it mean that Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace has three Thrones!? Even Burning Heaven Clan and Xiao Sect only has one Throne each!”

Everyone was astonished at the news of Chu Yuechan becoming a Throne. She was the Fairy of Frozen Beauty, who stood high up at the top and was like a descended immortal. Currently, in everyone’s eyes, she had undoubtedly stepped high above the clouds, as though she had turned into a real fairy which they could not even hope to look up to. In the Blue Wind Empire, Thrones were legendary existences, and even more so, unbeatable existences. There was a very important reason why there were only Four Major Sects in the Blue Wind Empire, and not “Five Major Sects”. Only the Four Major Sects possessed these unparalleled “Thrones”.

The expressions of everyone in Burning Heaven Clan and Xiao Sect changed. Another Throne appearing in the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace undoubtedly meant that they now fell behind by a large margin in terms of strength. Xiao Sect’s Sect Master Xiao Juetian slowly stood up, looked blankly at Chu Yuechan’s back figure for a moment, curled his lips, and then, slowly sat back onto his seat… Twenty years passed and she was still as entrancing. Even her back figure, was so beautiful, as though she was just a mere illusion. However, her current shine was so blinding that even he, the Sect Master of Xiao Sect, could only feel deeply ashamed.

Back then, after seeing Chu Yuechan for the first time in the Ranking Tournament, he was deeply entranced by her again, and had constantly dreamed about her. However, he was not as wild as Ling Yuefeng. Even more so, he did not embarrass himself like Ling Yuefeng wo had unhesitantly headed towards Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace time and time again, only to return with empty hands. But, at the very least, he still felt that he was worthy enough for her...

But currently, he seemed to not even have the courage to look directly in her eyes any longer. Such a young Throne… Forget about now, even in the entire history of the Blue Wind Empire, such a person had never appeared before. It was as though the heavens were overly spoiling their beloved pet and had given her too many halos that were dazzling bright. And under these halos, he was not able to think of anyone in this Blue Wind Empire who was worthy for her...

At least, he personally admitted that he, the Sect Master of Xiao Sect himself, was not worthy.

In these several hundred years, many practitioners at half-step into the Emperor Profound Realm had appeared in the Four Major Sects, but, among the experts who had reached this level, in the end, less a tenth of them had entered the Emperor Profound Realm. Fen Moli had stopped at half-step into the Emperor Profound Realm for thirty odd years, and he could not help but accept the fact that it would be impossible for him to be called a true Throne in his entire life. Although there was only half a step difference between half-step into the Emperor Profound Realm and the Emperor Profound Realm, this half a step, was as though one had crossed into the heavens with just half a step from the earth. The difference in strength was overwhelming.

In front of a true Throne, a practitioner half-step into the Emperor Profound Realm was no different than a weak little infant; there were basically no threats to speak of. Fen Moli was simply inviting humiliation by taking the initiative to act against Chu Yuechan.

In the seats of the Burning Heaven Clan, Fen Juecheng rushed out at lightning speed. He held Fen Moli, who had fainted due to being severely injured or perhaps being angered, in his arms. He checked his injuries quickly before turning in Ling Yuefeng’s direction and bowing towards him: “Villa Master Ling, Elder Ling. Our disciple was severely injured and Elder Fen Moli was so anxious that he made such an impulsive action. Seeing that he had actually not caused much damage, and has already been taught a lesson by the Fairy of the Frozen Beauty, could you be magnanimous and forgive Elder Fen Moli. After the ranking tournament, I will personally bring him along to apologize to Villa Master Ling and Elder Ling.”

“Hmph!” Ling Yuefeng looked enraged: “As an esteemed elder of your clan, Fen Moli does not know how to act his age. He did not consider the severity of the issue and ignored the rules of the tournament. He even tried to severely injure a contestant that had just won. According to the rules of the tournament, not only Fen Moli, the entire Burning Heaven Clan has to be stripped of their participation right!”

After saying this, Ling Yuefeng appear to calm down a little: “Considering the fact that Fen Moli was anxious and had already been taught a lesson by the Fairy of Frozen Beauty, I will treat it as he has been punished. The matter will rest like this. The right to explore the ‘Heaven Basin Secret Realm’ shall also be retained. However, if such a thing happens again, not only will your right to explore the Heaven Basin Secret Realm be removed, I’m afraid that Burning Heaven Clan’s right to participate in the next ranking tournament will also be removed.”

Burning Heaven Clan was undoubtedly different from other clans. Ling Yuefeng did not want to offend them. Despite his harsh words, he had already take a big step back and gave them ample face. Fen Juecheg let out a huge sigh of relief as he bowed to Ling Yuefeng with a junior’s courtesy before bringing Fen Moli away from the Sword Discourse Arena.

All eyes fell back on Chu Yuechan. Yun Che took a step forward with a slight smile: “Fairy of the Frozen Beauty, thank you for saving…”

Before he had finished speaking, the ice spirit in front of him shook as the beauty and cool figure disappeared from the Sword Discourse Arena and returned back to her seat.

Yun Che silently laughed. As to the meaning behind his laugh, only he himself understood.

“This Chu Yuechan really isn’t simple. She is already a Throne at such a young age, it’s no wonder you were so mesmerized by her when you were young.” Xuanyuan Yufeng said without facing Ling Yuefeng.

Ling Yuefeng smiled slightly and replied: “Honey, what you said is wrong. When I was younger, I was not mesmerized by her talent, but by her looks. Little did I expect that she was not only beautiful but also this talented. This was indeed quite shocking.”

Seeing him smile so calmly, Xuanyuan Yufeng was suddenly relieved and shifted half her body onto Ling Yuefeng’s.

Second match of the Quarterfinals: Heavenly Sword Villa’s Ling Jie —— VS —— Heavenly Sword Villa’s Ling Feiyu.

Even though they both belonged to Heavenly Sword Villa, one was in the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm while the other was in the ninth. No matter how one looked at it, the result of the battle was obvious.

Ling Jie went on stage first and crossed his hands over his chest. He drew back the corners of his mouth slightly and looked completely unafraid. After quite some time, Ling Feiyu finally went onto stage and stood in front of Ling Jie. He looked somewhat conflicted.

“The two of you have been sparring so often. This time, are you both sure that you want to compete?” Ling Wugou emotionlessly asked as he stood outside the profound energy barrier. As an elder, he was very clear about the skill levels of the Villa’s young disciples.

Hearing his question, the people below the stage completely understood what it meant. The difference in strength between these two people must be very large. In their usual spars, they would always end up with one side completely suppressing the other. Even if they were to compete again, it would be impossible for a second outcome to happen, and they would merely be wasting their time.

Hearing Lin Wugou’s words, Ling Jie actually did not have that big of a reaction. However, the corner of Ling Feiyu’s lips moved, a slight struggle appeared in his eyes, and then, he finally sighed, and said. “Fine, I surrender.”


The people below the stage instantly widened their eyes one after another…

The one who took the initiative to surrender was not Ling Jie who possessed merely the strength at the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm...

But, Ling Feiyu, who had easily smashed his way through into the Quarterfinals with his strength at the ninth level of the Spirit Profound Realm!!

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