Chapter 226 - The Heaven Blessed Xia Qingyue

Against the Gods

Chapter 226 - The Heaven Blessed Xia Qingyue

Ling Wugou was startled at first. Then, he quickly advanced forward and examined Xiao Kuanglei’s current condition. After a simple investigation, he breathed a sigh of relief. With a flip of his palm, every wound on Xiao Kuanglei’s body was completely sealed. Soon afterwards, he immediately declared: “Xiao Kuanglei has temporarily lost the ability to move, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Xia Qingyue wins! She shall advance into tomorrow’s Semifinals!”

All six of Xiao Sect’s members had already stood up. Each and every one of them had expressions of horror. Like an angry eagle, Xiao Juetian quickly flew up towards the Sword Discourse Arena. After examining Xiao Kuanglei’s injuries with a brush of his profound energy, his expression changed again.

There were more than thirty cuts on his body, but none of them were deep. He was very clear on the reason why more than thirty cuts suddenly burst forth from Xiao Kuanglei earlier. This type of thing happening in front of a Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace disciple could not be even more normal. What had shocked him was that from Xiao Kuanglei’s appearance earlier, it was as if he did not sense at all. To him, what was even more shocking than that, were not these cuts, but what was beneath the injuries: cold energy that had sealed off a large majority of Xiao Kuanglei’s meridians. It was also unknown as to when this cold energy had entered Xiao Kuanglei’s meridians before suddenly exploding just a moment ago. If it had been detected, under profound energy suppression, it was unlikely for Xiao Kuanglei to be in a state in which his blood spurted out like that from his injuries.

Xiao Juetian deeply looked at Xia Qingyue and said in a low voice: “I had originally thought that in this Ranking Tournament, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace would not have another excessively showy performance. It looks like I have erred. To have let this much cold energy into Lei’er’s body and have done so without him knowing or feeling it, your Frozen Cloud Arts must be in at least the fifth stage… Good thing that Lei’er had not taken out the Earth Shocking Sword, or else he would’ve lost even more miserably!”

Xiao Juetian’s voice was very low, and was low enough that only Xia Qingyue could hear it. After finished speaking, he carried away the completely immobilized Xiao Kuanglei and left the Sword Discourse Arena.

Today’s competition, was one unexpected match after another. The last match of the Quarterfinals was another unforeseen conclusion.

“... What the hell happened? Why did Xiao Kuanglei suddenly collapse? I was blinded by the profond energy light earlier so I didn’t see anything.”

“Xiao Kuanglei probably got hit by Xia Qingyue’s ultimate move. The impact of its force must have been too fierce. With the addition of the fact that Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Frozen Cloud Arts could instantly freeze wounds, this was probably why Xiao Kuanglei did not realize that he had received this many injuries… It should be like that?”

The audience was in much debate. They could still explain Xiao Kuanglei’s wounds suddenly opening, but him suddenly falling over in a stiff manner made them baffled. On the main seats, Ling Yuefeng slightly knitted his brows, and said: “Seems like, this seventeen year old young girl is far from as simple as she appears on the surface. Yun’er, you should be glad that she is only seventeen this year. If she were to be the same age as you, she would be a strong opponent that could go shoulder to shoulder with you.”

Ling Yun was silent.

With the conclusion of the Quarterfinals, tomorrow’s Semifinals’ arrangements quickly appeared on the center of the profound stone.

Match Number One: Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che —— versus —— Heavenly Sword Villa’s Ling Jie.

Match Number Two: Heavenly Sword Villa’s Ling Yun —— versus —— Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Xia Qingyue.

“Uwaaah! Both brother-in-law and big sis actually entered the top four! It’s t-t-t… too wonderful!” Seeing the names on the profound stone, Xia Yuanba was excitedly to the point of being somewhat incoherent. Him joyously following Yun Che to Heavenly Sword Villa this time, was only out of yearning toward the ranking tournament like the rest of profound practitioners; he absolutely did not expect that his sister and brother-in-law would actually become two of the main characters in this ranking tournament. The two people who were closest to him had reached the top four in the highest level of Blue Wind Empire’s young profound practitioners, that kind of joy, proudness, and glory, was so intense that it was indescribable.

“Ah? Brother-in-Law, why do you keep wearing a stiff face? Are you not happy?” Seeing that not only was Yun Che not excited, but instead had a silent and solemn expression, Xia Yuanba asked in confusion.

Yun Che shook his head, and said with a faint smile: “Nothing, I just didn’t expect that she, Qingyue, would actually be this strong.”

“Hehe, I didn’t expect it either.” Xia Yuanba clenched his fist, and said with sparking eyes: “If father hears that Big Sis has already become so amazing, he would definitely be incredibly happy. If mother hears of it…” As he spoke the word “mother”, Xia Yuanba’s voice lagged for a bit. His gaze uncontrollably darked a little as he muttered with a low voice: “She would definitely also be very pleased.”

Yun Che did not notice the abnormality in the last half of the sentence Xia Yuanba spoke. He settled his heart, and asked in his mind: “Jasmine, the ‘Heart of Snow Glazed Glass’ and ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’ you spoke about earlier, what exactly are they? And how could you tell?”

“....I had not noticed it originally, but when she used twenty percent of her true strength earlier, it no longer escaped my eyes. However, in a place with such low levels of strength, they shouldn’t know of the concept of ‘Heart of Snow Glazed Glass’ and ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’, including her self. She at most would know that herself is different with others in some places.”

Yun Che: “...”

“Since you wish to know, I will tell you.” Jasmine’s voice was as tender and ethereal as flowing water from a spring, but she deliberately displayed a kind of high up and elderly tone with utmost effort: “‘Heart of Snow Glazed Glass’, is a special type of mind. One with this kind of mind possesses an extremely pure and clear disposition, as if ice and snow. With growth, one would have incomparable comprehensive ability and a strength of the soul that would grow stronger and stronger. With her current age, the Heart of Snow Glazed Glass’ abilities are only revealed initially, and will exhibit extremely high comprehensive abilities as well as memory. Everything she have observed would be memorized just with a glance and be firmly engraved in her mind, no matter what level of detail, and will not be forgotten throughout her entire life. As the ability of the Heart of Snow Glazed Glass gradually reveals, she would be able to sense good and evil as well as danger, and easily see through various mysteries, and even see into the heart of all living things.”

“Someone who possesses the Heart of Snow Glazed Glass, would all normally be supreme and most sacred existences that transcends the world; even Divine Kings and Divine Sovereigns would certainly not dare to provoke. Because the legends say that someone with Heart of Snow Glazed Glass is blessed by the heavens, and whoever harms them, would suffer punishment of the heavens way.” Jasmine described lightly.

Yun Che’s brows consecutively spasmed for several times, then weakly asked: “Um… Are you really sure that there are really this kind of… uh, thing that’s blessed by the heavens on her body?”

“Hmph! This kind of thing that surpasses your cognition, you naturally wouldn’t believe it. I’m not going to bother explaining it to you. Her Heart of Snow Glazed Glass won’t be able to really mature in this kind of plane anyway. However, the ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’ she possesses…” Jasmine’s tone suddenly became odd: “It’s best for it to not be noticed by anyone that knows the concept of ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’. Otherwise, heh… She ought to not expect a single peaceful day in her entire life.”

“Eh? Why is that?”

“The word ‘Exquisite’ in the ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’, refers to a ‘Exquisite World’. Which is to say, that in her body there exists a ‘small world’! Do you understand what kind of notion that means? This means, that she could possess an unlimited and endless power! Power that the body of flesh cannot handle, can all be stored within the ‘Exquisite World’. Like this, no matter what profound art she cultivates, none of them would be restricted by her profound strength level and the endurance of her body. For example, her sectoral profound art ‘Frozen Cloud Art’; Chu Yuechan is half step into the Emperor Realm and her cultivation of the Frozen Cloud Art is at the sixth stage, and cannot continue further. It is highly likely that it’s because the seventh stage needs at least the profound strength of the Emperor Profound Realm. But to someone who has the ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’, if she wishes, she could cultivate to the seventh stage even if she was at the Elementary Profound Realm! Together with the extremely high comprehensive ability brought by the ‘Heart of Snow Glazed Glass’, I wouldn’t even be surprised at all if her current cultivation of Frozen Cloud Art is higher than Chu Yuechan’s.”

From Jasmine, not only did Yun Che come in contact with type after type of inconceivable profound arts, he had also continually heard some concepts that were completely foreign and even seemed extremely far and illusory. The shock it brought to Yun Che this time was undoubtedly the greatest, and also the most direct… Because these concepts that completely broke common sense, precisely appeared on his wife in name.

“...Exquisite World? A human’s body, can actually have this kind of thing?” Yun Che absently muttered in a low voice. He had heard that when profound strength was great to a certain extremely high realm, one could open a small world that belonged to oneself. But he had never heard that a small world could also exist within a one’s body.

“If she really does possesses the ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’ that you speak of, then it’s a special aptitude that belongs to her and has nothing to do with anyone else. But why do you say that if it’s discovered by others, it is possible for her to never be at peace throughout her entire lifetime?” Yun Che questioned.

“Because, someone who possesses the ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’, is the greatest of the greatest of profound cultivating incubators in this world. Especially for someone who obtains her vital virginity; they will generate an Exquisite World within their dantian that belongs to himself during the intercourse of Yin and Yang…”


The Xia family that Xia Qingyue and Xia Yuanba belonged to were merchants for generations after generations, and their father Xia Hongyi was more so an honest businessman who valued integrity and loyalty. So why would the pair of son and daughter he birthed… Xia Yuanba have the ‘Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins’, while Xia Qingyue also had the even more mysterious “Glazed Glass Heart” and “Exquisite Body” that Jasmine spoke of....

If Jasmine’s judgement was not wrong, then this Xia Hongyi really was blessed by the heavens to an extreme. In Jasmine’s mouth, no matter Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins or Glaze Glass Heart and Exquisite Body, were all extremely rare existences.

And their mother...

Yun Che didn’t have any notion about Xia Yuanba and Xia Qingyue’s mother. It was because he had never met her, and it seemed that she had passed away since they were young.

Yun Che walked along the path in Heavenly Sword Villa and silently thought about things. The curtains of the night had already started to fall. There were not many people outside, and occasionally he would encounter a few sect’s disciples. They would all stop in their steps and look at him afar with a gaze of awe. Within these people, most had wantonly mocked him during the Profound Strength Assessment on the first day of the Ranking Tournament. But now, they looked at him with a kind of revering gaze… To reach the top four of the Ranking Tournament, this was a height that they did not even dare dream about.

Yun Che came to the front of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s courtyard. The courtyard’s gate was wide open, but it seemed as if the inside and the outside of the courtyard were two different worlds. Gentle and warm wind blew on the outside, yet a bone-chilling cold aura floated within the courtyard, and rushed at him as it followed the air current.

Yun Che did not step into the courtyard. After taking in a breath of air, he said: “Blue Wind Profound Palace’s disciple, Yun Che, requests to see the Fairy of Frozen Beauty and hopes to personally thank her kind rescue today.”

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