Chapter 23 – Upheaval (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 23 – Upheaval (2)

“Yes! Tomorrow morning, everyone in the Xiao Clan will gather here. I promise not one will be missing.” Xiao Yunhai promptly pledged.

“Great! Our time is really precious; we only have tomorrow. I don’t want there to be any unexpected issues.” Xiao Kuangyun indifferently said, then tilted his head: “You are all the esteemed Elder Xiao Zheng’s descendents, it’s only right to bring this gift. Xiao Ba, deliver the gift.”

The one called Xiao Ba stepped forward and expressionlessly placed a wooden box in front of Xiao Yunhai. Xiao Yunhai’s hands trembled as he received it with a terrified expression on his face: “I thank… thank the Xiao Sect for its gift. I’m very grateful.”

“The thing inside is called ‘Profound Opening Powder’. It can clear a profound vein, letting a person cultivate much faster for a certain period of time. It also has a very good restorative effect on profound veins that have been damaged for any reason. Even among our Xiao Sect, this is considered a very effective medicine.”

The implication was that… since it was an effective medicine to the Xiao Sect, then to them, it would be considered a first rate magical elixir.

“It also has a very good restorative effect on profound veins that were damaged for any reason”… This sentence caused the expression of the up-to-now taciturn and silent Xiao Lie to suddenly spasm. His eyes leaked a strange light, but then he immediately sighed inwardly as his expression dimmed.

Xiao Yunhai carefully put the wooden box aside, and then said with a face full of gratitude: “Since it is the Xiao Sect’s medicine, then its effects must be beyond my imagination. I don’t know how our Xiao Clan will be able to repay Young Master Xiao’s great favor… Since Young Master Xiao doesn’t need to rest, how about I have a few people take you gentlemen for a tour around our Xiao Clan or Floating Cloud City? Even though this is a small town, we have a few places that may brighten your eyes.”

Seeing that Xiao Kuangyun didn’t shake his head, Xiao Yunhai immediately reached out and dragged Xiao Yulong over: “This is my son, Xiao Yulong. His age is similar to Young Master Xiao. Why not have him take everyone out for a stroll?”

Xiao Yunhai’s intention was very clear. He wanted to, as much as possible, have Xiao Yulong be the first to mingle and get familiar with Xiao Kuangyun. That way, the chances of him being taken back to the Xiao Sect would further increase. If he could make a good impression on Xiao Kuangyun, then it was possible that he may earn Xiao Kuangyun’s protection once in the Xiao Sect, thereby rapidly rising in position…

“This lowly servant is Xiao Yulong, to be able to witness the elegance of the noble guests from the Xiao Sect surely is the fortune of a lifetime.” Xiao Yulong stepped forward, his face humble and modest.

Xiao Kuangyun gave Xiao Yulong a lookover and indifferently said: “Fine, then take us for a stroll. I’ve stayed at the popular places for a long time, it’s not bad to get a look at the remote areas. The rest of you can disperse. I don’t like being followed by too many people. I will find you when I need you.”

“Yes, yes!” Xiao Yunhai replied as he promptly nodded: “If you gentlemen need anything, then please immediately tell anyone here. Yulong, please take good care of these honored guests.”

“Yes father.”

Xiao Yunhai and the five elders left respectfully. The people from the Xiao Sect arrived later than expected so naturally the official business will be delayed to tomorrow.

Xiao Yulong stood to the side of Xiao Kuangyun and bowed, showing a relatively humble attitude. His face revealed a smile: “Young Master Xiao, even though this Floating Cloud City is small, but it has everything you’d expect it to have. I don’t know if Young Master Xiao wants to first experience the beautiful scenery, fine delicacies, or… the beautiful women?

Seeing the vague smile on Xiao Yulong’s face, Xiao Kuangyun’s eyes brightened, his face also revealing a trace of a lewd smile: “As men, what do you say we should first experience?”

How could Xiao Yulong not know what kind of person he was from his sallow face? He immediately gave a heh heh kind of laugh and said: “You can tell Young Master Xiao is a true man from a glance! As a true men, obviously we should first experience the things that a true man enjoys! Even though our Floating Cloud City is a small town, our city’s Heavenly Fragrant House is known far and wide. More than a few people travel hundreds of li because of its reputation. Let us first take a turn there?”

“You, boy, are pretty sensible.” Xiao Kuangyun, his lips curling, looked into Xiao Yulong’s eyes for moment: “Let’s go.”

Xiao Yulong’s footsteps were swift as he walked ahead to lead the way. When they were just about to leave, the silhouette of a beautiful girl appeared in Xiao Kuangyun’s line of sight.

The girl’s figure was wonderfully moving and delicate to the extreme. Looking from afar, her physique was so graceful that it was simply too hard to describe. Under the azure long skirt, one could faintly make out a pair of exquisite and slender legs. Her dress floated in the wake of her slow walk and her jewelry occasionally twinkled on her delicate, womanly figure. The perfect arcs of her waist, breasts, and buttocks were indescribably lovely. She radiated an incomparable, soul shaking charm and had a kind of proud appearance and attitude that transcended this world.

Xiao Kuangyun’s mouth gaped widely and his entire body froze on the spot. His eyes unwaveringly stared at that exquisite silhouette in the distance. Inwardly panicking, he almost believed that he was seeing a river nymph from the legends. As if noticing his stare, the girl angled her face towards him, gave him a cold look, then turned her head and walked into the courtyard. Even her complexion, from the glimpse that Xiao Kuangyun got when she turned her head to glance at him, caused his body to shake, as if all the bones in his body had turned soft and melted.

He still hadn’t returned to his senses even long after Xia Qingyue had left his sight.

Upon Xia Qingyue’s sudden and inopportune appearance, Xiao Yulong’s heart gave off a *thump* sound as he prayed that she wouldn’t be spotted by Xiao Kuangyun. But unfortunately, Xiao Kuangyun saw her and had also shown the same reaction that the majority of men had the first time they saw Xia Qingyue’s true face… No, the reaction was even more exaggerated. Xiao Yulong’s heart began to immediately twitch… In this small Floating Cloud City, how could any woman that Xiao Kuangyun had set his eyes on escape? And once Xiao Kuangyun had set his eyes on her, it also meant that he wouldn’t be able to obtain Xia Qingyue in this lifetime.

However, he immediately clenched his teeth lightly and, standing next to Xiao Kuangyun, waved his hand in front of his face. He quietly whispered: “Young Master Xiao?”

“That girl… who is that girl? Who is she?” Xiao Kuangyun’s expression was in turmoil and even his voice was trembling in excitement: “This world… actually had a woman this beautiful! All of my wives and concubines… all of the women I’ve played around with… added together wouldn’t be a match for her… A fairy… she’s simply a fairy…”

Xiao Kuangyun had been moved to such a state of excitement that he had become incoherent. The light in his eyes was hot almost to the point of combustion. Xiao Yulong changed to well-intentioned attitude and said with a face of smiles: “She’s called Xia Qingyue and is our Floating Cloud City’s most beautiful woman. She truly is a fairy like person.”

“Xia… Qingyue. Xia? Then she isn’t a member of the Xiao Clan?”

“Right!” Xiao Yulong nodded his head as his eyes narrowed. He clearly stated: “She isn’t a member of our Xiao Clan, but is rather the daughter of the richest merchant in our Floating Cloud City. She only married into our Xiao Clan three days ago, marrying the grandson of the Fifth Elder, Xiao Che.”

“What? She’s married?” Xiao Kuangyun’s expression belied his disappointment. In a flash, it then turned into a burning jealousy and an extremely intense desire: “She’s actually married! And married into your Xiao Clan… That’s absolutely ridiculous!! How could the grandson of a puny Xiao Clan elder be worthy of this kind of fairy?!

“Right! Young Master Xiao’s words are too true!” Xiao Yulong promptly agreed: “Only a person with a dragon’s amount of talent like Young Master Xiao can be worthy of this kind of fairy. Young Master Xiao doesn’t know that even though the person she married is the grandson of an elder, he is actually our Xiao Clan’s most useless person… His profound veins have been deformed since his childhood. Even now, he’s still only at the first level of the Elementary Profound Realm. He’s an absolute disgrace to our Xiao Clan.”

“Wh… what?” Xiao Kuangyun’s expression turned ashen and his hands began to tremble: “This beauty is unexpectedly married to that kind of trash! This is absolutely unforgivable… unforgivable!”

“That kind of woman should belong to me, Xiao Kuangyun! How could a piece of trash from the Xiao Clan be worthy of her?!” Xiao Kuangyun growled in a low voice, the flames of his jealousy igniting. He immediately walked towards the courtyard that Xia Qingyue had just entered.

He had walked only two steps when a forceful and dignified voice sounded from behind him: “Young master. The sect master appointing you to come out here is also a kind of learning experience. The sect master specifically warned you that you mustn’t do anything that will lower the reputation of the sect! Especially snatching away someone else’s wife.”

Xiao Kuangyun stopped moving, his entire face full of lust and disagreement. However, he still obediently stopped moving.

Xiao Yulong glanced at that elder called Xiao Moshan in bewilderment… It seems that he came here not only to accompany and protect Xiao Kuangyun, but was also his overseer. Just one sentence was enough to scare Xiao Kuangyun into inaction. Furthermore, from his words, it was evident that this Xiao Kuangyun had already snatched other people’s wives quite a few times before.

Xiao Yulong’s gaze wavered. He quickly walked next to Xiao Kuangyun and said in a low voice: “Young Master Xiao… If you have set your eyes on that Xia Qingyue, you may not have to use force to take her. There are many methods to do this.”

“Methods? What methods?” Xiao Kuangyun turned his head and stared at him with his burning gaze.

Xiao Yulong immediately leaned towards his ear and quickly whispered into it. After he finished talking, Xiao Kuangyun’s eyes immediately lit up. The corner of his mouth also revealed the trace of an impatient, lewd smile.

“This is something that I just learned. I haven’t told anyone else. I didn’t think that it would happen to be able to help Young Master Xiao. It truly can’t get any better.” Seeing Xiao Kuangyun’s lewd smile, Xiao Yulong’s heart was filled with loathing, but his face still obediently held a smile.

“Very good. Extremely good.” Xiao Kuangyun slowly nodded his head.

“It seems like Young Master Xiao has a similar taste in beautiful women. Actually, within our Xiao Clan, there are more beauties than just Xia Qingyue,” Xiao Yulong said in a low voice. “Fifth Elder Xiao Lie has a daughter who just turned fifteen this year, but is already an outstanding beauty. She isn’t worse than Xia Qingyue by much… I don’t know if Young Master Xiao has any interest?”

“Fifteen year old… and is almost as beautiful as that fairy from just then?” Xiao Kuangyun’s eyes fiercely widened, revealing a wolf-like glint.

Upon seeing the look in his eyes, Xiao Yulong knew what he should do next. He once again leaned towards Xiao Kuangyun and said in a low voice, “If Young Master Xiao is interested, then this is even easier. The method is really simple, we just have to…”

Xiao Yulong leaned close to Xiao Kuangyun’s ear and again whispered into it.

“HAHAHA! HAHAHA….” Xiao Kuangyun started to laugh wildly as the obscene look in his eyes intensified: “When I return, I should really thank my father for letting me meet two stunning beauties…. I really didn’t come here to this faraway place in vain.”

His gaze turned towards Xiao Yulong. He then slowly nodded his head: “You’re called… Xiao Yulong right?”

“Yes, yes! This lowly one is Xiao Yulong.” Xiao Yulong showed excitement on his face. For Xiao Kuangyun to remember his name was his greatest honor.

“You are pretty good, not bad at all. If these two things are taken care of successfully, then after we return to the Xiao Sect, you should just stick to my side.” Xiao Kuangyun said with narrowed eyes.

“Ah!” Xiao Yulong’s entire body shook. He was moved to where his eyes were opened widely. After he recovered, he knelt in front of Xiao Kuangyun with a *putong* sound and heavily kowtowed. “Yulong thanks Young Master Xiao for his large kindness! If it’s possible to stay by Young Master Xiao’s side, then Yulong will definitely loyally, with all my heart take care of Young Master Xiao!”

This result caused Xiao Yulong’s heart to wildly throb in pleasant surprise… To be able to enter the Xiao Sect is already a delight equivalent to reaching heaven in one step. Yet to be able to follow the son of the sect master is an entirely different thing. It’s something that Xiao Yulong would’ve never dared to imagine before.

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