Chapter 230 - Overlord’s Fury (1)

Against the Gods

Chapter 230 - Overlord’s Fury (1)

For Heavenly Sword Villa, swords were not merely weapons, but a way of life. Three Sky Profound Swords that were renown throughout the Blue Wind Empire —— The Limitless Sword, the Celestial Yuan Sword, and the Celestial Yang Sword were treated by Heavenly Sword Villa as if they were existences equivalent to sacred treasures. Even though the Celestial Yuan Sword and Celestial Yang Sword were both weaker than The Limitless Sword but these two swords were from the very beginning both meant for the same master. The strengths of the two swords complemented each other and could display a strength rivaling that of The Limitless Sword when wielded together. It was just that in these few hundred years, nobody had been able to simultaneously subdue both the Celestial Yang Sword and the Celestial Yuan Sword.

The Limitless Sword was held by Ling Yuefeng. The Celestial Yuan Sword was subdued by Ling Yun three years ago. The Celestial Yang Sword was subdued by Ling Jie. But now the Celestial Yuan Sword, mainly under Ling Yun’s spiritual prompting, was temporarily under Ling Jie’s control, allowing Ling Jie to use both the Celestial Yuan Sword and Celestial Yang Sword in his hands in the Yuan Yang Combination.

With the Celestial Yuan Sword in his left hand, and the Celestial Yang Sword in his right, the two swords, one cyan and one orange, were joined together in a cross in front of Ling Jie’s body. The surrounding space rippled like water with waves of sword force. A cold stare filled Ling Jie’s eyes. He said in a low voice: “Boss, you are even more powerful than I imagined. I finally understand why your previous foes were in such a wretched state after being defeated by a few simple sword strokes. It turns out that the heavy sword which most people regard as trash is actually quite fearsome... I am holding two Sky Profound Swords. In terms of weapons, I am holding a huge advantage. Even if I win against you, there will be no glory. However, if I do not borrow the strength of my big brother’s Celestial Yuan Sword, there is no way for me to win against you.”

Earlier, when he pierced Yun Che with a single sword strike, any third party viewing would have thought that he was forced to withdraw his sword quickly to avoid Yun Che’s heavy sword blow, and thus left only a small scratch that was not even painful or itchy. Only Ling Jie himself knew in his heart that it was not that he was forced to withdraw his sword, but that his Celestial Yang Sword could not even find a way to penetrate the opponent’s body. He could simply not imagine how Yun Che’s body was forged to become so strong to this extent.

The power of his heavy sword was incomparably shocking. However, his defensive ability was in no way inferior to his offensive ability.

“Weapons are a part of your overall strength. Being able to subdue a strong weapon is in itself a form of strength. You are not taking advantage of me. Even being able to dual wield swords is harder by far than only wielding a single sword. If not performed properly, than dual wielding might end up weaker than simply using a single sword. If you can let the full strength of both swords shine at the same time, then that is also your ability… Come, let me see the full extent of your real strength!”

Yun Che words gave off a relaxed attitude from his words, but the light in his eyes were grave, because the strength currently emanating from Ling Jie was much stronger than what it was before by several folds. After combining the two Sky Profound Swords which had complementary strengths, the sword force emanating out was stronger by multiple times.

Ling Jie slightly flicked his wrists. Just such a slight movement brought out two sharp sword forces, causing a slight tremble in the surrounding air. The Ling Jie who had released the full extent of his profound strength and sword intent was as if he was standing on the peak of a mountain that reached into the clouds and the tip of the sword force was extraordinary enough to sweep the world.


The Celestial Yang Sword flew from Ling Jie’s hand and flowed like liquid light towards Yun Che. At the same time, Ling Jie’s body became a mirage. The sword light in his hands became a fine line and then disappeared as if it was hidden in the gaps of the surrounding air.

Two swords, one in the front and one behind, one left and right, pierced towards Yun Che. When they were still thirty meters away, Yun Che already felt like the tip was at his throat, and within his range of vision, he simply could not see even the shadow of the Sky Profound Swords. He could only feel two formless cold sword tips that were frightening beyond compare. This time, he did not use the heavy sword’s strength to repel them because the two swords were so sharp that they had a great possibility to easily slice open the sword wave produced by his heavy sword.

The Yuan Yang Combination could not be underestimated. In terms of power, it was stronger than simply the Celestial Yang Sword by far too much.

Star God’s Broken Shadow activated. Yun Che instantly sent out three clones, causing the Celestial Yuan Sword and Celestial Yang sword to simultaneously pierce empty air. Ling Jie gave a low roar and swiftly turned his body. The Celestial Yang sword instantaneously shot out thirty sword lights. It was like a falling star, the Celestial Yang swords fell towards Yun Che’s back. Two Sky Profound Swords, one wielded by hand, another wielded by spiritual sword intent, seamlessly weaved together.


With only the Celestial Yang sword in hand, Ling Jie’s attack was completely repelled by the heavy sword. It could not even touch Yun Che’s body. However, at that time, Yun Che could clearly hear the storm caused by his heavy sword being torn as if it was fine silk. The Overlord heavy sword was quickly withdrawn and shifted to defense. The tens of sword beams from the two swords penetrated the heavy sword’s force field and then chopped down on the Overlord’s Colossal Sword like a raging storm.



Yun Che sliced the heavy sword and once again the strength exploding from the heavy sword caused all of the sword beams to be deflected. At the same time, he quickly retreated. His gaze turned downwards and fell upon the Overlord Colossal Sword… At the moment, its inky black body was densely riddled with several tens of cuts and wounds of different sizes. The small ones were merely the size of a grain whereas the large ones were two inches.

The power of the combination of two Sky Profound Swords was simply something an Earth Profound Weapon could not resist.

With the combination of the two swords, Ling Jie had a huge advantage in the previous few exchanges. He did not give Yun Che any time to breathe, the Celestial Yuan Sword in his left hand, both swords crossed in front of his chest. The orange color and green color light covering the swords became extremely strong, almost dazzling….

“Heaven’s Might Absolute Sword… Moon Break! Haa!!”

Following a loud roar from Ling Jie, two different colored sword beams suddenly shot out from the combination of the Yuan and Yang twin swords, transforming into a cross shaped sword tip formed by two intersecting orange and cyan beams…

In the majority of sects that used swords, the main principle for swords was not about how sharp the sword strike was, but how fast it was. It was the same for Heavenly Sword Villa. A fast body coupled with a fast sword beam could easily control the situation and instantaneously kill the opponent. Heaven’s Might Absolute Sword comprised seven forms. Half a year ago, Ling Jie had already mastered the “Sun Pierce” form. Heaven’s Might Absolute Sword —— Sun Pierce was Heavenly Sword Villa’s most powerful sword attack, and Ling Jie’s Moon Break was the fastest.

Also it was a “Moon Break” performed with the Yuan Yang Combination!

Ling Jie had already been very close to Yun Che. Yun Che only saw the flash of a cyan-orange beam tip, and then there were two Sky Strength Sword Forces within two feet of him…


The tip of “Moon Break” struck against the Overlord’s Colossal Sword that Yun Che swiftly put in front of himself. With a loud sound, the storm of sword force violently exploded. Following the simultaneous explosions from both the cyan sword tip and orange sword tip, in a single instant, there were countless sword beams flying out like a storm towards Yun Che…

The Overlord’s Colossal Sword violently vibrated and Yun Che used his quickest speed to retreat. Raising his profound force, he activated Star God’s Broken Shadow and then instantaneously flashed to several tens of meters in the air above, before finally breaking free of the twisting attack of Moon Break’s sword beam. However, his clothes had several tens of holes and there were many small wounds on his body. There was a horizontal slash across his forehead, and a thread of fresh blood slowly dripped out, then immediately stopped flowing.

As expected of… Heavenly Sword Villa...

There was an alarmed cry in Yun Che’s heart. He slowly dropped down to the ground. When both his feet had touched the ground, his hands suddenly moved… Half of the Overlord Colossal Sword had broken off. It fell with a huge bang sound upon the ground, forming a huge pit which radiated fractures in the floor.

There was absolute silence throughout the Sword Discourse Arena. Everyone’s eyes were opened wide, and their throats could not force out a sound for a long time. Especially for the young profound practitioners, they could feel a cold wind hissing through their spines, their four limbs, and even the gaps between their teeth.

This battle had let them, with their two eyes, begin to truly understand what it meant to be Heavenly Sword Villa, what it mean to be Blue Wind Empire’s number one sect.

That formless sword beam, the sword forms that had left the audience that were three hundred meters away, cold and breathless. The boundless sword intent that should have been from an expert above the Spirit Profound Realm and the unimaginable fearsome sword techniques which surpassed any expected power. Not one of these things failed to deeply destroy their previous conception of swords. Their greatness swept aside all other swords. In front of this kind of sword display, other sword forms were as dim as fireflies when compared to the light of the brightest moon.

“This is… Heavenly Sword Villa.” An elderly person sighed deeply.

“The sword intent in his hands is already at such a fearsome level at only the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm. If I did not see it with my own eyes, I would not dare to believe it.”

“Too frightening… That Yun Che is also frighteningly strong. To think that he could endure for so long under Ling Jie’s sword assault. If I were in his place, I probably could not even last for two exchanges.”

“However, his heavy sword has already been broken. Victory or defeat should already have been decided.”

“Mn, not bad. To be able to use Moon Break with such power, this level is enough to make me pleasantly surprised.” Ling Yuefeng nodded as his face relaxed by just a few degrees.

“To be honest, if he did not use the Yuan Yang Combination, Little Jie might not be his match.” Ling Yun spoke out.

Ling Yuefeng assented in silence. There was no way for him to deny that.

“Junior Brother Yun…” The moment that the Overlord’s Colossal Sword broke, Cang Yue’s heart, which had been suspended with worry, just sank in seemingly one shot. The Overlord’s Colossal Sword had been Yun Che’s weapon in what seemed like an eternity, almost like one of Yun Che’s arms. Now that the Overlord’s Colossal Sword had broken, there would be no possibility for Yun Che to oppose Ling Jie. She put her hand on her chest and softly said: “It’s alright Junior Brother Yun. You are already very outstanding. I will give you the glory. The Blue Wind Imperial Family will also give you the glory.”

“To be able to enter the top four, he has already exceeded my expectations by countless times. For the Blue Wind Profound Palace to have such a disciple is a fortune that only comes once every hundred years. Princess Cang Yue, this person that you brought back from New Moon City will certainly become a Throne that will impact the whole world.” Qin Wushang nevertheless laughed in an exceptionally calm manner. For Yun Che to have made it this far, he was already just too satisfied.

“Yeah, Brother-in-law is already very outstanding. The opponent is from Heavenly Sword Villa. A loss is a loss. Brother-in-law entered the top four, that’s enough to be proud for a long time.” Xia Yuanba gripped his fists and said with a bit of effort as his voice still tinged with regret… He naturally did not hope to see Yun Che lose, but wished that he could yet take another step and reach an even higher level. To let all those who ridiculed him and chased him away… to let all of them only be able to look up to him.

As the Overlord’s Colossal Sword broke, Ling Jie was also stunned. He did not immediately follow up on an attack but put down the twin swords and said in a voice full of regret: “I… I’m sorry, it was not on purpose… How about, how about… After the competition I will pay you back a sword. The Sword Management Terrace also has many good heavy swords.”

Looking at the broken Overlord’s Colossal Sword, Yun Che was momentarily dispirited. Upon hearing Ling Jie’s words, he shook his head and said: “There is no need. You also have no need to apologize to me. It was my momentary carelessness that could not protect it.”

Yun Che went forward and retrieved the broken half of the sword body and softly said: “My old friend, you have accompanied me throughout my growing phase, accompanied me through a long period of hard fought battles. It is indeed time for you to have your well deserved rest. Be assured that I will not let your fracture be in vain. This battle, I will smoothly win it for you to see.”

As he said this, the broken half of the sword body was already kept by Yun Che within the Sky Poison Pearl. As he was preparing to also store the other broken half that was in his hands, there was suddenly a strong reaction from his hand. From the broken half of the sword, glowed a faint and thin layer of serene black light.

Yun Che was momentarily stunned… A majority of Sky Profound Swords had a low level spiritual conscious but Earth Profound Swords fundamentally could not have any spiritual conscious. And yet the current appearance of the Overlord Colossal Sword clearly showed the reaction of the sword’s spiritual conscious!

Even though the Overlord’s Colossal Sword was an Earth Profound Sword, it was different from other Earth Profound Swords because it was a sword used by an Overlord. In years past, the Overlord held it and battled over five thousand kilometers, sweeping through thousands of troops countless times. Who knows how many enemies it had destroyed, how much fresh blood it had drunk. Under the countless times of being tainted by killing intent, maliciousness, domineering aura, heroism, and the scent of blood within the battlefield, it gradually gained a spiritual consciousness bit by bit.

It was the sword of an Overlord, a king who swept ten thousand troops on the battlefield. How could it accept defeat and destruction!

Feeling the vibration coming from the Overlord’s Colossal Sword, Yun Che’s expression changed from alarm to calmness, and began to grin accordingly: “Good! I understand now. You are a protecting sword, but even more so, you are an Overlord’s sword. There is only death, and never escape! Even if the sword breaks, it is not willing to retreat…”

Yun Che hoisted the half of the Overlord’s Colossal Sword in his hands and pointed the broken sword blade towards Ling Jie: “This battle, I will finish it together with you! The revenge of being broken, you will obtain it yourself!”

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