Chapter 244 - Burn! Phoenix Blood!

Against the Gods

Chapter 244 - Burn! Phoenix Blood!

Even though that one, earth-shaking “Heavenly Wolf Slash” only resulted in a not so heavy injury for Xia Qingyue, it still shattered her “Ice Body Jade Bones” form.

Her Frozen Cloud Arts also couldn’t be brought up to the seventh stage again in a short period of time. Yet this strike did not cause Yun Che to reach his limit. While Xia Qingyue’s aura had not yet calmed, Yun Che had already rushed up once again, and a Phoenix Break shot flying out from several tens of meters away.

Chu Yueli abruptly stood up, and said to Xia Qingyue who was right in front of her: “Qingyue, do not hold back anymore, and defeat him by opening a Domain immediately! This fellow, can create unexpected events at any time!”

For this battle, originally, Chu Yueli wasn’t worried at all; so much that there wasn’t even a single trace of worry. The two’s composite strength had indeed a very big difference, and during the match, Xia Qingyue had always maintained an oppressive standpoint. But as the two’s battle went on, Xia Qingyue’s aura became weaker and weaker. Yet not only did the Yun Che, who was once and once again beaten down not receive any great injuries, his aura did not grew weak in the slightest. Now, he miraculously broke out from the strike that Xia Qingyue had intended to decide the match with, and moreover injured Xia Qingyue instead. This made Chu Yueli cannot help but to be stricken with fear.

This battle’s victory or loss, was not that important to Xia Qingyue on a personal level. But as for Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, it was incomparably important; because if they won, it would be breaking the history, and push Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace onto the pinnacle of Blue Wind Empire for the first time ever. Since Xia Qingyue had already beaten Ling Yun and reached this step, then she absolutely could not lose here.

With a swing of the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon, all of the Yun Che’s Phoenix Breaks were blocked. In the process of defending, Xia Qingyue also felt that Yun Che’s power had already greatly decreased… That Heavenly Wolf Slash, had indeed exhausted Yun Che to a great extent. In addition to the continuous activation of the Burning Heart state, the burden on Yun Che’s profound veins and body was already incredibly heavy. He was entirely sustaining with his teeth clenched, but the distance to the critical point of collapsing, was also nearing by the second.

Yun Che dashed toward Xia Qingyue with quick steps. But before he even neared, a blue light suddenly flashed before his eyes, and the surrounding world instantaneously transformed into an illusory blue color.

A wave of an incredibly ice-cold feeling suddenly assaulted him from every single direction, and made Yun Che’s steps stall right away.

“Domain! It’s that Domain from yesterday!”

“It’s Domain again… this is simply just like cheating! Let alone the younger generation, even if one looks through the entire Blue Wind Empire, the number of people that could use a Domain could be counted with two hands!”

“I really didn’t expect that Yun Che actually had such a terrifying strength. Feels like that he isn’t weaker than yesterday’s Ling Yun at all! At least he was able to injure Xia Qinyue… But what a pity, even if he was ten times stronger, against a Domain, it is fundamentally impossible for him to have the ability to counter it.”

“Sigh, we really have grown old. I had originally thought that Ling Yun was the limit that a youth could reach, but I hadn’t thought that this youth, who is only at the True Profound Realm would bring me such an astonishment that is not below Ling Yun at all; the aura of his explosive power earlier was also entirely not below him. If he reached Ling Yun’s age, he would definitely far surpass him. But as for this girl named Xia Qingyue… She has entirely flipped my common sense upside down.”

“To reach this point, Yun Che can already shake the entire world with his name, and astonish everyone. But unfortunately, other than him, there is also a Xia Qingyue in this world. The Domain she released that transcended the natural law, is simple impossible to resist against for anyone below the Sky Profound Realm.”

Cold wind blew from all directions. As an overwhelming amount of snowflakes floated from above, the ground was quickly covered with a layer of frost. Accompanied by “crackling” sounds, very thick layer of ice rapidly condensed on Yun Che’s body, and quickly covered over half of his body.

This Frozen Cloud Domain was somewhat smaller than the one yesterday. After all, Xia Qingyue had conjured the seventh stage of the Frozen Cloud Art earlier and took a Heavenly Wolf Slash from Yun Che as well; the expenditure was huge. The moment the Frozen Cloud Domain opened, Yun Che felt as if countless steel needles had stabbed into his entire body. His body, as well as his limbs, were all rapidly numbing under the extreme cold. Let alone dashing, even merely taking steps had become exceptionally difficult.

At this moment, he truly understood why Ling Yun had become so unresisting under the Frozen Cloud Domain yesterday, and directly forfeited even without any last struggles after being smacked out of the Domain. This kind of strength called Domain, would frequently appear within battles above the Sky Profound Realm, but fundamentally should not appear at his and Xia Qingyue’s level. Once it appeared, that kind of oppression, can’t even be fully described as curb stomping.

The cold energy crazily entered his body, and his entire body numbed to the point where his consciousness was even quickly fainting. Yun Che fiercely breathed in, wanting to ignite phoenix flames; but before the flames on his body even had the time to ignite, it was already extinguished from the roots by the terrifying coldness.

Unlike to Yun Che, the environment within the Frozen Cloud Domain was most advantageous for Xia Qingyue. In here, all of her attacks would be maximized. It could said without any exaggeration that if one could not break through the Frozen Cloud Domain, then Xia Qingyue would be a complete ruler within the Domain, dictating the win or loss of this match. If she wished to, she could easily dictate Yun Che’s life and death.

As the Frozen Cloud Domain opened, Xia Qingyue’s body also slightly swayed a little. Only after staying in place for a while, did she finally manage to calm her breath. Seeing the Yun Che who stood in place with clenched teeth, yet could not take a single step forward for a long time, she took up the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon and walked before him with slow steps. An extremely quiet voice came from her mouth: “Sorry…”

As her voice fell, the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon weightlessly danced, and brushed toward Yun Che’s shoulder.

Just as the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon was about touch Yun Che, the phoenix imprint that had always been hidden on Yun Che’s forehead suddenly appeared, and emitted a golden radiance so intense that it was glaring to the eye...

This sudden change made Xia Qingyue’s movement pause, and subconsciously retract the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon. And in the next moment, three drops of golden brilliant flames poured out from the place where the golden phoenix imprint flashed...

Those were three drops of Phoenix Blood Yun Che had released out of his body.

Looking at these three drops of golden colored blood, Yun Che tightly clenched his teeth, and an incomparably overcast voice sounded from his throat: “Phoenix Blood… For me… Burn to your heart’s content!!”

The phoenix flames he normally burned, used the Phoenix Blood as the source.

But this time, he forced out the Phoenix Blood, to directly burn these three drops of Phoenix Blood!

He understood very clearly the consequences of this action. After completely burning these three drops of Phoenix Blood’s divine power to exhaustion, it was unknown just how long it would take for them to recover. Moreover, before their divine phoenix power recovers, he would only be able to ignite normal profound flames, and won’t be able to use the Phoenix Flame again until then. However, this was the only method he could think of that may break through the Frozen Cloud Domain.

As the three drops of Phoenix Blood came out, an incomparably enormous imposing air shrouded the entire Sword Discourse Arena, and even all of those experts of Sky Profound and Emperor Profound Realm that stood on the pinnacle felt a sort of heavy pressure… Even though it was just three drops of blood, it after all contained true divine power, and it’s imposing air was one that came from the Phoenix Divine Beast. Xia Qingyue who was the closest, also felt the heaviest pressure. At the same time, she more so felt a type of danger that was fatal. This kind of danger made her retreat backwards with her fastest speed possible without even taking the time think.


Amidst Yun Che’s low roar, the three drops of Phoenix Blood started to burn at the same time. From three dots of tiny luminescence, in just an instant, it expanded to become a monstrous fire that was several tens of meters high. The Frozen Cloud Domain’s cold aura was bone-piercing, but how could it defend against the intense burning of the divine beast’s blood?

No matter what kind of flame, they would all need a medium to burn. The phoenix flames Yun che emitted, used profound energy as the medium to burn, yet the combustion medium for the Phoenix Blood’s divine power… was precisely this Frozen Cloud Domain!

The attribute of the Frozen Cloud Domain was ice, and could be said as the most improbable thing to combust in the world. Yet under the Phoenix Blood’s divine power, they burned and dispersed like the purest of kerosenes with an incredibly astonishing speed. Before everyone had even recovered from the shock when the flames appeared and could react, the entirely red blaze had already filled up every single corner of the Frozen Cloud Domain. The Domain that was azure in color, was burned into a scarlet colored purgatory of flames.

Even though these flames did not touch the surrounding audiences, the overly scorching heat wave had still affected them. It made them abruptly suffocate, and their entire bodies felt as if they would ignite from the torridness. And right after, the clothes on their body suddenly ignited along with their hair, driving them into chaos amidst their panicked shouts as they quickly fled. Only until over a dozen experts of the Heavenly Sword Villa jumped out and blocked in front of them, did the situation finally ease.

“Wh… wh... what is going on here…” Chu Yueli stood up, her pair of charming eyes was filled with deep shock.

“Don’t tell me… don’t tell me that this Domain was actually… broken by Yun Che’s fire?”

“Using fire… to burn down Frozen Cloud Domain? How is this possible...”

As the fire spread, the Frozen Cloud Domain disappeared… Even the last hint of blue light and coldness was fully consumed by the flames. The phoenix flames that thoroughly burned out the Frozen Cloud Domain and lost its medium for combustion, also extinguished along with it… However, the three drops of phoenix blood that floated in front of Yun Che, had already lost their original golden color. They turned dim and muddle, as if they were fluid of ordinary profound beasts.


Yun Che fell onto the ground with one knee, and sweat rained down on his entire body as he started gasping roughly from his mouth. Controlling the burning of these three drops of Phoenix Blood, had almost exhausted every ounce of his remaining strength. The three drops of Phoenix Blood also flew toward the flame imprint on Yun Che’s forehead by themselves at this time; they returned to his bloodline, and at the same time entered a long lasting slumber.

At least within the next three months, it would be impossible for Yun Che to ignite the phoenix flames again.

At the same time, it was also extremely likely for his phoenix blood to be exposed… Others may not notice, but amongst the people present, there was still a Ling Kun! This frightening person who hailed from the Sacred Grounds, the level of knowledge he had was such that none of the experts in the Blue Wind Empire could ever compare to.

He understood this kind of price very well. However, he absolutely did not regret it.

Frozen Cloud Domain vanished. It totally, and completely, disappeared...

The entire Sword Discourse Arena was deathly silent as though it was a ghost house, and only bursts of gasping and gulping sounds from the throat could be heard. Everyone had already stood up, and dumbfoundedly looked at the two on the arena. Extreme shock was clearly written on their distorted facial features.

“Phoenix Blood?” Ling Kun’s eyebrows sunk. A mutter came from his mouth as a surprised expression flashed across his face: “Phoenix Blood, wasn’t it already extinct from a long time ago. The phoenix bloodline now, are all inherited from their ancestors… His Phoenix Blood could actually separate from the bloodline, which proves that the Phoenix Blood is incomparably pure.”

“The phoenix flame skills he used, is also completely different from the Divine Phoenix Sect.”

“Hmph! How really interesting, I wonder what kind of reaction the Divine Phoenix Sect would have after they get a hold of this.”

Ling Kun’s indifferent gaze swept across the entire arena, and he slightly made a cold smile: “With so many people present, some are bound to leak these things to the Divine Phoenix Sect… This youth’s aptitude is extraordinary, and even if he comes to the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, he will be qualified to become the bottom of the barrel. He also seems to have had fortuitous encounters before. But unfortunately… he is destined to be short-lived, and I’m afraid he won’t live to see the day he joins my Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.”

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