Chapter 250 - Heaven Basin Secret Realm (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 250 - Heaven Basin Secret Realm (2)

“Do not ever think that the Heaven Basin Secret Realm only contains innumerable resources and treasures. At the same time, it also contains immeasurable danger! If you pay no heed to safety and are driven by greed, you may very well lose your life! The Heaven Basin Secret Realm is immeasurably huge and there has never been anyone who was able to travel to the end. At the same time, what you see within the Secret Realm changes every single time. Even if you’ve once traveled deep into the Secret Realm, you might see a completely new world this time around.”

“While exploring the Secret Realm, you can choose to travel alone or travel in a group. But in order to truly gain experience, the young and older generation should split up.”

Ling Yuefeng’s speech had left everyone in deep thought. If the younger generation still needed the older generation’s protection, that would wasting this precious training opportunity and incur the embarrassment.

“Within the Secret Realm, sound transmission does not work. Nobody will be able to communicate via sound transmission.”

“The Secret Realm is a place for exploration and training, it’s not for settling grudges! If you wish to settle your grudge within the Secret Realm, I would advise you to not do so. Do not waste this precious chance to train! Especially the older generation, I hope that you wouldn’t stoop that low and disregard your dignity and attack someone of the younger generation. If I happen to find out, you wouldn’t like the outcome.” Ling Yuefeng distinctively said. “Even if there’s conflict between the younger generation due to a treasure found at the same time, the older generation is not allowed to intervene.”

“The deeper you go into the Secret realm, the higher the danger! If you are not strong enough, do not try to push your luck. Even the season within the Secret Realm is not fixed. Sometimes we’ll get the warm spring season, sometimes we’ll get a cool summer season, but if luck is not on our side, we might get a harsh winter...”

The younger generation who did not have experience entering the Secret Realm earnestly listened to Ling Yuefeng’s long speech and took them to heart. At this time, a “Zizi” sound came from behind Ling Yuefeng, beckoning people to look towards the sound. To their surprise, a spatial distortion had formed behind Ling Yuefeng. Its surface was just like a stormy wave, with layers and layers of constantly forming ripples.

The spatial ripples started to speed up its vibrations and began to revolve at high speed until it formed a gigantic swirling vortex. The surrounding air currents around the vortex were sucked towards it, giving rise to the howling of the wind. Eventually the revolution of vortex started to slow down, and when it completely stopped, it became a jet black hole which was almost three meters long in diameter. Through the jet black hole that floated in midair, nothing could be seen other than complete darkness.

“This is the entrance into the Heaven Basin Secret Realm.” Ling Yuefeng stood in front of the entrance, looked at the crowd who had faces of astonishment and excitement, and said: “Each time the Secret Realm has been accessed, on average there will be two or three people who get left within the realm, never to return. Now that the entrance to the Secret Realm has opened, it will only stay open for seven and a half minutes. Anyone who wishes to back out may choose to do so now!”

There were none who wished to back out. Those who were afraid of death were meant to never become truly strong. Furthermore, the risk was not high. Two or three out of fifty wasn’t even comparable to the risk they took when they chose to join their respective sects’ special training. Within some of the sects with higher standards, those that had several hundred to thousands of deaths weren’t uncommon.

“I’ve already said what has to be said. Let us enter the secret realm based on the results of the Ranking Tournament. Our friends from Blue Wind Imperial Family shall enter first.”

Of the Blue Wind Imperial Family’s representatives, only Qin Wushang proceeded. Xia Yuanba’s cultivation was too low and he would only be seeking death if he had entered, as much as he was curious as to what was within. Cang Yue’s cultivation was too low as well, but she had no interest in the Heaven Basin Secret Realm to begin with. Both of them remained at the Villa to take care of the heavily injured Yun Che.

As such, only Qin Wushang represented the Blue Wind Imperial Family and entered the Heaven Basin Secret Realm.

“Palace Chief Qin, go ahead.” Ling Yuefeng was naturally aware of the circumstances. He didn’t say anything unnecessary and just led Qin Wushang towards the entrance.

“Hmph! As expected, he really did not show up! What a waste of my time.” Fen Juecheng coldly remarked, at the same time he took quick glance at the nearby Mu Tianbei. Mu Tianbei looked similarly upset.

“It’s okay. When I’m done exploring the Heaven Basin Secret Realm and leave the Heavenly Sword Villa, I’ll be able to kill him any time I want!”

The one who said this was Fen Juebi. After a few days of recuperation, his injuries could be said to be roughly half recovered. However, the aftereffects of damaging his blood essence were still there. Currently, he could only display half of his strength at best. However, this was his only chance to enter the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, so he couldn’t give it up regardless.

Not only did he get heavily injured from Yun Che’s attacks, he had also lost all of the face he had and he would inevitably be punished upon returning to the Burning Heaven Clan. He had completely remembered all of the above as debts that Yun Che owed him, and he would make sure to collect them. His desire of wanting to kill Yun Che wasn’t less than that of Fen Juecheng’s.

“It’s not the same.” Fen Juecheng whispered: “Killing someone in the Heaven Basin Secret Realm will not give us any future troubles. Once the Heaven Basin Secret Realm closes, there will be no traces of evidence left. Having gotten first place in the Ranking Tournament, Yun Che’s fame has gone through the heavens. He’s not someone we can kill whenever we want! It’ll be very difficult to kill him without leaving behind evidence, much more difficult than doing so within the Secret Realm. Besides... although Mu Tianbei bears a similar grudge towards Yun Che, he wouldn’t dare to strike outside of the Secret Realm!”

At that moment, someone hurriedly shouted from the distance: “Hey! Palace Chief Qin, wait for me!”

The crowd turned their heads, and surprisingly, they saw a Yun Che anxiously running towards them. After the Ranking Tournament, towards the seventeen year old youth capable of destroying a Domain to obtain first place, the younger generation only had faces of awe and respect.

The current Yun Che didn’t look very well. His face was a serious illnesses’ pale white, and his steps were weak. From time to time, he revealed marks of bandage wrapped indents on his body..

Although the distance from Heavenly Sword Villa to this place was far, to someone who was able to achieve top ten in the Ranking Tournament, even if they had ran at top speed, it wouldn’t take much effort. But when Yun Che had come dashing here, he was out of breath and his breathing was unsteady. Looking at his condition, he only had twenty to thirty percent of his usual strength.

Compared to what he was like five short days ago, his recovery speed was almost miraculous and very shocking.

“Yun Che, why have you…” Yun Che had given Qin Wushang a huge shock.

Yun Che waved both of his arms and calmly said: “Rest assured, Palace Chief Qin, my injury is already about sixty to seventy percent recovered and I’ve regained some of my profound energy. Furthermore, this is a rare chance. Forget about me being able to freely move, even if I had to crawl here, I wouldn’t miss it!”

Qin Wushang looked at Yun Che, and helplessly said: “Since you’re already here... so be it.”

“Yun Che, the Heaven Basin Secret Realm is not as its name makes it out to be. It carries significant danger within and you have to be extremely careful, especially with your current condition. Don’t force it.” Ling Yuefeng reminded.

“Mn. Thank you, Villa Master Ling, for the reminder.” Yun Che nodded. He glanced around him and saw Ling Jie and Ling Yun. Ling Jie made a “It’s okay, I’ll protect you” gesture... When he looked at the group of five from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, Chu Yuechan had already looked away... Lastly, he took a glance at the people from Burning Heaven Clan and Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress before he followed Qin Wushang through the entrance to the Heaven Basin Secret Realm.

When Qin Wushang and Yun Che’s visages vanished through the entrance, Fen Juecheng couldn’t control his laughter anymore: “The heavens gave you a path, but you chose to barge through hell instead!”

Yun Che was no stranger to the feeling of spatial travel. This was the exact feeling he had when he had entered the Dragon God Trial Grounds. Very quickly, the mysterious feeling vanished and an ice cold air assaulted him. He involuntarily shivered. He opened his eyes and couldn’t help but stare at what was before him.

The bone chilling cold wind blew snow to fill the entire sky. A mirror-like smooth ice field continually extended beyond what he could see and giant mountain range of ice stood erect before him like steep cliffs. Unable to be seen, the highest peak towered beyond the clouds and radiated coldness even in this thick cold climate.

An uncountable amount of hail that had been broken by cold wind pelted down. When it hit the face, it caused severe pain. If people with lower cultivation were to be here, they might have already been been covered with bloody holes just the hail.

“This is the Heaven Basin Secret Realm?” Yun Che murmured in a daze. What was before him was nothing compared to what he had imagined. Looking at the nearby Qin Wushang, it would seem that he too, was shocked.

Behind him, the spatial vortex constantly distorted, and each time it distorted, someone else was sent here. When they opened their eyes, their reactions were even more exaggerated than Yun Che’s. Nobody had expected the legendary Heaven Secret Basin to contain a snow white world.

Ling Yuefeng was the last to enter, and he said furrowed brows: “Looks like we are very unfortunate this time. To have drawn Heaven Basin Secret Realm’s harsh winter climate! This is the worst and most dangerous condition. However, this should be favorable… to our friends from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.”

“Yueli, let’s go!” Ling Yuefeng’s words were unable to affect Chu Yuechan at all. Without making eye contact with anyone, amongst the fluttering cloaks, she had already left into the distance. Her figure soon changed into a strip of white in the winter sky, looking at home with the blowing snow.

“Wushuang, Xuexin, you should both travel together. Qingyue, you should travel alone. It’ll be up to your abilities to obtain benefits here.” After a short exchange, Chu Yueli also vanished into the winter sky, following Chu Yuechan.

Ling Yuefeng helplessly looked towards the direction Chu Yuechan left in before floating up and said: “It is time that we left too. Let the younger generation choose where they want to go. They will have to depend on themselves for everything from now onwards.”

Without saying a word to Ling Yun and Ling Jie, he too, vanished far into the winter sky. The regions that the older generation explored could not be compared to those that the younger generation did. The rest of the elders did not object to what Ling Yuefeng had said and had only given at most, simple instructions before leaving in different directions and quickly disappearing from their line of sight. If they had stayed out of concern to protect the younger generation, it would cause more harm than good.

All that was left were the people of the younger generation. Among the younger generation, other than the disciples who had participated in the Ranking Tournament, there were other outstanding individuals... such as Xiao Sect’s Xiao Kuangyu and Burning Heaven Clan’s Fen Juecheng.

All of the sects had left at least three younger disciples and at most five members except the Blue Wind Imperial Family. Therefore, Yun Che was especially awkward amongst the group of young disciples. Him being alone was secondary, because due to his placing in the Ranking Tournament, most of the other disciples were eager to travel with him. But the problem was, due to his injuries, he was only able to display twenty to thirty percent of his strength. Without doubt, the current him was going to be a burden to whomever he went with.

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