Chapter 252 - Killing with a Borrowed Blade

Against the Gods

Chapter 252 - Killing with a Borrowed Blade

Seeing Yun Che’s appearance, Fen Juebi nearly laughed out loud. He narrowed his eyes, and edged closer step-by-step with Fen Juecheng: “Indeed, what a coincidence it is for us to meet in this boundless land. However, you don’t look very well right now. You’ve only walked to here after such a long time; it looks like you haven’t recovered much from your previous injuries.”

“There’s no point in wasting words with him.” Fen Juecheng said coldly. He looked at Yun Che gloomily, and sneered indifferently: “Yun Che, do you really believe our meeting here was a coincidence?”

“Could it be that it wasn’t?” Yun Che froze, then exclaimed suddenly: “Oh! I know, you must’ve thought this place was too dangerous, and wanted to travel with me, right? That’s certainly not a problem.”

“No! We’re only here to send you somewhere. Traveling together is unnecessary.” Fen Juecheng smiled even more darkly.

“Send me somewhere?” Yun Che’s face revealed some doubt: “Where?”

“The Yellow Springs Road!” Fen Juecheng laughed coldly. A red light flashed in his hand as he grasped a deep-red longsword. The tip of the sword carried a scorching killing intent, and pointed straight at Yun Che.

A look of fright flashed in Yun Che’s eyes. He stepped backwards rapidly, and even spoke with a small stutter: “Y… Young Burning Clan Master, in the past, we’ve had no grievances nor enmity. What do you mean by this?”

“Ha ha ha ha!” Seeing Yun Che’s frightened appearance, Fen Juebi laughed heartily: “No prior grievances? You’re actually innocently stupid. Alright, seeing as you’re about to become a dead man, I’ll explain why I want you dead. In the Ranking Tournament, you dealt several severe injuries to me. It’s nothing if I just lost face, but the Blue Moon Princess is a woman my Big Bro has taken an interest to, and you actually dare to touch her! You truly don’t know how death is written!!”

“Ah?” Yun Che stared wide, and revealed an expression of incredulity: “That… that can’t be! Princess Cang Yue and I are a harmonious couple. In these past several years, how come I’ve never heard her say you were interested in her? I understand, this is probably only Young Burning Clan Master’s wishful thinking. My Princess Cang Yue doesn’t even pay attention to you. That only means that Young Burning Clan Master doesn’t have enough charm; what does that have to do with me?”

“You!” Fen Juecheng furrowed his brow ferociously, as his face flushed with anger.

Yun Che seemed as if he hadn’t noticed his overflowing anger at all, and continued: “Moreover, even if you do kill me today, what do you think will happen? Forgive me for my blunt words, but Young Burning Clan Master has absolutely nothing to deserve my Cang Yue… My Cang Yue is the majestic princess of the imperial family; in terms of status and respect, there’s not one woman in the Blue Wind Empire that can compare to her. Yet you, Young Burning Clan Master, is but a young clan master. There is only one princess in the Blue Wind Empire, but there are thousands of young clan masters, as many as there are stones in a dung pit. It’s practically the difference between a white cloud and mud. Furthermore, in terms of appearance, my Cang Yue looks like a fairy. Look at you: a donkey’s face and a monkey’s nose, an ox’s head and a horse’s mouth, and a face full of malevolence. Forget about just being ugly. You have a face full of vile air, and my life shortens every time I look at you. Even I, a man, pity you.”

“Moreover, in terms of accomplishments, I’m seventeen this year, yet I have already defeated someone at the third level of the Earth Profound Realm and placed first in the Ranking Tournament. You’re twenty three or four this year, yet you appear as if you’re only at the second level of the Earth Profound Realm. This disparity is a bit too great. Between you and me, only someone blind would pick you… Oh oh, some time ago, I heard Happy Marriage Courtyard’s Little Red, Little Green, and Little Purple mention that Young Burning Clan Master’s little wee wee is only half an inch long, and is as thick as a hemp stalk... Tsk tsk, with your situation, even a forty year old widowed aunt wouldn’t be interested in you, let alone my Cang Yue. Sigh, as a man, I pity Young Burning Clan Master’s situation which is like turbulent river water…”

Since he could remember, Fen Juecheng had been fully aware that he was a dragon among men. In the younger generation, he stood at the highest level, so much that he could show disdain to everyone. But just now, Yun Che had practically called him a good-for-nothing. Fen Juecheng wasn’t easily angered, but Yun Che’s were just too malicious. He was well aware that Yun Che was deliberately humiliating him, but his face still turned the color of a pig’s liver, and killing intent several times stronger exploded out: “YOU’RE… COURTING… DEATH!!”

Fen Juecheng’s fury erupted. A blue fire ignited on his sword, which stabbed straight at Yun Che’s chest. Fen Juecheng didn’t hold back at all in this strike, and even threw in the fury that filled his heart. Under the might of the Earth Profound Realm, the nearby snow turned into water vapor in an instant. Even the thick mantle of snow underneath subsided at a terrifying pace.

As the sword pierced forward, Yun Che’s mouth revealed a cold smile. He grasped Dragon Fault in a flash, and immediately smashed straight at Fen Juecheng’s flaming blade.

An enormous sound erupted, and blue flames flew in all directions, spewing the snow on the ground ten feet high into the air, completely veiling one’s line of sight. Fen Juecheng’s entire body shook as both his arms felt a numbing feeling and the flaming blade flew out from his hands. His heart grew alarmed, and his mind calmed a bit later. But all traces of the Yun Che in front of him had vanished. Without any hesitation, his body flashed, leaving behind a crimson silhouette, and retreated thirty steps. At this time, he heard Fen Juebi scream miserably...

When the snow which filled the sky descended, Yun Che’s silhouette appeared. He was carrying Dragon Fault, and beaming as he stood in place. Under his foot, was shockingly, a stepped on Fen Juebi. Dragon Fault, which weighed over four thousand kilograms, completely pressed Fen Juebi’s body down along with Yun Che’s trampling, causing his eyes to turn white and complexion to turn green as he howled with incomparable pain.

Fen Juecheng’s complexion changed abruptly, and his expression became incomparably overcast: “Your… your injuries, are actually…”

“That’s right, I faked them.” Yun Che’s foot moved from Fen Juebi’s back to his waist, and pressed till he shrieked like a pig about to be slaughtered: “In order to wait for a few trash that overestimated their own capabilities to voluntarily send themselves up for death!’

The recovery ability brought by the Great Way of the Buddha was not something an ordinary person could imagine. Currently, Yun Che’s internal and external injuries had recovered completely, and he had recovered around seventy percent of his profound strength. Though dealing with Fen Juecheng would be a bit too difficult, messing with the heavily-injured Fen Juebi was as easy as turning his hand. Of course, scaring Fen Juecheng for a bit would be sufficient; Yun Che had even defeated Xia Qingyue, who was at the third level of the Earth Profound Realm, so Fen Juecheng, who was at the second level of the Earth Profound Realm, wouldn’t be naive enough to think of himself as Yun Che’s opponent.

“Impossible! I heard that not only were your injuries extremely grave, your profound strength had also diminished completely! It’s simply impossible for you to recover in five short days! Furthermore… how did you know in advance that I was coming to kill you?” Fen Juecheng said while clenching his teeth. Although he had said “impossible”, his heart had been completely shocked. The numb feeling he had received from Yun Che’s strike still lingered. If his strength hadn’t recovered, how could he have attacked with such a frightening strike?

“Heheheheh,” Yun Che began laughing with ridicule: “That’s why I said that Young Burning Clan Master is nothing but a mere idiot who believes he is infallible. Once this Heaven Basin Secret Realm closes, all traces will vanish. For you two, this is the perfect place to kill someone, but it’s the same for me as well. To the people I want to kill, I never show even a hint of mercy… So let’s start with your pathetic little brother.”

Before the sound of his words descended, the power under Yun Che’s foot increased suddenly, causing Fen Juebi to emit a blood-curdling shriek again, as his five viscera and six bowels warped under the great pressure. Although Fen Juebi’s strength wasn’t weak, he was but a dish of food in the face of Yun Che, let alone the fact that he had several grave injuries and his strength had diminished greatly. Fen Juecheng’s face became as overcast as a dark cloud as he fumed with rage between gritted teeth: “Then let’s see you try to attack! To guard against any accidents, before we entered the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, Great Elder left a special soul imprint on his body. If he were to die, Great Elder will immediately know who killed him! At that time, you… and everyone related to you, will receive the wrath of the entire Burning Heaven Clan! Every one of them will die in the most miserable way possible!!”

“Right… right… you… you can’t kill me! If you dare to kill me... Great Elder will know… you can’t kill me!!”

As the son of the Burning Heaven Clan Master, Fen Juebi had never been trampled by anyone before. Moreover, this was the first time he had actually faced the menace of death. This kind of person was often someone who fears death the most. At this moment, Fen Juebi’s face was a deathly white color, and his lips were ashen. Half of his condition was due to a relapse in injuries from Yun Che’s beating, and the other half was due to fright.

“What he says is actually true. Detection imprints have indeed been left on both of their bodies. If they were to die, the person who left the imprint will immediately know who killed them.” Jasmine said.

“Really?” Yun Che’s expression didn’t change. On the contrary, he started laughing coldly at Fen Juecheng: “Do you really believe I wouldn’t dare kill you because of that? Do you really think I’m afraid of your Burning Heaven Clan?”

As he spoke, Dragon Fault in Yun Che’s hands suddenly dropped, and smashed onto Fen Juebi’s right leg without any mercy. Only a “snap” sound could be heard, and the bones in Fen Juebi’s right leg snapped. An incomparably mournful sound akin to the wail of ghosts and the howl of wolves spread outwards. Even though the sky was filled with snow, the sound still traveled a great distance.

“You!!” Fen Juecheng didn’t think Yun Che would actually be this vicious and merciless. He had executed this strike that was capable of permanently handicapping Fen Juebi, without any hesitation at all. Fen Juebi’s mournful shriek had caused his entire facial expression to warp, as the joints in both his hands made cracking sounds.

Seventy percent of Yun Che’s profound strength recovering didn’t equate to seventy percent of Yun Che’s actual strength recovering. Because he had forcefully burned the Phoenix Blood, he wouldn’t be able to utilize the strength of the Phoenix Flame for three months, causing his overall strength to diminish significantly. With his current state, there was absolutely no possibility of him defeating Fen Juecheng.

But Yun Che’s expression remained incomparably confident. The head on exchange had also let Fen Juecheng’s heart give birth to fear. And in front of Fen Juecheng, he was not worried in the slightest and had instead quickly crippled Fen Juebi. It was clear that he was not afraid of angering him; on the contrary, it seemed as if he was trying to anger him on purpose. This infuriated Fen Juecheng to no end, yet made him even more cautious about daring to act without thinking. Not only did he not dare to advance, he was completely on guard, and had even made preparations to withdraw at full strength, as to evade the chance of Yun Che suddenly attacking him.


Yun Che smashed down with his sword again, directly snapping Fen Juebi’s left leg as well. Amidst Fen Juebi’s blood-curdling screams, Yun Che slowly raised his head. A sneer and a provocative smile hung on his face… This smiling expression caused Fen Juecheng’s scalp to feel numb for a moment. His body retreated backwards uncontrollably, and his sudden howl charged into the sky: “Fortress Master Mu! What are you doing… Why haven’t you attacked yet!!”

Just as Fen Juecheng’s voice fell, the snow diagonally above Yun Che suddenly became chaotic. Amidst the chaotic snowstorm, a silver colored spear shot out with an incomparably terrifying screeching sound. Wherever the spear went, the snowstorm was roughly split open. From a distance, it was like a dazzling silver colored line that was drawn on a sky sealed with ice and snow.

The aura of death brought along by the spear instantly made all of Yun Che’s hair stand up.However, his expression was nevertheless, still incomparably tranquil. Instead, the corner of his mouth curled into an evil smile as the Dragon Fault Sword easily swung down and suddenly smashed onto the ground.


Following Yun Che’s strike, the snow on the ground rose in excess. Aside from the snow being raised, Fen Juebi’s body had also been lifted. Before Fen Juebi, who was jolted into the air, had time to react, his chest was pierced through by a silver spear...

This was a fatal strike from a Sky Profound expert, so how could its strength not be terrifying? Before Fen Juebi, who had been speared through the chest, had time to let out a wretched shriek, his body had immediately exploded open, bursting into more than ten lumps that scattered into the distance… The silver spear continued downwards, pierced through the after image Yun Che had left with Star God Broken Shadows, before burying who knows how deep into the ground.

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