Chapter 259 - Another World

Against the Gods

Chapter 259 - Another World

This was a very small bead the size of an ordinary glass ball that sparkled all over like a sapphire; however, the rich rays of blue light it emitted was much stronger than a sapphire, making it shine like little star. When Yun Che grabbed it, it seemed as though it had suddenly awakened from its slumber. Suddenly, it released an incredibly intense azure blue light that shrouded Yun Che’s entire body inside.

“This is…” The azure blue ray of light was rich and enchanting, illuminating every corner of the place. Yun Che brought it in front of his eyes and looked at it in a stupor. At this moment, a violent turmoil suddenly transmitted from within his exhausted profound veins —— that was a turmoil of excitement that spurred his stiff body’s blood and mind. At this moment, a strange sensation attacked Yun Che’s heart… He had a incredibly calm sensation when holding the azure blue bead in his hand. It felt as if something that should have originally belonged to him, had finally returned to his side.

And this feeling wasn’t unfamiliar to him. This same feeling emerged when he obtained another object. His memories suddenly returned to the Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range —— Flame Dragon’s cave —— that red colored —— Heretic God’s fire seed!

“Why are you still distracted, eat it quickly! Aside from the attribute, its aura and the fire attribute Heretic God’s seed you had eaten that time, should be exactly the same! This is clearly the Heretic God’s water seed that was swallowed by this big guy into its stomach; thus causing the existence of this ice attribute Tyrant Profound Beast!”

Jasmine judged by relying on its aura, but Yun Che’s sensation was more accurate than Jasmine’s. He was completely sure that this and the Heretic God’s seed at that time in the Flame Dragon’s cave, were exactly the same! After glancing at Xia Qingyue, whose life was coming closer to its end with every passing moment within this icy cold place, he stuffed that azure blue colored bead into his mouth, and swallowed it.

Instantaneously, Yun Che’s profound veins was suddenly put into a state of violent turmoil. The surface of his body suddenly emitted azure blue rays of light. These rays of azure blue light had completely engulfed Xia Qingyue’s light blue colored profound strength that she gave him. Afterwards, like a lump of azure blue flame, the surface of his body began to ignite.

The icy cold sensation completely disappeared. Yun Che closed his eyes and his entire body was full of unspeakable coziness. The azure blue light on his body became increasingly rich and gradually spread to Xia Qingyue’s body. In a split second, the ice crystals that covered Xia Qingyue’s body disappeared without even going through the process of melting. All the icicles in the surrounding areas which had been touched by the blue light disappeared as well. The extremely frightening cold air within the Tyrant Profound Beast’s body was unexpectedly unable to exist underneath the azure blue radiance.

During the frantic turmoil of his profound veins, a profound strength that seemed to have come out of nowhere rapidly surged forth. His profound strength in his originally exhausted profound veins began to recover at a rapid pace… With the warm strength that came out of nowhere, his practically broken internal organs were also healing at an amazingly quick speed.

The profound strength within his profound veins gradually increased and reached its capacity, yet it still did not stop...

A soft sound rang, and Yun Che heard a faint noise of something breaking. At this moment, the sensation that a hurdle had been directly overcome was transmitted from his profound veins. The blue rays of light that had shined for a long time over his body had also finally burned out at this time.

During that split second, Yun Che clearly felt as though his profound veins had evolved. The profound strength it held condensed into such a density that he could hardly believe. His perception of his own body and his surroundings also changed immensely. His entire body, soul, and profound veins were all suddenly reborn and became anew...

Yun Che raised his head and slowly exhaled. A sudden surge of profound strength many times more tyrannical than what he had before dispersed from his body! The aura of this kind of profound strength had already broken through the True Profound Realm, and stepped into Spirit Profound Realm! Even his internal injuries had all healed!

Yun Che silently inspected his interior and he saw his originally crystal-like body so vividly that it seemed as if it was see-through. His original profound veins which were as crimson as flames were now transformed into a mix of scarlet and blue. Each of his fifty four profound entrances all flickered alternatively in blue and scarlet rays of light. Not only his profound veins, even his channels, plasma, and cells all had a hint of an azure blue to them now.

The scarlet and the blue colors weren’t completely separate, but they weren’t completely fused either. They were somewhere in between, all mixed up in a mess without repelling each other in the mess, without intruding upon each other’s independent existences.

What Yun Che consumed was indeed the water seed that the Heretic God originally left behind.

When he ate the fire seed back then, Yun Che’s profound veins gained a fire attribute and gained the ultimate affinity with the fire element. He was also able to to control fire to a certain degree, and could not be harmed by fire in any shape or form.

Now that he consumed the water seed, Yun Che’s profound veins gained both water and fire attributes. In nature, water and fire were two incompatible elements, but these two attributes coexisted perfectly within the Heretic God’s Profound Veins.

At the same time, what Chu Yuechan left behind that time, the Frozen Cloud Arts that had to be sealed up because of incompatibilities with the fire attribute profound veins, had also completely awakened!

Yun Che opened his eyes and rubbed his hands. An azure blue barrier spread outwards to completely isolate Xia Qingyue’s body from the cold air outside. The miraculous power of the Heretic God had completely healed all of his injuries, restored all of his profound strength, and let him breakthrough from the True Profound Realm right into the Spirit Profound Realm. All of his nervousness, apprehension, and worries had also completely faded away, as his heart became incomparably tranquil… Because his soul had also risen to a higher level.

Yun Che extended his hand. With a thought, a small chunk of ice crystal solidified in his palm. Then, this piece of ice crystal became water, then snow, then into mist… Using just his thoughts, he was able to change its form however he pleased. Now, his body was completely familiar with the water element. Along with fire, any form of water attributed power were also unable to harm him anymore.

Jasmine returned to his side. Although her expression was unwavering, the burden in her heart had been lifted: ”You really do possess some powerful luck. For the sake of finding the Heretic God’s seeds, I came to the Profound Sky Continent, but didn’t find anything. But, within a span of less than two years, you already came across two seeds! Especially this seed which appeared at such an incredibly fortunate time! The Heretic God’s seeds contains powerful elemental strength. Right now, not only can you control the water element, you also gained an absolute immunity to it. The cold air here is now completely harmless to you!

“But this doesn’t mean I can get out alive!” Yun Che clasped his hands tightly. His eyes shifted toward Xia Qingyue’s body which still had an incredibly weak aura and was still as cold as before: “I have to take her and leave this place as soon as possible! Otherwise, it’ll be difficult for her to continue on.”

At this moment, a buzzing sound rang within Yun Che’s mind. Then, an incredibly old and distant voice that felt like it came from an ancient era sounded.

“Successor of my powers… You are finally here…”

This voice is… is...

Yun Che quickly shut his eyes. As he concentrated his mind, he tried to respond with his thoughts: “You’re… the Heretic God?”

“That’s right… the seed you had just consumed… contains a fragment of my soul that I left behind… I waited many many years within this small world… and finally waited until your arrival…”

Yun Che’s heart stirred and and then blurted out his thought: “Could it be, that the small world that I’m in right now is something you established back then?”

The old voice gently said: “Correct… except… this isn’t important… the seeds I left behind has already gotten a new owner… this trace of soul...will also soon disappear… Successor of my powers… relax your mind… steady your breathing… let me take a look at your memories… let me understand with the last bits of my power… what I can do for you…”

Yun Che did not resist, and did not stay on guard either. He completely relaxed his mind, and allowed this insignificant strand of power invade the sea of his consciousness… A few breaths later, this strand of power then pulled out from within his sea of consciousness.

“So it’s like’re only an ordinary human… yet you possess an extraordinary fortune and fate… Your experiences tells me… that you’re a qualified successor… I have much expectations for your future… only… it’s destined that it’ll be impossible for me to see your future… Your strongest wish right now… is to leave this dangerous place… I’ll use the final bits of my power to fulfil this wish of yours... and also send you to a special place…”

Although he didn’t know what kind of place the “special place” that the old voice mentioned was, leaving this place was already enough to make him almost mad with joy: “Thank you! My wife’s current condition is really dangerous. if we stayed here any longer, it would put her life in danger! Please, send us away from here as soon as possible!”

“I understand...but there is no need to thank me… You have inherited my powers… which means you are also destined to inherit my mission… The one who should say thank you… should be me... Your future… is destined to exceed your imagination… Continue to become stronger… this is your only choice… Now then… go… But that place… you two can only stay for twenty four hours there… After twenty four hours… you two will be taken back to this small world…”


Heretic God’s mission?

The old voice disappeared from Yun Che’s sea of consciousness; then, the space where he was with Xia Qingyue suddenly distorted. He embraced Xia Qingyue tightly and disappeared with her into the twisted space.


A wave of cool and refreshing air mixed with the faint scent of flowers and the fragrance of soil assailed their nostrils.

Dark green grass, a small running river, and trees of various height and width were unevenly distributed everywhere. This was the scene that Yun Che saw after he opened his eyes. But this scene that couldn’t be any more ordinary, was extremely precious right now; it made him breath out a long sigh of relief, and then carefully lowered Xia Qingyue who was in his bosoms.

Xia Qingyue’s entire body was still ice cold and unconscious. Her aura was still delicate, but this change of environment alleviated a great deal of tension from her serene face. Yun Che quickly took out his most effective and mild Small Dewdrop Pellets, and put it inside of Xia Qingyue’s mouth. His left hand pressed above her heart. He used his profound strength to protect her life, and then dispersed the cold air within her body bit by bit.

This was a place that didn’t seem to be visited by many people, and it didn’t seem to be anything special. Yun Che didn’t know where this place was, and didn’t know why the Heretic God used the final bits of his strength to send them to this place. His energy concentrated all over Xia Qingyue’s body. While he was concentrating on expelling the cold inside her, he silently admired her devastatingly beautiful complexion and gradually became lost in his gaze...

You… you’d rather use your own life to save me...

If you hadn’t risked your life to save me… then right now I… should already be a thoroughly dead person.

When I’m facing you, what I think about the most is how to conquer you… but only the thing I am most clear about is that among the reasons, love makes up only a tiny portion. What it’s mostly made up of is a male’s desire to possess beautiful things. My identity as your husband... is a bit funny, but I cannot let go of my arrogance and dignity.

After today, I won’t think about conquering you anymore… but to completely and totally possess you… even if I have to tear apart the entire Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, I must completely and totally, make you mine!

“Save me… Save me…”

When Yun Che was deep in thought, an urgent cry for help echoed from nearby; this was the cry of a young girl with an empty voice that sounded like it originated from a remote valley spring; it contained deep terror and fear. Then, the sound of chaotic footsteps grew closer.

Once Yun Che’s profound strength reached the first level of the Spirit Profound Realm, his vision range also substantially increased. He looked towards the source of the sound and found a little girl who wore yellow clothes quickly fleeing his way. She was too far to be able to discern her appearance, but from her petite and exquisite body, she should only be around ten years old. However, she had clearly already established the foundations of profound strength since her running speed wasn’t slow at all.

Behind her, three men in black calmly and unhurriedly chased her as they teasingly laughed: “Hey hey, you can run all you want. Let’s see how far you can run once you run out of strength…”

Yun Che was concentrating on protecting Xia Qingyue’s heart vessels and didn’t want to be distracted; furthermore, in this place that he didn’t completely understand yet, he didn’t want to meddle in other people’s business. He quickly retracted his gaze and didn’t care about it anymore.

“Plop”… The weary little girl fell on the ground. She struggled for a bit, but she couldn’t get up. Her tears already filled her eyes and clenched her teeth, but she stubbornly did not want to let the tears flow out.

Behind her, three men in black calmly and unhurriedly walked over. The man in the middle extended his hand, grabbed towards her and laughed recklessly: “Su Ling’er, run again, keep running…. hahahaha…”

Yun Che’s eyes suddenly opened wide and his entire body felt like it had been electrocuted.

Su… Ling... er!?

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