Chapter 265 - Mutual Hostility

Against the Gods

Chapter 265 - Mutual Hostility

“Ling’er.” After seeing Su Ling’er’s delicate little face, Yun Che brimmed with warmth and joy. This joyous feeling that struck the depth of his soul was a joy that nothing else could replace. Just by calmly looking at Ling’er, he felt that his life was already perfect.

He didn’t know that when Su Ling’er saw him, she had the exact same change of emotions as he did. Yun Che had it because him and Su Ling’er were bound by their past life. As far as Su Ling’er was concerned, it was merely the simple feeling, simple joy and the feeling of being near, without any other reason or cause. She said: “Heh, Big Brother Yun Che, father told me to tell you that at dusk, there will be many people coming to the clan and some bad things are going to take place. When it’s time, Big Brother Yun Che has to shut his room door tightly and should not leave for any reason.

“Oh?“ Yun Che’s brows moved slightly. Then, he nodded and answered with a slight smile: “Okay, I understand.”

“Mn! Then… Big Brother Yun Che, I’m going back now. You and beautiful big sister have to rest well.” Su Ling’er said while beaming. She took a little step back, but didn’t leave right away. A pair of liquid diamond eyes clung on to Yun Che for awhile and had an expression that couldn’t bear to leave.

“Ah? Why do you need to leave so quickly? I still want to talk with Su Ling’er for awhile.”

Su Ling’er pouted and said: “Father said that you guys should have traveled quite a distance, and must be exhausted. Additionally, the beautiful big sister is ill and needs to rest as well, so he told me to leave as soon as I passed on the information, so that I won’t bother you... Big Brother Yun Che, when beautiful big sister wakes up, can you play with me? Oh there’s more… Big brother Yun Che came from very far away, I want to listen to Big Brother Yun Che tell stories about the place from far away.

Su Ling’er was still naive, and carefree with smiles. It made Yun Che feel a dizzying joy so extravagant that Yun Che felt as if he was in a dream. He gently smiled, then slowly and carefully nodded his head: “Okay! When it’s time, I’ll play with Su Ling’er for sure and I’ll tell Su Ling’er many stories… It’s a deal!”

“Mn! Hehe…” Su Ling’er tilted her head then ran away happily like an oriole that was set free.

After closing his room door, Yun Che’s expression quickly turned severe.

There was going be a group of people that would come in the evening? What kind of bad things were going to happen? Could it be...

On top of the bed, Xia Qingyue’s eyes were lightly shut and was in a meditative state. She calmly absorbed and guided the strength of the Emperor Awakening Heart Pellet, except her five senses really weren’t completely sealed. She heard the entire conversation that Yun Che had with Su Ling’er.

Their time limit in this place was only a short twenty four hours. He naturally couldn’t spend each and every second with Ling’er, but at the moment, Xia Qingyue definitely needed someone to guard her side and Grandwake Clan wasn’t really a place they considered calm and stable. In addition, there was the Su Haoran who harbored evil intentions, so he absolutely did not want to leave Xia Qingyue’s side.

“Yun Che, have you been here before?” Jasmine suddenly said.

“No, I haven’t.”

“Then why are you acting so special towards that little girl? You just met her today, but when you saw her completely lose control of her emotions earlier, your emotional reactions became out of the ordinary! What is going on here?” Jasmine said with a serious tone. Even though “that little girl” coming out of the mouth of another little girl was a bit strange...

“...” Yun Che raised his head and lightly said: “That, is truly an unspeakable secret.”

Jasmine: “...”

During the entire afternoon, Yun Che always guarded Xia Qingyue’s side as Xia Qingyue laid there motionlessly. The moon-white sheen beside her never waned, and this layer of light magically isolated the aura of Xia Qingyue’s profound strength, inhibiting Yun Che from finding out the state of her profound strength. But this was fine as well, if the Emperor Awakening Heart Pellet was actually as astonishing as the legends said they were, then perhaps Xia Qingyue would be able to breakthrough into the Sky Profound Realm! If the aura of the profound strength breaking through startled the Grandwake Clan, then it might attract unnecessary attention instead.

The sky gradually dimmed and it was already nightfall. At this moment, the sound of urgent footsteps suddenly echoed in from outside, as if many people were rushing to a certain place right now. The sound of footsteps continued on for a long while until the sound of disorderly and abnormal clamor started transmitting from afar. With Yun Che’s hearing abilities, he faintly heard the sound of callous laughter and angry rebuke from time to time.

Yun Che took a glance at Xia Qingyue’s state, and then walked to the window. He carefully opened a slit in the window and looked towards the place where the sound originated from.

There were already many people gathered to the brim in front of Grandwake Clan’s Conference Hall. On one side were Grandwake Clan’s leaders and a group of disciples headed by Su Hengshan, who had a pair of angry eyes. Across from them stood a group of three hundred men in black. Under the escort of the men in black were over ten middle-aged people dressed in different attire. There was also an elder with a swagger, who was sitting in a rattan chair that seemed came out of nowhere. His eyes were half closed and he was unrestrained like an old deity with a proud attitude that didn’t put anyone else in his eyes.

“Su Hengyue! I always respected you as my second brother. Even though you had opposed me when we were fighting for the position of Clan Master in the past, I still put the matter behind me and never mentioned it! These past years, the clan’s resources were all prioritized for you! I can understand that you want our late ancestor’s treasure as well, but you actually unhesitantly collaborated with Blackwood Stronghold and made these ambitious moves! How can you face our deceased father, how can you face our Grandwake Clan’s ancestors!!

Su Hengshan’s face was brimming with anger and his gaze shifted to another person: “And you! Li Yunji, when you met certain doom back then and your life was hanging by a thread, who was it that saved you? And who was it that gave you over ten years of peace? Is this how you repay my father and my Grandwake Clan’s kindness?”

The middle-aged man, Li Yunji, who was pointed out by Su Hengshan took a slight step back and an unnatural expression flashed on his face. But he immediately answered with a cold snort: “The late Clan Master’s kindness will naturally always be kept in my heart! It’s also because of the late Clan Master’s great favor, that I could not bear to see Grandwake Clan get destroyed in your hands! Resign as Clan Master and hand over the treasure key! If not for your obstinate behaviors, Grandwake Clan would have already had a shockingly powerful expert a long time ago! Grandwake Clan would have leapt to become a peak sect! And not the completely fruitless one like it is now!”

“Hehe, everything Yunji said is true.” Su Hengyue said while laughing: “Our late father handing over the position of Clan Master to you, was really the greatest mistake of his life! If you handed over the treasure key sooner and collaborated with Blackwood Stronghold, everything east of the river would have been ours a long time ago! Your stubborness only burdened the entire Grandwake Clan!” He looked towards the elder who sat there and grimly smiled: “Even the elders who never questioned you about being Clan Master could not stand by idly and watch you any longer! Just obediently hand over the Clan Master position. Be at ease and just become a teaching elder! The position of Clan Master doesn’t suit you at all!”

“Load of bullshit!” Su Hengshan angrily laughed: “Blackwood Stronghold’s behaviors were always despicable. They have an extremely poor reputation outside and had also always coveted our Grandwake Mountain resources. If we collaborated with Blackwood Stronghold, we would be working with the tiger and destroy our Grandwake Clan’s hundreds of years of clean reputation! As for our clan’s treasure, our late ancestors clearly explained that we could only take it out when an extremely stunning talent, who is able to shock the world, appeared in our clan; otherwise, we’d be recklessly wasting it and pointlessly destroying our clan’s greatest opportunity! If I took it out right now, that would be the real disgrace towards our ancestors.”

“Clan Master Su's words are too harsh to listen to.” A middle-aged man in black slowly walked forward: “Our Blackwood Stronghold genuinely and sincerely wants to cooperate with the Grandwake Clan. You give me medicine and precious stones, and I’ll give you divine weapons. It’s profitable for both sides. By comparison, Brother Hengyue’s knowledge and insight is much more powerful than yours. It’s no wonder that your Grandwake Clan has stagnated and become lifeless during these past years.”

“Heimu Qingya!” Su Hengshan’s anger directed towards black attired man who had just spoken: “You despicable little man! I still haven’t repaid you regarding the matter that you intended to seize my daughter this morning, yet you still had the guts to personally come yourself! As the mighty Hold Master of Blackwood Stronghold, you had unexpectedly let your disciples take action on a little ten year old girl. Are you really worthy of your title as the Blackwood Stronghold's Hold Master?!”

“Heheh!” Heimu Qingya wasn’t the least bit resentful when being cursed in rage by Su Hengshan: “Clan Master Su is misunderstanding. This Hold Master only wanted to invite your daughter as a very important guest. The word “seize” isn’t very appropriate.”

“Really?” Su Hengshan clenched both his fists. He wasn’t a person who got angry very easily, but the people of Blackwood Stronghold taking action against Su Ling’er touched his absolute bottom line. He coldly said: “Heimu Qingya, I know how you are. If you don’t give me an explanation after we sort out our clan’s matters today, then don’t even think about leaving alive!”

Heimu Qingya grinned and smiled, but didn’t say anything as he took two steps back. Both his hands were over his chest in a leisure posture... That’s right, he was here to passively watch the great battle within the clan. No matter what the outcome was, it was all favorable.

The elder who had continuously sat upright in place, opened his eyes and heedlessly said: “Hengshan, I don’t care who succeeds the position of Clan Master. I won’t make trouble for you if you aren’t willing to collaborate with Blackwood Stronghold either, but the key to the clan's greatest treasure must be taken out today!”

The speech from Grandwake Clan's most senior elder naturally contained an extraordinary influence. Su Hengshan’s expression suddenly transformed and then unhesitantly said: “Absolutely impossible!”

The mood at the scene became increasingly tense. Grandwake Clan’s disciples all rushed over, as more and more people filled the scene. If they were only facing Blackwood Stronghold, they could unanimously confront them, but Blackwood Stronghold had the attitude of spectators. The two sides who had mutual hostility were all people of the Grandwake Clan... Only, the other side was a person who had left not long ago, who then entered the Blackwood Stronghold!

From the intense conversation between the two sides, Yun Che finally understood everything.

In the region east of Supwake’s river, Grandwake Clan and Blackwood Stronghold were the two most powerful sects. Behind Grandwake Clan was Grandwake Mountain, medicine, as well as countless precious minerals and resources. Blackwood Stronghold was situated in the Blackwood Mountain Range and had huge amounts of metal and strange stones as their resource. The natural resources of the two sects really complemented each other, and Blackwood Stronghold had always wanted to collaborate with the Grandwake Clan many times for the purpose of sharing their resources, but Blackwood Stronghold’s actions were despicable and they also had a horrible reputation. Although the elders of the Grandwake Clan wanted to collaborate with them for the most part, the successive Clan Masters all disagreed profusely.

Until Su Hengshan’s generation, Blackwood Stronghold, which was originally more than a half level lower, suddenly had an explosive development, and quietly reached the point where they could fight on even terms with the Grandwake Clan. This also made the elders want to support Blackwood Stronghold. The people in favor of ruling the river east by force nowadays, increased up to the point where it had exceeded more than half, and gradually increased the pressure on Su Hengshan everyday.

But these weren’t the main reason for the confrontation today. The real reason was an item that the late ancestors of Grandwake Clan had left behind —— the clan’s mystical treasure!

From a place called the “Southern Border Holy Land”, a late elder of the Grandwake Clan obtained a valuable treasure, rumored to be at the “sacred object” grade!

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