Chapter 280 - The Siblings Part Ways

Against the Gods

Chapter 280 - The Siblings Part Ways

Chu Yuechan took to the skies and flew swiftly with a pair of beautiful eyes that were misty yet expressionless. As if she had lost her soul, she didn’t respond in the slightest to the urgent shouts from Chu Yueli.

In the end, she landed on the Sword Management Terrace, and stood in front of that huge Heaven’s Punishment Sword. She looked at that tall and erect sword shape, and the aura that was as boundless as the sea. Her usually ice-cold eyes, cheeks, and cherry blossom lips began to tremble: “Dead…dead... you’re actually dead...dead…”

“Elder sister!” Chu Yueli finally caught up. Chu Yuechan’s never before seen strange behavior sent her heart into a state of turmoil. She held onto Chu Yuechan’s arm and panickly said: “Elder sister, what’s wrong? What exactly is going on here? Tell me quickly…”

Chu Yuechan didn’t have the slightest reaction to her arrival and voice. She foolishly looked at that Heaven’s Punishment Sword and muttered in a daze: “Why are you dead… Why… Why!!”


A frantic icy cold power dispersed from Chu Yuechan’s body and shocked Chu Yueli far away. She charged toward the Heaven's Punishment Sword and countless ice lotuses crazily exploded on the Heaven's Punishment Sword as she produced waves of shattering grief. Every single one of her attacks contained her utmost possible strength. The power that a frantic Throne released contained an incredibly frightening might. Cold air roiled around the entire Sword Management Terrace as ice crystals filled the sky...

“Why… Why are you dead…”

“I don’t believe it... Come out for me… Come out!!”

“Why are you dead… Why… Did you forget what you said… You clearly told me that you were a true man… How can you die… Come out… Come out!!”

“Weren’t you going to conquer me… Didn’t you want to go to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to find me… Then why did you die… Come out…”

“...Please come out… As long as you come out… I’ll do… whatever you say… Come out… come out…”

Like a furry of rain, countless ice crystals crazily struck the Heaven's Punishment Sword; however, let alone shaking it, not even a single scratch remained on the Heaven's Punishment Sword. The sound of every collision was deafening, but the cold roiling winds contained an incomparable grief. Chu Yuechan’s voice went from desperation and heartbreaking to resentment and anger… Until finally, it became the most mournful cries and pleading...

At this moment, she wasn’t the Fairy of Frozen Beauty that the men of the world could only dream of admiring, but didn’t dare to look at. She was now an emotionless and soulless ordinary woman...

“Elder… sister…” Looking at Chu Yuechan’s actions, she felt her grieving emotions. When she heard her voice, Chu Yueli became completely dumbfounded. No matter how unbelievable it was, she had no choice but to imagine an absurd possibility… When this possibility appeared in her brain, she almost had a nervous breakdown.

The huge trembles on the Sword Management Terrace quickly drew in people from the Heavenly Sword Villa. Ling Yuefeng and several elders who weren’t that far away rapidly rushed over. They simultaneously stared at the situation before their eyes.

When the others arrived, Chu Yueli’s heart tightened. She rapidly advanced, and tenaciously embraced Chu Yuecan while: “Elder sister, stop hitting. That’s the Heaven's Punishment Sword, it’s impossible to move… Yun Che is already dead… already dead!!”

Chu Yuechan’s body stiffened and suddenly halted all her movements… Chu Yueli’s words were like the final straw that turned her last hopes into completely despair.


Streaks of bloody arrows spouted out from Chu Yuechan’s mouth onto the Heaven's Punishment Sword. Her eyes shut, and all of her consciousness changed into a blank despair as her entire body slowly fell backwards.

“Elder sister!!”

Chu Yueli cried out in alarm. After a brief period of dazzlement, she quickly held the unconscious Chu Yuechan and flew towards the direction of the courtyards.

“Fairy of Frozen Glass, what’s going on?” Ling Yuefeng quickly asked.

Chu Yueli seemed to not hear him. She flew away with Chu Yuechan without talking to anyone, and quickly disappeared from their sights.

Seeing the scarlet pool of bloodstains on the Heaven's Punishment Sword, Ling Yuefeng’s heart suddenly lurched and he urgently said: “Quickly! As soon as Grandmother Jiumu heals Princess Cang Yue, tell her to leave for the courtyard where the Fairy of Frozen Beauty is staying!!”

Yun Che’s death made a majority of people feel regret, but that was only regret. However, his death stirring up a series of chain reactions was something they never could have thought of.

Chu Yuechan overestimated herself. She originally thought that Yun Che’s wrongful binding made her restricted and helpless. She believed with her temperament, she could completely sever all emotions regarding Yun Che. She believed that her original reason for coming to the Heavenly Sword Villa was to see Yun Che one last time, settle all of her gratitude and resentments, and then be rid of any earthly thoughts.

But she truly didn’t understand herself, and truly didn’t understand her womanly feelings.

In the realm of the Dragon God Trial, those five months of close embrace, five months of being taken care of, those five months of him always being in front of her and defeating all that posed risks to her body, five months of rather being bruised and scarred than her receiving the slightest bruise… All those, were enough to melt any woman’s stone heart.

Let alone, Chu Yuechan, who never had a heart of stone. In this world, apart from the dead and the undead, there could never be anyone who was completely emotionless. She just happened to live within the icy cold Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, and had her emotions frozen by the environment and her sect’s profound arts. However, when these frozen emotions were released after melting, the blazing passion that came forth would far surpass any ordinary person, and far surpass her own imagination...

The moment she heard news of Yun Che’s death, she finally realized this fact, after feeling her soul suddenly get strangled by the attacks of pain and despair. However, it was already too late...

“Junior Sister Xia, are you alright? Are… you alright?”

Shui Wushuang and Wu Xuexin accompanied Xia Qingyue at her side and asked with concern. Because after hearing news of Yun Che’s death, Xia Qingyue had practically lost her soul, and just stared in front of her without moving for a long time. They originally thought the reason why she married Yun Che was to repay a debt of gratitude and fulfil her father’s wishes. They didn’t think she would have any feelings for him, and thought that even if she heard the news of his death, she would feel a bit regretful. However, Xia Qingyue’s reaction right now, completely went beyond their expectations.

Under their unceasing shouts, Xia Qingyue’s beautiful eyes finally focused somewhat. Her towering chest began to violently move up and down for a long time, until she gently shook her head: “I… I’m fine.”

She slowly stood up. Her movements were stiff, as if she was a marionette. The moment she stood up, her foot staggered and she almost toppled to the ground. Shui Wushuang and Wu Xuexin promptly supported her with eyes full of concern and complexity.

“What Master said… are they all true?” Xia Qingyue opened her mouth and asked with a voice as light as smoke.

The two nodded simultaneously and Shui Wushuang said: “For the sake of rescuing your little brother... he pushed your brother back and personally landed into the hands of the demon. WIth a single palm from the demon… his body was practically penetrated and he died right away. Even his corpse, is with the demon….”

“Don’t say anymore.” The last color of rosiness Xia Qingyue’s face ultimately faded completely and went so pale that it was as if she had fallen seriously ill. She held the corners of her dress with both her hands and each her delicate jadelike fingers were deathly pale. A feeling of desperation and powerlessness filled her entire body, and her heart felt like it had been pierced by an uncountable number of needles more painful than death.

How could it be like this...

Is it because I’m truly unqualified to be a wife...

Why didn’t I choose to go to the Sword Management Terrace together...

She muttered within her heart and gently shrugged off the two people’s hands who were supporting her. With light steps, she slowly advanced. With an expressionless gaze, she said: “I want to go by myself… to the Sword Management Terrace.”

Shui Wushuang and Wu Xuexin looked at each other and saw the peculiar expression in each other’s faces. They didn’t stop her and didn’t go with her either. They stayed far behind Xia Qingyue. Wu Xuexin lightly sighed: “Looks like, the elders aren’t wrong about this. The emotions between men and women, we really can’t touch any of it… it’s too harmful. This could possibly become the inner devil within Junior Sister Xia’s heart.”

Shui Wushuang said: “I never thought that Junior Sister Xia would truly develop feelings for that Yun Che. Sigh, but this is good as well. Once Yun Che dies, the emotional roots she shouldn’t have, should completely be severed…”

After leaving the courtyard, Xia Qingyue staggeringly walked a while. She suddenly saw the figure of Xia Yuanba in front of her eyes. He lowered his head and mechanically walked forward like a zombie. On his face, hung two streaks of undried bloody traces. When Xia Qingyue saw him, he saw Xia Qingyue as well. Every time he had seen her in the past, he would run to her with a face full of joy and shout “big sister”; however this time, his face only displayed terror, as he panickedly retreated. He roared in a low voice, and then turned around to run.


Xia Qingyue’s gaze trembled, and then she flew after him. She landed in front of Xia Yuanba, and Xia Yuanba stopped his footsteps. Both his hands blocked his front, and shouted with his coarse voice: “Don’t… don’t come over here… don’t come near me!!”

“Yuanba, what happened to you?” Xia Yuanba’s current appearance made Xia Qingyue’s heart even more painful. She knew that because of Yun Che’s death, the most heartbroken one would inevitably be Xia Yuanba. Not only did he have to bear the pain within his heart, he also had a guilt and remorse which were countless times more painful.

“Don’t come near me!” Xia Yuanba fell back as his tears gushed out: “I already killed Brother-in-law, I don’t want to kill big sister too. I beg you, don’t come, don’t come near me!”

“Yuanba, don’t be like this. It’s not your fault…”

“No! It is my fault! It is my fault!” Xia Yuanba knelt on the ground and painfully wept: “It was me, the trash, that killed Brother-in-law… it’s all me… it’s all me… Why wasn’t the one who died me… Why couldn’t I have died earlier! AHHH!!”

He cried painfully and raised his fist to viciously pound at his own head. Every strike was incredibly heavy. Xia Qingyue took a step forward: “Yuanba, don’t…”

“Don’t come over here!!” Xia Yuanba frantically tried to escape backwards with both hands blocking in front of him. Tears fiercely rushed down his face, his voice was coarse and filled with sorrow: “You’re my older sister, my close relative. Brother-in-law is my brother and also my close relative… Brother-in-law became increasingly stronger and turned into someone that I admire. He brought me, this trash, to the Blue Wind Profound Palace that I yearned for day and night and brought to to the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament that I didn’t even dare dream of being at… When I was bullied, no matter how powerful the opponent was, he would viciously beat the opponent and made them not dare to bully me again…”

“I fearlessly enjoyed everything that brother-in-law brought. His glory is also my glory because he is my most intimate Brother-in-law… But… but what did I do for brother-in-law… what did I do… I killed Brother-in-law… I killed brother-in-law... AHHHH… I’m trash… trash that’s lower than a dog... A trash who killed Brother-in-law… trash!!!”

“Yuanba…” Xia Qingyue bit her lips and didn’t know how to comfort Xia Yuanba, whose spirit was so extremely shattered right now.

Xia Yuanba’s pain continued for a very long time as he cried like a child in despair. His unceasing tears quickly drenched a large portion of the ground. Xia Qingyue didn’t say much anymore, and quietly watched him cry… Crying in pain is fine, at least he could expel some of the pain and sorrow within his heart...

The sound of wind whistled through the air. After some time had passed, Xia Yuanba finally stopped his painful crying, and gradually, his sobs had begun to disappear as well. He knelt on the ground with his hair hanging down. After being calm for a long time, he slowly stood up from the ground and all of a sudden, said gently: “Elder sister, I’m leaving.”

“Leave? Where are you going? Returning home?”

“No, I’m not returning home. I don’t have the face to return home…” Xia Yuanba bitterly smiled: “Even if a trash like me does return home, I would have to live under Father’s protection. Perhaps there will be a day, where I’ll cause even father to die as well… I don’t want to be trash anymore. I don’t want to kill the intimate people beside me anymore…”

“I need to leave... I need to search for a power that won’t make me trash anymore... I need to become stronger… I don’t want to be trash anymore…”

Xia Yuanba raised his hand and wiped the tears off his face. Then, he determinedly exposed a smile: “Elder sister, don’t worry about me. I promise you that I won’t die… because the life that I have now is a life that Brother-in-law traded for with his own. No matter what, I won’t allow myself to die… I only ask for Elder sister to not stop me and not look for me either… I will return one day… Wait for the day I return, when I’ll use my own power to protect Elder sister, protect Father… protect everyone that I want to protect…”

Xia Qingyue: “...”

Xia Yuanba left with his back facing Xia Qingyue. His pace was unusually slow, but they were incredibly firm and unwavering. He didn’t bring anything; he didn’t even bring a single yellow profound coin. No one knew where he was going, perhaps he, himself, did not know either. Even less people knew and understood the sadness, pain, blame, and remorse that filled this sixteen year old youth’s heart… as well as his thirst for power...

Xia Qingyue didn’t chase after him, and only dazedly stared at Xia Yuanba’s parting figure. Through her hazy gaze, she saw the usually cheerful, carefree, little brother who was always full of passion, unyieldingly grow up.

“Yuanba, take care of yourself. I’ll wait for you to return.” Xia Qingyue lightly whispered. She pressed her hand to her chest and closed her eyes: “Yuanba... thank you for teaching me how to be strong…”

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