Chapter 289 - Double Breakthrough

Against the Gods

Chapter 289 - Double Breakthrough

Unknowingly, Yun Che had already “fallen” for half a year already, but the subjects and rumors regarding Yun Che was still spreading throughout every corner of the Blue Wind Empire and the versions of them were becoming more and more exaggerated. It was even compiled into books by some meddlesome people who sold it and spread it like crazy wildfire.

The Blue Wind Emperor’s condition had slowly deteriorated. The first and third princes’ secret battle had formally turned into a clear battle. All of the princes were involved; none of them were able to stay out of it, and none of them were able to take care of the Blue Wind Emperor whose life force was becoming dimmer and dimmer. The only person who accompanied the Blue Wind Emperor was the Blue Moon Princess.

The entire Blue Wind Imperial Family was enveloped within an increasingly dark and gloomy cloud. Behind the dark cloud were the Xiao Sect and the Burning Heaven Clan who were already beginning to expose their fierce teeth. Under the Xiao Sect and the Burning Heaven Clan’s accentuation of this enormous maelstrom, the Blue Wind Imperial Family practically had no defensive capabilities.

Heavenly Sword Villa had always kept silent and showed zero signs of intervention. The matter regarding Chu Yuechan half a year ago shocked Ling Yuefeng, so he was not in the mood to care about anything else, and Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had already completely sealed themselves away in order to completely ignore all the unstable situations of the outside world.

Heavenly Sword Villa, under the Sword Management Terrace.

Yun Che carried Dragon Fault on his back while sitting cross-legged on the ground. He had already maintained this position for over six hours. At this moment, strands of profound energy which were visible through the naked eye began to rise and white smoke above his head.

“Oh... breaking through again?” Looking at the white smoke above his head, the demon quietly said.

Yun Che’s looked extremely calm on the exterior, but a storm was surging within his interior.

After he trained in his sword style until he was completely exhausted, he sat cross-legged on the ground and channeled his profound energy within his body for over a hundred cycles while simultaneously pondering deeply about the images of the Heavenly Wolf’s second sword style which Jasmine mentioned during the ranking tournament. Only, that image only showed the motions of Heavenly Wolf's second sword technique and the most important profound arts and the Heavenly Wolf's profound skill. Even if he put all his heart into it in order to discover the real essence behind the second sword style from only seeing the movement of the heavy sword, it was simply impossible.

However, Yun Che never thought this was “impossible”. He was pondering deeply about it every single day for the last half year and that image had also been recreated tens of thousands of times within his brain.

After two hundred cycles of channeling profound energy within his body, all of his profound energy suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Yun Che’s entire body shuddered and this shock was no small matter. His entire body suddenly emitted sweat, but he immediately tenaciously calmed down… what is going on? Could it be...

During the moment when his profound strength suddenly disappeared and he was in a trance, his profound veins suddenly radiated as brightly as the red and blue radiance of stars. After that, incredibly thick profound energy swarmed out from the depth of his profound veins like a rapid flood, surging toward every muscle. His profound vein and channels started to rapidly relax and expand under the influence of his profound energy as if they were dancing in excitement.

Beneath the Earth Profound Realm, profound energy was formless and shapeless, and one could only capture it when channeling their strength; however at this moment, Yun Che was able to clearly see this surging profound energy appear before him in a thin white color! They were like strands of smoke and its thickness was many times stronger than it was previously!

They were simply two things that could not be mentioned in the same sentence.

The radiance of his profound veins also became much brighter and the red and blue color also became increasingly clearer. Yun Che still had his eyes shut as he sensed the surge of profound energy within his profound veins. He slightly extended both his hands and opened them up as a joyous smirk slowly appeared at the corner of his mouth.

He was very aware what this meant.

This meant his profound strength had already broke through the Spirit Profound Realm and entered the Earth Profound Realm!

In just half a year, he went from the first level of the Spirit Profound Realm and stepped into the first level of the Earth Profound Realm!

In just six months!

Furthermore, due to the fact that all the profound entrances in his profound veins were open, there wasn’t even a bottleneck from the Spirit Profound Realm to the Earth Profound Realm and he broke through as easily as water forming a canal through time!

This kind of breakthrough speed could be said to be impossible since the dawn of the Blue Wind Empire!

Indeed, the reason his profound strength could increase this fast was mainly because of the large amounts of dragon flesh he ate and the large amounts of dragon blood he drank. Until today, the Flame Dragon’s entire tail had been completely swallowed within Yun Che’s stomach and turned into his eternal strength. Nevertheless, being able to crazily consume dragon flesh and blood in the Spirit Profound Realm and not die, and instead absorb it in order to refine it into his own strength was already an abnormal strength that made one’s hair stand on end.

The surge of profound energy within his body stopped at this moment and that kind of abundant power made Yun Che feel as if his body was in the clouds. He opened up his eyes , stood up and spread his arms. All the pores within his body opened as he sensed everything around him as much as he wanted to. Every large breakthrough between realms would be followed by an improvement to the soul as well as an improvement to the perceptive strength by several folds. The range where he could sense things had already extended to several times of what he was capable of before to the point that he could faintly hear the sounds of all kinds of elements’ moving within the air and their mutual interactions.

Yun Che excitedly grabbed the Dragon Fault and let out a carefree shout. His gaze suddenly locked onto the demon and in the blink of an eye, his entire body charged into the barrier like lightning. He opened Burning Heart, and smashed down onto the demon’s head with his sword.

When Burning Heart opened, there wasn’t even the slightest emergence of burden on his body. This also signified that he entered the Earth Profound Realm and was now like the Heretic God, able to completely adapt to the state of Burning Heart, and could ordinarily maintain the Burning Heart state at will without any pressure at all.

When facing against Yun Che who just entered the Spirit Profound Realm, the demon had once easily used his head to meet Yun Che’s heavy sword.

However, facing against Yun Che who was at the initial stages of Earth Realm and had the strength of a Sky Profound Realm, the demon did not dare to forcefully take it with his head because Yun Che’s strength already started to put a little pressure on him… Although it was extremely trivial, it was still a genuine oppressive strength!

“Breaking through into the Earth Profound Realm so fast is truly astonishing, but you’re still far from able to kill me!” The demon disdainfully muttered and grabbed Dragon Fault with one hand, but when he went to grab the Dragon Fault, all he caught was an afterimage.

The real Dragon Fault followed the strange movements of Yun Che’s body as he ruthlessly smashed down on the demon’s shoulders.


The Meteorite Chains began to emit an ear-splitting crashing sound. This strike of Yun Che’s fell upon the indestructible profound steel and shook his arms until they were numb. However, on the demon’s shoulders, let alone an injury, even the weak clothes that he protected with his profound strength was not damaged in the slightest.

Even though he achieved the Earth Profound Realm, the difference between his strength and the demon’s strength was as different as mud and sky!

The demon raised his hand and a surge of matchless profound strength was released, making the entire interior of the barrier roil with an incredibly frightening storm. After one breath’s time, Yun Che was thrown over three hundred meters away by the storm as he embarrassingly fell onto the ground. He immediately got up, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and fiercely said: “There will be a day when I’ll kill you!”

“Wait until that day, then you can make these arrogant remarks! Claiming that you’ll kill me right now is still a joke!” The demon answered disdainfully.

“Whether or not it’s a joke is not something you have a say in!” Yun Che picked up Dragon Fault and did not go to heal himself. Instead, he suddenly charged into the barrier while continuously swinging Dragon Fault. Accompanied with the resonant sounds of phoenix cries, over ten streaks of phoenix flames flew towards the demon.

Phoenix Break!

The phoenix flames which had been still for a long time had also finally awoken once more at this moment.

“Oh?” The demon did not receive Yun Che’s profound flame, but instead charged into the flames which clearly was incomparably hot and powerful. He flung his palms and shattered all the phoenix breaks, but the back of his hands were thoroughly burnt red, which made his eyebrows wrinkle.

However at this moment, Yun Che who was over thirty meters away, suddenly charged over in a split second with his entire body wrapped up in scorching hot phoenix flames.

“Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing!!”


Dragon Fault ruthlessly smashed onto the demon’s chest and a frantic phoenix flame exploded on his chest, burning with incredibly high temperature and oppressive might which stifled the demon for an instant. Yun Che somersaulted backwards and landed as an enormous and dark blue wolf howled toward the sky behind him. Dragon Fault fell and a streak of a wolf’s silhouette charged out, ripped the air apart, and collided directly with the demon.


Heavenly Wolf Slash accurately struck onto the completely immobile demon’s body, slashed open a hole that was half a feet long on his clothes, and then unrelentlessly struck towards his stomach… as a sharp pain transmitted all over. Though it was only a sharp pain, a red scar that did not even rip his skin appeared over his stomach, but it was still able to greatly shock the demon.

He was not able to deliberately activate the protection of his profound strength, but he still had the defense from his naturally existent profound strength that even a sneak attack from an expert at the initial stages of the Sky Profound Realm would have a hard time ripping through. His clothes were also under the protection of his naturally existent profound strength, but they were unexpected cut open by a slash from Yun Che which made him feel a sharp pain.

This clearly signified that he could forcefully release the power only achievable from the Sky Profound at the early stages of the Earth Profound Realm!!

Battle strength that surpassed the profound strength, this fact was not a rarity in the demon’s knowledge. Nascent Profound Realm having the battle strength of the True Profound Realm, True Profound Realm having the battle strength of the Spirit Profound Realm were all common occurrences to him, he had even seen quite a few in the True Profound Realm with battle strength at the Earth Profound Realm. However, with the advancement of realm, the disparity between each large realm increased multiplicatively and bottlenecks were harder and harder to overcome. Spirit Profound Realm to the Earth Profound Realm was considered to be the first true bottleneck, but overcoming that really wasn’t too difficult. However the Earth Profound Realm to the Sky Profound had a bottleneck that was hundreds to thousands of times harder than what the Earth Profound Realm had! Similarly, exhibiting battle strength at the Sky Profound Realm while in the Earth Profound Realm was fundamentally impossible.

However, Yun Che was only at the first level of the Earth Profound Realm yet the power of his sword had the genuine power of a Sky Profound Realm! Although this was perhaps the best strike that Yun Che could use, even using it for just a moment was already world shocking.

Under the demon’s astonishment, he was also starting to get angry… He was a glorious Demon King, but his clothes were harmed by a junior at the Earth Profound Realm. This was an extraordinary shame and humiliation that he could never have imagined. His expression became overcast and he grabbed out with his five fingers. An enormous deep cyan palm suddenly appeared beside Yun Che, then ruthlessly grabbed toward Yun Che’s chest… But during the moment that enormous palm appeared, the demon suddenly began to regret; however, it was too late to take it back. He angrily spread his five fingers and attacked Yun Che’s chest.


Like a thunderclap suddenly exploding within his chest, Yun Che’s eyes bulged outwards as he discarded Dragon Fault. His palms pushed forward with all his strength and used the resulting shockwave to rapidly fly backwards to land outside the barrier. As soon as he landed, he had already shut his eyes and went into a proper sitting position with the Great Way of the Buddha rapidly activated in the next instant.

This strike from the demon was extremely tyrannical and was far stronger than what Yun Che had imagined. He felt that his five visceras and six organs had been completely displaced and his ribs all shattered as well, along with more than ten broken meridians… but after experiencing hundreds of “baptisms” from the dragon flesh and blood, this injury, which should have been far more severe, was “nothing much” for him anymore.

With the activation of the Great Way of the Buddha, that little silver pagoda appeared above his head.

The demon withdrew his palm and silently stared at Yun Che. After quite a while, he muttered to himself: “I don’t know how this child trained his body. That strike a moment ago should have taken half a life from even a person of the Sky Profound Realm, but he is actually able to sit still and tend to his wounds!

As soon as the demon spoke, a sudden change occurred. A sudden streak of gold light suddenly flashed past the corner of the demon’s eyes. He subconsciously raised his head, and saw that little silver pagoda above Yun Che’s head, had unexpectedly turned into a light gold color!

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