Chapter 291 - Profound Handle

Against the Gods

Chapter 291 - Profound Handle

After swallowing a large chunk of dragon meat within his mouth and drinking a mouthful of dragon blood, Yun Che stood up and slashed with his fingers to cut the large chunks of dragon meat into two evenly sized pieces, then leisurely strolled into the barrier until he arrived in front of the demon. He stood a step away from the demon at a place where he could flee at any time from a life-threatening attack.

“After eating the dragon meat, I found out how absolutely incomparable the meat from other beasts are compared to the tastiness of dragon meat. However, enjoying it by myself is rather dull. Senior, do you want some?” Yun Che picked up a large piece of the sliced dragon meat and presented in front of the demon.

The demon turned his head around and said indifferently: “Are you pitying me? Only one person could survive between you and I. To be this close to me, are you not afraid of me trying to suddenly kill you?"

Yun Che’s entire body had absolutely zero defense from his profound strength and his expression did not contain a trace of precaution as he gently said with a smile: “Even though there’s not a moment where I don’t think about killing you, the reason why I want to kill you is only for the sake of my survival and freedom, and not because I resent or loathe you. On the contrary, I am very certain that you’re not a bad person, and even less of a scoundrel! If you think I am pitying you… hrm, that’s true. Except, this kind of pity is one I would have for a fellow sufferer. As for our situation, how are we any different? Only, the restraint on you is a bit more than the ones on me.”

The demon’s expression shifted as he fixedly gazed at Yun Che for a while. Then, he suddenly began to smile: “Haha… good! Fellow sufferer indeed! Then I’ll accept your ‘pity’!"

Once he stopped talking, he grabbed the dragon meat within Yun Che’s hands, put it at the side of his mouth, and wildly bit at it. Although there wasn’t any oil or salt, for a demon who had eaten nothing for a hundred years, this was nothing other than a delicacy from heaven. Once the dragon meat entered his mouth, he was unable to stop. His fierce eating and ferocious biting, as if he was ravenously devouring his food, did not fall short of Yun Che when he was hungry to the point that he almost died. Yun Che lightly smiled and grabbed his own dragon meat and bit, but in comparison, he ate much more elegantly than the demon did.

In the blink of an eye, the large chunk of dragon meat in the demon’s hand had vanished cleanly and all entered into his stomach. A hundred years of being empty made the demon’s face, which was as pale as limestone, appear a bit red. He sucked on his five fingers and began to loudly laugh: “Delightful! Truly delightful! I’ve never had such a delightful meal in my life! Hahahaha… little brother, I, Yun Canghai had never owed anybody in my life! Although you’ve only given me a meal, to me, it’s still a great favor! Your kindness, I will remember it! Unfortunately, this is only meat and there’s no wine. Otherwise, with you preserving my face and believing that I’m not a lowly scoundrel, I should have drank a large cup with you!”

“Eh? Senior, your surname is also Yun?”

The demon widened his eyes, “What’d you say, your surname is Yun as well? Even after being locked up here for half a year, you, a little mad kid, wouldn’t even tell me what your surname is. After doing all these things, looks like we are unexpectedly from the same clan, hahahaha!”

When he did not consider the demon to be a mortal enemy that he must kill, not only did the demon’s aura not make people disgusted or afraid, there was even a feeling of intimacy. Yun Che gently smiled and said, “This junior’s family name is Yun and his name is Che.”

“Yun Che… as free as the clouds, as clear as water, a very good name! Looks like when your father named you, he wished that you could live a carefree life without worries and not be caught up in this mundane world. But unfortunately, being such a thoroughly monstrous little kid, you’re definitely not destined to be a little creature in the pond. I’m afraid your parents will be greatly disappointed.”

Yun Che stared blankly with disappointment and frustration in his heart. In the Azure Cloud Continent, his master named him “Yun Che” precisely because he wanted Yun Che to live a carefree life without worries, with fate as clear as water and not participate in any worldly disputes. However in the end, his life took another extremely opposite turn… with a hatred filled heart, he massacred countless numbers...

In the Profound Sky Continent, his own biological parents should have had the same wishes as his master.

Yun Che held up the large bowl of dragon blood, poured half of the dragon blood inside into another bowl and put it in front of the demon while saying: “Senior, you and I being sealed up in here together and both being called Yun is truly a fantastic fate. For the sake of the same suffering and a similar fate that allows us to empathize with each other, we ought to drink a bowl… even though we don’t have delicious wine, the smell and taste of dragon’s blood and its flavor is absolutely not inferior to the strongest wines. I’ll treat this dragon blood as wine and toast senior with a bowl! I hope that after we drink this ‘blood wine’, when the day comes that I have to kill senior, senior will not resent me on his road into the netherworld.”

The demon cupped the dragon blood and raised his eyes to look at Yun Che. Suddenly, his eyes seemed to contain something more inside: “You and I are not from the same family, so we don’t need to differentiate between seniority. If we’re drinking this blood wine, it should be me who toasts you… if you want to toast me, then you have to acknowledge me as your master right now!”

“Huh??” Yun Che eyes widened and his mouth was agape, as if he was caught a bit unprepared. Although there were no animosity to speak of between the two, frankly speaking, these two were in an awkward situation where only one could survive. Yun Che voluntarily sharing his dragon meat to eat was his natural instinct and he wasn’t looking for anything in the slightest. He never could have thought that a meal of dragon meat could have evoked such a situation… Even if the demon was grateful towards him, wasn’t this step still a bit too large?

Acknowledge him as master? What did he want to teach? Was he going to teach me how to kill him? This is truly a bit… wait a second! Could he actually be...

“What? You don’t want to?” The demon’s expression was wary and lacked any playful ideas: “My entire life, apart from guiding my son in his early years, I have never officially accepted any disciples. You’re an astonishing person with immeasurable potential, but with my power, I’m more than enough to be your master. Within the Illusory Demon Realm, many people wanted to acknowledge me but was denied at my door!”

With the importance the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region placed on this demon, it was imaginable just how terrifying a person he was in the Illusory Demon Realm. Yun Che did not doubt his words in the slightest. If he could acknowledge this terrifying expert who could display the power of the Emperor Profound Realm while being sealed under this formation as master, for a young profound practitioner, this was an absolutely irresistible attraction and pleasant surprise; it was the same for Yun Che. But unfortunately, he carried a master with him, a master who raised him into a freakish level. If he acknowledged another master in front of her, then...

The consequences would undoubtedly be extremely dire!

“No no, absolutely not!” Yun Che waved his hand then earnestly said, “Senior can be so powerful while still inside the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation, then surely senior’s actual strength is at a level where I have absolutely no way of comprehending. Being able to acknowledge an expert like senior as my master is my honor and it’s absolutely not because I am unwilling. Except… I already have a master. If I acknowledge senior as my master, it would be quite inappropriate.

“What’s wrong with that!” The demon waved his hand: “Could your master be even stronger than I am?”

The demon’s words had a completely strong sense of arrogance to it, and his arrogance was absolutely not madness. It was impossible for Yun Che to know what kind of existence the Demon King was within the Illusory Demon World; he was second only to the Emperor, and above ten thousand citizens.

But for this demon, it was even more impossible for him to imagine what kind of concept Yun Che’s current master was.

Yun Che thought for a bit and used a mild tone such that he might not hurt his counterpart’s self-esteem and said, “My master might indeed be a bit more powerful than senior…”

“Hahahaha! What a joke!” The demon madly laughed: “In your Profound Sky Continent, there’s less than five people who could match me! Could it be that your master is stronger than Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s Sword Master?

Yun Che did not know what the heck a Sword Master was. However, the terrifying power that Jasmine showed and the disdain she showed when mentioning the words Profound Sky Continent was enough to infer that even the Sword Master could not even compare to a poke from Jasmine’s little finger.

Of course, if these words were spoken, the demon still wouldn’t believe it even if he was beaten to death.

Yun Che no longer explained and directly said: “I know that senior has good intentions, but I am unable to accept. I cannot let down my current master.”

Once Yun Che finished, he held the bowl with the remaining dragon blood and finished it in one gulp. Then, he used the empty bowl to hint towards the demon: “This bowl of blood wine, treat it as my apology before I have to kill senior… Senior, please.”

The demon moved his brows slightly and didn’t speak again. He raised his bowl and similarly drank it all down. Then, he returned the bowl to Yun Che and said: “If you don’t acknowledge me as your master, I had no authority to pressure you. But I cannot eat this dragon meat and drink this dragon blood for nothing. No matter how extremely fast your profound strength’s improvement is, you don’t have any opportunity to strengthen and stabilize your achievements in battle. When you fought with me, it was just all out attacks that finished in within a spark’s time and that is absolutely of no use… From today onwards, I will formally become your sparring partner."

Evidently, the demon still wanted to guide his cultivation… Guide the cultivation of a person who wanted, who had to kill him. Even hearing this was a bit strange. However, Yun Che could faintly understand his intentions. He retreated a step and said: “Senior, your body is locked up, even if you want to be my sparring partner, it seems…”

“Hehe…” The demon faintly smiled: “You think that just because I’m locked up, I can’t train you well?”

Once he stopped talking, the demon’s left hand suddenly flickered with a cyan light as huge cyan palm appeared in front of him, and instantly flew towards Yun Che.

This was the strange palm that struck him earlier, but at this moment, the strength of this hand was evidently being suppressed by the demon. Although it still had an incredibly oppressive strength, it was not enough to completely crush Yun Che. His body rapidly retreated as he grabbed Dragon Fault to face it straight on. As his sword smashed downwards… what went out of his expectations was that this cyan palm which should have been created through an ability suddenly changed directions and shifted as though it was intelligent as it dodged his sword. Afterwards, its shape also changed, changed into the exact shape of the Dragon Fault in his hands. Only, this heavy sword was cyan as it fiercely smashed towards his shoulders.

During this half year, Yun Che had attempted to risk his life to kill this demon many times and had encountered this strange cyan light that appeared out of nowhere several times. He would face the demon at most one to two times when they were fighting and this cyan light often appeared only for an instant, so he had always believed that was an offensive profound strength light beam.

And after the profound light beam left his body, it would weaken as it extended outwards during its trajectory. But now, he shockingly discovered that not only was this cyan light able to take on any shape, it was also incredibly fast and its aura did not weaken in the slightest from start to finish… Just like a strange creature that existed independently!

It could become a palm, sword, shield or spear… Become bigger or smaller, become slower or faster. Even though the demon meticulously suppressed his power, it still suppressed Yun Che to the point that he became flustered and overwhelmed. It was many times more difficult than going up against an expert of the same level. He loudly shouted and a Falling Moon Sinking Star pushed the cyan light aside. Then, he rapidly retreated backwards and anxiously asked: “What the heck is that thing?”

This demon faintly smiled. With a flash of his left arm, the thing which turned into a heavy sword changed back into a cyan light and went back into his arm: “This... is my Profound Handle! It’s created using the profound veins and the blood vessels, and is controlled with my soul. It’s a special power form that could exist independently from my soul. It could change into a countless number of things and could completely make use of my fighting style... it’s an ability bestowed by the heavens to only my Illusory Demon Royal Family!

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