Chapter 296 - Blood Relative (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 296 - Blood Relative (2)

“You really are… my… grandfather?”

Even with all the proof clearly laid out in front of him, those merged drops of blood, an indisputable, irrefutable evidence, he gave off a questioning sound. It wasn’t that he did not believe it, but the blow from such a shocking truth caused his brain, which was in chaos, to find it difficult to accept.

“Child… my child…” Yun Canghai said with a face full of tears: “I really did not think that I actually had a grandson since nineteen years ago… You inherited our Yun Family’s bloodline, yet suffered from such miserable hardships… Since birth, you were separated from your parents and haven’t seen them since. Grandfather never gave you a hint of care, and the first day I met you, I nearly killed you… I really am the most incompetent, the most shameful grandfather in this world… The heavens saw this wretchedness and has allowed us to reunite as grandfather and grandson in this lifetime. These hundred years, I was constantly scolding the heavens, but now… in my life, I’ve never been as grateful to the Gods as I am today…”

“You really are… my grandfather?” Yun Che was still murmuring soullessly.

“I know I don’t have the qualifications to be your grandfather. I never gave you even a bit of care and brought you into this disastrous place. However much you hate me, blame me, it is completely deserved…” Yun Canghai, this powerful Demon King whose might shocked the Illusory Demon Realm and the Four Great Sacred Grounds, was tearing up with each word at this moment. Perhaps all the tears he had let out in his couple hundred years when added up, would not be as numerous as today.

Yun Che stood up a little, looked at the ragged old man who had dirty and messy white hair, and a wet bony face full of tears. His nose was suddenly swarmed with a heavy wave of sorrow and grief… family! In front of his eyes was his family, his grandfather, the most beloved family… his first true family member in his two lives!

“Grand… father…”

The incomparable familiarity of the word that he had said countless of times in this world, was extremely choppy when cried out at this instant… it was difficult… yet involuntarily left his mouth… Because in Yun Canghai’s eyes, he saw exactly the same content in Grandfather Xiao Lie’s eyes. That type of love and affection deep in their blood that would not hesitate to give their whole world to him...

Yun Canghai’s whole body was stiff, his whole body felt as if he was floating inside the clouds… He and Yun Che lived together for sixteen months, enough for him to have the most basic understanding of Yun Che. His amazing talent and potential was impossible to estimate. His perseverance also caused him to be deeply aghast. His temperament was arrogant, and he would at times, show insolence. His dignity and honor were not allowed to be touched. Yun Canghai simply did not have any extravagant hopes that he would be called “grandfather” from such a person, because Yun Canghai only felt guilt, and thought that he owed him too much. But he never thought that he would address him the way a blood relative would from this close of a distance.

The happiness and fulfillment in that moment, allowed him to feel that even if he were to instantly perish now, he would be a million times willing.

“You’re willing to recognize me… you don’t… blame me?” Yun Canghai asked with a trembling voice.

Yun Che shook his head extremely slowly and said: “You are my grandfather. Without you, how would I be in this world… You are my grandfather, so how could I blame you… finally… I finally found my family… grandfather, these years, you’ve suffered…”

Yun Che walked forward after the words died down and hugged Yun Canghai fiercely. He hugged the first family member he had found… they had no relationship of fostering between them, and even had past resentment and hostility, but this was not important anymore. He would not be cold and too prideful to reject this familial love. He would not blame his grandfather for not fulfilling even a day of a grandfather’s responsibility… They were family, they had the same blood flowing within their bodies. This single fact, was enough.

After separating with Xiao Lie and Little Aunt, his heart was broken. In his two lives, he completely understood that familial love was something worth everything, was something that was worth using his whole life to protect and cherish.

“Good child… my good child!” Tightly hugging the grandson that the heavens sent him, Yun Canghai’s mood had finally completely collapsed. Not caring about his image, he started to cry loudly...

“Your father is named Yun Qinghong. Even though I am already a few hundred years old, I only have one son which is your father. His talents are not too bad, and he had awakened the same cyan profound handle I have. Your mother is named Mu Yurou and is also from a Guardian Family of the Demon Emperor, and is the daughter of Mu Family's Patriarch. The Twelve Guardian Families exist to protect the Demon Emperor and there are no estrangements between them. The relationship between our Yun Family and Mu Family have always been the best, and your father and mother were childhood friends who grew up together. A hundred years ago, when I left the Illusory Demon Realm alone, they had just gotten married.”

“Sigh, these hundred years, they must have been extremely worried. The reason they would bear such a huge risk to come to the Profound Sky Continent was probably due to them hearing from somewhere that I haven’t died... I just did not think that during the time they were in Profound Sky Continent to search for me, they would actually have you… Perhaps even they had not expected you.”

Grandfather and grandson stood across each other, and after calming down, they mutually told each other about their own experiences and stories.

“The only thing I don’t know, is how they are doing right now. The person called Lin Kun said that they escaped from Profound Sky Continent, but the long period of time in escaping with heavy wounds had nearly extinguished their life force… Sigh!” Yun Canghai sighed deeply with a face filled with worry and a sense of loss… as well as a hidden deep hatred.

Yun Che did not speak.

Until now, he still had not yet recovered from the truth about his birth.

He was actually not someone from the Profound Sky Continent.

His homeland, was actually another world where demons ruled the world.

Even though his soul was sufficiently strong, in such a short period of time it was difficult to completely accept the truth.

“Even though your father didn’t find me, not only did he have you in the Profound Sky Continent, he had actually made a true friend. That could be said to be an enormous accomplishment.” In order to protect a friend’s son, he exchanged his own son into a situation of inevitable death. Towards the person who fostered Yun Che, Yun Canghai was deeply grateful and asked: “Your foster father and foster mother, are they still healthy?”

Yun Che shook his head, closed his eyes and said: “Foster father Uncle Xiao was hunted and asked about where my parents were by a mysterious person after a short period of time. Then, he was murdered by the mysterious person. Foster mother died soon after due to grief… After Grandmother gave birth to Little Aunt, due to missing her son, she fell ill and eventually died. I still haven’t clearly seen what they looked like… it was grandfather who took care of me and protected me when I grew up. He treated me as if I was his own grandson, because I withstood countless grievances and ridicule silently…”

Yun Canghai violently moved, and then said with a heavy voice: “Che’er, we can never forget this huge kindness! Your Grandfather Xiao Lie, you must treat and respect him as if he is your biological grandfather… And you must get revenge for this great hatred!”

Yun Che slowly nodded and silently tightened both hands, thinking back to three years ago when he left, and what he had said in front of Xiao Ying’s grave. He said to himself silently in his heart: “Uncle Xiao, I finally know who killed you… There will be a day I will offer you their blood in front of your grave!”

Yun Che held up the strap on his neck and asked: “Grandfather, what exactly is this thing?”

“It is called the Mirror of Samsara.” Yun Canghai replied.

This name caused Yun Che’s heart to be fiercely shocked… It actually was what Jasmine had said it was, one of the seven great heavenly profound treasures, the Mirror of Samsara. Then, the two lives worth of incredible experiences was really due to that!

If it really was the Mirror of Samsara, then it was enough to fully explain Yun Che’s large amount of questions and doubt. But Yun Canghai’s expression was calm when he said the words “Mirror of Samsara”. Yun Che suppressed his emotions and asked probingly: “Then what does it do?”

“I don’t know.” Yun Canghai shook his head: “I only know of its name. It was the Demon Emperor Family’s treasure that they found a long time ago. The Demon Emperor Family says that in legends, it could completely change a person’s luck and even destiny. If the Demon Emperor Family one day declines, it could even help the family rise once again. But nobody knows how it should be used, and more so don’t know the real use of the item. It was entrusted by the Demon Emperor Family to our Yun Family to protect, and under my protection for all these years, I’ve never seen any reaction or power from it… But somehow this treasure got found out by the Four Great Sacred Grounds. They seem to call it a ‘Heavenly Profound Treasure’ and attempted to possess it. It was the reason behind the hatred between the Illusory Demon World and Four Sacred Grounds.”

Yun Che grasped the Mirror of Samsara and felt a wave of absentmindedness. He had no idea how to use the Mirror of Samsara. But from his two lives, he had completely released its heaven opposing ability, bringing him back from death twice, and changed his life.

After being poisoned to death by Xiao Yulong in the Profound Sky Continent… the Mirror of Samsara released its power for the first time, allowing him to reincarnate into the Azure Cloud Continent, but was reincarnated without his memories.

After he jumped to his death from the cliff in Azure Cloud Continent… the Mirror of Samsara released its power for the second time, allowing him to return to the Profound Sky Continent, waking up from the supposedly dead body, and this time, he was brought back with all his memories. In the Profound Sky Continent, his death was interspersed, but there were no signs of fault. As for his life in Azure Cloud Continent, his memories were branded into him like a dream.

According to Yun Canghai’s description, after the Demon Emperor Family acquired the Mirror of Samsara, they seemed to have never used its power.

Then what exactly causes it to use its power? Could it be death?

Or maybe it must be on a specific person?

“Before I came to the Profound Sky Continent, I entrusted it to your father. I never thought that when he came to search for me, he actually brought it with him… maybe he thought it could be used as exchange for my life. He really underestimated those so called “saints”, and how despicable they are!”

Yun Canghai raised his head; his gaze became incomparably sharp and cold. He looked at Yun Che and said each word sonorously: “Che’er! As your grandfather, I should convince you to let go of the hatred, to forget it all and live a peaceful life… but I cannot do that. Our Yun Family is a royal family of the Illusory Demon World. A member with the name Yun can be weak, but none of us are cowards! I need you to keep in mind, just who harmed your foster parents that saved your life; who harmed your birth parents, making them go through an experience of being hunted, and not knowing whether they were dead or alive; who made your Grandfather suffer a hundred years of torment, and who separated you from your birth parents right after your birth, to the point where you haven’t even met them to this day… You have to firmly carve this hatred into your heart. Unless you exterminate Heavenly Mighty Sword Region, don’t ever erase it from your heart!”

Yun Che didn’t speak and slowly nodded.


Author’s Note: The matter about Yun Canghai being Yun Che’s grandfather… Lots of people guessed it right, so it wasn’t anything special… In the chapter where the demon appeared, that was why I had Ling Kun specifically say out the details of his son and daughter-in-law’s matter. The time matched perfectly, just so you guys can guess it! If I didn’t specifically hint it explicitly, if you guys had guessed it like that, then that’s just too clever. As expected, you guys don’t like it when I make explicit hints ahead of time, and instead like that sort of misleading method that suddenly explodes into a hole… Since that’s the cause, activating Mars Style ultimate aoe attack of face slaps! If you’re brave enough, bring it on!

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