Chapter 303 - Blue Wind Palace Chief

Against the Gods

Chapter 303 - Blue Wind Palace Chief

“Ah! Junior Brother Yun… What are you doing! Why are your injuring yourself!”

Yun Che’s actions caused the color to drain instantly from Cang Yue’s face. Watching beads of blood trickle rapidly from beneath the blade, she panicked, and her heart ached even more that she was at a loss for what to do. Throughout the process, Yun Che’s complexion had not changed. Looking at Cang Yue, he said softly, “Watching me suddenly get stabbed, your heart must ache so, doesn’t it? It hurts just like how I do when I see you getting married.”

Cang Yue shook her head vigorously, crying out in pain, “No… It’s really not like what you’re seeing! I had absolutely no intention to marry him, I just… I just…”

Yun Che shook his head, saying, “I understand. The reason why my heart is hurting, isn’t just because of these, it’s because I know, even if I were really dead, the only one in Senior Sister’s heart is me. My heart hurts because you would go so far as to cheapen yourself, harm yourself this way… It hurts just like how I’ve just stabbed myself!”

“I... I…”

“This cut, I want to let you know of the pain in my heart… At the same time, it is the punishment I deserve. I had clearly made you a promise, but when you were most helpless, when you needed me most, I couldn’t be by your side, and I caused you to have to hurt yourself in this way to attempt at rescuing your father… Just a little more, and I would have lost you forever…”

Just before Cang Yue was escorted into the Burning Heaven Clan, she would’ve used the poisoned dagger to end her own life. If Yun Che had returned by even a day late, he would’ve never had the chance to see her again

Yun Che pulled out the poisoned dagger that had been thrust into his chest, throwing it onto the ground far away. The flow of blood from the wound had also stopped completely in a split second. He lifted his hand and gently wiped the tears away from Cang Yue’s face. Finally, unable to keep his calm, his voice turned incomparably tender. His longing and worry for her during his absence poured forth from his gaze, his voice as he lamented, “Senior Sister… Let me hug you properly… is that okay?”

“Uu…” Cang Yue teared up and sobbed, throwing herself with full force into Yun Che’s embrace. Winding her arms tightly around him, she hugged him tight, crying aloud. All the misery, longing, despair, hesitation and fear that the past year had brought her… She unburdened herself of all these in Yun Che’s arms, and her heart-wrenching sobs made the insides of the onlookers twist as well.

Yun Che also hugged her tight, yet he didn’t cry. Rather, he smiled in immense satisfaction and elation. He was glad he could return in time, and had not allowed what could never been undone to happen. Otherwise, he didn’t know how he would’ve faced that sort of terrifying consequence. He patted Cang Yue’s back lightly, saying gently, “Senior Sister… In future, no matter what happens, never again do anything that would hurt yourself, okay?”

“Uu… uuuu… Never… I’ll never do it again…” Cang Yue sobbed while saying.

“And don’t marry Fen Juecheng, alright?” Yun Che smiled lightly as he spoke.

“I… I won’t marry… I’ll never marry him, ever… The only one I want to marry is you… Other than you, I don’t want to marry anyone else… I’ll never marry even if it kills me…”

Yun Che’s lips curved up a little, “I’m back, so leave everything to me… Are you willing to trust in me… This man you’ve chosen with your entire life?”

“...As long as you’re here, no matter what, no matter where, it doesn’t matter if the consequences are bad or good, I do not fear anything… As long as you’re with me… Truly, there’s nothing I need to fear…”

At this moment, those from the palace had reached in a rush. Cang Wanhe tore open the curtains of the imperial chariot. In a look, he saw Cang Yue and Yun Che embracing. Qin Wushang and Qin Wuyou were long, since already staring with their eyes open wide as their hearts rejoiced in surprise and glee.

On the other side, Fen Juecheng was already about to explode. His face had already thoroughly turned into the color of a pig’s intestine. It was the day their ceremony was supposed to take place, and Princess Cang Yue, who was supposed to be returning to his clan with him had actually, right in front of him as well as under the watchful eyes of countless other people, jumped out of the palanquin and entered into a heated embrace with another man, while crying and pledging her undying love to him...

This embarrassment was practically even more embarrassing than getting cuckolded ten times in a row!

Even a normal man would not have been able to accept it… Let alone him, the stately young master of the Burning Heaven Clan!

If news were to spread… No! Of course news would spread! Under the eyes of so many people present, within two days, news would have spread to every inch of land under the heavens. He, Fen Juecheng, the future Clan Master of the Burning Heaven Clan, would be reduced to a laughingstock!

The nails on both of Fen Juecheng’s hands turned white as his hands clenched. His face was distorted from extreme fury and finally, he lost control of his emotions. Pointing at Yun Che, he let out an enraged howl, “K… Kill him!! Kill him now!!”

The procession of troops brought by the Burning Heaven Clan to escort the bride had looked at each other in dismay and a loss of what to do, but upon hearing Fen Juecheng’s howl, it was like they had been awakened from sleep as they moved into action instantly. The dozens of people foremost of the troop rushed forward at the same instance towards Yun Che. And at this point, from above their heads, a storm swept past. A figure like a large bird flew past, high up in the sky, reaching Yun Che first… It was Thirteenth Elder Fen Moran!


The crowd backed away in a hurry, and many shrieked involuntarily. Seeing that the one who was rushing towards Yun Che was actually Fen Moran, the people looked as if they had already seen a scene of Yun Che, who had come back from death miraculously, get killed ruthlessly… No one dared to doubt Yun Che’s might; the one who had grabbed first place in the Ranking Tournament was him, and he was the number one of the younger generation. However, Fen Moran strength was top-notch within the Blue Wind Empire. With frightening strength at the seventh level of the Sky Profound Realm, Yun Che simply had no ability to retaliate.


A low shout suddenly rang out; this voice wasn’t loud, but it was like extremely heavy thunder, ringing out in everyone’s ears. In this low shout, a grey figure flashed across like a shooting star, blocking in front of Fen Moran. An astonishingly overwhelming aura caused Fen Moran to quickly stop. When he saw the person who was obstructing in front, shock flashed past his feature in an instance, “You’re… Dongfang Xiu!”

“Palace Chief Dongfang!!” Qin Wushang and Qin Wuyou’s startled voices rang out from not far away.

Obstructing Fen Moran, was indeed Blue Wind Palace’s first Palace Chief… Dongfang Xiu! He was also affiliated with the Blue Wind Imperial Family, and was the number one practitioner in the entire Blue Wind Imperial Family! His profound strength was half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm!

Although Dongfang Xiu was Blue Wind Palace’s Palace Chief, he rarely appeared in the Palace. All along, he was hardly seen, but since Cang Wanhe had fallen terribly ill in the past few years, the number of occasions he had appeared in the palace had dwindled significantly, perhaps not even making a single visit in half a year… Qin Wushang had noticed Dongfang Xiu’s position right before he had appeared and spoke quietly, ”Could it be that Palace Chief Dongfang had not appeared these few years because he had been secretly protecting the Emperor?”

“It should probably be the case. The emperor’s previous secret bodyguard might have been strong, but how could he be compared to Palace Chief Dongfang! That year, the emperor had suddenly fallen grievously ill. Certainly, he must’ve noticed something odd, it must’ve been why he had summoned Palace Chief Dongfang to guard by his side.” Qin Wuyou said quietly.

In the eyes of the Burning Heaven Clan, the Imperial Family’s strength was comparatively weak. Their enormous army might’ve been able to assert their might on the battlefield, but in the eyes of the Burning Heaven Clan, it was akin to an easily squashed ant, and the champion pugilist of the Imperial Family was all the more pathetic. However, there was just one person whom they could not help but fear, and that was Dongfang Xiu!

Dongfan Xiu looked to be about fifty or so, his features were scholarly and amiable, without any semblance of arrogance. Rather, he looked like an intellectual, yet the words he spoke were not at all mild, “Fen Moran, in these ten or so years we’ve not met, you really seem like you’ve unlearned many things, to go so far as to strike out against a junior of not even twenty years!”

“Palace Chief Dongfang!” Fen Moran snorted coldly, “This is between our Burning Heaven Clan and this punk, so you’d best steer clear, lest it gets personal!”

Dongfang Xiu smiled blandly, “Yun Che is a disciple of my Blue Wind Profound Palace, as Palace Chief, of course I should…”

“There’s no need!”

The one who had suddenly spoken and interrupted Dongfang Xiu was actually Yun Che. One hand holding Cang Yue, his eyes were calm as still water, “Palace Chief Dongfang, this junior thanks you for your good intentions, but the old fart was right. This is between the Burning Heaven Clan and I; it has nothing at all to go with the Imperial Family or the Blue Wind Profound Palace! There’s no need for you to poke into my business… What you ought to do most is to protect the person you should be protecting.”

“Senior Sister, protect yourself well!” As Yun Che’s voice fell, his hand, which had been holding Cang Yue pushed away gently, pushing her towards Dongfang Xiu. Dongfang Xiu’s Profound strength was half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm and he was peerless in the entire area. With his protection, there was nobody who could harm Cang Yue.

Yun Che’s words stunned Dongfang Xiu, but he understood immediately. Yun Che was clearly doing this because he did not want to cause things to get ugly between the Burning Heaven Clan and the Imperial Family or the Blue Wind Profound Palace. Rather, he was thinking of taking on such a big fleet of troops alone. He had wanted to say something, but the moment his gaze came into contact with Yun Che’s eyes that were calm to a terrifying extent, he swallowed back the words that were about to come forth from his lips. Taking Cang Yue, he flew slowly back towards Cang Wanhe’s imperial chariot, “Since it’s this way, then I won’t interfere any longer… Hoho, let me see how large a wave the one who has been called the most distinguished disciple in the history of Blue Wind Profound Palace can bring about.”

Palace Chief Dongfang’s appearance caused many of those who idolized Yun Che to heave a large sigh of relief, but in the blink of an eye, Yun Che yet again did something brashly arrogant, by forcefully “chasing” Palace Chief Dongfang away… A youth of just nineteen years old, wanting to go up by himself against the Burning Heaven Clan? What did he have to go up against two thousand genius disciples from the Burning Heaven Clan… There were also eight Sky Profound practitioners… of which, two were at the pinnacle of the later stages of the Sky Profound Realm!

Did he think he was god!

“HAHAHAHA! I’d long heard that you were a crazy and reckless fool, and you live up to your reputation!” Fen Moran laughed loudly, about to attack.

Yet Yun Che did not even spare him a glance. Holding up Dragon Fault, he looked at Fen Juecheng, saying coldly, “Fen Juecheng, you know clearly who had caused Fen Juebi’s death. I’d originally had no enmity with you, but now that you’re plotting to kill me, this debt, I won’t make you pay it off today… However, Princess Cang Yue is my senior sister, my benefactor, and most of all, my woman! You’re not even worth a single hair on her head, so if you want to marry my Senior Sister Xueruo, you’ll have to get past me, or else… You’d best scram back to your Burning Heaven Clan with your tail between your legs!”

As the voice fell, Yun Che suddenly struck forth first. Swinging the Dragon Fault up, he rushed forward straight away, dashing towards Fen Moran who was at the very front.


A junior had actually dared to take the initiative to attack him, an absolute expert who lounged at the pinnacle of Blue Wind Imperial Country. Fen Moran laughed disdainfully. Lifting a hand, purple flames burst forth from all five of his fingers. Just as he was about to claw at Yun Che, who was approaching, suddenly, the scene before his eyes blurred. The Yun Che who was before him, had actually become four in the blink of an eye...

Without any hint, without any fluctuation in profound energy, these four silhouettes were exactly the same. Whether in appearance or aura, there was practically no difference!

Living for so many years, Fen Moran had never seen such a strange movement skill. In such a short time, Yun Che’s real body had already rushed past Fen Moran’s side, rushing straight towards Fen Juecheng.

He was a stately elder figure in the Burning Heaven Clan, yet a junior had slipped by him. Let alone take down, he couldn’t even block his path for half a second. Almost exploding, he turned over and shouted with all the rage that filled him, “Sly junior… Protect the Young Master!”

As Yun Che approached rapidly, Burning Heaven Clan’s disciples rushed up. Flames from their flaming swords danced up into the sky, forming a flame dragon that shrouded Yun Che.

Within these two thousand Burning Heaven Clan disciples, there were a thousand and three hundred in the Spirit Profound Realm, and seven hundred in the Earth Profound Realm

Such a uselessly large and luxurious troop combined to form a continuous and incredibly concentrated attack. Their combined might surpassed even that of the combined might of eight Sky Profound Realm practitioners.

But today, the one they had crossed paths with was Yun Che.

The specialty of Yun Che’s heavy sword, was its power against many opponents!

The more enemies there were, the better the heavy sword could be wielded to its full potential.

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