Chapter 307 - I’m Obviously Here to Steal the Bride!

Against the Gods

Chapter 307 - I’m Obviously Here to Steal the Bride!

Yun Che’s eyes narrowed, nodded with a smile, and said with a satisfied tone. “Not bad, not bad. This is the attitude you people should be having. Oh, you’re called Fen Duancang? Mn, you’re not bad indeed. You’re much stronger than that idiot who simply wish for their Young Clan Master to die earlier.”

The “idiot” in Yun Che’s words, was naturally referring to Fen Moran. Fen Moran had almost puke out blood at that moment. His entire body trembled, his mind was giddy, his lungs were hurting, his livers were hurting, his intestines were hurting, his bladder was hurting… His rage and humiliation had filled up every cell of his body, and his face was as red as blood, yet, he did not dare to say another word. Because, the moment he were to say something, the retribution would ruthlessly land on Fen Juecheng’s body. He had lived for dozens of years, yet, he had never suffered such grievance and humiliation like today...

He did not dare to take action upon Yun Che, and did not even have the guts to scold him. He could only stare straightly at Yun Che with eyes that were noxious to the extreme, and he wished he could swallow Yun Che live and whole.

Fen Duancang was not worse off than him. He was a supreme expert of the Sky Profound Realm who was famous for many dozens of years, yet, he was praised by a junior who was just nineteen years old...

He was praised by a junior!!

Compared to this humiliating “praise”, he would rather be badly beaten with a single slap from a peerless expert.

After Yun Che said those words, he even “mercifully” slightly raised his foot, allowing Fen Juecheng to breath more comfortably. However, due to Yun Che brutally tossing him around, Fen Juecheng was already losing consciousness, and even his screams had turned into painful groaning sounds. He was basically miserable to the point where people could not bear to look at him.

“But there’s one thing you’re wrong about. I basically do not need you to make any so-called guarantee to release me. If I wish to leave, none of you people here have yet the right to stop me!” Yun Che arrogantly said.

These words, caused Fen Duancang’s heart to turn cold. He did not dare to say anything excessive, and hurriedly nodded. “Yes, yes. Since you were able to take away our Young Clan Master while you were heavily surrounded, naturally, you have the ability to leave safely…” He clenched his teeth, and said. “As long as you release our Young Clan Master today, the grudges between you and our Burning Heaven Clan, will be written off here and now. Our Burning Heaven Clan will definitely not chase after this matter!”

These words of Fen Duancang were easily said. However, even an idiot would not believe that Burning Heaven Clan would be able to do it. Throwing away past grudges? Just by how he oppressed the Burning Heaven Clan to such a miserable state today, the Burning Heaven Clan would definitely not stop until Yun Che was dead.

“Is that so?” Yun Che coldly snorted. “Seems like I have valued your intelligence too highly. Do I, Yun Che, need your Burning Heaven Clan to clear off my grudges with your sect? Could it be that you’re blind, and incapable of seeing why I’m here today?”

Yun Che’s brought his eyes up, and coldly said. “Today, naturally, I’m here to steal the bride!! Princess Cang Yue is my, Yun Che’s woman! What kind of thing is this Fen Juecheng? He’s just trash that can’t even be compared to a toad, and he actually has the wishful thinking of tainting my woman… I don’t mind not killing him today, and I don’t care about killing him either. You want me to release him? Easy. You people will just have to take this trash, immediately scram from Blue Wind Imperial City, and return to the Burning Heaven Clan. Regarding the Princess Cang Yue you people came here to take for marriage, just obediently hand her over to me.”

Although Yun Che had already abused Fen Juecheng to a half-dead state, he indeed would not kill him. It was not that he did not wish to, rather, he could not do it.

In this battle, he was a lone wolf. There was neither the participation from Blue Wind Profound Palace nor the Imperial Family. Hence, even if he had heavily injured Fen Juecheng, killed two hundred of Burning Heaven Clan’s disciples, and even more so, caused them to entirely lose their faces, he would not implicate the Blue Wind Profound Palace and the Imperial Family. However, if he were to kill Fen Juecheng, then it would be completely different. If their Young Clan Master was killed, the Burning Heaven Clan would definitely be crazed with explosive rage, lose their reason, and it would be common for them to vent their anger at Blue Wind Profound Palace and the Imperial Family.

In another aspect, even if he was left alone, to escape under such a heavy encirclement after killing Fen Juecheng, was definitely not as simple and easy as he stated it to be.

Fen Duancang had almost wanted to puke several times out of extreme anger. Yun Che had seized their Young Clan Master, stepped on the honor of their Burning Heaven Clan, yet, he still had to beg him and flatter him with words. He felt that there could not be anything else in this world that could be more humiliating than this…

But in just a span of a few breaths, he realized… there actually was one!

Because this Yun Che, even wanted to steal their Young Clan Master’s bride!!

They were here to take the bride’s hand, appearing all high and mighty. It was long made known to the world a week ago, and invitations had long been sent to the various large sects and powerful individuals in the Blue Wind Empire. If Princess Cang Yue were to be taken away like this, the honor and reputation of their Burning Heaven Clan, would be ruthlessly stepped into dogshit! It would be enough to be mocked by everyone in the world for a few dozens of years!

However, if they did not follow his intentions, what they would lose would not be merely their reputation, but the life of their Young Clan Master!

Fen Duancang’s four limbs were shivering, and his eyes had darkened. The blood that he had barely managed to suppress, under the attack from his anger and impatience, rushed up his throat. He took a deep, deep breath, used all his might to swallow it back down, and with a incomparably trembling voice, he said. “Fine… Fine! If you release our Young Clan Master, we will leave Princess Cangyue behind, and immediately leave Blue Wind Imperial City!”

He had experienced the sight of Yun Che’s brutality earlier, even though he furious to the extreme, he absolutely did not dare to be rash. Forget about rejecting and scolding him out of anger, he did not even dare to argue and bargain.

Fen Moran suddenly took a step forward, and wanted to tell Fen Duancang something. However, when he opened his mouth, he was unable to say a single word.

If who Yun Che had in his hands was an Elder-level figure, they would not have given in to him, rather, they would have chosen to forcefully head up and kill him. However, who Yun Che had in his hands was actually their Young Clan Master… Other than giving in, what options did they have?

Usually, forget about Elder or Pvilion Master level figures from the Burning Heaven Clan, even if it was a regular Burning Heaven Clan disciple, as long as he reveal the name of their Burning Heaven Clan, he would be able to suppress his opponent to the extent where his entire body would be trembling. However, when facing their Burning Heaven Clan, not only was Yun Che not afraid in the slightest, he was even using incomparably brutal tactics to suppress them, and they did not even dare to say anything excessive that could incite his dissatisfaction. If lungs could really explode from anger, a hundred of his lungs would have long exploded to smithereens.

“Hahahaha! Very good! I can see that you have the biggest authority to speak out of everyone here. Since you’re so straightforward, then, naturally, there’s no need for me to say anything more than this. I will return your Young Clan Master then. I believe that with the injuries on his body, they basically aren’t much for your Burning Heaven Clan.”

When those words fell, Yun Che’s leg flew, kicking Fen Juecheng towards Fen Duancang. The latter was first startled, then, he hurriedly catch Fen Juecheng with his hands. Right in front of him, Yun Che’s voice coldly sounded. “But, I pray that you have not forgotten the words I said earlier. Immediately leave Blue Wind Imperial City with your Young Clan Master!”

Yun Che returned Fen Juecheng just like that, and even Fen Duancang did not dare to believe it. The moment he said those words, behind him, killing intent suddenly rose in all directions. All of Fen Moran’s profound energy surged out wildly, like an eagle, and he suddenly swooped towards Yun Che.


Fen Duancang’s heart turned cold, and hurriedly reached out his hand, forcefully pulling Fen Moran back from midair. “Thirteenth Elder, what are you doing!?”

“Kill him, obviously! Could it be that we’re really going to follow his intentions, and allow him to leave? Then, if so, will our Burning Heaven Clan even have a trace of prestige left?” Fen Moran said, with his fury spewing out. Yun Che had finally done an absolutely idiotic action in his eyes… He actually returned them Fen Juecheng just like that. Without Fen Juecheng as his guarantee, where else would he have any hesitation left?

“Calm down!” Fen Duancang held onto him tightly. Clenching his teeth, he spoke with the softest voice possible. “My desire to kill him is even bigger than yours, and I wish to tear him apart into countless pieces! However, you have already experienced how sly, crafty and brutal this kid is. Do you think that, he would so stupid to return Young Clan Master to us so openly without any assurance, or any hidden tricks!? Seeing how relaxed he looks, he definitely has many trump cards that he has yet to reveal. If he’s able to take our Young Clan Master once, he’s able to do it a second time! If you were to take action upon him now, we might even bring about an even more brutal retaliation… Our Young Clan Master might even die in his hands. And, our Burning Heaven Clan had already lost all our prestige, are you make us take on the shit name as a sect which goes against their words!?”

Fen Duancang’s words, was like a pot of cold water that poured on Fen Moran’s head. He stared straight at Yun Che. His entire body was brimming with killing intent, and in his heart, he incomparably wished to take this opportunity to kill Yun Che in a single definite hit. However, his awoken reasoning caused his entire body to tremble, and he basically did not dare to take action. Fen Duancang hurriedly looked at Fen Juecheng’s injuries, and continued to speak to Fen Moran with a voice that only he could hear. “Today, with Young Clan Master as our achilles heel, we basically do not have any way of killing him. But people who had offended our Burning Heaven Clan, had never have a good ending, even more so after we suffered such disgrace and humiliation! Let us first send Young Clan Master back to Burning Heaven Clan, it’s not too late to kill him after coming back. When that time comes, even if he were to flee to the end of the world, he shouldn’t think of escaping the hands of our Burning Heaven Clan!”

“Clap clap clap clap!”

A stream of resounding clapping sounds could be heard, and Yun Che said with a grin. “That’s really not a bad plan, I pray that you people will succeed with that soon. But you people don’t have to worry. When that time comes, there’s no need for you people to chase me to the edge of the world. I might even personally go up to your front door.”

As Fen Duancang and Fen Moran raised their heads, shock surfaced on their faces at the same time. With their suppressed voice, at the very least, only the hearing ability of someone at the late stage Sky Profound Realm would be able to hear them. Yun Che was thirty meters away from them… yet, he was actually able to hear them clearly?

How was it possible for him to possess hearing ability of such strength!?

Even more unease instantly sprouted within Fen Duancang, and his heart actually began to urgently wish to leave this place, the further away from this frightening youth, the better. Clenching his fists, he did not say another word to Yun Che, and bitterly said. “Everyone… leave!!”

When he said that final word, Fen Duancang actually felt as though a heavy burden had been released from his shoulders. He carried Fen Juecheng, and took the lead. Flying up in the air, he left for the distance. Fen Moran followed after him as well, and he did not say a single word or make eye contact with anyone… The respect and honor he garnered his entire life, could be considered to have been completely thrown away on this very day.

Seeing the two central figures leave, the rest naturally did not stay for long either. Everyone left with dirt and mud on their faces, and they could not even bother about those corpses on the ground that were from their clan… And most of these corpses were all incomplete, even if they wished to bring them back, it would be beyond difficult.

“Have a safe trip.” Yun Che slightly narrowed his eyes, and said with a cheerful smile. Following after Fen Duancang’s and Fen Moran’s disappearance from his line of sight, Yun Che’s heart, which had been beating hard the entire time, finally calmed down, and his entire back had long been completely stretched with cold sweat. He looked towards the sky, and coldly said with low voice. “Fen Juecheng, this is what you owed me! Originally, neither of us had grudges for each other, yet, you actually wished to plot against me in the Heaven Basin Secret Realm! Since our grudge can no longer be untied, then, let’s do it more thoroughly! Burning Heaven Clan… shall become the touchstone, and stepping stone for my growth!”

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