Chapter 311 - Were You Looking For Me?

Against the Gods

Chapter 311 - Were You Looking For Me?

The innkeeper still had some impression of Yun Che. After all, it would be difficult for anyone not to have a deep impression of that enormous sword Yun Che carried on his back at the time. Yun Che asked the innkeeper where he could buy a mount, then waltzed out, heading directly to the place that sold mounts.

“Someone’s following you.” Jasmine warned.

“I know.” Yun Che said in a low voice.

“You’re in trouble this time.” Jasmine said gloomily. “A total of eight people, and they’re all at the Sky Profound Realm! Four of them are four of the eight Sky Profound practitioners from the Burning Heaven Clan you met earlier! The strongest person among them… is Fen Moli, the one who wanted to kill you at Heavenly Sword Villa! You’re definitely not his opponent, and with the addition of seven other people… it’s very dangerous!”

“Mn!” Yun Che nodded, his expression a field of calmness: “In order to kill me, they actually sent eight Sky Profound Realm practitioners, and Fen Moli even set out personally. They really do think highly of me… However, for a little while, they won’t act out.”

“Why?” Jasmine asked.

“First, they dispatched eight in the Sky Profound Realm, with the Great Elder leading the group, just to kill me. If this were to spread, Burning Heaven Clan will definitely be laughed at like dogs. Second… although Burning Heaven Clan’s hatred for me permeates their bones, it is impossible for them not to recognize my relations with the Blue Wind Imperial Family and Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, as well as my popularity within the Blue Wind Empire. Therefore, since I’m trapped like a turtle in a jar in their eyes, between acting now and acting when no one is present, they will naturally choose the latter.”

Of these eight people, Yun Che was certain that of the four people from the eight Sky Profound experts that accompanied Fen Juecheng to Blue Wind Imperial City to escort the bride, Fen Duancang and Fen Moran, the strongest of the bunch, would definitely be present. It looked as if the moment they left the city, they had transmitted a message to the clan immediately, and under the Burning Heaven Clan’s fury, they directed Fen Moli to lead a group out directly to kill him, met up with Fen Duancang and the others on the way there, then set out as eight together!

The Burning Heaven Clan had spies spread throughout the world. In addition, he had left the city hurriedly without any disguise, and Burning Heaven Clan must’ve ascertained his whereabouts, so it wasn’t unexpected for them to have kept watch here ahead of time.

To dispatch such a line-up sufficiently demonstrated the Burning Heaven Clan’s hatred of Yun Che to the bone. At the same time, it was also a kind of fear for his current strength… After all, strength capable of abducting Fen Juecheng under the protection of eight Sky Profound experts was worthy of them dispatching such an exaggerated line-up.

Yun Che found the place that sold mounts very quickly. The mounts sold here were a bit more diverse than what was usually sold in a small city. A large portion of the mounts being sold were tamed low-level Profound Beasts from the border of the Wasteland of Death. Among the mounts being sold, the most expensive one was the low-grade True Profound One-horned Beast. Yun Che spent fifteen purple profound coins to purchase a One-horned Beast, then directly leaped on and steered it towards the direction of the Wasteland of Death.

In the rear, a voice filled with disdain sounded: “He’s preparing to ride his mount into the Wasteland of Death? Looking at his appearance, he doesn’t even have a contracted profound beast. In the end, he’s just a little bastard who wasn’t born with anything.”

“Don’t spout rubbish. Lock onto his aura and make sure not to get lost. The time to act will be upon us when we get to the Wasteland of Death.”

“Is there a chance that he discovered us?”

“His profound strength is only at the Earth Profound Realm; it’s impossible for him to discover our whereabouts. This time, it’s impossible for him to escape. Let’s go!”

The One-horned Beast madly charged the entire way, and entered the Wasteland of Death not long after. The surrounding adventurers all had expressions of astonishment after seeing that there was someone who actually rode a mount into this place. The distribution of profound beasts in the Wasteland of Death was particularly concentrated. It was extremely easy for a mount to be startled in this place, and let alone travel, one could get caught up in a risky situation very easily.

After entering the Wasteland of Death, sinister auras began enshrouding the area, and the One-horned Beast under him also clearly began trembling uneasily. However, Yun Che patted its head and urged it to continue forwards at full speed. Not long after, around ten True Profound Beasts pounced in front of him. Yun Che waved his arm, and ten streaks of Phoenix flame swept over, killing any True Profound Beast that attempted to move closer, and directly stupefying the adventurers nearby in shock.

In the border zone, although Yun Che had a mount, he still traveled unimpeded, without any hindrances, and simply no True Profound Beast could near his body. Following his travel deeper into the land, he gradually neared the area where Spirit Profound Beasts roamed. This area, to an overwhelming majority of people, was a danger zone. As far as the eye can see, there were simply only a few human silhouettes, and continuing a bit further, not a single person could be seen.

This path that Yun Che chosen was precisely the path he had taken the first time he entered the Wasteland of Death. Although it had already been two years, he still remembered the distribution of profound beasts and geography along the sides of the road. Very quickly, the place within his memories appeared in his line of sight. He swept the rear with his gaze for a moment, sucked in a breath of air ferociously, then suppressed his profound energy aura with all his might. After, his palm ferociously whipped the One-horned Beast’s bottom. The One-horned Beast neighed painfully and ran forward desperately… At this time, Yun Che suddenly leaped off the One-horned Beast, and his body released a ray of blue light for a split second.

“Frozen Cloud Wall!”


With a light sound, a light-blue translucent barrier suddenly appeared around Yun Che, causing Yun Che’s already-suppressed aura to be isolated even more. At the same time, Yun Che’s Yellow Profound Handle shot out from his arm, transforming into a blurry human silhouette riding on the back of the One-horned Beast and followed the madly dashing One-horned Beast far away.

The Frozen Cloud Wall-covered Yun Che was like a fish that had tunnelled into a stone wall, his body vanishing instantly. Frozen Cloud Wall was a relatively ordinary profound technique from the Frozen Cloud Arts; its function wasn’t defense, but to conceal one’s aura. Of course, this kind of concealment couldn’t be done perfectly. If a powerhouse such as Fen Moli tried to detect him with rapt attention, he would still be able to discover his whereabouts. However, on the whole journey, Yun Che had deliberately adjusted his own profound energy aura to the same intensity as the profound handle he had just released. The Profound Handle that had followed the One-horned Beast was sufficient to confuse their senses, and at most, cause them to lock onto the wrong position for an instant.

And the Burning Heaven Clan experts, whose gazes were locked upon the aura of the Profound Handle, were unlikely to divert most of their focus to detect nearby concealed auras. The concealing ability of the Frozen Cloud Wall, should be sufficient to avoid them!

In the short span of ten breaths’ time, eight human silhouettes appeared in front of the place Yun Che had been previously. A cold voice, which had been deliberately lowered, sounded: “I think our opportunity is at hand… Great Elder, should we make a move now?”

“Hmph!” Fen Moli’s voice sounded: “I really want to capture him back to the clan, and have him endure all of our torture. Letting him die here just like this is really letting him off too lightly… Go! Remember, this brat is crafty and cunning, and his different moves are even more strange and unpredictable. Don’t waste your words with him; kill him directly!”

As Fen Moli’s voice descended, the eight people who had originally been in a concealed state instantly released their profound energies. Transforming into eight scorching gales, they flew towards the direction the One-horned Beast was headed.

“Bastard, hand your life over!”

How could the speed of a low-level True Profound Beast compare to that of a Sky Profound powerhouse? In the blink of an eye, the One-horned Beast had already appeared in their lines of sight. Thunder-like roars sounded, but before the roars had subsided completely, the eight people were struck dumb at the same time… because Yun Che’s silhouette simply wasn’t on the back of the madly-dashing One-horned Beast n! At this time, even Yun Che’s aura suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“Bastard! We were tricked by that brat!!”

Fen Moli was so angry that his lips turned purple and his entire body began quaking. He had originally thought that Yun Che was like a turtle trapped in a jar, and that they would be able to put him to death any minute. He didn’t expect that they, eight people from the upper level of the Burning Heaven Clan, would actually be played by someone from the younger generation, which they should have been able to capture easily!

“Could it be that he discovered us at an earlier time?”

“What crafty methods, to have actually hidden from all of our spiritual perceptions!” Fen Moli gnashed his teeth in anger. He waved his arm: “He definitely fled towards another direction, but he certainly didn’t go very far… We’ll split up and look for him! Fen Moyu and I will head back to look for him. Duancang, Moran, each of you bring two other people and travel east and west… Go!!”

Following Fen Moli’s command, the eight people split up rapidly towards three different directions with speed akin to lightning.


A gust of scorching wind swept over the stone wall which Yun Che had hidden in. Under Fen Moli’s rage, their speed was almost twice as fast as their previous speed, and the eight people disappeared completely from his line of sight in the blink of an eye. Yun Che, after waiting for several breaths’ time, hopped out from within the stone wall. Suppressing his aura, he quickly charged northwards.

These eight people definitely wouldn’t think that Yun Che was actually between the two stone walls around six hundred meters behind them.

Yun Che was very clear that, although he had gotten rid of them temporarily, they would catch up to him sooner or later, so he specially chose terrain according to his memories that was complicated, and also easily sheltered from sight.

The sky gradually dimmed, and unwittingly, Yun Che’s footsteps entered the Earth Profound Beast territory. This was an incomparably frightening area, and also the first actual “death” region of the Wasteland of Death. A single Earth Profound Beast was already scary, and in this place, Earth Profound Beasts appeared in large numbers. Even if a Sky Profound expert entered this place, he would have to proceed very gently and cautiously.

Arriving at this location, Yun Che heaved a sigh of relief instead. Earth Profound Beasts covered this entire area, and Earth Profound-level aura could be found everywhere. Under this sort of interference, if the Burning Heaven Clan men wanted to find him, it would undoubtedly be several times harder for them to do so.

“Be careful… they’ve caught up!”

Yun Che had just heaved a sigh of relief when Jasmine’s warning suddenly sounded again.

Yun Che’s heart trembled. He rapidly controlled his breathing, and leaned behind a dead tree: “How many people?”

“Only one… His profound strength is at the fourth level of the Sky Profound Realm. It looks like they’ve separated completely.”

Right at this time, in midair, an old man clad in a red robe neared. Afterwards, he suddenly stopped in midair, and both his eyes swept the ground beneath him like a hungry eagle, as if he had faintly discovered something.

Yun Che walked out from behind the dead tree at a casual pace. Both his hands hugged his chest as he said with a smile: “Are you looking for me?”

If the person that had chased over was Fen Moli or Fen Duancang, he would turn and run with his tail between his legs. If any two people appeared at once, his heart would thump… But a single old man at the fourth level of the Sky Profound Realm had appeared by himself… He was simply here to deliver food!

Although the fourth level Sky Profound Realm was an extremely powerful existence in the Blue Wind Empire, five months earlier, Yun Che had oppressed the Profound Handle, which Yun Canghai had restricted to the fourth level of the Sky Profound Realm, to the extent that it didn’t even have the power to counter. This level of power, to the current him, was not in the least threatening.

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