Chapter 316 - Emperor Profound Dragon Fault

Against the Gods

Chapter 316 - Emperor Profound Dragon Fault

“Even though the current you have no changes in terms of profound strength, under the Dragon God’s Marrow and Dragon God’s Soul, both your body and soul had leaped boundaries comparable to sublimation. It’s just that after completely fusing them, you can’t clearly feel it yourself, that’s all. Furthermore, with the Dragon God’s Soul and Dragon God’s Marrow, you can now even more thoroughly release the power of Dragon God’s bloodline in your body. Your combat strength now, is already several times greater than before… Other than that, with your current soul’s strength, it’s already barely possible for you to open the ‘Dragon Soul Domain’ of our Dragon God race!”

“Dragon Soul… Domain? You’re saying… Domain?” Yun Che spoke with surprise. Domain, was a powerful strength that could only be used after one reached the Emperor Profound Realm. Xia Qingyue being able to cast a Domain was because she possessed the Nine Profound Exquisite Body. But he, himself, was only at Earth Profound Realm. Could he really cast a Domain that only Thrones could cast?

“That’s right. The Dragon Soul Domain is not a Domain for attack, nor is it a suppression, crowd control, or defensive domain. Instead, it is an incomparably overbearing mental Domain. As to how powerful it is, you will know the moment you open it. However, even though it’s a mental Domain, it still needs part of your profound energy to support it. Whether in terms of your profound strength or mental strength, it would still be slightly inadequate for you to open the Dragon Soul Domain. Until you have to use it as a last resort, I do not wish for you to open it, because it may possibly cause unpredictable injury to your soul… As you grow stronger, the Dragon Soul Domain will also become increasingly powerful. Your road to becoming strong, is still very long.”

Yun Che silently perceived the power within the sea of his consciousness, and nodded without a word, as his heart grew slightly excited.

“Very good. Even though your soul is deeply stained with blood and sins, it just happens to be as transparent as a crystal. I trust that I would not judge and choose a person wrongly… Amongst all of the heritage of power I had left, this place is the latest, and also the last. People who have inherited my bloodline established the ‘Dragon God Clan’ at ‘that place’, and have increasingly grown stronger under countless years of carrying on the heritage. Only, being powerful often will give birth to arrogance and greed, and I don’t know just how the Dragon God Clan is faring as of today, either. As for people who had inherited the Dragon God’s Marrow and Dragon God’s Soul, you… are the only one. I hope, that you have not forgotten about the promise you made to me before.”

Yun Che nodded, and spoke sincerely: “The promise that I made previously, I naturally have not forgotten. If I really arrive at that place one day, I will definitely search for that sword you spoke about with all my power. And if I really find it, I’ll even more so do all I can to search for a way to break the seal, and let your daughter see the light of the day again.”

“Good… Like this, my residual soul that has struggled for so many years, can finally pass away with a peace of mind. Then, let me use the last of my power, and do.. one last thing for you. If I guessed correctly, you should have a Dragon Core from a Emperor Profound Flame Dragon on you. Together with the Dragon Fault Sword, summon them out from the Sky Poison Pearl.”

Yun Che stared blankly for a moment. Without asking further questions, he took out the Dragon’s Fault Sword and the thing that could be said to be the most valuable other than the Mirror of Samsara and Sky Poison Pearl.

The blue eyes of the azure dragon above him suddenly flashed. Dragon Fault, as well as the Emperor Profound Core, floated up at the same time. As they floated above him, the Primordial Azure Dragon’s voice sounded: “This Dragon Fault Sword, was left by a human who had entered the Dragon God’s trials and failed. Within the sword’s body, is a sealed young dragon’s soul. During the thousand years, because it existed within the Dragon God’s trial grounds with the nourishment of my dragon aura, it had never fell silent. Since you just happen to have a Dragon Core of a Emperor Profound Dragon, then let its wish be fulfilled!”

Suddenly, the Emperor Profound Dragon Core instantly blazed with a scarlet flame. That was a flame that belonged to a True Dragon; it was so scorching hot that the air seemed to be on the verge of igniting. Under the blue light’s lead, the Dragon Fault Sword plunged into the Emperor Profond Dragon Core’s flame, and was quickly entirely engulfed within the flames. Right after, the entire sword became a huge a ball of fire, as if it had completely started to burn… If one’s vision could look through the flames, they would discover that the burning Dragon Core had touched onto Dragon Fault’s enormous sword body and dispersed slowly as if liquefied, until it completely attached and melted into Dragon Fault.


The flames in the air instantly extinguished. The Emperor Profound Dragon Core vanished, and the Dragon Fault Sword descended downwards… At that moment, a surge of sword force that was incomparably overbearing, as scorching as the sun, and several times heavier and tyrannical shrouded down, completely silencing the space surrounding it.


Dragon Fault steadily landed onto Yun Che’s hands, yet the ground below Yun Che’s feet instantly bursted apart, and the entire cave had even slightly shook a bit. Yun Che tightly grasped the Dragon Fault as his arm went stiff while shock, as well as an extremely excited light, emerged from his eyes.

The Dragon Fault’s outer appearance did not have any very obvious changes, but its weight far surpassed that of before. The heaviness that came from his arms told Yun che, that the current Dragon Fault at least weighed over fourteen thousand kilograms. And its presence, had even made him, its owner, to actually feel a sense of suffocation.

Lifting both his hands, he wielded Dragon Fault horizontally, and injected profound energy into the sword’s body. Instantly, two hints of dazzling flares like that of a live dragon’s ferocious gaze actually flashed on the position where the dragon head’s eyes at the sword’s tip were. On the sword’s body, those complicated dragon bone markings were actually slightly twisting and squirming… Yun Che held onto the sword handle with both hands, yet he clearly felt a powerful soul… Dragon Fault’s soul!

The enormous heaviness had even made Yun Che, whose arm strength was extraordinary, to feel that it was somewhat hard to wield. But what he felt even more, was excitement. Because he had witnessed the birth of a Emperor Profound Weapon… In his hand, was the one and only Emperor Profound Sword within Blue Wind Empire that could rouse the world!!

It could be imagined just how terrifying of a destructive power would result from a swing of such a sword. From its shapeless sword force, it was unknown just how many people would feel their galls turn cold before even fighting.


Yun Che fiercely swung out Dragon Fault. The sound of it breaking through the air was so heavy that it was like a boulder which pressed onto one’s heart. And what accompanied it, was a incredibly loud and clear cry of a dragon!

“Weapons with souls are originally hard to wield, but the you now possesses the Dragon God’s Soul. Its sword soul is also from the soul of a young dragon, so it will completely submit to you. Even if you are currently only at the Earth Profound Realm, you can all the same fully wield it… Unfortunately, it seems that you won’t have the time to fully get used to it, because your enemy will appear very soon. And it is also time, for me to leave as well. Work hard to become stronger, and work hard to live on… You carry the last of my bloodline… and the last of my hope…”

“That frightening feeling... I hope… it’s only a false illusion…”


The azure colored eyes vanished, and the Primordial Azure Dragon’s voice had also completely died down at this moment. The Dragon God’s presence that existed for who knows how many years, had finally thoroughly dissipated as well… And the last sentence it left, that seemed like self-muttering, confused Yun Che greatly.

“Frightening feeling? What does that mean?” Yun Che murmured. Just what could it be, that would even make the mighty Dragon God feel “frightened”. After a short while of pondering, he turned his gaze, and looked toward the cave’s outside… Those few people who pursued him without stop, were already a mere few hundred meters away… Furthermore, all seven of them were there!

Yun Che coldly laughed and walked toward the entrance while dragging Dragon Fault. Every single step he took, would leave a half foot deep footprint below his feet. Only until he took over a dozen steps, did he finally coordinate his posture and Dragon Fault’s weight. When he completely walked out of the cave, there were already no footprints left below his feet.

The moment Yun Che exited the cave, illusory flames swayed around him. Seven human figures descended from the sky, respectively landed around him, and tightly encircled him in. Seven gusts of incomparably strong auras, also tightly locked him down.

Being locked down by the profound energy of just one strong being at the Sky Profound Realm, would already cause a profound practitioner of the Earth Profound Realm to become entirely stiff and have trouble breathing. Yet when Yun Che was simultaneously locked down by seven experts in Sky Profound Realm, he still appeared as cool as a cucumber. Not only were there no traces of panic on his face, it was rather brimmed with a smile; as if these seven people before his eyes were not here to take his life, but was instead here to greet him.

“Yun Che! Even if you are thousand times shrewder, you still won’t be able to escape from within the palms of our hands! This time, let’s see where else you can run to!” Fen Moran took up the Burning Heaven Blade, and furiously roared.

“Tsk tsk,” Yun Che curled his lips, and said with contempt: “Can’t you old dogs change up your lines every time we meet. You always say that I can’t escape every single time, but too bad, I got away every time I wanted to, and you lot could only eat my dust like headless flies. Your faces are already swollen like that of a pig from slapping yourselves; aren’t you afraid for them to swell into buttcheeks?”

“Don’t speak nonsense with him!” Seeing Yun Che, Fen Moli’s bellyful of rage that had been held in started to fiercely burn: “Get him right now! Yun Che, let’s see how you can run this time!!”

“Junior, face death!!”

Fen Moran was the closest to Yun Che. With a loud roar, flames ignited on his entire body. The Burning Heaven Blade struck out, and a “Burning Heaven Red Lotus” slashed toward Yun Che. As beings whose name shook the world, to actually not yet succeed in killing a youth after being dispatched together and were even fooled to run in circles, every one of them held a stomach full of anger, not just Fen Moli. The first strike that Fen Moran unleashed was already an extremely ferocious move, wishing that he could directly chop Yun Che into two halves with a single stroke.

As Fen Moran neared, Yun Che quickly turned around, yet he did not swing his sword to block. Instead, his left hand suddenly moved away from the sword handle, and grabbed toward Fen Moran’s Burning Heaven Blade.

“You seek death!” Fen Moran became greatly enraged, but in the next moment, his eyes were fully flooded with shock.


Yun Che’s strength suddenly erupted like a volcano, and actually barehandedly grabbed onto Fen Moran’s Burning Heaven Blade. Along with a burst of sound that made one’s heart cramp, the Burning Heaven Blade that was burning with flames directly twisted… and twisted again… The flames on its body were thoroughly extinguished within a breath of time, while the entire Burning Heaven Blade, had already been twisted into a knot.

“Wh...What!!” Fen Moran’s eye balls almost jumped out of their orbits.

As the Thirteenth Elder of Burning Heaven Clan, Fen Moran’s blade naturally wasn’t ordinary. The name of the Burning Heaven Blade in his hands was called “Flame Mastiff”, and was a high-grade Earth Profound Weapon. After being infused with his strong profound energy, it could destroy mountains and land, even burst open fine steel. Yet in Yun Che’s hands, it was casually twisted into a top… This, was many times more difficult than just directly snapping it in half.

While on Yun Che’s hand, there was only a leftover line of blood that couldn’t even be considered deep.

After the refinement by the Dragon God’s Marrow, Yun Che’s current bones were tough to an extent incomprehensible by normal people. Perhaps even if Fen Moran slashed them with all his strength, it would at most leave a shallow mark; it would be a waste of time to even think about cutting through them.

“Your Burning Heaven Clan really is miserable. A dignified elder ranked being, only actually uses such a shitty blade that bends with twist of a hand. It simply makes one’s frontal teeth fall off from laughing too hard… When you reincarnate in your next life, remember to choose a better sect!!”

With a smile on his face, Dragon Fault violently crashed onto Feng Moran’s chest.


The unparalleled mighty strength exploded like a flooding tsunami. Amidst the loud sound, Fen Moran’s body was instantly smashed into two chunks and flew out like two tattered sacks, without any time for him to even utter a grunt.

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