Chapter 321 - Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Mistress

Against the Gods

Chapter 321 - Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Mistress

After blowing away the defense that the Frozen Cloud Six Fairies simultaneously constructed with a single sword strike, Yun Che clenched his teeth and formally stepped into the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace with rage burning up within him. At this moment, a furious voice descended from above: “Insolent one! You actually dare to barge into my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace and destroy my palace gate… Unforgivable!!”

A gust of bone-chilling blizzard arrived howling as it unyieldingly stopped Yun Che’s advancing body. Yun Che gave a loud roar and with a swing of his heavy sword, the blizzard wave was blown away scattering instantly. After which, he smashed straight at the figure that was rapidly descending from the skies.

The person before him looked to be forty or fifty years old, and a wave of enormously oppressive might emanated from her… Her mightiness of her strength, was above Fen Duanhun, above Xiao Juetian, and even above Ling Yuefeng! She was the strongest opponent Yun Che had ever encountered to date in the Blue Wind Empire! An peerless strong being who had stayed in the Emperor Profound Realm for forty whole years!

And this person, could only be the Mistress of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Gong Yuxian!!

Yun Che’s fury that was already surging grew even more intense. With flash of his body, four figures appeared in mid air, swung out four Phoenix Breaks that were charged with anger at the same time, as they mercilessly blasted straight for Gong Yuxian… Whose might stood proud in the world, that even the Emperor would have to act utmost courteous to her in dread, the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Mistress.

Gong Yuxian’s eyebrows furrowed tight, and with a wave of her arm, a snow white long ribbon danced the air as it floated, striking all four Phoenix Breaks and scattering them. With another wave of her arm, the snow white long ribbon was knitted into the shape of a snowflake in the midst of its dance. Carrying a might that could shake the heavens and the cold of an icy world, it greeted straight for Yun Che’s heavy sword!




The power of the Emperor Profound Realm exploded in the collisions, and even shook up the entirety of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace as it faint shuddered. Three enormous overlapping holes broke open on the ground, and even the space above had almost collapsed under distortion. Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace disciples who were relatively closer were directly flung away by the residual wave of Profound energy, letting out panicked, yet tender and sweet-sounding cries.

Yun Che landed on the ground with a flip, all the blood and air in his body tumbled. Right before him, Gong Yuxian landed slowly. Shock was written clearly across her face. Her gaze paused on Yun Che’s face for a short while, and then swept past to the Dragon Fault in his hands. A cold light came from her solemn eyes, “To actually have such strength at such a young age, and also possesses an Emperor Profound Sword as well! Could it be, that you are a descendent of a certain Sacred Ground?”

Gong Yuxian was such a high level being, that no one would dare to not answer a question from her. Yet Yun Che continued to turn a deaf ear; his eyes were as if the bloodshot ones of cruel wolves, and glared at her as he spoke in a raspy voice, “Gong Yuxian! Chu Yuechan’s profound art being crippled…. and was also chased out of the Frozen Immortal Palace … Is that true! Speak!!”

“Mistress, he is Yun Che! He didn’t die!” Chu Yueli shouted. Amongst all the people present, only she had seen Yun Che before.

“Yun Che!?” The tip of Gong Yuxian’s brow moved. All the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s disciples’ faces revealed shock and complicated expressions as well… So he was Yun Che? The one who had snatched the championship of the Ranking Tournament with a profound strength of the True Profound Realm, who was also Xia Qingyue’s husband, as well as the one who made Chu Yuechan pregnant, and shook up the entire of Blue Wind Empire… then unexpectedly fell at the Heavenly Sword Villa, that Yun Che?

Obtaining the title of champion in the Ranking Tournaments at seventeen years old, a True Profound Realm that matched Earth Profound Realm… With accomplishments like these, it was enough to look over the Blue Wind Empire with pride, and was also qualified enough let Gong Yuxian pay him attention. But after those few moves that Gong Yuxian had just exchanged with Yun Che, her heart could be said to have stirred up a stormy sea. Her Profound strength was at the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm, and yet she did not gain the slightest bit of advantage over Yun Che. Every time that Emperor Profound Heavy Sword was swung, its terrifying might was even enough to make her feel like her chest was being pressed by a huge rock, making her unable to breath at all.

His true strength, is far more than a hundred times greater than what was spoken in the rumors!

Perhaps even compared the current Xia Qingyue, he isn’t the slightest bit weaker!

This Yun Che can be considered an peerlessly talented being; it’s no wonder why even Chu Yuechan had be moved by him.

“So you are Yun Che?” Gong Yuxian was both surprised and furious. The Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s thousand years of pristine reputation had been sullied, was precisely because of him; and being forced to shut the palace gate in seclusion, was also because of him! If Yun Che hadn’t already fell earlier, she would have longed to leave the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to kill him herself. Her brows sunk, as she said, “So you’re actually still alive? And you have the gall to come up to my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to condemn me? You caused Yuechan to violate the sectoral rules and, and destroyed my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s thousand years of reputation…..”

“Bull shit!” Yun Che voiced angrily, “What does your dog shit sectoral rules have to do with me! How am I in any way related to your thousand years of pristine reputation? In my eyes, your sectoral rules are practically the most dehumanizing chains in this world! And your so-called thousand years of pristine reputation, is even more of an enormous joke! While I and Chu Yuechan loved each other, took on hardships together, went through life and death together… The matters between the two of us, even the emperor of the heavens have no control over them! What right do you have to cripple her profound art, and chase her out of your sect!”

“Insolence!” Gong Yuxian raged, and spoke as she held back her emotions: “Yuechan is the direct disciple of mine whom I am proudest of. I treat her just like my own daughter, and all the Frozen Cloud Arts she has learned have been taught by me. Even though I hate that she has caused the sect’s reputation to become tainted, and wished so much to personally destroy that vile spawn in her womb, but how can I have the heart to cripple her profound arts and throw her out of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace! The Frozen Cloud Arts is a supreme profound art of the ice attribute, it freezes the heart and chills the body. If a woman who trains in the Frozen Cloud Arts becomes pregnant, the child in her womb would be frozen to death in less than two months! This place is an area of perpetual snow and ice, the cold energy is extremely heavy, and therefore, it is the most suitable place to train in the Frozen Cloud Arts. But living under such heavy cold energy for too long, would similarly be fatal to the fetus! Yuechan, for you… and for that vile spawn you left in her body, had discarded her own profound arts on the spot and begged me on her knees to let her leave the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace!”

“......” Yun Che’s mind experienced a loud crash, and instantly became a stretch of white. And in that white world, a portrayal of Little Fairy who was usually cold as profound ice, resolutely crippling her own profound arts for the sake of their child, and kneeling in front of Gong Yuxian while begging with tears, was slowly painted….

Previously, although he had liked Chu Yuechan and was infatuated with her pure and cold temperament and sensation, never did he feel like he had owed her anything. Even though she had saved him, however, in the Dragon Spirit training ground, he had also battled tooth and nail to protect her. Even regarding them becoming one, it was also done to save her life. But at this moment, he clearly knew that in his entire life, he would never be able to forget Chu Yuechan; in this entire life, he could not ever afford to let that infatuated heart even more tenacious and transparent than a diamond below that facade as lofty and prideful as a snow lotus, down.

Yun Che’s face started to twitch. Following which, he laughed; his laugh was tinged with a little sadness, and a little cold mockery. His voice was low, but the anger in it had not lessened in the slightest: “Gong Yuxian, let me ask you… Back then, did you really not have any method of saving the child in her, as well as and her profound art, without making her leave the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace!”

Gong Yuxian’s expression changed. Facing Yun Che’s gaze which was cold as ice, the words that was about to exit her mouth, yet couldn’t leave her lips for a long while.

Yun Che spoke in a somber tone: “Had you used Purple Veined Heavenly Crystal to temporarily seal her Profound veins, and protected the child in her womb the same way, then no matter the cold energy of the Frozen Cloud Arts, or the cold energy, it would be absolutely impossible for the child to be harmed! Purple Vein Heavenly Crystal is indeed incomparably valuable, but as a sect that has been standing for a thousand years, it’s absolutely impossible to not be able to take out enough Purple Veined Heavenly Crystal! Gong Yuxian, you’ve been living for a hundred years, and are at the pinnacle of the Blue Wind Imperial City’s practitioning world, so don’t tell me you did not know of such a method!!”

Yun Che’s words had hit the nail straight on her head. Her face was somber, but when facing Yun Che’s angry eyes, she was unable to say anything.

“Mistress, is this… true?” Chu Yueli questioned. And when she spoke, her hands tightened unconsciously.

“Sigh!” Gong Yuxian let out a long sigh, and said: “Back then, Chu Yuechan had suddenly discarded her profound arts herself, there simply wasn’t enough time for me to stop her….”

“Bullshit!!” Yun Che’s furious voice cut Gong Yuxian short: “Even if she had suddenly crippled her profound arts, and you weren’t able to stop her in time… Then why did you allow her to leave the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace? Without profound arts, how would she protect herself? And with her profound arts crippled, her body would definitely be extremely weak for a long period of time, moreover that she was pregnant! If you had really cared for her, and saw her as your own daughter, you ought to have kept her in the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. With the Purple Veined Heavenly Crystal to block out the cold energy, and the protection of your Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, she would definitely have been safe and sound until the child had been born! Yet you still chose to throw her out! All your excuses are just bull! What you really minded, was simply just your so-called thousand years of pristine reputation! Because only exiling her from the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, would you be able to say that the sanctity of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had been preserved! For your so-called pristine reputation, everything else, even your so-called ‘daughter’ could decisively be thrown away!”

“Nonsense!” Gong Yuxian was sullen: “While Yuechan discarded her own profound arts, her profound strength is still within her! With her profound strength of the Emperor Profound Realm, in the entire Blue Wind Empire, just how many could even harm her!”

Yun Che took up his Dragon Fault, as a berserking aura released from his body: “I, Yun Che, am a person who will definitely repay debts of grace, but also grudge alike! If your Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had treated Chu Yuechan kindly, kept her in the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace and protected her as she gave birth to our child, I would have definitely become eternally grateful to your Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Even if I had to sell my life for the sake of your Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, I would not have batted an eyelid! But regretfully, you have made a decision that I can’t help but resent… Gong Yuxian, you’d best pray that on the day I find her, she and our child are both safe and sound, or else, I’ll for certain take your life even if you were the queen mother of the heavens!!”

Each and every of Yun Che’s words was terribly pressing, and Gong Yuxian was also slowly losing control over the fury that she had fought to keep suppressed. She spoke with a heavy voice: “Regarding Yuechan, even though the punishment she had received was definitely not unjust, it is true that my handling of it had left much to be desired in terms of sensibility. But this cannot become a reason for you to cause a ruckus in my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace! What’s more, you’re the one who owes my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace first! My Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace dates back for thousands of years, and nobody has ever dared to be so impudent. If you don’t give me a satisfactory account for what happened today, then don’t even think of leaving!”

“Account for it?” Yun Che laughed coldly, “The one who should be giving an account for this is you, not me! I don’t have any intentions of leaving now at all, either! Because I have yet to let you taste the repercussions of angering me!!”

The Profound energy from Yun Che exploded suddenly, causing the ice and snow that had just landed to be blown up to the air once again, filling the entire sky. Swinging up the Dragon Fault, an “Overlord’s Fury” directly blasted toward Gong Yuxian’s face. The screaming wind and dragon cry that seemed as if it came from above the heavens, resounded through the entire Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

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