Chapter 324 - Returning to Floating Cloud

Against the Gods

Chapter 324 - Returning to Floating Cloud

“You two are still not heading off to train at this time, what are you chit-chatting here for?”

A man of just over twenty with dignified features walked over. But facing his chiding, the two profound palace disciples who were discussing about Yun Che wasn’t scared at all. They simultaneously let out a “heh heh”, and said: “Instructor Sikong, we were wrong, please don’t get mad, your honor, we’ll go back to the training room right now.”

As this person appeared, Yun Che slightly froze, because he was actually someone he himself knew… Sikong Han’s son, Sikong Du, who had given him great help in the Blue Wind Profound Palace back then!

Hm? Instructor Sikong? He had said before, that he wouldn’t remain in the Imperial City after graduating from the Blue Wind Profound Palace, and would go back home to New Moon City in order to avoid the Imperial Family’s chaos. So he really did that, and even became an instructor in New Moon Profound Palace… Even though he was very young, and not much older than the Profound Palace’s disciples, the current him had already officially stepped into the Spirit Profound Realm, and was entirely qualified to be the instructor of these disciples.

“Ah right, Instructor Sikong. I heard that when you were at Blue Wind Profound Palace back then, you had met with Yun Che before. Is that true?”

Sikong Du’s gaze moved, and slightly nodded: “His grandfather and my father had an old friendship, so when he first entered the Blue Wind Profound Palace, I voluntarily looked for him, and also tried to give him some help. But thinking about it later, trying to self-righteously help such a peerless genius with my insignificant abilities, really was somewhat naive and laughable… Alright, go train already, this place is not for you to chit-chat in.”

“Yes, Instructor Sikong.”

The two Profound Palace Disciples quickly ran away. Sikong Du, as if thought of something, made a very melancholic sigh. Just as he was about to take a step, a voice suddenly came from his right side: “Senior Brother Sikong, long time no see.”

Sikong Du turned his eyes to the right, then turned his entire body around and stared wide-eyed at Yun Che who was walking toward him, as he almost couldn’t believe his own eyes: “Yun Che!? Why… why are you here?”

“Shh!” Yun Che hastily made a shushing gesture, afraid that Sikong Du’s voice would attract others here. He walked closer and said: “I didn’t think that Senior Brother Sikong would actually become an instructor at New Moon Profound Palace, it’s really surprising… I’m guessing, that you ought to be the youngest instructor in New Moon Profound Palace’s history?”

“I’m only a intern instructor right now. A part of it, is also borrowing my father’s convenience.” Sikong Du appraised Yun Che from head to toe; the astonishment in his eyes remained for a long time. He laughed self-mockingly: “But these little accomplishments of mine, simply can’t even be mentioned when compared to yours.

“What Senior Brother Sikong is saying, isn’t true.” Yun Che said sincerely: “When I first came to Blue Wind Profound Palace, Brother Sikong had helped and guided me greatly. Without Brother Sikong’s help, it would be simply impossible for me to settle within the Profound Palace so quickly. These, I have always tightly remembered in my heart.”

“Hahahaha.” Sikong Du laughed candidly, and said with praise: “No pretentiousness, no pretense, and no haughtiness. Compared to those geniuses of those great sects nurtured using background and resources, it’s unknown just how many times better you are.” His gaze swept through the surroundings, and he said: “Let’s get to the main point now; for you to especially come back here, there ought to be something important you need to do right? As of now, I can be considered as settled here in the New Moon Profound Palace. If it’s something regarding New Moon Profound Palace, perhaps I can be of help.”

Yun Che slightly nodded, and said: “I did indeed come here for a matter, and need Elder Sikong’s assistance. May I inquire where is he currently?”

“My father?” Sikong Du stopped for a bit, then said: “Father just happened to have gone to the south two days ago, and only can return after three days at the very least… If it’s not something too important, you can tell me, and I may be of help.”

“It’s not too great of a matter.” Yun Che did not hesitate, and said: “I am currently about to head back to Floating Cloud City, and pick my grandfather and little aunt with me. Xiao Clan is cowardly and heartless, and owes my grandpa and little aunt too much. After my reunion with them, it’s not possible for me to let them remain in the Xiao Clan anymore. The Imperial City is currently full of foul air, and adding to all the different forces over there, the situation is complicated. I won’t be at ease to settle them down there either, so…”

Regarding the matter of Yun Che and Xiao Clan, Sikong Du had heard from Sikong Han before. He instantly understood, and said while smiling: “I had thought it would be something difficult, so it was actually such a simple matter. This matter does not need to go through my father, I can promise here right now, if Uncle Xiao is willing to come here, any of positions up to vice palace chief or instructor, down to security or just nothing but relaxation, Uncle Xiao can freely choose. In here, absolutely no one would treat him badly.”

Sikong Du laughed and said: “Besides, with your reputation, to settle your grandfather down at our New Moon Profound Palace, Palace Chief Zhou and even the New Moon City’s governor would wish to personally shoulder a carriage to greet him. And perhaps, even Blue Wind Profound Palace would come from afar to grab them. This is not you asking us for help, but is gifting New Moon Profound Palace with a colossal present.”

Yun Che knowingly smiled, and said: “Alright, then I’ll bother Senior Brother Sikong for this. I will be heading back to Floating Cloud City right now.”

“Be careful on the way. I heard that after you crashed Fen Juecheng and Princess Cangyue’s wedding, and gravely wounded Fen Juecheng, Burning Heaven Clan’s people are searching for you everywhere. A thousand year sect like Burning Heaven Clan, had never received such humiliation before. Even though you are already extremely famous and there are a lot of supporters and admirers of you, Burning Heaven Clan would certainly not just let it go. It’s best if you can hide your tracks at all times.” Sikong Du reminded.

Yun Che made a casual smile: “I got it.”

Everyone all knew that Yun Che had crashed Burning Heaven Clan’s Young Clan Master’s bridal escort, but they did not know that Yun Che had counter-killed the eight Sky Profound Realm experts Burning Heaven Clan had sent to hunt him down… And that even included the Great Elder. Otherwise, Blue Wind Empire would have been even more intensely stirred because of him.

“Ah right, there’s something that happened, I don’t know would be of help to you or not.” Sikong Du recalled something, and suddenly spoke: “When I returned from sending my father outside New Moon City away a few days ago, I faintly saw a very familiar annoying face. You also know this person, and seemed to have conflicted with you before.”

“Who?” Yun Che questioned.

“Fen Juechen!”

“Him?” Yun Che froze for a bit. Fen Juechen, Fen Duanhun’s third son. Because he was at odds with Fen Juebi, he left the Burning Heaven Clan and entered Blue Wind Profound Palace, and held number one on the Inner Palace’s Heavenly Profound Rankings. Yet on the day of departure to Heavenly Sword Villa, in order to participate in the Ranking Tournament, he was beaten down by Yun Che for angering him! And because of that, he wasn’t able to attend the Ranking Tournament. There were no news of him at all after that.

"When I left the Blue Wind Profound Palace, from the rumors, it seems that he had returned to Burning Heaven Clan because of Fen Juebi’s death, and I didn’t pay him attention any longer. That day I took a hurried glance, and it seemed to be him. But he has no reason to appear here, and there aren’t any off movements from Burning Heaven’s Branch Clan either… Or perhaps I was just seeing things.” Sikong Du said hesitatingly.

Yun Che pondered for a while, then said as he nodded: “I understand. Senior Brother Sikong, thank you for telling me these. We should be meeting again very soon.”

After exchanging Sound Transmission Imprints with Sikong Du, Yun Che left New Moon Profound Palace, and rushed straight toward Floating Cloud City riding the Snow Phoenix Beast.


As the smallest city of Blue Wind Empire, Floating Cloud City seemed to never have any fate with “lively” and “bustling”.

When the small city that appeared slightly quiet and old appeared in full view, Yun Che’s heart uncontrollably jumped with “thump” “thump” sounds.

Having lived here for sixteen years, how could Yun Che not have any emotions toward the small city that carried all his childhood memories.

The Floating Cloud City within his vision became increasingly nearer and bigger; slowly, he faintly saw Xiao Clan’s location, and that dark-green colored rear mountain behind Xiao Clan.

A nostalgic emotion rippled within his heart as the silhouettes of two people emerged in his mind with incomparable clarity. The desire to immediately see them was as intense as a flood being held back by a dam. Looking forward, his eyes became faintly misty, and uncontrollable mutters to himself came from his mouth: “Grandpa, Little Aunt, I’m back… I’m back…. I will never let anyone oppress and harm you ever again….”

As his emotions flooded, he had already arrived above Floating Cloud City’s city gates. If he were to continue, the Snow Phoenix Beast would no doubt instigate a huge uproar within the entire city. Yun Che put away the Snow Phoenix Beast, landed outside of the city gates, and walked into the familiar yet slightly foreign Floating Cloud City on foot.

Unwittingly, three years had already passed.

These three years of experience, thinking from it now, were really like a dream.

At first, when he left Floating Cloud City with swallowed hatred, he swore to come back with strength enough to crush Xiao Clan within three years, and make the entire Xiao Clan beg his Grandfather and Little Aunt to leave the Reflection Gorge on their knees… And that time, even though he swore it, he clearly knew how difficult it was to achieve it. Thus, he desperately trained and cultivated with all his might, and desperately provoked enemies to enhance himself to the greatest extent.

At that time he wouldn’t have thought that after three years, his strength would become far more than just being able to crush Xiao Clan… The Xiao Clan at this moment, before the level of his current strength, wasn’t even qualified for him to spare a straight glance.

Walking on Floating Cloud City’s ground, Yun Che’s steps were actually somewhat unsteady. Even though his heart was incomparably eager, his steps were actually not that fast. He was thinking, that after meeting Grandpa and Little Aunt, just how should he hug them, and what should he say to them; should he laugh, or should he cry...

There weren’t too few nor too many pedestrians in Floating Cloud City’s streets. Everyone walked hurriedly, and there wasn’t anyone to notice him. Even if they brushed past his shoulders, there wasn’t anyone who would directly discern him as that wastrel and joke who was chased out of Floating Cloud City three years ago.

Yun Che walked through one street after another, as he increasingly neared Xiao Clan. At this time, he stopped his steps, raised his head and looked at the dignified gate before him. Two huge golden words were engraved on the sign above the gate:

Xia Manor.

This was Xia Qingyue and Xia Yuanba’s home.

As a merchant family, Xia Manor would ordinarily always emit a kind of bustling air that carried the smell of commerce. But standing before Xia Manor’s gate right now, what Yun Che felt was a sort of silence never recorded in his memories. He stood there for a long while, and did not continue forward. Instead, he hid his presence, vaulted high up over the wall, and silently landed within Xia Manor’s great courtyard.

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