Chapter 332 - Nine Profound Dipper Formation

Against the Gods

Chapter 332 - Nine Profound Dipper Formation

All of the ordinary Burning Heaven Clan disciples had scattered in retreat; because they all knew that even if they were to go up, they would simply be throwing away their lives. At this moment, those who were besieging Yun Che were all people of the middle ranked Earth Profound Realm. However, them jointly attacking together was practically no different than simply throwing away their lives. Under Yun Che’s heavy sword, they were being destroyed in groups like piles of rotten wood. What they had amounted to, was at most slightly delaying Yun Che’s advancing steps.

It had not even been half a quarter of an hour since Yun Che had began swinging his heavy sword, yet Burning Heaven Clan bodies were already piling up on the ground. The prestigious, solemn, and imposingly scorching Burning Heaven Clan that was like a sacred place in the eyes of ordinary profound practitioners, was riled into a complete mess in such a short amount of time by Yun Che. Fear, screams of misery, and the everlasting wails and howling that seemed to have come from banshees and evil spirits came from all over the area.

At this moment, a cold shout suddenly came from a place not so far away: “Everyone, pull back!!”

The one who issued the order was second elder Fen Moji. Under his command, the Burning Heaven Clan members surrounding Yun Che felt as if they heard the voice from heavens... Yun Che’s terrifying strength and ruthless methods, had already scared them out of their wits long ago. They had forced themselves to charge at him, and immediately after the command was issued, everyone panickedly retreated like the parting tide.

Yun Che motionlessly stood in place. Around him, was a field of dismembered bodies that extended to more than a radius of thirty meters. The blood under his foot streamed as though a river, a ghastly sight to behold. If they had not seen this with their own eyes, no one would have believed that the Burning Heaven Clan of the Four Major Sects, had actually been turned into a bloodstained slaughterhouse by a young man of not even twenty years of age.

Yun Che did not chase after them, nor did he continue onwards. Around him, human figures quickly moved about one after another, and after they all stopped, they had already made a strange battle formation with him at the center.

A total of thirty people surrounded him, among these people, even the youngest was already a little over forty. The nine closest people around him were evenly standing in nine different locations around him, while the twenty one standing behind them were distributed unevenly. Another sixty more meters behind them were another twenty people with faces full of grave concentration, yet they did not approach. All of these people were wielding a Burning Heaven Blade… and the fire on all of these Burning Heaven Blades were all purple in color!!

Which was to say that the profound strengths of these people… were all at least in the Sky Profound Realm!!

“Be careful, this is a power transferring profound formation created by people who have cultivated in the same profound arts!” Jasmine’s voice suddenly echoed from Yun Che’s mind. Her voice contained a slightly grave tone: “This profound formation could allow everyone within the formation to concentrate all of their power to those nine’s bodies. Not only that, those nine people getting the transferred power are not fixed, and could swap to anyone attacking you or being attacked by you at any time. This profound formation could only have a maximum capacity of thirty people, it may be less, but no more than that. Even if you kill one among them, those at the back would immediately enter to repair the formation… until they completely suppress and kill you, or drag it on until you are exhausted!”

Yun Che: “...”

“The Sky Profound Realms of this sect should all be here. Hmph, just to kill you alone, they actually did not hesitate to mobilize all of their Sky Profound practitioners. Though I’d suppose that you are this sect’s greatest enemy in their history!” Jasmine said indifferently.

Just as Jasmine’s voice fell, the surface of the nine people closest to Yun Che sudden became ablaze. At the same time, their profound energy aura had all instantly increased by several fold.

Yun Che narrowed his eyes as his gaze swept across everyone before him… Under their feet, there was a faintly discernible image of a flashing formation. An enormous pressure also heavily pressed onto Yun Che’s body at this moment, making him feel a little threatened for the first time since entering the Burning Heaven Clan.

“Nine Profound Dipper Formation” Fen Juecheng uttered in a low voice while standing in the middle of Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion’s mountain pass. His previous overcast expression instantly smoothed out to reveal pleasant surprise, arrogance, and a savage smile: “And it’s even a Nine Profound Dipper Formation constructed by every elder and pavilion master… Haha, hahahaha… Yun Che, you’re toast! This time, even if you are ten times more powerful, you would still be doomed to die without a burial ground!”

Among the nine people closest to Yun Che, the oldest one, an old man whose beard and hair had all turned completely white, stared fixedly at Yun Che, and started speaking with a solemn voice: “Yun Che, it wasn’t until this old man saw it with his own eyes did he dare believe that such a person like you would appear in Blue Wind Empire. With your aptitude, your future would surely be mighty enough to shake the world. But unfortunately, you had overestimated your own abilities and provoked my Burning Heaven Clan. You have dug your own grave, cutting off all future prospects. You have no one to blame but yourself! It is unfair for us dozens of people jointly forming a formation to deal with you, but…”

“Shut your old mouth!” Yun Che smashed his heavy sword on the ground, interrupting that old man’s speech with a loud sound as he sneered with mockery: “A group of old dogs that kidnap and hold innocent people hostage, despicable to the point where heaven and earth would hold you in contempt, actually would care about being unfair?! Bullshit!”

Yun Che’s words made the white haired old man flush with anger. His old face twitched, but in front of Yun Che’s cold eyes filled with disdain, he was already unable to even say anything to keep up a front. After his whole body trembled all over, he roared in exasperation: “Insolent junior… Die!”

“A group of despicable old dogs actually have the face to bark in front of me… go bark in hell!!”

Yun Che’s body suddenly exploded forward, and Dragon Fault smashed towards the old man who had just spoke with a thunderous sound. Under the incomparably berserking power, the surrounding air was instantly pushed apart, denting in a faintly discernable circular arc in front of Dragon Fault.

The power behind this strike drastically changed the old man’s expression, but it instantly returned to calm again. The nine people around Yun Che simultaneously mobilized, as nine Burning Heaven Blades that came in all different directions brought along heatwaves scorchingly hot to the point where even the space was almost melting and assaulted Yun Che.


The incomparably loud striking sounds almost shattered everyone’s ears. Six Burning Heaven Blades struck atop of Dragon Fault at the same time, and a surging wave of profound energy instantly exploded outwards. Yun Che was knocked four or five steps back as his wrist felt slightly numb… But the six people in directly in front of him, were simultaneously blown flying for at least a dozen meters away. However, they had merely been blown away, and did not sustain any substantial injuries whatsoever. And following Yun Che’s brief moment of imbalance, three streaks of chilling aura rushed at him from behind, and three Burning Heaven Blades slashed onto Yun Che’s back at the same time.


Blood splashed, flying out from Yun Che’s back as three lines of blood marks that were half a foot long and half an inch deep was carved into Yun Che’s back. The acute sensation of pain came from his back, and also instantly evoked Yun Che’s ferocious nature. With an explosive howl, Dragon Fault brought along a furious dragon cry as it smashed backwards. Following the loud sound, three Burning Heaven Blades broke in answer and flew out of their hands. The three Burning Heaven Clan elders who had injured Yun Che were also blasted flying into the distance.

Previously, the six combined attack had actually completely offsetted his heavy sword’s attack. And the attack from the three in the back, actually had all brought about wounds that were not so frivolous… Yun Che tightened his brows as the profound energy in his entire body frantically roiled like boiling water… This battle formation, was far stronger than what he had imagined.

When Yun Che was being slightly shocked, the shock on the Burning Heaven Clan’s side was instead entirely inconsolable.

Though they had injured Yun Che in one exchange, not only did six people’s worth of a combined attack not even gain the upperhand, they instead had all been blasted off by Yun Che. The three blade strikes that contained all of their strength, had actually merely cut open three insignificant bloody marks!

These nine people, were no ordinary Sky Profound experts! Inside the Nine Profound Dipper Formation, their bodies contained the entire combined power of thirty Sky Profound experts!

They simply could not believe, that Yun Che’s power and physique was actually frightening to such an extent.

Even though they were incredibly shocked, they still completely believed that once they had activated the Nine Profound Dipper Formation, no matter how much stronger Yun Che could be, it was still impossible for him to leave alive today; because aside from the Grand Elder and the Grand Clan Master who had long withdrawn from society, this was Burning Heaven Clan’s greatest power they could dish out! And when he was inside this formation, the previously always invincible Yun Che had indeed been injured in a single exchange.

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