Chapter 334 - Little Che, You Must Think of Me

Against the Gods

Chapter 334 - Little Che, You Must Think of Me…

The nine who had been rushing towards Yun Che all stopped in their tracks, their expressions changing from malice to surprise. After which, they suddenly morphed to extreme fright. Their eyes began to shrink rapidly and their entire bodies seemed to tremble like leaves in the wind.

This was because a dragon had appeared before their eyes… An incomparably large dragon that filled the sky. Its body was thousands of meters long and just its head was as big as a mountain. An aura that was indescribably humongous came bearing down upon them from the sky, and under this large aura, they felt as minuscule as a grain of sand in comparison to the universe.

The skies darkened and peals of angry thunder roared down from above, shaking the earth and sending it into a series of trembles. This entire scene was practically as frightening as if Judgement Day had suddenly come.

“What…. What…. What… What is that!?” Looking at the frighteningly gigantic dragon before their eyes, and the world before them that had suddenly changed, their limbs grew weak, their bodies shuddered, and their eyes bulged, letting out the loudest screams they had ever shouted in their lifetimes.

And the humongous dragon seemed to have heard their shouts of fright. iIs large head suddenly descended from the skies as it opened its mouth wide, heading towards them.


A shriek that was filled with extreme fear practically tore through the heavens, and these incomparably strong Sky Profound practitioners were like mice caught by a ferocious tiger under such might and fear, unable to resist at all. In their terror, their bodies had become limp, causing them to lose all their strength, leaving them none to even escape. Each of them crumpled onto the ground, clutching at their heads instinctively and letting out extremely miserable and frightened shouts.


A trembling elder of the Burning Heaven Clan had his chest pierced through in a strike by Yun Che, his eyes staring wide with fear as he was struck down.


A Burning Heaven Clan pavilion master who was in the midst of a frightened howl was cut into two with a sweep of the Dragon Fault Sword.


A loud noise sounded, and four of the Burning Heaven Clan’s elders were sent flying in a strike, instantly becoming corpses… The Nine Profound Dipper Formation had collapsed altogether, and without the enormous bestowed strength from the profound formation, their defense was simply laughably weak before Yun Che.

Within the Dragon Soul Domain, and under such immense might, they had totally lost all their fighting spirit; what remained was only fear. Let alone continuing their attack on Yun Che, they seemed to even have completely lost their ability to resist and escape. They, who were incomparably strong, were currently just like weak sheep waiting for the slaughter, as they were easily killed off one by one through Yun Che’s strikes.

Outside of the Dragon Soul Domain, all those in the Burning Heaven Clan were already utterly frightened. All they heard was a dragon’s howl, and saw a dragon’s shadow appear suddenly behind Yun Che… Following which, they saw that everyone encircling Yun Che had all stopped where they were; trembling from head to toe, pupils enlarged, and the expression on their faces… were as if they were witnessing the most terrifying scene in the world.

And it was also almost at this instant, the profound formation’s light suddenly flashed, and the Nine Profound Dipper Formation linking all the Sky Profound expert’s profound veins and minds… had actually disappeared at once!!

Yun Che rushed out like a wild leopard. Dragon Fault crazily smashed onto one after another elder and pavilion masters… And these elders and pavilion masters all seemed like they were demon possessed. When facing Yun Che, they all collapsed onto the ground with fright, their lives ending in a single sword strike in the midst of their shouts of fear… They did not strike back, nor did they resist. Even after death, their eyes were still opened wide, filled with a fear that seemed as if they were about to enter the underworld.

“What’s… What’s happening!? What’s going on!!” They were about to see Yun Che lose his life under the Nine Profound Dipper Formation, but just like a nightmare that suddenly descended, the strong Sky Profound experts from their Burning Heaven Clan were actually killed one by one by Yun Che while trembling in place…. The Dragon Soul Domain was a mental domain, without color nor shape. Beyond the Domain, unless a person’s mental strength was strong enough, they would not be able to sense anything happening at all.

The Dragon Soul Domain that Yun Che had established was not large, because the larger the area, the more taxing it would be on his mind. It was only just enough to envelop the entire Nine Profound Dipper Formation within. The Dragon Soul Domain was not a strong attack-based Domain, nor was it a control-based Domain like the Frozen Cloud Domain. Rather, it was a mental Domain, the likes of which Yun Che had never come into contact with before… He had never thought that the might of the Dragon Soul Domain would be frighteningly strong to such an extent, that even these strong Sky Profound Realm practitioners would turn into defenseless sheep waiting to be slaughtered, allowing him to take their lives as he wished while they cowered and trembled.

Such might, was so frightening that even he himself was overwhelmed with deep shock!

Although it could not instantly kill people, nor cause bodily harm towards any target, it was still far more frightening than any attack or control domain that Yun Che knew of.

After all, this was the god’s domain from the Dragon God, that could only be activated through the Dragon’s Soul!

However, such a strong Domain would also use up an incomparably large amount of profound energy and concentration. Especially so was the amount of mental exhaustion… After a mere five breaths of time, Yun Che’s brain already started to become heavy, and he was showing signs of increasingly strong dizziness. He faintly felt that in his current state, were he to forcefully continue onwards, he would certainly suffer strong mental backlash when he dispel it, and might even go unconscious on the spot.

In this five breaths of time, an entire twelve Sky Profound experts had had their lives ended by Dragon Fault.

“Overlord’s Fury!!”

Yun Che’s figure rushed forward, and instantly arrived at the place most concentrated with elders of the Burning Heaven Clan. Dragon Fault violently smashed down, and the Dragon Soul Domain, which had been sustained for merely a few breaths of time was, by then, also lifted.


Several dozen meters of land burst open completely, blasting six of the Burning Heaven Clan elders flying simultaneously. Under the Dragon Soul Domain, not only would their bodies not have the transferred profound energy from the Nine Profound Dipper Formation, but even their own profound defense had collapsed under fright. In a strike from Yun Che, six Burning Heaven Clan elders all died, and none were spared.

The scene had originally been one of Yun Che’s impending death, yet in a few breaths’ time, it became that of eighteen elders of the Sky Profound Realm being killed in succession like vegetables being chopped. The sudden change in the situation had made everyone unable to react. A sea of darkness engulfed Fen Duanhui’s vision, as he violently sprayed out a mouthful of fresh blood.

The Dragon Soul Domain was lifted, and the remaining elders and pavilion masters seemed to have suddenly been awakened from a nightmare. They knew that they must have fallen for one of Yun Che's plots. Looking at the corpses lying on the ground around them, they gave a loud roar, and rushed forward furiously… But the collapsed Nine Profound Dipper Formation could no longer be constructed. Even though they had rushed forward at the same time, their threat towards Yun Che had already reduced substantially.

In his current state, Yun Che was only left with half the strength of his peak, but against these Sky Profound practitioners who did not have the Nine Profound Dipper Formation, the pressure upon him had suddenly dropped. Dragon Fault danced, and storms screamed, drawing people, one after another, into the whirlpool of death. Under the might of Yun Che's sword, these Sky Profound practitioners whose names shook the Blue Wind were practically unable to get within ten meters of Yun Che. And if they came into slight contact with the Dragon Fault, a light hit would result in grievous injury, while a heavy one would result in a violent death. Before long, these Sky Profound practitioners were already flustered. They could not even save their own lives as each revealed expressions of utter despair.

The sneer had completely vanished from Fen Juecheng’s face, and every muscle in his body was twitching. He stared widely and rigidly as Yun Che killed each of the Burning Heaven Clan’s pillars of support one after another… Even more so, he was cutting off the Burning Heaven Clan’s lifelines one by one! His hands and feet were ice-cold, and his teeth clenched tight as a wave of deep fear began spreading in his chest… Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something, and ran like a lunatic towards Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion.

Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion’s door was kicked open. Fen Juecheng’s gaze was locked onto Xiao Lingxi’s person firmly as he quickly rushed towards her.

A figure appeared in a blur in front of him, and Fen Juechen blocked his path. His gaze was brimmed with coldness: “What are you trying to do?”

“What am I trying to do? Of course it’s to take her life to Yun Che!” Fen Juecheng spoke, deep and low: “Yun Che was willing to come here for her, so it’s evident that she’s important to Yun Che! I’ll bring her before Yun Che… and have him take his life in exchange for hers!”

Xiao Lingxi moved backwards, her back pressing tightly against the wooden windows while her eyes filled with fear.

Fen Juechen’s footsteps did not let up, and even his expression was still completely unfeeling and cold, “I’ve said that she’s just a bait! That’s all. This was the bottom line we agreed on in bringing her here! Other than that… nobody is allowed to touch her!!”

“Yun Che has already killed more than twenty elders and pavilion masters, and the entire of the Burning Heaven Clan is about to be buried in his hands, yet you’re still shouting about your ridiculous bottom line… Scram!!”

Fen Juecheng’s expression was sinister. Raising his right arm, he knocked Fen Juechen away roughly while grabbing towards Xiao Lingxi.

“You’re asking for death!!” Fen Juechen became enraged, as streaks of long fire chains shot out from his hands, winding firmly around Fen Juecheng who was charging towards Xiao Lingxi. At the same time, his body rushed forward, as he threw himself forth like a fierce wolf.

“The one who is courting death is you! You’re a good-for-nothing trash who insists on assuming a lofty stance. In my eyes, you’ve always been just a ridiculous and pitiful clown! With just your abilities… do you think you’re fit to stop me!?”


The chains of fire burst apart, as Fen Juechen and Fen Juecheng began engaging in combat. Fen Juecheng, fueled his pressing desire to capture Xiao Lingxi in order to coerce Yun Che, and Fen Juechen who was fueled by both his desire to protect Xiao Lingxi as well as his overflowing fury and murderous intent. The two brothers who had originally got along rather “harmoniously”, were yet currently filled with murderous desires, their attacks incomparably vicious with no leeway in the least.

Fen Juecheng’s left arm and right hand were already injured heavily, and he was also injured internally as well. However, his strength was was a realm greater than compared to Fen Juechen’s, and still very quickly pressed Fen Juechen into a disadvantageous position. After a dozen or so exchanges, a tongue of flame hit Fen Juechen right in his chest, throwing him far away. Fen Juechen’s back was smashed heavily onto the wall, causing the wall to break open as the wooden tables and chairs beside him had also rapidly caught on fire.

“Trash!!” Fen Juecheng smiled disdainfully, grabbing towards Xiao Lingxi yet again.

“Who did you… say… was… trash!!!”

An enormous hand of flames surged up in fury, and smashed onto Fen Juechen’s face in an instant, forcing him back by three or four steps. Fen Juechen also leapt over from the ground, throwing himself at Fen Juecheng like a thoroughly enraged wolf.

“You’re courting death!!”

A terrifyingly sinister expression appeared on Fen Juechen’s face. With a roar, the flames on his body exploded into life. Fen Juechen’s gaze was fierce, and although his profound fire was far weaker than Fen Juecheng’s, he wasn’t inferior at all in terms of the imposing pressure. Even more so, his gaze was even colder than the cutting edge of a sword. Letting out low roars, he stubbornly obstructed Fen Juecheng’s advancing steps. The skin and flesh on his hands were also being burnt to crisp by Fen Juecheng’s flames, yet he did not utter a single word, nor did he retreat by even half a step.

“The things that I, Fen Juechen wish to protect… Unless… I die… otherwise… Don’t even think of having it your way!”

“Don’t think I won’t dare to kill you! You useless trash!”

Fen Juecheng’s expression grew all the more malevolent, and his flames began devouring Fen Juechen’s flames even faster. Almost half of his arms had already been burnt enough to practically reveal his bones, but still he did not let up…. The flames started to spread beyond his hands, arms….

Xiao Lingxi stood by the wooden windows, her tender face had long been drained of color. Regarding Fen Juechen, she was originally supposed to be filled with hatred towards him, as he was the one who had brought her and her father here, but he had protected her once and again... To the point where he would not hesitate to use his life to protect her. She did not understand just what this unfeeling, taciturn person was thinking from the bottom of his heart, but she had practically lost all her hatred towards him by then, and it had been replaced with a kind of complicated gratitude...

Although her profound energy could not be compared to that of the two at all, it was enough for her to know that no matter how ferocious Fen Juechen was, he would still not be able to restrain Fen Juecheng ultimately. Her gaze swept past, landing upon the wooden windows as she looked at the figure of the one who was struggling in battle, blood-soaked, for her….

Suddenly, all her fears had vanished, and an entrancingly beautiful smile appeared on her face.

“Little Che... You must think of me…”


With a palm strike, the wood windows were smashed into pieces as she swiftly leapt up, passing through the windows lithely. Closing her eyes, she allowed her body to fall.

She was scared of dying.

But if she was being used as hostage to capture Yun Che, as an element to endanger his life… She would rather choose to die.

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