Chapter 336 - Burning Heaven Clan at the Brink of Ruin

Against the Gods

Chapter 336 - Burning Heaven Clan at the Brink of Ruin

The profound formation underneath was rotating, and several tens of fire pillars surged to the sky, sealing off all Yun Che’s advance and retreat routes. The high temperature released by these pillars of fire was over a dozen times more terrifying than any of the Burning Heaven Elders Yun Che had crossed swords with.

Outside of the profound formation, a loud roar full of resentment came: “Yun Che, let’s see how you can still act insolent now! Since even Nine Profound Dipper Formation couldn’t do you in, then just die under this Heavenfire Star Burning Formation! To be able to die in our Burning Heaven Clan’s Heavenfire Star Burning Formation, you can consider this life of yours worthy! What the Heavenfire Star Burning Formation carries, is our Burning Heaven Clan’s highest level Heaven Burning Fire. Under this Heaven Burning Fire, you will be instantaneously… burnt into ashes!!”


The few tens of fire pillars simultaneously exploded, formed together into a deep purple colored sea of flames, filling up the entire Heavenfire Star Burning Formation, and completely engulfed Yun Che and Xiao Lingxi within.

The Heavenfire Star Burning Formation’s spinning speed began to rise to its limits, driving the deep purple Burning Heaven Flames to crazily burn. Everything within the profound formation started to burn; a scorching heat wave and charred smell flooded the entire Burning Heaven Clan. However, not a single wisp of these extraordinary purple flames leaked outside of the formation, and they all intensely burned within the profound formation, swallowing everything inside without any hint of extinguishing. In the entire profound formation, other than the flames, there was nothing else.

“Finally… dead!”

Burning Heaven Blades powerlessly fell to the ground one by one. All of those Elders and Pavilion Masters also fell on their bottoms, wordlessly watching the fresh blood and wreckage all over the place, and that stretch of deep purple sea of flames.

“From our ancestor’s records, Heavenfire Star Burning Formation’s power, is enough to easily burn down super strong experts of the late stage Emperor Profound Realm. Yun Che is already certain to die. Right now, he ought to have turned into burnt ashes.” Breathing heavily, Fen Moji spoke toward Fen Duanhun.

Fen Duanhun similarly sat onto the ground paralyzed… Yun Che died; being shrouded by the Heavenfire Star Burning Formation, there was no possibility for him to survive, but he couldn’t feel joyous in the slightest. This Heavenfire Star Burning Formation could be said as Burning Heaven Clan’s last, as well as their strongest line of defense. If the sect was to be one day invaded by a force that far surpassed their strength, once the Heavenfire Star Burning Formation initiates, it would be enough to burn down all of the invaders… But today, it was actually forced to be used on a single person… Moreover, it was a youth of only nineteen years!

And before that, a large number of the sect’s disciples, and even elders as well as pavilion masters had already died in his hands.

Within a day, the Burning Heaven Clan which could call upon the wind and invoke the rain in Blue Wind Empire, experienced a nightmarish heavy loss… Their entire strength, would be vitally damaged because of this, and perhaps may even never recover from this setback from this point forward.

As he watched Yun Che die within the Heavenfire Star Burning Formation, not only was he unable to laugh even a little, he had instead wanted to burst into loud sobs. In his heart, there was only endless dreary and sorrow. If he was given another chance to choose, even if he were to completely forfeit his dignity to compromise with Yun Che again and again, he would be absolutely unwilling to provoke him even a little.

“Clan Master, are you alright?”

A few Burning Heaven Elders walked over, and asked while breathing heavily. Their bodies were riddled with wounds; all of them had on a solemn face, and none of them carried the expression of joy.

“Sigh, it would have been great if Grand Clan Master, or Grand Elder was here. If they were here, then what would be so scary about one Yun Che, and how would we be driven to such a state…”

“Grand Clan Master and Grand Elder had both closed off their five senses, and cultivated in hiding for so long. Moreover, they stopped bothering with the sect’s matters long ago. Unless they appear themselves, otherwise… sigh.”

“Don’t talk anymore.” Fen Duanhun waved his hand, got up swaying and said solemnly: “Gather all disciples to clear up the scene, and also prepare the funeral affairs for all the passed away elders and pavilion masters… Other things, can be discussed later.”

“This calamity today, at the bottom of it, was brought onto us by none other than ourselves! Our Burning Heaven Clan flourishing till now, from up to elders and down to servants, were all boundlessly arrogant in the outside world and full of conceit. If that’s not the case, then how would such a grudge with Yun Che be established! And in the end, to even abduct his family! Such despicable behavior, had at long last brought down such a retribution!” As Feng Duanhun spoke, his harsh gaze swept through the elders' faces one after another. All who met his gaze drooped their heads down, with shame written all over their face.

Such a despicable action that could possibly tarnish Heaven Burning Clan’s prestige, if not for having received the Elder Council’s support, Fen Juechen definitely wouldn’t have dared to follow his own decisions no matter how much he hated Yun Che. These elders, in order to avenge the Great Elder and the others, had all been impatiently wanting to cut Yun Che apart. Thus, they supported kidnapping Yun Che’s family members as bait, and concealed it from Fen Duanhun together...

It was also this decision of theirs, that made the sect encounter such a catastrophe… Over a thousand disciples and over twenty elders as well as pavilion masters became lying corpses. Moreover, even the Heavenfire Star Burning Formation was trashed.

If they were to be held accountable, they all could be considered Burning Heaven Clan’s sinners.

The Elders dispersed one after another, arranging clan disciples to clean the sect that was in an extremely miserable state. In the blink of an eye, seven and a half minutes passed, and the emotions of Burning Heaven Clan’s disciples finally settled somewhat. The Heavenfire Star Burning Formation’s deep purple flames were still burning, and there was no sign of the fire receding at all… According to the records left by their ancestors, the flames in the Heavenfire Star Burning Formation would burn for an entire quarter of an hour.

At this time, an elder’s gaze suddenly fell onto the flames within the Heavenfire Star Burning Formation, then he uttered a surprised and confused voice: “Quickly look, you guys, the flames in the profound formation seem to be a little odd.”

The Heavenfire Star Burning Formation’s purple fire had always been burning quietly, and the sea of flames it assembled had well distributed billows. Yet currently, the sea of flames was surging with streaks after streaks of fire waves. The number of fire waves were also increasing, scurrying up and down while undulating intensely, as if they were intensely struggling against something.

All of a sudden, the entire purple colored sea of flames, as if being lifted by something, had actually slowly started to float upwards… That’s right! The entire sea of flames was floating. Furthermore, it was going higher and higher; from half a foot, to one foot, to two feet… ascending with an even speed.

This extremely inexplicable scenery made all of Burning Heaven Clan’s people freeze on the spot; struck dumb, and their eyes stared wide, as they were unable to utter a word. At the first moment, they all thought they were seeing things… However, though a single person could be hallucinating, if everyone was seeing it, would it still be a hallucination?

The sea of flames still continued to ascend, and had already slowly reached the height of a person from the ground… And below the sea of flames, a figure shrouded by the purple colored glow of fire emerged. His left arm tightly hugged a frail and unconscious girl, and his right hand raised up high. Above his palm… was precisely that burning purple colored sea of flames!

“Yun… Yun Che!!”

“It’s Yun Che!!”

Shouts of extreme fright completely resounded through the entire Burning Heaven Clan… The Yun Che they had initially thought to be burnt to ashes by the Heavenfire Star Burning Formation, actually had not died! And not only did he not die, he wasn’t harmed at all! Even his clothing, his hair, and the girl in his embrace didn’t have a single trace of being scorched. And the entire sea of flames produced by the Heavenfire Star Burning Formation, the ultimate Burning Heaven Flame enough to kill a late stage Emperor Profound Realm practitioner, was actually… lifted by Yun Che with his palm!!

This scene made all the Burning Heaven Clan’s disciples, even elders and the clan master, frightened to the extent that their heart and guts had almost bursted open.

“Impossible… Impossible… Impossible… Impossible… Impossible!! How is it possible for something like this to happen!!” Fen Duanhun’s entire body went limp, and five consecutive ‘impossibles’ were uttered from his mouth. He, as the Burning Heaven Clan’s Clan Master, was actually trembling all over with his constricted pupils… The dreadful Burning Heaven flame sea actually did not harm Yun Che in the slightest, and was instead lifted up by him, and even became a flame in his hands! Right now, the Yun Che bathing in the purple colored firelight, was like a flame god that hailed from the world of gods, making everyone’s heart and soul tremble with fear.

When Jasmine said that this attack-based formation was a pure profound fire formation, Yun Che was already void of all worries, and let himself be engulfed by the Heavenfire Star Burning Formation without resistance. Within the sea of flames, he put away the Snow Phoenix Beast, and completely isolated all flames, not letting Xiao Lingxi be harmed in the slightest. At the same time, through the Heretic God fire seed’s fire controlling ability that was unparalleled under the heavens, after an entire seven and half minutes, he had completely annexed this sea of flames into his own control.

“Want to kill me? You lot are not even worthy!!” Grinning, Yun Che’s face was filled with a wild sneer and crazy resentment: “You wanted to kill me with such a little profound fire formation? Simply the nonsensical dreams of fools… I had originally wanted to just break away and leave. But I’ve changed my mind; I suddenly want to know what kind of extraordinary scenery it would be... if this field of flames were to smash into your Burning Heaven Clan!”

Yun Che’s words, were like the devil’s voice, and caused everyone’s complexion to change severely. A deep expression of fright emerged on the faces of everyone present.

“You… you… you dare!!” An elder loudly roared, but his footsteps were already panickedly retreating in the midst of his fear, and fell onto his bottom. His entire person shivered like broken leaves in the wind. Even though this sea of flame was terrifying, it had been restricted within the profound formation, and wouldn’t leak out. But if it was really smashed toward Burning Heaven Clan by Yun Che, those terrifying Burning Heaven Flames would all turn into the most frightening fire of disaster, and crazily burn, spreading and flooding into the Burning Heaven Clan. The Burning Heaven Flame contained within, would be enough to burn nearly half of the sect into flat ground! If the people present were to be engulfed within, they would all die! None would be able to luckily escape.

If this stretch of flaming sea were to be really tossed down by Yun Che like this… Then Burning Heaven Clan would be thoroughly finished!!

“Hm? You are implying… that I don’t dare?” Yun Che’s eyes narrowed, and looked at the elder who spoke. That elder’s entire body shivered, his lips trembled, and he could no longer utter even half a word.

“STOP… STOP!!” Fen Duanhun extended his palm toward Yun Che’s direction, his eyes entirely bloodshot. He spoke with a trembling voice: “Yun Che… We can talk it over, we can talk it over… You mustn’t be impulsive!”

“Heh! I don’t have anything to discuss with you old dogs of Burning Heaven Clan!!”

“No... No, no!! Fen Duanhun hastily waved his hands, and even his entire face was crazily convulsing under fright: “In this world, there are no unsolvable grudges… Put… put down the fire in your hand first. Anything can be discussed, anything can be solved… The faults we committed, we’ll definitely shoulder it… For the matters before, I’ll personally apologize to your family. Any compensation or terms, if you speak it… even if I have to risk my life, we’ll definitely satisfy you!!

These words, were uttered from the Burning Heaven Clan’s Clan Master’s own mouth. From the standpoint of a sect, this was already forfeiting all dignity of a sect. However, what Fen Duanhun was currently facing, was a threat of the entire sect’s annihilation. If the sect could be saved, even if they were words ten times more humiliating, he still had to say them.

What Fen Duanhun’s compromise and begging for mercy that abased himself onto the ground traded back, was still Yun Che’s cold smile. But how could such a great expanse of Burning Heaven Fire be so easily controlled? Enduring for this much, was already his limit. If he didn’t push out the sea of flames within three breaths of time, the flame sea would directly explode above his head. He glanced at the unconscious Little Aunt, and his heart ached; but what he had an even larger fright and deep fear for similar things happening again. Because of Burning Heaven Clan, he and Xiao Lingxi had nearly separated for eternity. His grandfather was also currently in their hands, his life and death unknown. As he thought about these, his rage uncontrollably burned crazily, and a furious voice roared out: “The fault you lot have committed… must be repaid with the price of destruction! ALL…OF… YOU… DIE!!!!”

As the last word fell, Yun Che’s arm abruptly swung, and that stretch of flame sea, which carried a heat wave that flooded the sky, smashed toward his front with countless pairs of despairing pupils watching it happen...

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