Chapter 34 – Star Concealed, for the Hated Blood Sacrifice (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 34 – Star Concealed, for the Hated Blood Sacrifice (2)


A vast amount of blood blossomed out as Xiao Yulong’s lower abdomen bursted open. The previously intoxicated Xiao Yulong let out a sound similar to that of a dying pig as he fell off the bed, both hands covering his stomach as he rolled around on the floor in pain.

The door was suddenly flung open and a Xiao Yang who wasn’t all that far away, rushed back in after hearing the scream. When he saw the situation before his eyes, his complexion paled and his hands trembled in panic: “B…. Boss!”

He wanted to help Xiao Yulong, but he didn’t dare to touch him without permission. After his initial burst of panic, he rapidly dashed outside and quickly roared: “Clan Master…. Clan Master! Xiao Yulong…. Xiao Yulong has been attacked by an assassin… Clan Master!!”

Under the night sky, Xiao Yang’s voice traveled a considerable distance and made the originally very quiet Xiao Clan suddenly become extremely chaotic. As he watched the crying Xiao Yulong on the floor, Xiao Che coldly laughed, pushed open the door and leisurely walked out.

It wasn’t long until Xiao Yunhai, Xiao Gu, and several elders immediately rushed in. After seeing the dagger stabbed in the abdomen and the blood gushing out of Xiao Yulong’s body, Xiao Yunhai was suddenly at a loss. He stumbled in the middle of rushing over. “Yulong…. Yulong!!”

Xiao Yulong’s consciousness did not fade at all. The previous drunk was completely awake as he reached out his hand to grab onto Xiao Yunhai’s sleeve, and let out a weak sound of suffering: “Fa…. ther….”

“Hurry! Hurry and lift him onto the bed!” Xiao Gu said as he quickly opened his medicine chest. The faces of the few elders who followed in closely behind them were full of complete astonishment…. Who? Who did this!!!

After Xiao Yulong was lifted up on the bed and laid down, Xiao Yunhai and the First Elder used profound energy to staunch his bleeding wound. Xiao Yunhai’s complexion distorted as he asked:

“Xiao Gu, how’s the situation?”

Xiao Gu’s eyebrows were tense from the very beginning. When he heard Xiao Yunhai’s question, he took a long, deep sigh: “There is no major danger to his life. The assassin was clearly not aiming for his life, but this cut…. is truly malicious. It just so happened that the stab pierced right in the middle of the Profound Vein’s Profound Heart. In turn, this stab to the Profound Vein is like the puncturing of a balloon. Not only is the Profound Vein damaged, all of the profound energy has also leaked out.

“Wh…. at!?”

When Xiao Yunhai heard that “all the profound energy has also leaked out”, it was like a clap of thunder that instantly changed his complexion into a pale white. He compelled himself to remain calm and asked with a trace of hope: “Then…. how long will it take to recover?”

Xiao Gu shook his head: “It is a profound energy leakage that had already been depleted. This is fundamentally impossible to recover from. But fortunately, his profound vein injury could be repaired and after repairment, it is possible to once more…. train from the beginning.”

Xiao Yunhai’s body abruptly twitched as Xiao Yulong’s complexion became completely covered in despair.

This cut didn’t want Xiao Yulong’s life, but instead crippled his entire profound strength!

Like a meat pie that had fallen from the heavens, Xiao Clan had finally gotten an opportunity to enter the Xiao Sect. Xiao Yulong took great pains to grab this extremely rare opportunity, to at last be able to soar into the skies. Yet on the eve of this beautiful dream that was about to be happen, his entire profound strength had been completely destroyed…. Even if they had to use their toes as collateral, they knew that it was impossible for Xiao Kuangyun to bring back a waste with a damaged profound vein back to Xiao Sect!

“Who… who the hell…. could be that malicious!! Who!!!”

Xiao Yunhai’s entire body trembled as his complexion became ashen. Originally, he thought that Xiao Yulong’s immediate departure to the Xiao Sect was an extraordinary happy event. He even thought of making himself available in the afternoon, and was so impatient about this that he had already prepared Xiao Yulong’s travelling clothes for tomorrow. Unexpectedly, before even walking two steps towards heaven, he had suddenly dropped back down to hell.

“Clan Master, you must calm down first! Yulong is still conscious right now, so he may know who did this evil act.” Xiao Li said with a dark face.

Xiao Yunhai woke up from his trance and quickly came over to Xiao Yulong’s side. In a grave voice, he asked: “Yulong! Did you see who stabbed you!”

At this moment, Xiao Yulong’s abdomen had already been wrapped with layers of bandages by Xiao Gu, so his injury had been temporarily stabilized. He shook his head and painfully answered: “Don’t know…. I didn’t see anyone at all….”

“Didn’t see anyone at all?” Xiao Yunhai’s widened his eyes. Then, Xiao Cheng’s gaze suddenly flashed and spoke in alarm: “Quick, look over there, at that window!”

Shockingly enough, on the diagonally opposite window, there was an additional fist-sized hole. Xiao Yunhai placed his hands on top of it and his entire body revealed his murderous intent.

“It’s quite evident that someone had been hiding behind this window, waited until Yulong came in, took advantage of his drunkness, and used this dagger to injure Yulong!” Xiao Li cautiously spoke: “This courtyard is situated at the very center of the Xiao Clan territory yet someone actually infiltrated and pulled off such a quiet assassination…. This person must be extremely familiar with our Xiao Clan, or this may even be the actions of our Xiao Clan members!!”

After he finished speaking, Xiao Li’s eyes inadvertently glanced at the respective Xiao Bo, Xiao Ze, and Xiao Cheng.

Xiao Li’s reasoning fiercely shook Xiao Yunhai’s heart…. In Floating Cloud City, the Xiao Clan was considered to be one of the top clans who practiced in the Profound. Regardless of the degree of difficulty, to infiltrate the Xiao Clan and assassinate the Clan Master’s son was an extremely large risk. And in terms of outer appearance, Xiao Yulong was usually courteous, with an excellent reputation. Who, and for what reason, would assassinate him?

If the assassin was actually a person of the Xiao Clan, then it all of a sudden became easier to explain!!

If this was done by the Xiao Clan’s members, the “infiltration” would become incomparably easier, and would also easily grasp this fortunate timing of when Xiao Yulong would become drunk. As for the reason…. that was naturally their jealousy of Xiao Yulong’s departure to Xiao Sect! If crippled or killed, the Xiao Sect would then select another person! The assassin would also have that opportunity!

As he thought about it, Xiao Yunhai’s heart chilled and his vigilance sharpened…. because the Second Elder, Third Elder, and Fourth Elder by his side were the biggest suspects! They all dreamed for their own grandson to be sent to the Xiao Sect! Faced with this rare opportunity that came from the Xiao Sect members, it wouldn’t be strange if they did such a crazy and ridiculous thing.

“Xiao Gu, how is Yulong’s injury now?” Xiao Yunhai said as he gritted his teeth to keep calm.

“The wound has already stopped bleeding and the medicine has been applied. There is no immediate danger. Based on Yulong’s current condition, it should take almost half a month to completely heal. But on the topic of repairing his profound vein, that may even take several months. At that time, the training of profound strength must also start anew.” Xiao Gu answered truthfully.

At this moment, a panicked yell suddenly came from outside the door like the sound of thunder: “F…. Fire!! Fire!! The infirmary and the Southern Courtyard…. are both on fire!!”


Xiao Gu ferociously turned around and ran outside in a way that seemed like he had no care for his life. The infirmary stored a countless number of herbs and remedies; they were like his life to him. Xiao Yunhai and the others were also startled, because the Southern Courtyard was precisely the very place where the Clan Master and Elders resided!

The four Elders did not speak anymore and immediately rushed out wildly. Xiao Yunhai slightly hesitated behind them and anxiously faced Xiao Yulong: “Yulong, your wound is no longer life-threatening. Take a good rest and don’t think about anything else. I will definitely arrest the culprit of your assassination as soon as possible!!”

After saying that, Xiao Yunhai also quickly ran out the door, and beelined straight for the Southern Courtyard. That place housed the important possessions he had accumulated throughout his entire life. Now that he’d heard it was on fire, if he didn’t personally go over there, how could he possibly feel at ease?

Xiao Yulong was suddenly left alone in his room. With his profound vein damaged and a serious injury, Xiao Yulong motionlessly laid in place…. Don’t even mention moving his body, his entire body was so weak that he was incapable of even lifting the smallest of fingers. He blanky stared at the ceiling as his vision dimmed. He sincerely hoped that what had happened was only just a nightmare….

Tap, tap, tap….

There obviously should not be anyone here, but the sound of muffled footsteps entered Xiao Yulong’s ears. This sound made his hair stand on end as he inclined his head towards its source…. He saw an approaching figure walk closer…. An individual who should never have shown up here….

“Xiao…. Che!?” Seeing a person emerge like some sort of ghost, both of Xiao Yulong’s eyes widened in disbelief as if he could hardly believe what he had seen. He had obviously been expelled from the Xiao Clan, and was forbidden to enter again…. how could he possibly appear here?

In the middle of the three hour “Star Concealed” state, unless it had been removed by an external force, Xiao Che could freely cancel and reactivate the concealed state; until the three hours ended. He stood in front of Xiao Yulong’s bed and coldly looked at him: “Xiao Yulong, you appear to be extremely surprised.”

“How…. How could you…. possibly be here!!” Xiao Yulong said in an evasive hoarse voice. He struggled to lift his body to a sitting position but could barely lift his arm, so he completely softened, and laid back down.

“How could I possibly be here?” Xiao Che smiled. It was an easy-going smile, in the eyes of the reclining Xiao Yulong, but he detected an odd awe-inspiring sensation from his body to his mind. He slowly picked up the dagger that Xiao Gu pulled out from Xiao Yulong and pointed it at Xiao Yulong: “Of course, I’ve come to collect your debt.”

“Collect debt? What debt? Do you even know what you’re doing!” Xiao Yulong’s body spasmed as his eyes suddenly contracted in alarm: “The one who tried to assassinate me, was you? No…. Impossible! Impossible!!”

“You actually have the face to even ask me what debt I’m to collect!” The smile on Xiao Che’s face faded away, replaced by a demon’s malevolence as his facial features twisted into a terrifying expression. The hand that held the dagger trembled slightly, as he revealed his endless killing intent and resentment that he had always held back….

“On the day of my wedding, you tried to used the Murdering Heart Powder to kill me! If it weren’t for the protection of my fate, I would have already been a dead man!!”

“For your possible soaring success, you fawned over Xiao Kuangyun, didn’t hesitate to falsely frame my little aunt, forced me and Xia Qingyue apart, and even caused my expulsion…. Hmph, my expulsion was nothing much. If it wasn’t for Xia Qingyue being a Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace disciple and her master being nearby, Xia Qingyue would be doomed! My little aunt would also have to bear the injustice of being brought back to the Xiao Sect and suffer all kinds of humiliation! My grandfather would suffer the bitterness of being alone and spend his entire life harboring a grudge….”

“Xiao Yulong… tell me… what kind of debt ought I demand from you!!!!”

“How should I treat you, to let you pay off this debt!!

In his roar of resentment, Xiao Che raised the dagger and suddenly stabbed in Xiao Yulong’s direction.


The flashing dagger streaked towards Xiao Yulong’s legs and blood spurted in all directions as the tendons on both his legs were mercilessly severed.

Xiao Yulong let out a wretched howl that would usually take place in a bloodbath, and the hellish stab became even more acute as he convulsed in pain. As he watched him suffer, Xiao Che’s face filled with elation; he once more lifted the recently stabbing dagger, and with a low growl, abruptly chopped at both hands. Two blood splattering sprays later, the tendons in both of Xiao Yulong’s hands were also viciously severed.


Xiao Yulong’s blood-curdling screech was like that of an evil spirit’s shrill howl. With the four limbs on his body drenched in blood, his entire person entered and fell into a painful and dreadful abyss. He didn’t expect that the usually weak and self-abased Xiao Che would actually want to kill him, and in such a cruel and vicious way.

“N…. No…. Spare me…. Spare me…. I don’t want to die…. Don’t want to die….”

Xiao Yulong’s complexion had already become as pale as paper and the pain and fear in both his eyes had magnified by more than ten. Xiao Che again raised the knife and cruelly laughed: “Die? No, don’t you worry, I won’t let you die…. Why would I be willing! To let you die that quickly and painlessly!

“With this cut, I want your eyes to never see again!!!”

Chi chi!!

The two rapid stabs swiftly penetrated Xiao Yulong’s pair of eyes, and turned his two wide eyeballs directly into a kind of black and white paste.


This miserable shriek that sounded like it had come from the depths of hell was extremely tragic, so much that it would make the bodies of those who had heard it tremble, and the scalp on their heads, numb. Yet Xiao Che’s entire face actually smiled with glee, as if hearing music from the heavens. He pulled the dagger out, narrowed his eyes, and spoke with a faint smile: “Tut tut, what a sonorous cry. Enjoy your voice now while you still can, because afterwards…. you may no longer send out such a pleasant sound again.”


“With this cut, I want you to never speak with your mouth in this lifetime!!!”

The dagger mercilessly pierced into the center of Xiao Yulong’s mouth. As it was pulled out, a chunk of bloody red tongue and several tens of teeth flew out together.

“With this cut, I want you to never hear with your ears in this lifetime!


The dagger flashed forward as the color of bright blood fluttered about. Xiao Yulong’s ears flew off his person and sprinkled blood as they fell onto the icy cold floor .

“With this cut, I want you to…. die without descendants!! You’re the sort of despicable person who’s unworthy of having such a future!!”

The bloody dagger dyed in red was raised, slanted downwards, and ruthlessly pierced through Xiao Yulong’s groin area….


Xiao Yulong’s body became rigidly stiff, and even his extremely hoarse cry also slowly quieted down….

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