Chapter 348 - Annihilating the Throne!

Against the Gods

Chapter 348 - Annihilating the Throne!

Yun Che’s entire body emitted a shocking hostile air… He was indeed enraged. Heavenly Wolf Slash was his strongest killing blow, and its power far surpassed Overlord’s Fury and Falling Moon Sinking Star. Before today, every single time Heavenly Wolf Slash was unleashed, it would always break through anything, and no one could blunt its edge. But today, his Heavenly Wolf Slash was completely suppressed for the first time, and he was even smashed down into the ground in a utterly tattered state. Wounds of various sizes on his body added up to over thirty, and even his innards had taken substantial damage.

“I will… kill you right now!!”


With a loud roar, Yun Che’s eyes were suddenly shrouded by a layer of blood red light. Instantly, all the wounds on his body burst open as blood sprayed out in all directions. His profound energy aura, had also sharply surged at this moment.

Just as Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya were about to attack again, they suddenly felt the change in the aura coming from Yun Che’s body, and were simultaneously taken aback. During the fight earlier, he had clearly used all his strength, and even continuously received injuries… But the aura now had actually rose sharply at this time, to an extent that made even Fen Yijue feel deep awe.

“Could it be, that he used some kind of forbidden secret arts?” Fen Ziya said with a solemn voice.

“It should be so! Perhaps he had ignited his blood essence… If it’s like that, then he ought to be near his wit’s end, finish him right now!”

After a short while of stalling, the two great Thrones simultaneously let out a low roar and two Burning Heaven Marks descended from the sky, falling toward the top of Yun Che’s head.

This time, Yun Che didn’t dodge; instead, he suddenly went toward the two Burning Heaven Prints and jumped straight up, as Dragon Fault fiercely smashed onto them.

With a loud bang, the two Burning Heaven Prints that carried a frightening might were completely torn apart like two sheets of thin paper the moment they touched Dragon Fault. Yun Che’s body was only slightly stalled for a bit, then kept going up. Within Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya’s suddenly restricting pupils, he directly rushed to their front. Between them, there were not even ten meters of distance left.

A pair of eyes filled with endless malice, killing intent, and viciousness firmly locked onto Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya, making even them, as Thrones, feel a chill through their entire body. Just as they were about to act, their chests suddenly felt stuck, and a heavy sense of suffocation came over. Even their brains had suddenly felt a very severe dizziness. Their bodies that originally were supposed to move suddenly seemed as if they were frozen in ice, unable to move for a long time.

What suppressed their movements was a surge of an extremely terrifying energy pressure that was violently colliding.

Yun Che’s hands tightly gripped the Dragon Fault. His arms had already inflated to twice the normal size as streams after streams of blood fiercely shot out. The eye white and pupil in his eyes had completely vanished, and what replaced them were two eyes that had completely turned blood red. A wave of malicious and savage aura that felt as if it had come from purgatory, was also abruptly unleashed at this instant.

“Destroying Sky Decimating Earth!!”


The entire Bluefire City was completely enveloped within booming rumbles. As though the heavens and earth were collapsing, all other sounds were thoroughly engulfed. Bluefire City fiercely shook, and several kilometers of land was directly flipped flying. Shattered stones and sand were swept to nearly a kilometer in the air, almost touching the tattered clouds in the sky.

In the surrounding area, the ears of all of the spectators instantly went deaf. No matter the Elders of Burning Heaven Clan or those ordinary Bluefire citizens, they were all swept up by a completely irresistible storm and were blasted out very far into the distance.

Endless fright appeared on the faces of everyone present. The terrifying extent of this power surpassed the common sense of every one of them! Even Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya had never seen such a terrifying strength in their lives. They simply couldn’t imagine what this young man, who was not even twenty years old, used to unleash such a terrifying power.

Destroying Sky Decimating Earth, Heretic God Art’s third style, which was also a move that Yun Che had to pay a heavy price to execute. He exhausted his profound energy and even his life to unleash this ultimate destructive killing move.

Back then during the Ranking Tournament, when facing Xia Qingyue whose overall strength surpassed himself, he used this move for the first time. And the second time he used it, was against two great Emperor Profound Realms!

And its terror simply couldn’t be endured, even if it was two great Thrones.

Amidst the matchless terrifying storm of destruction, Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya flew out like two kites cut from their strings. The fronts of their chests were both badly mutilated, as if they had exploded. However, as Thrones, even though they were heavily injured, it wasn’t to the extent that they would just die from this. As they flew backwards, they desperately concentrated their utterly chaotic profound energy in order to suppress the stage of injuries on their body… And at this time, as the fine sand that blotted the skies dispersed, the crowd saw a streak of a scarlet flame silhouette that was like a meteor crossing the sky suddenly rush toward Fen Ziya. Its speed, actually surpassed Fen Ziya, who was being blasted flying by Destroying Sky Decimating Earth.

“Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix!!”

Yun Che’s eyes carried a vicious glint. The profound energy on his body was chaotic but also wild like boiling water. Following an enormous sound, Dragon Fault heavily smashed onto Fen Ziya’s body within his despairing eyes as a ball of raging phoenix flames exploded on his body...

“When you go to hell, don’t forget to tell your ancestors that the one who killed you guys... who destroyed your Burning Heaven Clan, is called Yun Che!!”

Yun Che’s voice, which was cold to the point that it directly seeped into his marrow and soul, resounded beside his ears. Right after that, Fen Ziya’s consciousness became completely blank as his body plummeted down like a cannonball while carrying burning phoenix flames.

Under the oppositional force of the Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix, Yun Che was blown off into the high skies. Staring at Fen Ziya’s landing point, he poured the last of his power into Dragon Fault.

“Phoenix… Break!!”

Dragon Fault’s entire body burned with flames, left Yun Che’s hands and broke through the air, violently penetrating Fen Ziya, who had just fell onto the ground, still with one last breath of life left. The rampaging energy flooded into his body and rendered his innards into paste. Fen Ziya’s eyes bulged outwards, but he was no longer able to let out one last scream as he lost all sound and life, dying just like that with his eyes wide open.

A generation of Emperor Profound had just died under Yun Che’s sword here and now.

Yun Che’s body freefalled from the sky. The him right now was already weak and limp to the extent that he didn’t have a single hint of strength left. The three gates on his profound veins had also automatically closed. The injuries on his body also made his brain feel waves after waves of dizziness. After taking one last glance at Fen Yijue, who fell over a kilometer away, he said with a hoarse voice: “Little Chan… Let’s go!”

The Snow Phoenix Beast flew out from the profound seal, caught the falling Yun Che, surged up in the air and flew far away. A few Elders of Burning Heaven Clan wanted to chase them, but how was the Snow Phoenix’s speed something they could catch up to? They could only watch as the Snow Phoenix quickly disappear from their line of sight with a speed that far surpassed their own.

“Grand Elder… Grand Elder!!”

Yet when they came over to Fen Ziya’s body, they found that all of his organs were already completely destroyed; he did not have the slightest signs of life left at all. The few Elders all felt their vision go dark. They almost fainted on the spot; their mouths were more so uttering sorrowful and bereaved cries.

The Grand Elder tragically dying… This was something that had never happened in the Burning Heaven Clan’s history.

Even an Emperor Profound Expert being killed, was something that had almost never happened in the entire history of the Blue Wind Empire.

This was because the Emperor Profound Realm was the pinnacle of the Blue Wind in a true sense. Upon reaching this realm, it would already be enough to look down on the world, unparalleled. If two were both at Emperor Profound Realm, perhaps one could be defeated, but basically couldn’t be killed. Fen Yijue’s profound strength was two ranks above Fen Ziya, and though he could defeat Fen Ziya, but it would be extremely difficult for Fen Yijue to kill him.

The core reason why the Four Major Sects could stand tall within the Blue Wind Empire for so many years, was because of the Thrones that existed within these Four Major Sects.

Even though the Sky Profound Realm was an extremely high realm within the Blue Wind’s profound cultivating world, it certainly wasn’t something that only the Four Major Sects could foster. Many very powerful great sects of Blue Wind Empire could all produce Sky Profound experts, including even the Blue Wind Profound Palace, which possessed several Sky Profound experts.

But strong beings of the Emperor Profound Realm had always, and only, appeared within the Four Major Sects.

Emperor Profound experts possessed by the Four Major Sects, were their sects' genuine and true foundation and guardian. For every extra Throne that a sect had, it would mean that the entire sect’s strength would be raised up a level. This was also why the other three sect’s reactions were so fierce when Chu Yuechan displayed her strength of a Throne during the Ranking Tournament back then.

Vice versa, if a Throne fell, then the entire sect’s position would slide down vertically!

The true threatening power between the Four Major Sects, had always came from experts of Emperor Profound Realm. Losing one, would be losing a large amount of threat.

Even though Yun Che had killed over thirty elders and pavilion masters of the Sky Profound Realm, this absolutely could not be compared to having destroyed Burning Heaven Clan’s foundation. Given a few dozen of years, Burning Heaven Clan would be able to nurture up a few dozens of Sky Profound practitioners again. With the Grand Clan Master and Grand Elder in garrison, no sect within the Blue Wind Empire would have the guts to step in when they were weak, because a desperate fight with two Thrones was enough to even make a colossus like Heavenly Sword Villa pay an enormous price.

The tragical death of Grand Elder was an extremely heavy impact to the entire Burning Heaven Clan. They had never thought, and never believed… that Yun Che actually had the power to actually kill their sect’s Grand Elder.

Burning Heaven Clan elders who kneeled beside Fen Ziya’s corpse were all sullen and weeping. Fen Yijue, who was heavily injured, finally was able to catch a breath for the better. With a ghastly complexion, he covered his chest with his hand, and said with a frail voice: “How… is Ziya?”

The Burning Heaven elder beside him had an old face full of tears as he answered with a hoarse voice: “Grand Elder… Grand Elder, he… he… he has gone to heaven…”

Fen Yijue’s entire body went stiff, then violently started to tremble. Looking at the Fen Ziya’s corpse far away, his ghastly pale lips shivered as he spoke: “Take me… back... to the sect…”


A large mouthful of fresh blood violently sprayed out from Fen Yijue’s mouth. Amidst the alarmed cries of the elders, his head slanted to the side as he fainted on the spot.


Along with Snow Phoenix Beast, Yun Che had gone far away, and no one knew where they were at now. While carrying the unconscious Fen Duanhun and Fen Yijue, as well as Fen Ziya’s corpse, Burning Heaven Clan’s various elders flew toward Burning Heaven Clan’s direction with gloomy expressions. Only a crowd of spectators who couldn’t bring themselves back into reality from the endless shock was left; many of them were lightly or heavily injured by the residual waves, but they couldn’t feel the pain on their bodies at all because their heads were completely filled with the scenes they had personally witnessed earlier.

Bluefire City’s sixty meter wide and thirty meter tall stone gate had vanished. An extensive part of the city walls collapsed, a large stretch of land south of the city was destroyed to the extent that it was unspeakably miserable, as though it had just underwent an armageddon. Enormous pits were scattered all over like the stars in the night sky, the largest being more than a hundred meters deep, and over three hundred meters wide.

The clothes worn by Bluefire City’s governor had long since been completely soaked wet. Bluefire City’s front had finally returned to peace, but his heart was still beating as if it was going to jump out of his chest. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead with force… He was extremely certain that Bluefire City would become the focus of the entire Blue Wind Empire for a very long period of time from now on. A huge change in the wind would also sweep across the entire nation very soon.

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