Chapter 351 - Xiao Wuyi

Against the Gods

Chapter 351 - Xiao Wuyi

The Four Major Sects' position as overlords in the Blue Wind Empire had never been shaken. The imposing power carried by the name of each and every one of the Four Major Sects had all far surpassed that of the Blue Wind Imperial Family.

And today, one of the overlords that dominated the Blue Wind for a thousand years, had finally been shaken. Moreover, it was also very violently shaken… almost being pressed to the edge of total annihilation. Those Sky Profound experts of the Burning Heaven Clan who received countless profound practitioners' awe, who could act without restraint in any place, were exterminated by the dozen. Even the mythlike Emperor Profound experts who were the foundation stones in the Four Major Sects, had a casualty of one death and one heavily injured.

Burning Heaven Clan’s miserable state, as well as that battle before Bluefire City’s gate swept through the entire Blue Wind Empire like a storm. The name “Yun Che” that had already brought endless amounts of shock, once again stirred the entire Blue Wind in a single night.

Early morning, before the sky was fully lit, the only core characters left within Burning Heaven Clan gathered in the Main Pavilion once again to discuss issues of importance. Outside of the Main Pavilion, the Burning Heaven Clan’s encampment that almost turned into a wasteland for nearly half of the area was in a deadly silence. Those Burning Heaven disciples, whose arrogant air had usually been overwhelming, were all listless with melancholy written all over their faces. After the news of Grand Elder turning into a lying corpse and Grand Clan Master being heavily injured spread out, the last of their psychological defense had almost completely collapsed as well.

“Let me introduce him to everyone.”

Fen Yijue was situated in the dead center. Even though he sat upright, his ghastly complexion testified the extreme severeness of the internal injuries he bore. He gestured at the black clothed man beside him: “This here, is Xiao Sect’s Xiao Wuyi.”

Xiao Wuyi wore a large and spacious black-colored cloak, his face was also largely blocked by it, as if he didn’t wish for his face being seen by too many people. Before Fen Yijue spoke, everyone was guessing at his identity, but the moment they heard the name “Xiao Wuyi”, all of them stood up. Fen Duanhun couldn’t hold his voice back and spoke: “So it was actually Senior Xiao Wuyi, this junior apologizes for his rude behavior before.”

Xiao Wuyi, Xiao Sect’s Grand Sect Master Xiao Wuqing’s brother of the same womb, one of the two great Emperor Profounds within Xiao Sect, and one of the few current top experts existing in the pinnacle level of the current Blue Wind. Perhaps the younger generation wasn’t familiar with his name, but to Fen Duanhun’s generation, his name was like the rumbling of thunder through theirs ears.

“No need to speak unnecessary words.” Xiao Wuyi said indifferently: “I only have one goal for coming here this time, and that is to help you eliminate Yun Che.”

Fen Duanhun took a glance at Xiao Wuyi, and said: “Senior’s strength is naturally peerless under the heavens, but please forgive this junior for being blunt. Senior had never personally witnessed Yun Che’s true strength, and seems to have underestimated Yun Che. My father currently bears heavy injuries, and with only Senior alone, I’m afraid…”

“Haha…” Xiao Wuyi loftily laughed. He extended his arm, and his hand slowly opened up: “Just me alone, might indeed not be enough. In that case, what if this is added to the equation?”

After reaching Emperor Profound Realm, the aging of one’s physical body would greatly decrease, and even may return to being younger. However, Xiao Wuyi’s palm was overly withered, as if it was being permanently corroded by something. In the center of his palms, there was a light purple colored ball. The ball shaped object faintly glimmered with a purple glint, and if one looked closely, one would see one after another small profound formations emerging on the surface.

Fen Duanhun froze for a bit, then suddenly recalled something as the expression on his face greatly changed. And beside him, an elder had already uncontrollably shouted: “Could it be… could it be... be… the Heaven Decimating Orb!?”

The moment the three words of “Heaven Decimating Orb” came out, the complexions of all the elders had all quickly changed. A few had even uncontrollably retreated backwards as their faces revealed the expressions of deep fright.

“Haha, that is correct.” Xiao Wuyi laughed briefly: “This is precisely the Heaven Decimating Orb from our Xiao Sect’s Armament Sect, second only to the Heaven Decimating Bomb. However, in terms of power to a single point, it even surpassed the Heaven Decimating Bomb. I believe all of you had heard of just how powerful it is. Back then, it had instantly minced a dozen Sky Profound practitioners and two practitioners half a step into Emperor Profound Realm. And even the surrounding Sky Profound practitioners who luckily survived at first, all died within the poisonous gas it released after exploding.”

One by one, all the Burning Heaven Elders gulped down a large mouthful of saliva. The expression of fright couldn’t subside from beginning to end, as their gazes even didn’t dare to look straight at that Heaven Decimating Orb… The terror of the Heaven Decimating Orb could be said to be well known by everyone throughout the Four Major Sects. There was a special branch sect within Xiao Sect called the Armament Sect. This sect specialized in forging and producing various kinds of firearms. Even though the profound strength of the Armament Sect’s disciples were generally very low, each and every one of them hid various kinds of terrifying firearms on their entire bodies. Even same sect disciples over an great realm above in strength wouldn’t dare to offend them.

And the most terrifying of all these firearms, was the Heaven Decimating Bomb and the Heaven Decimating Orb.

“Even from my Xiao Sect’s thousand years of accumulation, there are only twenty three Heaven Decimating Orbs. To eliminate Yun Che this time, I brought an entire five out… Heh, do you still think that I, alone, isn't enough?”

F… Five?

Fen Duanhun hastily said: “Enough… Entirely enough. With the might of your honored sect’s Heaven Decimating Orb, at most two… ah no, just one would be enough to kill Yun Che on the spot. Now that we have Senior assisting us this time, if Yun Che dares to come again, he’d certainly never leave alive… Please forgive this junior for the offending words earlier.”

Rumors say that even an Emperor Profound expert would be gravely injured instantly if he were to be frontally struck with a Heaven Decimating Orb. If all five of the Heaven Decimating Orbs were to really be all used, it would be completely enough to blast Yun Che into shattered pieces that couldn’t be even more shattered. This time, not only was it Xiao Wuyi that Xiao Sect had sent, he’d even brought as many as five Heaven Decimating Orbs, which was enough to see Xiao Sect’s resolute intentions to kill Yun Che with certainty.

And at this time, the outside which had always been silent, suddenly became clamorous as an extremely wildly arrogant voice came from the skies: “Old dogs of Burning Heaven Clan, your Granddaddy Yun is here again, why don’t you quickly come out and receive your death!”

Fen Yijue stood up with a “whoosh”, and almost fell on his knees on the spot from disturbing his internal injuries. Hearing Yun Che’s shouts just now, hatred, fright, and shock creeped in his heart… And for the most part, it was shock! Not two days had even passed after that battle in Bluefire City. And at that time, Yun Che’s injuries definitely weren’t any lighter than his. But while his state of injuries had only stabilized by a little, Yun Che’s roar was extremely full of energy... without any hint of unrecovered heavy injuries at all.

Could it be that his injuries and strength had already completely recovered again?

Even if he had some special kind of secret arts, this speed was truly too shocking to be heard.

The moment Yun Che, who had come once again, entered Burning Heaven Clan, he already felt an aura that was a little foreign. Looking ahead of him, he started to coldly laugh, and said with a low voice: “Seems like even though Burning Heaven Clan didn’t choose to flee, as expected, they didn’t sit and do nothing.”

“There is one more Throne, but it isn’t someone from the Burning Heaven Clan. In terms of strength, this Throne is superior Fen Ziya, and is inferior to that Fen Yijue who was heavily wounded by you.” Jasmine said.

“They wouldn’t be dumb to the point of thinking that just one more Throne would be enough to deal with me. Looks like they might be hiding some kind of underhanded trick.” The cold smile on the corner of Yun Che’s lips slightly curved up a little more: “In the entire Blue Wind, only the Four Major Sects possess Thrones. Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace wouldn’t act nosy, so this suddenly appearing Throne could only come from Heavenly Sword Villa and Xiao Sect. I actually really hope that it’s the latter. Heh… let’s see just which foolhardy person is the one who wishes to tread this muddy water no matter what!”

Amidst Yun Che’s loud roar, Fen Duanhun and the elders all took off from the ground, guarding the heavily injured Fen Yijue behind them.

When they saw today’s Yun Che, fright emerged on the faces of everyone present. On that day, they had all witnessed him fleeing away while heavily injured, exhausted of strength with their own eyes; but the current Yun Che didn’t seem to have any frailness in aura nor complexion. Even his profound strength had clearly grown… Last time, he was at the sixth level of the Earth Profound Realm, but this time, he was already at the seventh level of the Earth Profound Realm!

To experts of their level, the rise in a single rank of Earth Profound Realm wasn’t worthy of minding at all. But the rising of a single rank in profound energy on Yun Che, gave them a much greater feeling of pressure than before. The feeling that it gave them was so incredibly fierce that it made all their hearts turn cold… Not only were his injuries fully healed, his energy was fully recovered, and even his strength had appeared to have increased by a great extent...

What kind of monster was he!

“Yun Che, your impudence… will end today!” Fen Duanhun said as he gritted his teeth: “The debt of you killing my son and destroying my sect, today, I’ll definitely… collect them without missing a single cent!!”

Yun Che grinned, and loudly laughed with his head raised: “Hahahaha! Old dog Fen, looking at the appearance of you lot, it’s simply miserable to the point of being worse than beggars on the street. I really wonder who is it that gave you the self confidence to speak such laughable words… Could it be that fellow hiding under there?”

“You…” Fen Duanhun’s eyes stared round as his entire body shook from anger and hatred.

“Hahahaha…” A low and deep laughter came from below. Wearing a cloak, Xiao Wuyi walked out of the Main Pavilion with a slow pace. He slightly raised his head and his eyes under the cloak glanced toward Yun Che as he spoke while laughing: “So you are Yun Che? Only at this age, yet you have such an imposing manner, and had even more so pressed Burning Heaven Clan to the point where they are at the end of their rope with your strength alone. They all say that you are the number one prodigy in the Blue Wind’s entire history, and it seems to not be an exaggeration.”

Yun Che also started to laugh: “And who are you? Deliberately coming here to Burning Heaven Clan, don’t tell me you are just here to kiss my ass?”

“Kiss your ass? Hahahaha!” Xiao Wuyi laughed: “No no, I just want to tell you that things like prodigies… are generally short-lived.”

“Is that so?” Yun Che’s eyes slowly narrowed: “Even though you’ve made impertinent remarks toward me, I’ll still benevolently gift you with a word.”

“Oh? What word?”


“If you scram, you’d still be able to live a few more days. If you don’t… heh!” Yun Che coldly laughed: “Together with these old dogs of Burning Heaven… Your lives would thoroughly become short! And even the Xiao Sect behind your back… will also become short-lived!!”

The moment the words “Xiao Sect” was spoken, Xiao Wuyi’s aura instantly appeared a little chaotic.

On one hand, wearing a cloak and covering his face was to conveniently hide firearms… After all, throwing firearms out from one’s body was much quicker and agile than taking them out from spatial rings. On the other hand, it was to not reveal his identity as much as possible. Even though he had five Heaven Decimating Orbs on hand and he had great confidence in turning Yun Che into a pile of shattered corpse, Xiao Sect couldn’t become completely unafraid toward someone who could press Burning Heaven Clan into a state of despair no matter what. Thus, when Xiao Wuyi came to Burning Heaven Clan, he had initially planned to not let Yun Che discover his identity before he had thoroughly killed him.

Even though this was somewhat like stealing a bell while covering his own ears to deceive oneself… After all, once the Heaven Decimating Orb was used, no matter how successfully he could conceal himself, Yun Che would very soon find out that he came from Xiao Sect. This also straightforwardly projected his dread toward Yun Che… at least, he was definitely not as relaxed as he appeared on the surface.

But he really didn’t expect, that Yun Che would actually shout out the two words “Xiao Sect” right away. His heart slightly sunk, but he started to coldly laugh right after. With a wave of his hands, a faint green colored eagle slowly emerged behind his back: “Yun Che, your presumptuousness is truly far greater than the rumors suggest, but I just wonder how much your true strength actually matches the rumors!”

With the howling of the wind, Xiao Wuyi’s cloak exaggeratedly puffed up as his entire person swooped over as though a hungry eagle. Sword mirages flashed from within his hands, and instantly transformed into a strength of cyan colored array of swords, shrouding the vitals of Yun Che’s entire body.

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