Chapter 354 - Devoid of All Life

Against the Gods

Chapter 354 - Devoid of All Life

From top to bottom, Burning Heaven Clan no longer had the strength worthy to battle with Yun Che. Even though there were still tens of thousands of disciples, it still wouldn’t cause any threat to Yun Che even if their numbers were to double. Following Burning Heaven Elders' roars, everyone stepped on their fears of annihilation and the grief of the clan’s destruction. Uttering howls after howls of wolf like sounds, they grabbed their weapons and rushed toward Yun Che.

Yun Che raised up his head, his gaze sweeping toward the quickly nearing crowd; there wasn’t a single hint of fluctuation on his tranquil expression. Ahead of him, the last thirteen elders of Burning Heaven Clan rushed up altogether. Amidst despair, grief, and indignation, their expressions were completely distorted, their eyes stared round to the extent of almost bursting. Carrying various degrees of injuries on their body, they erupted a strength far surpassing their ordinary selves.

Yun Che unfeelingly raised the gigantic sword and stepped forward… which was also the first step of today’s massacre! And it was more so the first step to send Burning Heaven Clan into the abyss of total annihilation.


The thirteen Burning Heaven Elders only wished that they could perish together with Yun Che; facing Yun Che’s strike, they didn’t even bother to dodge, and forcefully greeted forward. But the strength of the Sky Profound Realm, simply didn’t have any threat at all in the current Yun Che’s eyes. Amidst a rumbling sound, they were all blown flying, and half of them instantly sustained heavy injuries. Yun Che stepped forward again as a second wave of power erupted from Dragon Fault, straight toward Fen Duanhun.

Fen Duanhun wasn’t Yun Che’s match from the start, and in addition to that, his wounds hadn’t healed yet. He was blasted away by Yun Che with a single strike as one of his arms fractured on the spot. However, Yun Che did not follow up on him. Instead, his gaze instead locked onto the Fen Yijue behind Fen Duanhun, and ferocious phoenix flames were fiercely swung out from the heavy sword.

The frightening power sliced out a violent ripple in space and the scorching light of fire shone upon Fen Yijue’s ghastly pale face. His footsteps retreated backwards as both of his arms guarded before his body with all his strength...


The phoenix flame exploded, but the oppressive strength coming from heavy sword wasn’t blown apart, and destructively impacted Fen Yijue’s barely constructed defense… Recklessly using profound energy under heavy injuries, and then receiving fierce strike, caused Fen Yijue to finally spew out a large mouth of blood as all of his energy dissipated after he consecutively retreated over several dozens meters. Phoenix Break drove straight through, smashed onto Fen Yijue’s chest… and exited through his back side with a scream!

“Grand… Grand Clan Master!”


Fen Yijue looked at the utterly chaotic Burning Heaven Clan scattered about in a mess with a dumbfounded expression, and for a moment, the scenery of the once dignified and glorious Burning Heaven Clan emerged before his eyes. But these sceneries of before, turned into a boundless blank space at the very end, and his body, also slowly fell within this vacant world without boundaries. The last sounds heard beside his ears, were the voices of tragically grief-stricken cries surrounding him.

Even though Fen Yijue hadn’t appeared publicly for over twenty years, he was, from beginning to end, Burning Heaven’s true foundation. His death, also meant that Burning Heaven Clan was truly and genuinely finished.

“No need to shout so loudly.” Yun Che expressionlessly spoke: “Because all of you… will accompany him to hell shortly!!”

As his voice fell, a colossal ball of phoenix flames suddenly exploded, and in an instant, the violent fire of the phoenix drowned several hundred meters of distance surrounding him and swept countless Burning Heaven disciples into the flaming purgatory of certain death… The phoenix flames spread with the wind, engulfing more and more of Burning Heaven Clan’s land… Even though it was already dawn, the incomparably scorching firelight still painted the skies above Burning Heaven Clan with the color of blood.



Xiao Juetian, who was in deep thought with his eyes closed, abruptly stood up as though he was suddenly struck by a thunderbolt. Both of his hands were trembling, his forehead was instantly covered in cold sweat.

“Sect Master, what happened?” The elderly person beside him anxiously asked.

The corner of Xiao Juetian’s eyes trembled, and his face clearly displayed deep shock and fright. As the Xiao Sect’s Sect Master, he had almost never revealed such an expression: “Second Uncle’s soul imprint disappeared… He… died!”

“What!?” Black clothed elderly person uncontrollably shouted with shock, and then shook his head in fear: “Impossible! Elder Wuyi’s profound strength is only second to Grand Sect Master and is almost unmatched in the entire Blue Wind. Moreover, he had an entire five Heaven Decimating Orbs on him, how can he possibly…”

“I don’t want to believe it either, but the soul imprint won’t lie! Second Uncle has indeed died. Moreover, from the weakening of the soul imprint to the time it completely vanished, only a few breaths of time had passed from start to finish. Not only did Second Uncle die, it had been tragically done in under an extremely strong power. With Second Uncle’s strength at the third level of the Emperor Profound, being able to kill him in such a short amount of time….”

As Xiao Juetian spoke till here, he could no longer bear to continue speaking any further. He clearly felt a gust of chilly wind surging within his spine, the cold seeping deep into his marrow… Yun Che heavily wounding Fen Yijue and killing Fen Ziya, had already caused him to be shocked at his might. And Xiao Wuyi quickly dying within a short period of time, told him even more about how terrifying of an extent Yun Che’s strength had already reached… Most importantly, Xiao Wuyi dying, testified that not only was he unable to kill Yun Che, he was instead killed by Yun Che. After Yun Che finishes dealing with Burning Heaven Clan, the previous hatred three years ago in addition to the new enmity now....

Xiao Juetian’s entire back was even quickly doused by cold sweat. He suddenly raised his head, and said with a urgent voice: “Immediately… Immediately go ask Bluefire’s Branch Sect to scout the current state of Burning Heaven Clan with all their power… quickly go!”

“...Yes!” The black clothed elderly person quickly went away.

After heavily breathing a few times, Xiao Juetian quickly calmed down, then dashed out of the Main Pavilion with haste, and headed directly toward the secret ground Grand Sect Master Xiao Wuqing was at… He had already felt that a great calamity concerning Xiao Sect’s survival was about to come, and there was almost no way this great calamity could be avoided. The entire Xiao Sect had to make any preparations that could possibly be done starting now.


Burning Heaven Valley’s air today was extraordinarily scorching. A ball of incomparably hot flame crazily burned in the center of Burning Heaven Valley, and in less than two hours of time, it creeped out over five kilometers away and completely engulfed the Burning Heaven Clan’s thousand year old territory until it was burned into a barren wasteland.

Under the flames, was one after another, pile after another pile of corpses burned into charcoal. From Burning Heaven Clan’s elders to several tens of thousands of ordinary disciples, no one was able to escape from this sea of flames ignited by the phoenix flame, and all lost their lives under the phoenix flame and Dragon Fault.

A true field littered with corpses, devoid of all life.

The once high and mighty Burning Heaven Clan looked up with awe by others, and could be called the Blue Wind’s sacred ground, was turned into charred ground just in this one single day, and became a graveyard looming with a burnt, barren, and despairing atmosphere.

Standing within the blackened debris, looking at the Burning Heaven Clan completely destroyed by him, Yun Che didn’t feel joy, didn’t feeling pity, and didn’t feel conceited or prideful from having destroyed one of the Four Major Sects. What he felt instead was calmness… Tens of thousands of people being buried under his flames and heavy sword, yet he was as calm as though he had merely squashed a crowd of lowly ants to death.

And this kind of calmness wasn’t deliberately acted out or sustained by him, it was instead a true and genuine calmness that stems from the soul. Ordinary people couldn’t possibly witness such a situation and scenery, and more so couldn’t cause them. Yet to him, it was already too too many times...

Back then, it was because of enmity. Those people that killed his Master, he used the heaven opposing poison of the Sky Poison Pearl, and made those sects face total annihilation one by one… Making entire sects, and even the surrounding cities into fields of stacked corpses. And amongst them, there were even many sects whose scope and scale far surpassed the Burning Heaven Clan.

Today, it was similarly because of enmity. Even though Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi were both already rescued by him, and were all safe and sound, after experiencing his past life, he would never let himself to idiotically take pity and be merciful. Even if he was to be called the devil, be cast aside, cursed, and feared by the people of the world, he still absolutely would not regret today.

Because in his previous life, it was precisely because of mercy that other people had forced his Master to die; it was precisely because of mercy, that after many times of scraping past death, he was still forced down Cloud’s End Cliff in the end; it was also because of a moment of mercifulness, that gave Burning Heaven Clan the chance to abduct his Grandfather and Little Aunt! It wasn’t because his heart had become ice cold and dark, it was instead the two lives he lived once and once again teaching him, that any mercy to the enemy, was cruelty to the people by his side… and sometimes, this cruelty was fatal!

However, amidst Burning Heaven Clan’s remains, not everyone beside Yun Che was a corpse. Just ahead of Yun Che, a figure shakingly stood up. His hair was messy, his face full of dust, and his body riddled with wounds; but his pair of eyes emitted a light even more vicious than that of a ferocious wolf.

His body swayed, and he was only able to stand up after using almost all of his power. But along with an explosive roar, his entire body suddenly flooded out a surge of enormous strength from who knew where, as his entire body pounced toward Yun Che with his two hands tightly gripping toward Yun Che’s throat.

His actions made Yun Che’s gaze abruptly jump… His body was already completely exhausted, yet he still erupted with such a strength. And this.. was evidently a strength squeezed out from from the soul!

Having lived two lives, it’s actually the first time Yun Che had met someone similar to him, who had a willpower strong enough to squeeze out strength from within the soul!

Yun Che raised his arm and casually swung. A gust of howling wind swept that person a great distance away. He laid on the ground, his entire body trembling, and then, he actually slowly raised his upper body again. In those pair of eyes that stared wide with anger was a brimming hatred carved down to the bone and soul.

“Fen Juechen, you ought to just save some of your energy for breathing! Back then at the Blue Wind Profound Palace, even though you weren’t my match, you could at least barely fight with me. But the you now, doesn’t even have the qualifications of making me take a straight glance at you! With your strength, even if I am to stand here without moving, you still wouldn’t be able to harm a single strand of my hair!”

Yun Che apathetically stared that the youth in front of him whose entire body was filled with hatred and maliciousness: “I won’t kill you today, and only you. But don’t worry, the reason I won’t kill you, is not because I pity you, and more so not because I don’t want to kill you. I understand the consequences of not digging out the roots when cutting weeds better than anyone.”

“But when my Little Aunt left, she had especially appealed to me, and asked me to spare your life. I promised her… and anything I promise my Little Aunt, I will definitely achieve.” Yun Che said coldly.

Cutting weeds without removing the roots would certainly leave troubles, and the expression in Fen Juechen’s eyes caused Yun Che to feel incomparably certain that sparing his life today, would be much much more dangerous than even leaving Fen Yijue alive! What would be left, would perhaps be unpredictable future troubles.

However, since he had already promised Xiao Lingxi to spare Fen Juechen, he would absolutely not kill Fen Juechen. Moreover, from what Xiao Lingxi had said, if not for Fen Juechen getting in the way several times, Xiao Lingxi might have ended her own life because of Fen Juecheng, before he’d even reached Burning Heaven Clan.

This, was also enough to become the reason for him to spare Fen Juechen’s life.

As for the possible consequences, he was willing to completely shoulder them!

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