Chapter 356 - The Sword Saint’s Anger

Against the Gods

Chapter 356 - The Sword Saint’s Anger

Just when Yun Che had left Bluefire City and departed towards Blue Wind Imperial City, the shadow of a person silently appeared in skies above the Burning Heaven Clan.

Fen Juechen had already left, and a deathly silence hung in the air within the Burning Heaven Clan. The grounds were left in ruins and strewn with the bodies of the dead, the surrounding air was overflowing with a rotten and charred stench, as though it had recently experienced a catastrophic calamity. Occasionally, one or two brave souls would approach the area in order to scout for news, though upon glimpsing the calamitous ruins of the Burning Heaven Clan, their entire bodies would tremble in fear without exception, sweating profusely as they left hurriedly, and none dared to venture near the site.

“Alas, in the end I arrived a step too late.”

The shadow of the person in the sky gazed down upon the ruins and remained silent for a long time. At last, he let out a lingering gasp, causing an oppressing yet boundless aura to follow the sound of his gasp, discharging downwards from the sky, and enveloping the entire Burning Heaven Clan. In a split second, the flow of air halted, causing even the blackened ashes in the sky to remain stagnant, as though time had become fixed in place.

“Such immense strength, if it was a righteous person, it would have been a boon to the Blue Wind Empire, yet unfortunately he possesses the heart of a fiend. With such a cruel slaughter that has befallen the entire Burning Heaven Clan, it does constitute a threat to the Blue Wind Empire. And I, will absolutely not stand by idly.”

His gaze shifted towards the north. He did not turn back towards the direction from whence he came, instead, he flew up into the air, streaking towards the north, and in the blink of an eye, appeared countless kilometers away.


“...Burning Heaven Clan’s base has already been reduced to a pile of ruins. The Clan Master, Grand Clan Master, the thirty-three Pavilion Masters, twenty-seven Elders, and the entirety of the clan’s disciples… have all perished among the casualties, not a single person survived… or managed to escape… the entire hierarchy of the clan, have all been annihilated… Burning Heaven Clan is utterly finished. Not only has the entire clan been annihilated, it has furthermore been destroyed to such an immeasurably miserable state. The malicious actions of that Yun Che, far outstrips what we imagined…”

“The various external branches of the Burning Heaven Clan in all the large cities have now received the news, and have almost all severed ties with the Burning Heaven Clan at the first opportunity, immediately changing their names thereafter, for fear that Yun Che’s evil scheme would implicate them.”

After hearing this, Xiao Juetian’s body experienced a graver chill. And after hearing the devastation that had befallen the Burning Heaven Clan, even the gaps between his teeth felt a cold chill run through them. He was just like everyone; it never occurred to him that Yun Che’s retaliation would be merciless to such an extent.

He originally thought that Yun Che killing the clan master, as well as the rest of the core members, would be the limit of his reprisal against the Burning Heaven Clan. Never did it occur to him, what Yun Che had wrought, would be a retribution straight from hell.

After personally hearing the truth of the matter, he was immensely shocked. Furthermore, after knowing everything, he undoubtedly felt an even greater sense of foreboding!

Based on Yun Che’s personality, the events that transpired three years ago would not be so easily dispelled.

However, this was a result of Xiao Kuangyun’s own personal machinations. If he were to bear the pain of abandoning his sole progeny from his first wife, and take the initiative towards handling matters with Yun Che, then the matter could be resolved peacefully. Moreover, reaching a compromise with someone capable of completely destroying the Burning Heaven Clan was not something too humiliating.

However, Grand Sect Master Xiao Wuqing had been domineering and uninhibited all his life; as someone who placed the glory of the sect above his own life, he would never allow such a thing to happen. He had instead chosen to let Grand Elder Xiao Wuyi bring along the Xiao Sect’s forbidden weapon, to aid the Burning Heaven Clan in eliminating Yun Che… and as a result, they had completely lost all chance at amicality!

“Sect Master, what should we do?” The elderly man beside Xiao Juetian enquired: “Our Xiao Sect has never feared any external threats, yet this Yun Che, absolutely should not be underestimated. He has the capability to annihilate the entire Burning Heaven Clan in just a matter of a few short days, which means…”

“There’s no need to harp on it anymore.” Xiao Juetian’s chest heaved, as he grasped both his hands tightly, and duly announced: “If Yun Che was only powerful in strength, if he does come here, we can have a fight to the death with him. Yet… his methods, are unexpectedly merciless and extreme! Merely just by kidnapping his two relatives, who were eventually safely rescued, led to the clan’s entire destruction! There’s not much to choose between the two when comparing the strength of the Xiao Sect and the Burning Heaven Clan… Second Uncle has also fallen at the hands of Yun Che. Him annihilating Burning Heaven Clan, means he certainly has the capability to annihilate our Xiao Sect… this is a terrifying fact that is undeniable!”

All the Pavilion Masters completely quietened down, and the only sounds that could be heard were from the rapid beats of everyone’s disordered hearts.

“We must absolutely not encounter the disaster that has befallen the Burning Heaven Clan!” Xiao Juetian turned his body, with his gaze fixed upon everyone, “If Yun Che arrives, do not engage him in battle at all costs! If we can sue for peace, even if we have to completely lose our dignity, we have to seek that end at all costs. If we do need to engage in combat in the end… then bring all the Heaven Decimating Bombs, and we shall go down in flames together with him! We absolutely cannot let our Xiao Sect become the next Burning Heaven Clan!”

“Sect Master, there is actually no need to be so pessimistic.” Xiao Boyun took a step forward, and said: “Yun Che’s strength is indeed universally shocking, yet within the Blue Wind Empire, the person who can kill him does exist. And the person who has the ability to kill him… based on the recent report that just came in, as of last night, has left the Heavenly Sword Villa unaccompanied.”

Xiao Juetian’s consciousness shook: “You mean… Sword Saint Ling Tianni?”

“That’s right!” Xiao Boyun nodded his head: “Ling Tianni has been upright and plainspoken all his life, treating evil with utmost animosity. Moreover, he had once been friends with Fen Yijue. He had been in seclusion for close to ten years, not treading into the mundane world. Yet he left the Heavenly Sword Villa in a hurry the previous night, most likely in an attempt to rescue the Burning Heaven Clan that was in peril. Unfortunately, he was too late. If he had seen the devastation of the Burning Heaven Clan, on one hand he would feel a sense of guilt, and on the other… feel an extreme rage against Yun Che’s fiendish methods. Both reasons would give sufficient cause to hunt down Yun Che! Perhaps, Ling Tianni is already in the midst of hunting Yun Che at the moment.”

Xiao Boyun’s words brought much relief to Xiao Juetian’s expression. He added in a low voice: “Very well… if the truth is as such, Yun Che will undoubtedly die! Yun Che suffered heavy wounds in his exchange with Fen Yijue before escaping, which is sufficient proof that his strength is not much stronger compared to Fen Yijue, yet even ten Fen Yijues combined are no match for the Sword Saint. If the Sword Saint has truly left the Heavenly Sword Villa in order to aid the Burning Heaven Clan’s plight, then… he will definitely personally go forth to punish Yun Che!”


News of Burning Heaven Clan’s destruction engulfed the entire Blue Wind Empire like a furious storm, sending the Blue Wind Empire to rise up in an earthquake-like uproar. This literally became the most shocking, most horrifying set of news that every Blue Wind citizen had heard in their lives. As they became more shocked then they had ever been in their lives, they were overwhelmed with horror and left incredulous.

On one side, was an aloof and remote, legendary clan that had stood tall for a millennium.

On the other, was a youth who was just nineteen years of age.

This nineteen year old youth, what he has wrought, literally became what could be compared to as a truth that defied the heavens, which was both hard to believe and accept.

Regardless of how deep the desire for revenge, he had actually annihilated the entire hierarchy of the Burning Haven Clan. Only a demon would resort to such methods and have such a vicious heart… How could it have been possibly done by a nineteen year old youth!

Blue Wind Imperial City became bustling with excitement, as every corner was debating on the topic of the Burning Heaven Clan’s annihilation. The two words “Yun Che” could be heard at all four corners. Furthermore the external branch of the Burning Heaven Clan within the imperial city had already closed its doors off. At the main door, what previously was venerated as a treasure, the “Burning Heaven” sign, that was a symbol proved that they were recognized by the Burning Heaven Clan had long been taken down and destroyed to pieces. In a short period of time after, it was replaced by a new sign that read “Esteemed Cloud Clan”… this new clan name, revealed the fear of Yun Che and the need to be cordial with him.

Yun Che had been travelling on the Snow Phoenix Beast throughout his journey. As he flew over the skies above Blue Wind Imperial City, he captured the attention of countless pedestrians who stopped in their tracks and looked up, crying out in alarm. He continued flying into the skies above the Blue Wind Imperial Palace, and as he reached the Moon Embracing Palace within the imperial palace, he summoned the Snow Phoenix back, and gracefully landed from the skies.

“Ah… who is it!”

“Just as he landed, a female’s astonished voice cried out behind him. Yun Che turned his body around, and saw a pale-faced palace maid.

“Ah! Young… Young Master Yun!”

The first time Yun Che came to the Moon Embracing Palace, he saw this very palace maid, thus, it was natural that he would be recognized by her. The moment she saw his face, she cried out in a voice that was three times louder than her astonished voice previously. The expression on her face was a mix of shock, admiration… and also what looked obviously like fear.

To slaughter over seventy thousand people within the Burning Heaven Clan through such merciless methods, made the bodies of everyone overwhelmed with shock as their whole body trembled in fear at the thought of it.

Yun Che took in the entirety of the palace maid’s expression. He nodded, and he expressed with a hint of impatience: “Where is the princess, her royal highness? Uh… you seem to be a bit afraid of me?”

“No… not really… it’s not true” Under Yun Che’s direct gaze, the palace maid at that moment started babbling incoherently. Facing the character in front of her eyes whose exploits have become legendary, her natural instincts were frozen in fright. She didn’t dare to directly look at Yun Che any further, urgently looked towards the Moon Embracing Palace and shouted: “Your Highness, Young Master Yun… Young Master Yun has arrived.”

Following the palace maid’s cry out, a figure dressed in a light green long dress, with a delicate and exquisite shadow like a swiftly flying butterfly rushed out. Upon seeing Yun Che, her entire smart looking countenance was overwhelmed with pleasant surprise, and from her mouth came a voice of utmost joy: “Litte Che!”

Xiao Lingxi threw herself forward, and swooped into Yun Che’s embrace, hugging him tightly. In his embrace she could hardly contain her happiness and was jumping with joy: “You finally returned… Ah? Have you suffered any injuries? Did you hurt yourself anywhere?”

Being able to meet Xiao Lingxi there, was of no surprise nor odd to Yun Che. Before he had arrived at the imperial palace, he already had at least seventy percent certainty and conviction that Ling Jie would bring Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi to safety at Cang Yue’s side. He held Xiao Lingxi’s waist, and laughed as he said: “Don’t worry, I do not have a single wound on myself. If you do not believe my words, I will strip off my clothes for your inspection later.”

“Uuu!” Xiao Lingxi used her hands and lightly pinched him, pouting her lips as she said: “Humph, you’re teasing me again…” However, she could only maintain her feigned anger for a short while before it was replaced by joy: “Hee, I always knew you would keep to your words. We’ve arrived here long ago, Dad and I were worried to death over these few days. However, it was fortuitous that the imperial palace had many interesting places, and also the princess herself had accompanied me, allowing me to play here happily.”

It was at this moment that Cang Yue appeared, dressed from head to toe in royal garments, looking splendid beyond comparison. Looking at the two in each other’s embrace, she laughed lightly and walked over: “Junior Brother Yun, you have finally returned.”

“Sorry for worrying Senior Sister.” Yun Che lightly smiled as he said: “ And to trouble you with taking care of my grandfather and little aunt.”

“Your kinsmen, are of course also my kinsmen.” After Cang Yue finished her sentence, she suddenly felt a sense of obliquity, as her snow-white countenance flushed red, and became flustered and she started a new topic: “Grandfather Xiao is currently at my father’s side, and with Uncle Dongfang’s protection, he is perfectly safe and sound. That said… have you seen Chu Yuechan already?”

Yun Che’s breathing slowed, as he shook his head lightly: “No, she wasn’t at Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, and no one has any idea as to her whereabouts.”

Cang Yue’s pink lips slightly parted, and she added softly in a consoling tone: “Do not worry, the Fairy of Frozen Beauty has the strength of a Throne, within the Blue Wind, no one can harm her. The Blue Wind Empire’s domain is small, you will surely find her in no time. I will also muster the entire palace’s resources to aid in the search… that said, has the Burning Heaven Clan… really been... annihilated by you?”

“Mn.” Yun Che nodded his head without hesitation: “Because they had provoked what they should never have provoked! This matter, even if the entire world bears a grudge or admonishes me, I will not feel any regret! Senior Sister, Little Aunt… do you two blame me?”

Cang Yue’s expression instantly became extremely conflicted. Just when she was about to speak, she had instead heard Xiao Lingxi, who lifted her face: “Even though taking lives is wrong… if it was Little Che, the people he has killed are definitely those that should be killed, who are bad people! As such, I do not blame you.”

Xiao Lingxi was a person who had never before taken a life, and even had limited experience interacting with other people. Her temperament, was as emollient as the leaves and flowers. Yet these words which were said, were spoken as it should be by rights, filled with self-confidence and justice. Tens of thousands of lives suffered a massacre, yet she stood resolute… No, one should say that she naturally believed that Yun Che was right. Cang Yue could not help but questioned: “You… why would you think so?”

“Because Little Che is the best person in this entire world.” XIao Lingxi blinked her bright pupils that resembled black glorious gemstones, and answered without a hint of hesitation.

In that moment, Cang Yue stared with her gazed transfixed.

All of a sudden, she immediately understood why Yun Che had toiled so hard these past three years, and why he had borne a burning rage that led to the annihilation of the Burning Heaven Clan after she was abducted...

His relationship with Xiao Lingxi, was long past one of trust and reliance; it was one that practically had one’s life integrated into the other’s. Especially with the way Xiao Lingxi treated Yun Che; even if she felt that the entire world was lying to her, she would wholeheartedly put her trust in Yun Che; even if the entire world treated him as a demon, she would still believe that he was the most kind-hearted person in the world.

This deep and mysterious, yet subtle feelings, caused Cang Yue to sincerely feel envious. She knew, in this world, there would never be someone who could take Xiao Lingxi’s place in Yun Che’s heart.

Cang Yue lightly smiled. Under Xiao Lingxi’s gaze, those little complicated feelings that had dwelled in her heart disappeared without a trace. She looked at Yun Che… and saw a man that made her feel immense pride… in two short years, he had progressed from a frail youth, whom had his life threatened by the Xiao Sect that hunted him, to a person capable of loftily holding up the entire Blue Wind Empire.

It was at this moment, an apathetic and serious voice suddenly rang out from the distant skies:

“Yun Che, because of your personal grievance, you would go so far as to annihilate the entire Burning Heaven Clan. Your methods are merciless, and your heart is malicious. Both the gods and people are outraged, and you deserve heavenly punishment to wipe you out. An old man like me will seek justice for the heavens on this day, and personally send you on the road to the yellow springs to pay your debt… show yourself to me!”

This voice seemingly transmitted from across the sky, echoing through the imperial city’s every street, every corner, and caused the entire city to fall into complete silence. Everyone raised their heads up high, shocked by the scene of an empty sky, and attempted to locate the origin of that voice.

“Ah? What… what was that sound? What he shouted, seemed to be for Little Che.” Xiao Lingxi turned her body and looked around. The words said by the voice, caused her to feel a sense of panic.

“This person… who can he be?” Cang Yue hurriedly grabbed onto Yun Che’s arm, as her face revealed panic. In spite of Yun Che’s annihilation of the Burning Heaven Clan, and intimidating the entire realm, for a person to rush over to seek punishment on him… his strength, was definitely on an extremely frightening level.

“Hmph.” Yun Che snorted indifferently, and very quickly, confirmed the location of the owner of the voice. He nonchalantly said to Cang Yue and Xiao Lingxi: “It seems like a small nuisance has arrived… Give me a moment, I will take care of it right away.”

Just he was about to move, Jasmine’s voice rang out in his head: “Do not go over there! If you do, that would be seeking death!”

“What!?” Yun Che froze in his steps, as his eyebrows furrowed.

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