Chapter 365 - The Big Wedding Day

Against the Gods

Chapter 365 - The Big Wedding Day

“Oh?” The young man laid down his wine cup and laughed faintly: “I’ve always heard that amongst the seven nations, Blue Wind was the weakest, but didn’t expect that it would be weak to such a pathetic and laughable extent. Moreover, together with narrowness of this region, it could only be considered as tiny as a marble, I really don’t understand why my royal father was suddenly interested in this place.”

“His Majesty would never do things without reason, let alone such a major matter.” The black clothed elderly man laughed as he said: “I, however, have vaguely heard that the reason why His Majesty took this action was because not too long ago, the Spirit Earth Hall had accidentally detected a huge purple crystal mine’s aura, and this purple crystal mineral deposit is situated within the borders of the Blue Wind. Before it is discovered by the Blue Wind, we have to seize this purple crystal mineral deposit. The best method of doing so is naturally… Hehe.”

“Regardless of whether it is a rumor or truth, even though His Majesty is already meticulously preparing for it, he didn’t intend to act any time soon. I’d say that at least, His Majesty ought to start after the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament is over. A grand occasion that only comes only once every twenty years, if it is missing a nation, that would certainly be quite a pity.” The red clothed elderly man said with an expressionless face.

“Haha,” the black clothed elderly man laughed faintly: “There is no relationship between His Majesty tentatively not mobilizing and the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. In the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, the Blue Wind Empire had always been at the very bottom, filling in as the joke material. There is no difference whether it’s there or not. At the moment, the ‘Primordial Profound Ark’ has reappeared, and the ark’s gateway will also open not long from now. What His Majesty is currently focusing all his energy on, is naturally the Primordial Profound Ark. Before exploring all of the Primordial Profound Ark’s mysteries, how could His Majesty possibly disperse his energy to deal with a little Blue Wind Empire?”

“However, it seems that we truly did not arrive at the right time, to actually run into that Yun Che’s big wedding day.” The young man narrowed his eyes: “His influence in this tiny little area is truly not that bad. In these couple of days, the times that I’ve heard his name come up was no less than a hundred.”

“I’ve heard that Yun Che had annihilated the Burning Heaven Clan, one of Blue Wind’s Four Major Sects, all by himself. Hmph, for such a talent had actually suddenly appear out of nowhere in this impoverish land, the cause of this, is naturally self-evident,” said the black clothed elderly man.

“Bloodline.” The red clothed elder lowered his eyelids and answered expressionlessly.

“Heh, I wonder who it was that accidentally gave birth to a bastard in the outside. To actually rely on our Divine Phoenix Bloodline and spread his prestige within this little Blue Wind nation. However, to have just happened to run into this big wedding day, I’m actually finding it a little hard to be hardhearted now. Moreover, if we just go like that, it would be more or less somewhat ‘disrespectful’, wouldn’t it. At the very least, the person he is currently marrying is Blue Wind Imperial Family’s only princess.” As the young man said this, his eyes radiated a mocking light, until they landed on the bodies of the four Iron Palm Sect members, which immediately caused his smile to become even more wanton.

After the Iron Palm Sect’s four ate and drank to their heart’s content, they left the tavern, heading straight in the direction of the Blue Wind Imperial City. Throughout the entire journey, once the name “Iron Palm Sect” was displayed, of the surrounding pedestrians, there were none who did not give way. Once they entered a place barren of people, a lazy voice suddenly sounded from their behind: “Friends of the Iron Palm Sect, is it possible for us to discuss a matter?”

From within this silky voice, leaked out an insufferable arrogance, and was obviously not up any good. The four turned around and Sect Master Tie Ruide swept his gaze across the three people. Seeing the young man in the middle’s clothes, and his bearing that was out of the ordinary, he didn’t really underestimate them either as he replied indifferently: “If there is a matter, say it quickly, do not delay my Iron Palm Sect’s journey.”

When he said the name “Iron Palm Sect’ out, he originally thought that it would give the other party a fright. But he actually saw that the young man before him still had on a beaming expression. The young man flicked his palm and a white jade folding fan had already appeared in his hands. Flapping the jade fan, he leisurely said: “We don’t really have that big of a matter to discuss. We only want to borrow the invitation cards of the few of you.”

“You’re courting death!” An elder of the Iron Palm Sect took a step forward as his angry brows raised in a slant: “Sect Master, these three are obviously here to pick a fight. Looks like since our Iron Palm Sect haven’t really flaunted our might to the outside lately, we’ve even let a group of rats like these to dare mess with us.”

Tie Ruide’s brows sunk as he coldly said: “If you are looking to start a fight, I’m afraid that you have looked for the wrong people to do so. I’ll give you three breaths of time, immediately scram from my line of sight, or else…”

“Hahahaha, or else what?” The young man started to laugh heartily. He closed the fan and smiled while walking in Tie Ruide’s direction: “Seems like our friends do not wish to cooperate with us. Then, this humble one shall just help himself.”

“Junior, you’re courting death!” In a great fury, an Iron Palm Sect elder took a step forward. He extended his right arm out, his palm brought along a sinister gust of ice cold wind as he grabbed towards the young man’s throat.

Since they were the “Iron Palm Sect”, the core of their cultivation was naturally a pair of iron palms. This palm smash was strong enough to smash a deep handprint even on fine steel. Yet facing this iron palm, the young man actually laughed disdainfully. With a slight flick of his wrist, the jade fan in his hands casually fell upon on the incoming iron palm.


An incomparably miserable shriek sounded. The Iron Palm Sect Elder who had attacked felt like ten thousand swords had pierced through his heart as he hugged onto his arm whilst rolling on the ground. His entire arm was instantly dyed blood red, and the appearance of wishing that he was dead seemed as if the skin, flesh, and bones of his entire arm had been shattered into pieces.

“Great Elder!!”

Tie Ruide turned pale with fright. Great Elder’s profound strength was as high the third level of the Sky Profound Realm. In the Iron Palm Sect, he was second only to himself, yet he had been heavily injured so easily to such a state by this young man in one move. After his initial shock, he attacked in a fury, as both his palms changed into a shocking metallic color. In the midst of his furious bellow, he pushed at the young man.

“Tsk tsk…” The young man uttered disdainfully. Facing Tie Ruide’s attack of full strength, he didn’t even take a step back as he gave the folding fan in his hands a little wave, thrust, and sweep.

Bang! Bang! Rip!!

Tie Ruide’s iron palm strength that reached the middle stages of the Sky Profound Realm had disappeared without a trace, as if it was a mud doll sinking into the ocean. An additional gaping bloody hole had appeared at the place where his throat used to be. A deep bloody line had also appeared on the throats of the other two elders behind him… dangerously close to chopping off their heads from their necks.

“You… you…”

Tie Ruide’s eyes were filled with the greatest horror he had ever displayed in his life. With widened eyes, he collapsed together with the other two elders… and the four no longer made any sound.

In a mere few breaths of time, the four strongest members of the Iron Palm Sect, four supremely strong Sky Profound practitioners had lost their lives by this young man’s hands. It was so fast that the two other elders who didn't even have the time to act, did not even know how they had died in the end of their lives.

“Truly too weak to withstand a single blow.” The young man put away his jade fan that did not even have a speck of bloodstain on it.

The black clothed elder stepped forward and grabbed at the air as the four spatial rings on the corpses were all sucked into the palm of his hand. He found the invitations within them and then tossed all four rings to the side, not even bothering to glance at what things were stored inside… For this level of a sect, even if it were to be their most valuable of treasures, in their eyes, they were merely a little more than simple trash.

After opening the invitation card, the black robed elder swiped across it with his finger and the original names on it disappeared. With another wave of his finger, he used profound energy to engrave new names on top of the invitations. Then, he closed the cards and gave it to the young man.

“Very good.” The young man said as he received the invitation letters while laughing heartily: “As someone from a nation of etiquette, I still know the proper ways of a guest, hahahaha.”

“Let’s go, let us go take a look at just what kind of rubbish this Yun Che is.”


Today could even be said to be Blue Wind Imperial City’s most lively and bustling day in the past several hundred years.

The huge imperial city was practically bursting with streams of people. Every tavern and inn, large or small, had already been sold out as early as several days in advance. Even though their prices had been inflated by more than ten times, waves and waves of people still scrambled over as if they had lost their minds. On those few main streets before the imperial palace, it was near impossible to even turn one’s body around.

As far as the eye could see, the entire imperial city was decorated with lanterns and colorful banners, soaring with a joyous atmosphere. Shining red lanterns and bright red carpets were everywhere. Gift carts with extremely lavish decorations came in cart after cart, composing an incredible scenery. Within the imperial palace, colorful streamers fluttered in the air, and tens of thousands of flowers bloomed together… For the princess’s marriage, the scene would naturally be exceptionally luxurious and grand. But in all of the Blue Wind Imperial Family’s thousand years of history, there had never been such an exaggerated occasion for the wedding of a princess. Moreover, this princess didn’t even seem like she was being married off… Since the place of the great wedding had been selected to be in the imperial palace, no matter how one looked at it, it was the other party marrying in!

Cang Wanhe had nearly made the Imperial Family’s grand occasion become the entire nation’s grand occasion, he badly wished the whole world to know that his only daughter had gotten married to Yun Che. Among those who had arrived in the imperial city first, not one of them did not get a huge eyeful of the gorgeousness and the endless streams of people. Even if they were some leaders of sects with extensive knowledge and experience, they were still dumbstruck at the scene.

“My Heavens… Isn’t this a bit too exaggerated.” Once Ling Jie arrived above the imperial city after rushing over to join the wedding ceremony, he was stunned for quite a while as he unceasingly moaned in his heart.

Every governor of every large city, medium city, and small city had all gathered inside the imperial city with not one missing. Every sect leader with impressive reputations had also all appeared within the imperial city in piles; no one who had received invitations did not come, and there were many who turned up without being invited. If it was merely the princess getting married, it was absolutely unlikely for such a scene to occur. But Yun Che… was the future Blue Wind Empire’s number one overlord. They wanted to join in even if they had to desperately pretend to be lowly.

At nine in the morning, they began to welcome the guests. In regards to guests who had come in uninvited, the Imperial Palace also did not refuse any. Only, their seating location at the banquet was less conspicuous, less grand, and far away.

“Elegant Wind City’s Governor Ma Tengyu has arrived with his lady!”

“Western Plains Great General Li Liancheng has arrived!”

“Heavenly Sword Villa’s Young Villa Masters Ling Yun and Ling Jie have arrived.”

“Supreme Ultimate Sect’s Sect Master Du Cangran, Great Elder Du Yuntian, and Young Sect Master Du Ziteng have arrived!”

“Northern Blue City’s Governor Ouyang Bo has arrived with his lady.”

“Xiao Sect’s Sect Master Xiao Juetian, Great Elder Xiao Boyun, and Medicine Sect Elder Xiao Wuji have arrived.”

Those names that were each scarier than the previous made the voice of the Master of Ceremonies by the entrance tremble, as the cold sweat on his head torrented down his face. He had lived for so long, but all the big shots that he had known all his life, even if added altogether, would not be as much as he had met today. And those who had received invitation cards were all people that Yun Che and the Imperial Family wanted to invite, as well as those sects and VIPs with influence in a region, or possibly mighty lords of a region. Even those at the level of governor could only sit on the side of the reception hall. As for those influential big shots that were usually extremely difficult to meet and those sects and clans who possess outstanding fame, they didn’t even have the qualifications to receive an invitation. When they arrived, they had no other choice but to sit in the seats outside the main reception hall and be attended to by the palace eunuchs and imperial bodyguards, yet not one dared to express any dissatisfaction… Compared to those one after another great names called by the Master of Ceremonies, the little authority and fame they had were simply not worth mentioning.

“Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Young Mistress Xia Qingyue and Fairy of Frozen Glass, Chu Yueli have arrived.”

In the Main Hall, Yun Che had always been attentively listening to each and every arrival’s name. When he had heard Xia Qingyue’s name, his heart stirred abruptly as he looked in the direction of the hall’s entrance.

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