Chapter 369 - Asking To Be Humiliated

Against the Gods

Chapter 369 - Asking To Be Humiliated

As a prince of Divine Phoenix Empire, when arriving at any nation, Feng Xichen would always be able to walk with a completely straight back. Seemingly, when anyone was in front of him, they would always be silent, and did not dare to have the slightest bit of disrespect or offensive behavior, even more so in the weakest Blue Wind Empire.

However, his status as the Divine Phoenix Prince, evidently did not instill any fear in Yun Che, and this undoubtedly caused Feng Xichen’s heart to sour greatly, and his intent to kill Yun Che had completely been raised as well. He loftily gave a cold laugh. “Yun Che, this prince is really curious as to where you get that audacity and confidence, to actually dare to display such arrogance in front of this prince. Do you really think that you’re invincible, simply by being capable of exterminating Burning Heaven Clan, one of the so called Four Major Sects? Hahahaha. A frog in a well that has never walked out of this tiny nation, is really funny and pitiful. Bluntly speaking, along the way, I have heard many rumors regarding you. Initially, I still had a bit of expectation for you, but I never thought that your profound strength is actually only at the Earth Profound Realm, which can’t even be described as ‘pitiful’. It seems like these so called Four Major Sects, are nothing more than the four biggest jokes…”

Feng Xichen calmly looked at Yun Che, his eyes looked as though he was looking at a lowly ant which did not even have the qualifications to be seen before him. “But, your fate is still pretty good, because you will die an honorable death in this prince’s hands. Before you die, this prince will even be kind enough to allow a trash with a mixed bloodline like you, witness what true Phoenix flames look like!!”

Feng Xichen’s hand gesture changed, his fan opened up, and the scarlet flame mark on his forehead flashed, emitting out an eye-burning light. Instantly, crimson flames of the Phoenix burst out as though a tornado was suddenly swept up, filling up the sky and blocking the sun in a blink of an eye. The air crazily expanded and surged, and a severe distortion appeared in everyone’s line of sight. An extremely terrifying heatwave enveloped downwards, causing all of the people in the vicinity to look as though they were wrapped in blazing magma. Their breaths were completely held in, and their entire bodies felt as though they were about to burn up.



Clear and loud phoenix cries sounded from within the flames, trembling every single person to the point where even their souls were deeply shaken. The people raised their heads, and shockingly, they saw those crimson flames that filled the sky look as though they were formed and merged by countless freely soaring Fire Phoenixes which released a destructive might that could even burn the heavens and earth.

The surrounding Blue Wind experts retreated out of fear. The blazing heat of these flames along with their might and depth, had completely surpassed their understanding and imagination. Even Burning Heaven Clan’s Purple Profound Flames of the highest tier, in front of these crimson flames, could not even be compared, because these were Phoenix’s flames that came from the Divine Phoenix Sect… they possessed the might of a divine beast, they were the publicly acknowledged strongest flames of the entire Profound Sky Continent!! There were countless experts present, yet, none of them had the confidence to go against flames like these, also, even Dongfang Xiu, an ultimate expert at half-step into the Emperor Profound Realm, might even be killed instantly when facing these extremely terrifying flames.

Looking at the Phoenix’s flames which enveloped the entire sky, the black clothed elder and red colored elder nodded slowly as well. The black clothed elder sighed. “Although His Highness’s aptitude cannot be considered as the best among the many princes, he, after all, still carry the royal bloodline. In this year, the strength of his Phoenix’s flames had made considerable breakthroughs, currently, he no longer seem to be weaker than us old things. I believe, given another year, he will be able to completely surpass us.”

The red clothed elder said. “Hoho, we are nothing but two little bodyguards in the sect. Our lifetime’s limit is basically restricted to the Emperor Profound, how can we be used as comparison for His Highness? With His Highness’s current progress, he might have a hope of becoming an Overlord in his lifetime!”

The phoenix flames that filled the sky were like the flames the purgatory. Carrying a boundless destructive aura, they enveloped downwards, towards Yun Che. Looking at the descending flames, Yun Che originally wanted to act, however, as though he suddenly thought of something, the pair of hands which he had raised were retracted, allowing the flames to descend and completely submerge him within.


“Yun Che!!”

The sea of flames that filled the sky completely engulfed Yun Che, even causing his figure and aura to be completely swallowed within. Helplessly watching this entire scene, a series of panicked roars came from the vicinity. Ling Jie and Dongfang Xiu sprang out of the crowd, however, before they could even approach the phoenix flames, they were forced back by the searing heat of the flames that far surpassed their imagination. They were basically unable to approach at all… In their states of horror, they were basically unable to imagine how terrifying the outcome would be if they were engulfed by flames like these. Probably, in a mere instant, from their clothes, to their skin, to their flesh, and even their bones, they might all be burnt to ash.

“Hahahahahaha.” Feng Xichen let out a cruel, wild laugh. “So this is the number one of Blue Wind’s Ranking Tournament? The number one of Blue Wind’s younger generation? My teeth are really falling out from laughing here. This prince had thought that he might be able to struggle a little, never did I expect that under the might of the phoenix flames, he actually wasn’t even able to move, and was instantly swallowed whole. In this world, there’s nothing that the flames of the Phoenix cannot burn away. Under the Phoenix’s intense flames, in only three seconds, even his bones will turn into ash!”

Yun Che, who was swallowed whole by the Phoenix’s flames, naturally did not receive any form of damage. Forget about Feng Xichen, even if his father, the current Divine Phoenix Sect Master, the Divine Phoenix Emperor, was here, he should not even think of using phoenix flames to harm a single strand of his hair. He stood within the flames unmoving, focusing his heart to feel the surging flames of the Phoenix by his side. The flames of the Phoenix indeed required the Phoenix’s bloodline to be ignited. The reason why he himself was able to burn the Phoenix’s blood, was because he possessed three drops of pure Phoenix’s blood in his bloodstream. He wanted to know if there was a difference between his own phoenix flames, and the phoenix flames burnt by someone whose bloodline had been past down for countless years by the Divine Phoenix Sect.

And the result, had greatly disappointed him.

Strictly speaking, no matter if it was the flames ignited by Yun Che, or even the people from the Divine Phoenix Sect, none of them could be called phoenix flames. Rather, they were merely regular profound flames which carried a slight amount of the Phoenix’s divine power. Only the flames from the divine beast, the Phoenix itself, were actual phoenix flames. And the purity of the Phoenix’s blood in one’s bloodstream, naturally decided the purity of one’s phoenix flames as well. As one whose body carried the Heretic God’s Seed, and also the Phoenix’s blood, Yun Che’s understanding to the laws of fire, and his fire controlling ability, could be said to be extremely strong. In an instant, he was able to feel that the “purity” of the phoenix flames ignited by Feng Xichen… was essentially not even half of his!

After all, the source of Yun Che’s Phoenix blood came directly from the divine beast, the Phoenix itself.

While Feng Xichen’s Phoenix’s bloodline, was passed down generations after generations. His degree of purity, was basically unable to be compared to Yun Che’s. The only one who possessed a bloodline whose purity could match Yun Che, was his ancestor of the first generation, who had received the Phoenix’s blood!

However, the way these flames were being ignited, and their destructive laws, were exceptionally mysterious. From within them, Yun Che could clearly see the shadow of the 《World Ode of the Phoenix》. Back then in the Phoenix’s Trial, using the controlling ability of his power from the Heretic God’s Fire Seed, he forcefully broke through the fundamental laws of the Phoenix’s flames. Under the state of not possessing the Phoenix Profound Arts, he forcefully comprehended the Phoenix’s profound skills the fifth and sixth stages of the World Ode of the Phoenix. However, without the fundamental laws of the Phoenix Profound Arts from the 《World Ode of the Phoenix》, Yun Che’s phoenix flames had always been only capable of demonstrating might at the most basic level. The might of the two great Phoenix’s flame skills, were similarly limited as well.

While the Divine Phoenix Sect, possessed the complete first to fourth stage of the 《World Ode of the Phoenix》. If Yun Che was able to receive the complete first to fourth stages, and have them integrate to the fifth and sixth stages, the might of his Phoenix’s flames would undoubtedly rise by an incomparably large amount.

Within Feng Xichen’s phoenix flames, Yun Che tried to catch the traces of the 《World Ode of the Phoenix》, however, very quickly, he gave up. After all, to inversely comprehend the Profound Arts from the opponent’s strength was basically something seemingly impossible to achieve. Spreading his two arms out, the gold colored burning Phoenix flame imprint on his forehead flashed for a moment. Similar crimson colored phoenix flames began to ignite from his body, and then, they erupted fiercely.

In an instant, as though a ferocious sea monster had risen from the seas, space shook wildly, and the concentrated sounds of fabric tearing rang out. The Phoenix’s flames that were initially covering the entire sky, turned chaotic by the force blast in a blink of an eye, and they were even shattering into pieces, being annihilated… And what were annihilating these phoenix flames, were actually the same phoenix flames… that came from Yun Che!! However, the two had their differences. Feng Xichen’s phoenix flames were like countless spiritual snakes, while Yun Che’s phoenix flames were like a divine dragon dominating the sky, and wherever it went, Feng Xichen’s phoenix flames were brutally, and forcefully, blasted away.

“Wha… What!!”

This change that came so suddenly, caused Feng Xichen, and the red and black elderly men to become greatly shocked. Yun Che was swallowed by Feng Xichen’s Phoenix’s flames for nearly five seconds, and they had initially believed that Yun Che must have already been burnt into ash. However, they had never expected that not only was Yun Che not even harmed the slightest bit, his sudden outburst with his own phoenix flames, could forcefully blast away Feng Xichen’s phoenix flames...

Blasting away Phoenix flames of the Divine Phoenix Prince!!

One should know that in the Divine Phoenix Sect, the Phoenix’s bloodline of the Divine Phoenix Imperial Family was, comparatively, the purest. Under the same level of strength, the might of the Phoenix’s flames ignited by a member of the imperial family, far surpassed any regular disciple. Feng Xichen’s profound strength was at the second level of the Emperor Profound Realm, however, he was completely able to face a regular Divine Phoenix Sect disciple whose strength was at the fourth level of the Emperor Profound Realm without being defeated.

But Yun Che, whose strength was only at the seventh level of the Earth Profound Realm, with Phoenix flames that came from what they termed as a “bastard child’s” Phoenix bloodline, could actually blast away Feng Xichen’s Phoenix flames!!

At this moment, they looked as though they had seen ghosts under broad daylight.

Also, at the same time, their souls suddenly began to surge uncontrollably. Evidently, they felt a form of pressure that came from their bloodline! And they were not entirely strangers to this form of pressure, however, this feeling of pressure that came from their bloodline, clearly could only occur when one’s degree of purity of their bloodline surpassed their own, and it had to even far surpass their own to be felt. However, currently, this feeling clearly came from Yun Che.

How was that possible!?

How was it possible for the bloodline of a bastard child who was living outside, cause a prince who carried the royal bloodline to feel a sense of pressure… How was that possible!?

Feng Xichen’s expression stiffened. Then, it distorted slowly, bit by bit. He stared dumbfoundedly at his own Phoenix flames actually being crushed by his opponent’s similar Phoenix flames. He felt as though his own pride and honor was severely shattered along with the Phoenix flames.

Gritting his teeth strongly, Feng Xichen suddenly roared out loudly. His entire being rose into the air, the Phoenix flame mark on his forehead intensely shone as the jade fan in his hands rained down crazed and furious hurricane-like flames. “Little bastard child, this prince possesses the most honorable and valuable Divine Phoenix Imperial Household’s bloodline, in front of this prince, you’re simply humiliating yourself with your lowly Phoenix flames!! This prince shall immediately allow you to witness… what true Phoenix flames are!!”

“The power of the Divine Phoenix… Phoenix Domain!!”

The long cry of a phoenix cut across the skies, the flames that were initially covering the sky and earth instantly expanded by several times once again. Earlier, Feng Xichen whose heart was filled with disdain and teasing thoughts, had only used about forty percent of his strength. However, this time, he used all of his strength, and even forcefully activated his current strongest destructive ability —— Phoenix Domain.

The flames roared out wildly and they quickly formed into a gigantic blazing Phoenix, spiraling furiously above the ground, raining down a destructive power that shook the heaven and earth.

The corner of Yun Che’s lips hooked up to a mocking arc. Spreading open his two arms, the gold flame mark once again appeared, and a gigantic crimson colored lotus proudly bloomed.

“Star Scorching Demon Lotus!!”

Bang bang bang...

Layers upon layers of the blazing flower, carrying a tyrannical aura that could burn away everything, bloomed at an extremely quick rate. As each layer of the blazing flower bloomed, the Phoenix Domain was forcefully and brutally torn open. That blazing phoenix which had only just taken form, was instantly sliced into countless pieces. The dispersed flames, under the engulfment from the flames of the demon lotus, were like the white snow being shone upon by the intense rays of the sun, as they quickly dissipated into nothing.

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