Chapter 374 - Imperial Palace Wedding Night

Against the Gods

Chapter 374 - Imperial Palace Wedding Night

“We have to hurry and leave this damned place!”

“As expected of the Forest of Devils, we didn’t even clearly see how Third Bro and Fourth Bro died… and let alone treasures, there’s basically not even something similar to a piece of rock here. I will never come to this place ever again!”

“Oh? That’s… There seems to be someone over there.”

The three people stood in front of the black clothed man, and every single one of them, was releasing the aura of an Earth Profound Realm.

“He’s wounded all over, and seems like he’s about to die. What a pitiful worm.” The man in the middle said.

“Hmph, at the most, this aura is only at the Spirit Profound Realm. He actually dared to break into a place like this, he’s really reckless.”

“Seeing his current state, he won’t be living for any much longer, since we encountered him, heheh… let’s take this opportunity to send him on his way then.”

The middle aged man who said this revealed a bloodthirsty smile… To people like them who lived a life spoken with swords, killing people would undoubtedly bring about great satisfaction. He took out his longblade, and with a sinister laugh, he smashed towards the black clothed youth’s head with the back of his blade.


The black clothed youth who was lying on the ground looked as though he was already burnt out, but suddenly, somehow or somewhere, he managed to muster up strength, and was actually able to barely block with that extremely weathered blade of his. The middle aged man’s longblade was offset, smashed into the ground, and the black clothed youth’s broken blade escaped his hands due to the trembling.

“Yo!” The middle aged man laughed wildly. “Hahahaha, even though he’s in such a pitiful state, he actually still has the strength to resist. This great man here is being kind to send you on your way, but you actually don’t know how to appreciate my kindness. Heh, I really want to see, how you will survive under this sword of mine.”

After saying that, he instantly circulated thirty percent of his profound strength in his arm, and pierced towards the black clothed youth’s heart.

As the aura of death suddenly approached, the black clothed youth’s pupils shrank, and his body subconsciously moved. With a “poof” sound, the blade ruthlessly penetrated his right chest.

Very quickly, the fresh blood completely dyed his chest red. The black clothed youth’s entire body stiffened at that moment, and his eyes gradually began to blur… He could clearly smell the scent of death...


I can’t die… I can’t die...

I have yet to kill Yun Che… I have yet to exact my revenge...

I can’t die… I can’t die...

“I can’t… die!!!!”


His eyes which were currently losing its sight suddenly emitted out a fierce light like that of an demonic wolf’s. Suddenly, unknown to which part of his body he was drawing his strength from, he actually stood up. Grabbing onto the middle aged man’s right hand which was holding the blade with one of his hands, he ruthlessly smashed onto the middle-aged man’s chest with his other hand...

“No one… should even think about… killing me!! Aaaaaah!!”


This was initially a strike enough to kill him, and he was currently comfortably enjoying the process of this black clothed youth stepping into his death. However, he never expected that he would actually leap right up, and right after, he felt as though an aura that came from the resentment and hatred of purgatory had enveloped him, causing him to freeze for a moment. He was actually unable to move a single inch, and when he regained his senses, he was actually unable to feel the existence of his body any longer...

The middle aged man slowly lowered his head. Subsequently, his line of sight fell downwards. He saw the black clothed youth who was supposed to have died under his blade… His fist, and half of his arm, had completely disappeared into his chest...

“You… You…” The middle aged man widened his eyes, his eyeballs looked as though they were about to explode. After letting out the final sound of his life, he slowly fell backwards. After his body fell, that bloodstained arm was pulled out from his chest as well… On the chest of the middle aged man, a gigantic hole of blood was wildly splurging out fresh blood.

A cold wind blew, carrying the heavy scent of blood. The black-clothed youth was covered entirely in blood, his arm especially, looked as though it had been bathed in a pool of blood. His hair fluttered wildly admist the cold wind, concealing half of his demonic-looking face. His chest, which was stabbed by the longblade was still dripping with blood...

At this moment, the two companions of the middle aged man, looked as though they had seen the legendary terrifying demonic god of hell!

They had killed countless numbers of people, and had ventured into countless of dangerous lands, so they had more guts than an average person. However, that unimaginably dense air of resentment, hatred, and hostility caused them to feel as though they were in the ice prison of purgatory. Every muscle fiber of their bodies, every one of their blood vessels, spasmed in fear. Seemingly at the same time, they strangely screamed out, tumbled down and crawled up, and then wildly fled to the opposite direction. Very quickly, they disappeared within the grey fog of the dark forest.


The longblade was pulled out by him, and it powerlessly fell next to his leg. The earth and sky spun in the male youth’s eyes. Then, he heavily fell to the ground and fainted.

I can’t die...

I must kill Yun Che… kill Yun Che...

I must… definitely not… die...

The final voice in his consciousness had completely faded away as well. His body was entirely tattered, just like a broken paper bag. If such injuries were placed on an average person, that person would have long been completely dead, yet he kept holding on, not allowing himself to die… And in his left hand, he had been tightly holding onto a pitch-black key. A strange dark-grey fog surrounded the key, and at this moment, this fog suddenly began to flutter in random directions, as though it had sensed something...

Deep within the grey and cloudy fog, an incomparably dark laughter suddenly rang out, strangely, and terrifyingly…

“Such heavy air of resentment, such terrifying obsession… On his body, actually even carries an aura that could allow me to escape from this prison… Hahahaha… Hahahaha… This is basically a perfect host that I never hoped to dream of… The heavens have finally opened their eyes. I have bitterly waited for so many years, finally, I can reobtain my freedom… Hahahaha… Hahahahahaha…”


Due to Yun Che’s and Cang Yue’s wedding ceremony, the entire Blue Wind Imperial City became incomparably bustling. The wedding ceremony proceeded for an entire day, and only when night had completely fallen, did the imperial city and imperial palace finally quieten down.

Amidst the starry night sky, the moonlight today was exceptionally beautiful, as its soft glow caressed the entire imperial palace.

Cang Yue had already been seated in the new room for a very long time. Within the room, several red candles were lighted up. A hint of moonlight spilled over the gaps of the big red curtains, reflecting on the two people by the bedside. She would occasionally look outside the window, hear the sounds outside, and with anxiety and expectancy, she asked over and over again. “Is it still not done yet? When is he going to come?”

“Uu, my big princess sis, you have already asked this more than thirty times.” Xiao Lingxi sat in front of the red candle while holding her cheeks. She looked outside the window, and said with a pensive mood. “It has already quietened down outside, so he should be here very quickly…”


At this moment, the tightly closed door was gently pushed open. Borrowing the light from the candles, the two people clearly saw the figure that walked in. Cang Yue’s tender body slightly trembled, and then, it quietly stiffened from anxiety and joy.

On the floor, was a big red carpet with a finely made embroidery of a ‘Dragon and Phoenix Auspicious Cloud’, and red silk filled all of the walls. The two big red candlesticks above the luxurious pot of marigold flowers shone with glittering brilliance, and an ascending dragon and phoenix was carved on the candlesticks with gold lacquer. The swaying candlefire shone on the seemingly neat gold-glazed curtains, and the entire room was filled with a hazy, dream-like color. Though, the most beautiful of these luster, was unable to compete against the two people who had been waiting for him for a long time. He stopped at the entrance of room, guided by the indistinct and soft light, he looked at the two most important girls in his life.

Xiao Lingxi stood up, pouting her cheeks as she said. “So slow! You’re so close to worrying your princess wife to death… Since it’s your wedding night, someone unnecessary like me should get going then. You tw… tw… tw… In any case, what’s up next is a matter between the two of you.”

Xiao Lingxi said a little incoherently, and before even waiting for Yun Che’s and Cang Yue’s reply, she had already begun to leave with hurried footsteps.

Yun Che gently pulled Xiao Lingxi’s arm. “Little aunt, you…”

Xiao Lingxi took his hand, and shook her head a little irritably. “Aaah! Today is an important day between you and princess sis, leave the rest of the matters for tomorrow! Don’t pull me again!”

After saying that, she no longer paid any attention to Yun Che, and broke into a small jog as she left.

“...” Yun Che stared a little blankly at the leaving Xiao Lingxi, and for a moment, he was at a loss of what to do. He had always been able to very clearly sense Xiao Lingxi’s mood. He could sense that, his little aunt’s current feelings… were in a slight disorder.

Yun Che took huge strides, arrived by Cang Yue’s side, and gently, he took down her phoenix coronet. At that moment, carrying a hint of shyness and timidness, Cang Yue’s charming face was reflected in his eyes. Covered by the radiance of the red candles, her beautiful face that was as clear as jade, was incomparably beautiful.

Feeling Yun Che’s attentive gaze, Cang Yue quietly lowered her head, a light pink color was cast on the two sides of her cheeks. Yun Che sat beside her, Lightly hugging her scented shoulders, he gently said. “Senior sister, I kept you waiting.”

Cang Yue’s face flushed red, her heart was beating wildly, as she softly said. “Husband, are you still going to call me… senior sister?”

Back then when they were at New Moon Profound Palace, they should have indeed referred to each other as senior sister and junior brother. However, the time Yun Che stayed in New Moon Profound Palace, when summed up, was not even two days. After that, calling each other senior sister and junior brother, was a form of habit, and was a form of memory as well.

The “husband” she called out, caused Yun Che’s body to soften. He smiled, looking at Cang Yue, he softly said. “Do you prefer me calling you Yue’er, or Xueruo?”

Cang Yue gently said. “As long as Husband likes it, either one is fine. When a woman is wed to her husband, her husband will be her heaven. As long as Husband likes it, I will like as well.”

In the night sky, the clouds obscuring the moonlight were dispersed by the wind, turning the light that shone into the new room brighter and clearer.

“I will often imagine where I would be right now if I have not met husband. Would father have already passed away? Would the entire imperial family have already been filled with smoke and ashes? Or would it have landed in the hands of other people…” Cang Yue leaned on Yun Che’s shoulder, her eyes were hazy like fog. “Husband, you’re the biggest gift that the heavens have ever given me in my entire life. To have married Husband, I, Cang Yue, no longer have anything that I wish for in my life.”

“I am the same.” Yun Che closed his eyes, and gently said. “If I have not met Xueruo back then, I might have already died in New Moon City. And it was also you, who brought me to the imperial city, into the Blue Wind Profound Palace, and allowed me to represent the imperial family in the Ranking Tournament… Which allowed me to encounter my biological grandfather, who told me of my true background as well… And only then, would there be the current me. Meeting Xueruo, is similarly a very big gift the heavens have given me.”

As the both of them recounted on their past, the fragrance of the young girl’s body and a man’s scent constantly teased their senses of smell and heartstrings. Their bodies approached closer and closer… Finally, Cang Yue’s fragrant lips were gently kissed by Yun Che, and her body was pressed on the bed by him as well. Her heart was like a little deer, smashing about, constantly beating. At the same time, the two sides of her powdered face were occupied by dizzying red. She closed her eyes, her heart and mind sheepishly ingratiated with his kiss, allowing him to suck her fragrant tongue, caress her teeth, and taste her...

Unconsciously, her clothes had already been taken down by Yun Che, layer by layer. Without any form of cover, her rich and delicate snow white body was revealed in his line of sight. Yun Che enjoyed himself to his heart’s content, caressing this perfect and flawless jade body. As he toyed, Cang Yue moaned, her tender and lovely moans could numb one’s heart and soul. As though due to shyness, her delicate snow-like skin reddened, and her breathing had become warm and ragged as well.


Following after a pleasure-like painful moan, the two bodies finally merged deeply. Cang Yue hugged tightly onto the man above her. Within her beautiful eyes, the bits of glistening luster quietly slipped away.

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