Chapter 38 – Peerless Sage

Against the Gods

Chapter 38 – Peerless Sage

Chu Yueli’s words stupefied Xia Qingyue.

Of course Chu Yueli knew of the profound veins’ Fifty Four Profound Entrances. It was common knowledge amongst the profound practitioners. She understood the concept of fully opening the profound entrances, but it was only plausible in theory as no one had ever heard of anyone achieving such a state. It has been said that only the ancient gods were capable of having “Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins”. It was simply an extravagant expectation that humanity could never obtain!

Ever since Xiao Che’s acupuncture treatment, Xia Qingyue felt that her spiritual and physical state had improved tremendously. The channeling of her profound strength had become very smooth. The flow of her profound strength had also been completely unobstructed. These changes occasionally came with a “this body cannot actually be mine” sort of feeling. Having recalled what Chu Yueli had told her about the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins, Xia Qingyue went into a state of shock….

The Fifty Four Profound Entrances were fully opened… Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins….

How could this be possible! How was this possible!!

But, as one of the Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies, why would Chu Yueli speak an untruth? Given her level of training in the seventh level of the Sky Profound Realm, how could she not sense the state of Xia Qingyue’s profound vein? As a Frozen Cloud Fairy, Chu Yueli had long since sealed away her emotions, but at this moment she couldn’t help but show genuine excitement on her face.

But, how could I…

Could it be…. be….

In Xia Qingyue’s mind, she saw Xiao Che’s figure… She remembered the mornings they spent together as he treated her with those silver needles. She remembered the reasons he gave her for the treatment “to disperse the cold” and “to clear the meridians”. She remembered how Xiao Che would be completely exhausted after each treatment….

She recalled every one of the silver needles that pricked her body…. There were a total of fifty four!! It was the same as the number of profound entrances!

Could it really have been him?

No…. it could only have been him! Aside from him, there were no others who have touched her body. And because of his “treatment”, her body had shown such an enormous change.

But, he was only a member of the Xiao Clan, not to mention a person with a damaged profound vein, how was it possible that he had such an ability….

It could be seen that Xia Qingyue did not have an immediate answer because her eyes were full of uncertainty and complex emotions. Chu Yueli extremely positive that, in the short span of a few days, Xia Qingyue must have went through an incredible experience. She quickly asked: “Qingyue, quickly, tell me who or what allowed you to clear all your profound vein entrances?”

“It… it was a person…. only I didn’t think he went so far…”

“A person?” Chu Yueli was filled with shock: “What was this senior called? Or what did he look like? With such godly abilities it would be impossible for no one to have not heard of him!”

“An ability that can shock all those under the heavens” these words used to describe the man with the ability to completely open the profound entrances was definitely not an exaggeration.

“If I told you I’m an exceptionally skilled spirit doctor, would you believe me?”

The words that she once ignored, were now beginning to occupy her thoughts. Only, her feelings right now was earth shattering different than of that time before.. At the same time, she recalled that after Yun Che’s third treatment, he breathlessly told her: “Qingyue, my wife, if one day your master discovers your changes, definitely do not tell her it was from my treatment….. unless you want to become a widow….”

One person who, in a short time, can complete open the profound for another. If someone with his capabilities, were to have his name spread far and wide, one can imagine the uproar and danger that would follow from those who would, at any cost, seek out this power for themselves.

“He said he was a spirit doctor.” Xia Qingyue had on a complicated look: “Only, he did not permit me to tell anyone else anything about him, I beg your forgiveness master.”

Hearing Xia Qingyue’s plea, Chu Yueli became quite disappointed, but she did not press further, and only gave a nod: “To have such an ability that could even oppose the gods, he must be a saint with the power to transcend the mundane world! Let’s not question something we have no hopes of understanding! Within the Blue Wind Empire, I am acquainted with a doctor who is not only very skilled, but also has the ability to open three of the profound entrances. He became known as Blue Wind’s number one doctor. But when compared to the man who can fully opened the profound entrances, Blue Wind’s number one doctor isn’t even fit to be the dirt at his feet. Hidden experts, like the one that treated you, typically try to avoid the public eye. You received his gift, and thus you should protect his secret.” Qingyue silently nodded in her heart.

Those days, each morning he treated me while exhausting his own profound energy, claiming to “disperse the cold air” and “clear the meridians” were only a cover. His true intentions were to completely open her profound entrances. Qingyue finally realized Yun Che’s intentions after listening to Chu Yueli. And the “ability that could even oppose the gods” her master said, were actually all done using merely a few silver needles.

What exactly was he…?

Chu Yueli had a very pleasant smile on her face, the way she looked at Xia Qingyue has also changed. The way she looked at Qingyue was many times more passionate than before. Solemnly, Chu Yueli said: “ When we return to the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, I will definitely report this to Milady. I believe the Lady will be very pleased and even accept you as her personal disciple. You will have access to all the resources within the entire Immortal Palace. Given your current level of profound training, even if you only put in the minimal amount of effort you will still become one of the greatest geniuses within Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace! In the next Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, you will inevitably become famous, and your name shall be known throughout the empire! Perhaps, because of you, we may finally break away from the fated suppression that lasted several hundred of years under the Heavenly Sword Villa! Our name would then be number one throughout the Blue Wind Empire!”

“…I will definitely work hard and not disappoint Master.” Xia Qingyue nodded slightly, as mixed emotions ran through her head.

“Oh right! Qingyue, since that senior gave you such a great gift, he must favor you quite a bit. Did he leave you anything or tell you how you can find him?” Chu Yueli asked with hope. Even if she were ten thousand times smarter, she wouldn’t be able to guess that this “senior” was even associated with the useless trash in everyone’s eyes, Yun Che.

“…no.” Qingyue shook her head.

“Sigh, I got a little too greedy.” Chu Yueli tried to pay it no heed and smiled, but then was overcome with a sense of disappointment: “However, should this skilled individual visit Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, even if only to grant us a tip or two, it would definitely be immensely beneficial to our Immortal Palace.

Then, Xia Qingyue suddenly recalled something in her heart. After some hesitation, Qingyue said: “Master, at that time he mentioned he was looking for three things…. Seven Profound Gem Grass, a Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, and lastly an Earth Profound Realm beast’s core. If… If we can find those three things for him, then perhaps he may visit the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace and express his gratitude to us.”

Xia Qingyue was not very good at lying, and when she said those lies she did not even dare to look Chu Yueli in the eyes.

“Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, Seven Profound Gem Grass, and an Earth Profound Realm beast’s Core…” Chu Yueli muttered the names of these three items in a low voice, and memorized the names in her heart. “Although these items are extremely difficult to obtain, given the power of our Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, it would not be impossible. I will discuss this matter with Milady and she will decide on how to handle it.”

“Qingyue, let us go now. The Lady and the other members of our Sect will never expect the surprise I am bringing to them.”

Chu Yueli held onto Xia Qingyue and took her into the sky. In an instant they reached hundreds of meters, turned into two streams of phantasmal trails, and headed northwest.

This was Xia Qingyue’s first time flying through the air. Although it should have been a very exciting experience, her turbulent heart was preoccupied by something else.

They soon passed the limits of Floating Cloud City. Xia Qingyue glanced back, and tears formed in her eyes as the city grew distant. The restlessness in her heart could not be calmed.

In the end, what kind of person are you?…… In this world, who can truly understand you?

You’ve done me such a huge favor, just so that I won’t be able to forget you? From now on every time I train in the profound, I will surely think about you….

You were banished from your clan, but where did you go? Where are you now?

“Qingyue my wife, are you asleep?”

“Wow wow! Qingyue my wife, did you become even more beautiful today? Men always say their wives grow more beautiful by the day, and it was actually true.”

*sniff sniff* “Qingyue my wife, did you stealthily go pick jasmine flowers in the morning? If not, how can you be so fragrant? Could this be the legendary female body fragrance?”

“Qingyue my wife, after the month is over and you depart for the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, we probably won’t have another opportunity to see one another… When you’re away, will you occasionally think about me?”


“Qingyue my wife”, that was how he would always call her. He addressed her like that at every given opportunity. She slowly became accustomed to that title….From now on, she knew she would never again hear someone mention that title when referring to her. The thought caused her heart to tighten. As she thought about it, her heart continued to ache.

“Qingyue? What’s wrong? Why has your heartbeat become erratic?” Chu Yueli glanced at her from the side.

Xia Qingyue gently shook her head: “I’m fine, just…a little homesick…”

Chu Yueli did not grasp the true meaning behind what Xia Qingyue meant when she said “home”. Chu Yueli said with relief: “When a girl leaves her home for the first time, it is only normal to be sentimental. But the day your profound training reaches the Sky Profound Realm, traveling vast distances will become a simple matter. When that moment comes, it will be easier for you to return when you miss home.”

When Xia Qingyue mentioned home, Chu Yueli naturally thought of one person, she casually said: “Your younger brother, I remember his name… Xia Yuanba. Yesterday, I took the opportunity to check his profound vein; he was naturally born with nine profound entrances. Although his talent is mediocre, his profound veins are a whole two times thicker than that of a normal person’s. It was the first time I have ever seen anything like it. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons why your brother is so burly. I will try to find more information regarding his condition once we return.”

“I thank Master for the consideration.” Xia Qingyue said gently. Her eyes shifted towards the direction of her home and she gently murmured: “After I’m gone, Yuanba will also head toward New Moon City by himself and enter the New Moon Profound Palace. I hope he won’t get bullied and always live in peace……”

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