Chapter 384 - Frozen Fairies’ Fury

Against the Gods

Chapter 384 - Frozen Fairies’ Fury

This cold spring within Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace naturally also had the name “Frozen Cloud”, it was called the “Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring”, existing since the establishment of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. In this world of ice and snow, it had actually never condensed throughout time. The spring’s water was incomparably clear, so transparent that every grain of sand and stone could be clearly seen. The cold energy accumulated in the spring far surpassed that of profound ice, and when the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace females soaked within the spring, not only was it immensely pleasurable, it could also fabulously pacify any unstable movements of cold energy within the body.

Thus, after a whole day of cultivation, numerous Frozen Cloud disciples would come and soak in this spring… And when they were soaking in the spring, they were naturally naked, without a strand of clothing, letting their snowy jade body be in intimate contact with the spring water. Even if they were hearing sound from the outside, they would definitely not cover themselves up in a hurry… because there were only females in the entire Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, and there would never be men that came this close.

But today, a great unexpected accident named Yun Che appeared!

And what was even more unexpected was that… Frozen Cloud disciples usually soaked in the spring relatively fast, but tonight, the mid to high level Frozen Cloud disciples just happened to be deliberately taking it slow, and had already soaked for quite a while. The six frolicing in the cold spring were not ordinary Frozen Cloud disciples either, Yun Che had heard of their reputation many times, and had seen them when he forcefully changed into Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace back then...

Murong Qianxue —— Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies’ rank two!

Jun Lianqie —— Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies’ rank three!

Mu Lanyi —— Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies’ rank four!

Xia Qingyue’s master, Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies’ rank five! The Chu Yueli that Yun Che was already quite familiar with!!

And also Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies’ rank six and seven, twin sisters Feng Hanyue, Feng Hanxue!!

Right! These six… were the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies second only to the Palace Mistress within Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace! Apart from Xia Qingyue, the other six were all present!

If Yun Che had seen a corpse after pushing open the ice door, not even his eyebrows would twitch. Even if he saw a sky full of primordial profound beasts going on a rampage, he would at most stare a little… In these two lifetimes of his, he had personally created innumerable mountains of corpses and bones, and had been in many extremely dangerous situations that an ordinary person would not be able to imagine. He had originally thought that his heart had toughened to extent that he would not even be moved if Mt. Tai were to collapse in front of him (Yun Che: what the heck is Mt. Tai). Sometimes, his somewhat exaggerated reactions were acted out for others to see, but his heart had always been a field of absolute awareness...

But in his two lifetimes, he had still never encountered such a scene!

If he really needed to use two words to describe his current state of mind, then the closest phrase would be...

Holy shit!!

The legendary Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies were all completely naked before his eyes. Just thinking about this scenery would make a man’s vein burst from excitement, and what Yun Che was currently looking at, was exactly this scene. Everything he had seen in his two lifetimes added up altogether was not as soul-shaking as this scene in front of him. He felt the blood and energy within his body crazily surge and stir, as if it was going to spurt out from his nostrils if he continued to look on.

When the Frozen Cloud fairies within the cold spring saw Yun Che… Accurately speaking, the instant they saw a man, they all became stupefied in place. However, they were after all, not common women. When met with such an unacceptable situation like this, they were not frightened stiff like ordinary women… However, the youngest Feng Hanyue and Feng Hanxue still uttered out a shocked, night piercing cry...


In this peaceful and silent Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, these two voice combined together into a shriek that unquestionably spread through every nook and cranny. Together with the panic and hysteria contained within this cry, this startled everyone within Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

Yun Che took a step back while trembling in fear. He said incoherently: “M-m-my apologies… T… took a wrong turn. Y… You guys can continue…”

After speaking, Yun Che didn’t forget to take one last look before breaking into a run.

“Yun Che!! I’m going to kill you!!”

Before Yun Che had even run a few steps, Chu Yueli’s cold shout filled with killing intent came from behind him. Subsequently, an ice crystal longsword containing cold energy suddenly came piercing over as a blue ice lotus rapidly blossomed at the sword’s tip, thrusting towards Yun Che’s back.

At almost the same instant, the other five frozen fairies had also donned on their snowy clothes, then simultaneously floated upwards. Then, a great amount of ice crystals were simultaneously fired down the night sky. Cold wind whistled, firmly locking Yun Che within it, almost completely freezing the space around him. A three meter thick ice wall had been immediately erected ahead of Yun Che, almost landing him in an awkward state if knocked upon in his hurry.

As his footsteps were forced to a standstill, the six frozen fairies firmly encircled him from different directions. Six Frozen Jadefrost Swords flickered with an ice cold radiance, all aimed at Yun Che. Even though they had already put on their snowy clothes, under their shock and hurry, they simply did not take the time to wipe the spring water from their bodies. Trails of moist liquid tightly pasted the already thin snowy clothes onto the six’s lithe and graceful bodies, completely outlining their perfectly curved bodies. It was practically even more alluring than them being completely naked. As Yun Che looked on, he had almost subconsciously covered his nose…

His first night in Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was truly perfect enough to die for!

“Yun Che, I never expected that you’re this lecherous! I’m truly disappointed in you!” Chu Yueli had on a frosty face as she said that with gritted teeth. The jade peaks on her chest that emerged from the tightly wrapped wet clothes were perfect half moons that unceasingly moved up and down in her extreme anger.

“Shameful, despicable little man, to actually come to peek at us sisters… unforgivable! Even if you are someone the Grand Palace Mistress wanted to meet, I’ll still be killing you today! Murong Qianxue said with a chilly expression and thick bloodlust. She released her peak Sky Profound aura from her body, and firmly locked onto Yun Che.

“Uuu… what to do? He saw my everything… Uu…” Twin sisters Feng Hanyue and Fen Hanxue were at a loss as they stared vacantly with a wronged expression.

Ice spirits floated in the space around Yun Che and snow danced about in the air. Each one of the Frozen Cloud Palace Fairies’ complexions were peerless beyond compare, as if they were truly fairies that descended to earth. Having all six of them appear at the same time was even more fantastical to the point where the world would lose all of its color. Being surrounded by six fairylike beauties that looked down on the world was suppose to give a man a type of wondrous sensation… However, what Yun Che currently felt more of was a might powerful enough to freeze mother earth, and cold-hearted, bone-piercing killing intent.

Yun Che quickly raised his hand: “Fairies, I absolutely did not intend to offend you all. I only passed here by chance, and totally did not know that there was actually…”

“Bullshit! You’re even daring to make excuses!” Indignation was spread across Jun Lianqie’s face. She reached out a hand a pointed at a huge block of ice by her side: “Even if you don’t know that this is where our Frozen Immortal Palace’s cold spring is, when you came here, don’t tell me that you didn’t recognize these words?”

Yun Che’s gazed followed the direction in which her finger pointed towards, and surprisingly saw four big distinct words deeply engraved upon that block of ice:

Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring!!

Ten thousand alpacas whistled by Yun Che’s heart… There are so many big and small icy stones and cold jade everywhere within Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, it’s not like I’m going to check out all of them to see if they have words on them!! And since I focused on following the sound of voices… who the heck would take a look at the ice crystal stones on both sides!?

“No need to talk to him!” Mu Lanyi slanted her ice sword with a murderous expression on her face: “We Frozen Cloud Palace maidens were as clear as ice and clean as jade, yet today, we've been defiled by the eyes of such a lowly person… No matter who he is, he has to die as an apology… Sisters, attack!”

The already chaotic ice spirits instantly rioted, and a storm of ice and snow immediately exploded, nearly twisting Yun Che into pieces.

The heavenly bodies of the six Frozen Cloud fairies fluttered back and forth in the surroundings, like beautiful flowers encircling him, yet they were filled with bloodlust. The Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies were also women, once a woman starts to become crazy, how could they possibly hold back on their attacks? Each one of their swords all directly aimed at Yun Che’s vitals. Yun Che hurriedly flashed through the sword blades with a Star God’s Broken Shadow.

Even though it was accidental, he had still offended the six. Yun Che, who felt guilty about it, naturally did not retaliate. He held off each of the six’s attacks by dodging, but he didn’t forget to yell on the side: “Fairies, please calm down! I really didn’t do it on purpose… If I did all this intentionally, then I’ll immediately relinquish both my eyes, and never see the light of day!”

However, how could the Frozen Cloud Six Fairies even hear him under their fury. Even though Yun Che had only been continuously dodging or blocking, and didn’t counter attack, their anger and bloodlust had not weakened in the slightest. Instead, it became even more thicker… Frozen Cloud maidens were clean and pure, besides, they were the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies, with position and power second only to the Palace Mistress! Their pure bodies had all been seen in all their glory by Yun Che. To them, this was an enormous stan and humiliation that they would never be able to scrub off in their entire lives!

The startled Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was no longer tranquil due to the shrieks from before. Unceasing sounds came from the distance as more and more beautiful silhouettes quickly rushed over… Currently, Yun Che felt like he was pretty screwed at the moment. In the dead of night… Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring… Frozen Cloud Six Fairies… with all the Frozen Cloud disciples all rushing over, even if he had a hundred mouths, there was no way for him to clarify everything. He would be labeled a lecher, a molester, and a pervert by every female within Frozen Cloud.

“Stop fighting first, I’ll say this again, I really didn’t mean it… How about this, I’ll apologize to you all… or I’ll give you all anything you want to make up for it…”

“Hey, hey, hey! You all pay close attention to reputation and integrity, aren’t you afraid of even more people finding out… AHHH! If you’re going to keep attacking me, I’m going to fight back!”

Not only did Yun Che’s words slow the six’s attacks, they had arose even more of their fury. The sky had already been covered by a violent snowstorm as deadly icicles flew about in the chaos...


Yun Che was struck in the chest by Mu Lanyi’s strike and the clothes on top of his chest immediately split open, his skin also had an additional extremely shallow line. Even though blood did not appear, it still made Yun Che involuntarily hiss. He bared his teeth and warned: “If you guys aren’t going to stop, I’m really going to… fight back…”


A streak of cold light flashed on top of Yun Che’s head, and a handful of his hair had been cut off.

Yun Che subconsciously shrunk his neck, then slightly gritted his teeth. Both his arms suddenly spread open to either side, and under the Heretic God seed’s drive, Frozen End Divine Arts was instantly channeled:

“Tree of Frozen End!”

Two huge ice crystal trees rose from the ground on either side of Yun Che, instantly growing to several tens of meters tall. They quickly extended, and their spreading cold branches and leaves pressured the six far away. The cold energy released from above made the complexions of them, who had always been companions with ice since they were a child, whose strength had reached the later to pinnacle of the Sky Profound Realm, abruptedly change.

“This is… Frozen End Divine Arts!”

“Yun Che, you’ve actually stolen my Immortal Palace's supreme divine arts, Frozen End Divine Arts! My Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace will never forgive you!!”

Right at this time, a dignified cold shout came from overhead: “What’s going on? What are you all doing here?”

An icy figure flashed past, and Gong Yuxian appeared in midair, then slowly landed. Her ice-cold gaze slowly swept from Yun Che to the six women’s bodies. In the surroundings, a great amount of Frozen Cloud disciples were also quickly approaching.

“Palace Mistress!”

“Palace Mistress, Yun Che… Yun Che secretly snuck into the Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring… and peeped at us bathing!”

When Gong Yuxian looked at the soaked six, she had more or less guess what had happened. She shifted her gaze toward Yun Che, and coldly asked: “Yun Che, is this true?

“Yes…” Yun Che did not deny this: “This junior has indeed offended the six fairies, but I absolutely did not peep on purpose! When this junior first came to Frozen Immortal Palace, he stayed in the Frozen Cloud Divine Hall for the entire day, and didn’t realize that it was already night time. Not knowing where to go, I followed the sound of voices and came here. I totally did not know that they were actually bathing here…”

“Don’t listen to his nonsense Palace Mistress! He’s obviously vicious at heart and intentionally profane… Not only that, when he fought with us earlier, he’d even used the Frozen End Divine Art! He had obviously also stolen our Immortal Palace's supreme profound art!”

“What? Frozen End Divine Arts?” Gong Yuxian was completely shocked: “Yun Che! You’ve really succeeded in cultivating… Frozen End Divine Art?”

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