Chapter 387 - Frozen Cloud Palace’s Resolve

Against the Gods

Chapter 387 - Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace's Resolve

Under Yun Che’s “hard work”, each of Murong Qianxue’s profound entrances were opened one after another. Even though her expression was still that of calmness, her delicate eyelashes continuously trembled lightly. Once her opened profound entrances hit forty, surpassing that of the Frozen Cloud ancestor, the legendary Mu Bingyun, she could not help but let out a soft emotional cry.


Following Yun Che’s long exhale, his hands finally left Murong Qianxue’s jade back to wipe his forehead… Mn, sweat that had been squeezed out. Up until now, all of Murong Qianxue’s profound entrances had been opened, and the time, absolutely did not pass fifteen minutes!

Murong Qianxue stood up, pulled up her snowy robe, and was momentarily moved speechless. Her profound entrances had all been opened, making her distinctly feel that the profound energy circulating within her body quickened by at least three fold. She also felt so light, feeling as if she weightless… These kind of legendary profound veins were even more mystical than the legends claimed they were. Before today, she absolutely would never think that the mythical Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins would actually appear on her own body!

Gong Yuxian quickly advanced, reached out to grasp her wrist, and after a brief period of probing, she abruptly raised her head, almost losing her voice: “All fifty four profound entrances have been opened… Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins, it really is the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins!”

When the Frozen Fairies who had always been holding their breaths heard the words that came out of Gong Yuxian’s mouth, none did not cover their mouths and cried out in surprise. They all gathered by Murong Qianxue’s side to sense the profound energy flowing around her body. The completely opened fifty four profound entrances made them so shocked that they lost control of themselves.

Xia Qingyue walked over in front of Yun Che, asking in a soft voice: “Yun Che, are you alright?”

“I’m alright, I’m alright, only a bit dizzy. Even though I did not use that much profound energy, this kind of matter uses up too much mental power.” Yun Che shook his head, as if he was in a weakened state. At the same time, he exclaimed in his heart: Qingyue my wife is still the one that cares about me. I’m weakened this obviously, yet those heartless women did not bother to ask about me.

“This is truly miraculous!” Gong Yuxian’s excited face was covered with a layer of flush. She quickly picked up a sound transmission jade, and soliloquized: “For this kind of matter, even if it was in the Sacred Grounds, it would still be enough to cause a huge commotion… I must inform Grand Palace Mistress!”

Gong Yuxian sound transmitted using the sound transmission jade. Not long after she put away the sound transmission jade, a blast of cold wind blew over with a speed almost beyond human knowledge. The one who came looked to be already aged with hair already half white, it was precisely Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Grand Palace Mistress, Feng Qianhui!

“Grand Palace Mistress!”

Fen Qianhui was no longer involved in matters within Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace since several tens of years ago and normally never came out. Even the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies did not get to see her that often. At this moment, she had actually taken the initiative to come out from the secret grounds, arriving here in the fastest speed possible, clearly indicating how great of an emotional blow she had received. She landed in front of Gong Yuxian, and directly asked: “Yuxian, what you just said a moment ago… is it true?”

“Yuxian would never dare to lie to Senior Master!” Gong Yuxian pulled at Murong Qianxue.

Feng Qianhui quickly extended her hand, lightly stroked above Murong Qianxue’s hand, and now shocked filled her entire face: “Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins!” When her voice landed, she had already shifted her gaze upon Yun Che: “Yun Che! You actually have such a… heaven opposing technique!!”

Completely opening someone’s profound entrances in such a short period of time, to the people within the Profound Sky Continent, calling it a heaven opposing technique was not the least bit exaggerated.

Yun Che stepped forward and said respectfully: “If Grand Palace Mistress is interested, this disciple can open the profound entrances of another fairy Grand Palace Mistress’ presence, only… I don’t know which fairy would be willing?”

“You can do it one more time?” Gong Yuxian asked in astonishment.

Yun Che spoke with a face full of self-confidence: “Opening profound entrances require a high level of mental concentration, so it would consume a lot of mental power, but it’s merely helping two people open their profound entrances consecutively, this disciple is confident that he can accomplish it. If it were three, that might be somewhat difficult.”

In reality, the profound energy and mental consumed by opening profound entrances was nothing much to the current Yun Che. Even if he used the entire day to continuously open all profound entrances for over a hundred people, he would not be the least bit exhausted… But if he actually said this truth out, he’d reckon that even a figure like Feng Qianhui would be shocked speechless. As for only being able to consecutively open the profound entrances of two people so they can achieve the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins, in their eyes, it was already a heaven opposing ability!

And Sky Poison Pearl’s ability in the Profound Sky Continent was originally a god defying ability anyway!

After Murong Qianxue, Jun Lianqie stood in front of Yun Che and took off her snow attire, revealing her silky jade back in his line of sight… Unlike Murong Qianxue, Jun Lianqie’s heart was filled more with excitement and expectation.

As if following a set pattern, Yun Che earnestly stroked Jun Lianqie’s white back for fifteen minutes in front of Feng Qianhui while casually opening each and every one of her profound entrances. Once Yun Che opened the last profound entrance, producing another one with Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins, Feng Qianhui was already moved to tears.

To Yun Che, helping the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies open their profound entrances barely took any effort at all. But to those of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, it was a great favor that would affect them for thousands and hundreds of years! One must know that in the entire thousand year history of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, only Xia Qingyue possessed the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins… And this had also come from Yun Che!

“This is truly the heavens giving our Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace favor and mercy!” Feng Qianhui raised her head as she spoke in a trembling, emotionally moved voice. She took Yun Che in to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace because she vaguely sensed that a huge movement was closely approaching and wanted an additional large force. She absolutely did not expect that he would bring Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace such a miracle.

Yun Che was visibly more weakened than before. His entire face had become somewhat pale, and after he stood up, his body violently swayed for an instant. If not for Xia Qingyue’s hurried support, he might have already face planted on the floor.

“Yun Che, are you alright?” Gong Yuxian asked promptly.

“I’m right, only a bit dizzy, I’ll be fine after a night’s rest.” Yun Che leaned his body onto Xia Qingyue’s, and a soft warm fragrance entered his nostrils: “Luckily, I accomplished it, successfully opening all the profound entrances of two fairies. With the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins, the two fairies’ cultivation rae would greatly accelerate, and once they breakthrough, they would never encounter a bottleneck. Their life span would also increase by several fold… Additionally, our Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace's profound art is too excessively cold, cultivating it for a long time would bring about more injuries to the body. After the opening of all the profound entrances, the coldness in the body could easily be released… Thus, in terms of physique, that would also greatly improve. Phew… only, about this matter, I’d like to ask you all… to keep this disciple’s secret.”

After he finished speaking, Yun Che weakly collapsed onto Xia Qingyue’s body. With his entire weight on her body, his arms nearly felt the shape of her chest… Even though Xia Qingyue vaguely felt like he was playing pretend, she didn’t dare to push him aside because she was afraid of the possibility that his mind was actually weakened.

“Don’t you worry, not one part of this shall go out! You to allowing us to witness this world-shocking ability means that you trust us with this bestowed grace. How could we possibly expose even a little bit of it out?!” Feng Qianhui’s emotions still had not settled down, she had even used the words “bestowed grace” toward Yun Che. And the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins he bestowed to two disciples of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace today, truly deserved to be called “bestowments”!

“Yun Che, this old woman has lived for almost two hundred years yet had never seen, nor heard of such an ability like yours, even among the legends of the primordial era. May this old lady be presumptuous and ask, from where exactly did you get such an ability?”

Yun Che took in a deep breath, and answered: “This was taught by disciple’s mentor, it’s just that my mentor enjoys a nomadic life in the outside world, and no longer is in contact with the mundane world. Thus, please forgive this disciple for not informing you.”

Feng Qianhui slowly nodded with a face full of admiration and yearning: “This mentor of yours certainly must be a godlike figure, it’s no wonder why he would have such a monstrous disciple like you.”

“Grand Palace Mistress is flattering me… Disciple had inadvertently offended the six fairies today and committed a grave wrong. I have finally somewhat made up for it. I’d like to ask for Murong fairy and Jun fairy to calm their anger. Disciple will definitely open all the profound entrances of the other four fairies in the following two days after tomorrow to clear up this disciple’s offense.”

“Compared to you opening Qianxue and Lianqie’s profound entrances, your previous violation that was done unintentionally is simply not worth mentioning… Qingyue, bring Yun Che to rest… Tonight, you can temporarily sleep in your Senior Master Yuechan’s previous Frozen Pavilion residence. Qianxue, after a while, head to Snow Congealing Hall to fetch two Snow Heart Pellets and three drops of Ice Cicada Liquid Jade for Yun Che to consume.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Xia Qingyue left, carrying the “weak” Yun Che. Murong Qianxue also quickly went in the direction of the Snow Congealing Hall. As they watched Yun Che disappear from their line of sight, the tides in Gong Yuxian and Feng Qianhui’s hearts were unable to settle down for quite some time… After cultivating the Frozen Heart Arts for so many years, this was the first time their state of mind had been moved in such a way.

“The prophecy our Frozen Cloud Ancestor left behind: After safely passing through the thousand year calamity, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace will flourish for ten thousand years! Could it be that the cause of the prosperity… is Yun Che?” Feng Qianhui muttered.

“Being able to possess the finest physique, the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins after a few gestures. Even in the Sacred Grounds, no one would dare to imagine it. If a few ten, over a hundred, or even over a thousand Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins were to emerge from our Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… how powerful would we be? Even thinking about not wanting to prosper would be difficult.” Gong Yuxian was extremely moved: “Since that prophecy was from that ‘Heaven’s Fate Clan’, then the chance it would be realized is enormous. The one who will allow us to pass through the thousand year calamity and flourish for ten thousand years… must be Yun Che. Senior Master, you recruiting Yun Che into the sect was truly incredibly preceptive of you.”

“I only hoped that when the great calamity arrives, we could draw from his strength. How could I ever have known that he had such an outrageous ability?” Feng Qianhui sighed: “Looks like we must do everything we can to make him stay as long as possible at our Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… In order to make him stay for a long time at Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, we must give him a good reason and sufficient enticement. Otherwise, with his rapid growth, we simply cannot hold him here.”

Gong Yuxiao deeply nodded in agreement.

Yun Che and Chu Yuechan’s matter in Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was originally a “taboo”, one that had humiliated the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to such an extent that they closed off from the world. Over the past few years, even mentioning it was not permitted. Yet tonight, Gong Yuxian had actually, directly allowed Yun Che to stay at Chu Yuechan’s former Frozen Pavilion residence. It was clear that this action was a means to curry favor with Yun Che.

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