Chapter 394 - Just Me Alone

Against the Gods

Chapter 394 - Just Me Alone

On that day, Yun Che left Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Riding the Snow Phoenix, he flew towards the south. Two days later, he returned to Blue Wind Imperial City, landing in the Moon Embracing Palace.

Cang Yue and Xiao Lingxi had long since been waiting here for him.

“Little Che!!”

Seeing Yun Che descending from the sky, Xiao Lingxi tenderly called out, and leapt towards him. The moment the tip of Yun Che’s toes landed on the ground, he was tightly embraced by a light and warm fragrance. Xiao Lingxi hugged his neck, and happily bounced about.

“Husband, you’re back.” Cang Yue walked over. Her long hair was rolled up; within her absolute beauty, she carried a luxurious grace which could not be possessed by any ordinary woman.

“Oops!” Xiao Lingxi released Yun Che, and stood at the side. Smiling cheekily, she said. “Sorry, princess sis. Che’er is your husband, so you should be the first one to hug him… Ahh! Little Che, hurry up, hug your princess wife already! Right after finishing your honeymoon, you ran to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, and left princess sis all alone in Moon Embracing Palace! Hmph, even I feel it’s unfair for big princess sis.”

In these few months, the relationship between Xiao Lingxi and Cang Yue had evidently deepened. Xiao Lingxi was Yun Che’s little aunt in name, while Cang Yue was Yun Che’s wife. However, Xiao Lingxi and Cang Yue had often referred to each other as sisters, and neither of them felt any discomfort with it.

Yun Che stepped forward, lightly embraced Cang Yue in his arms, and said guiltily. “Xueruo, it’s my bad. We have only just gotten married, yet I left you for such a long time. I shall promise you, after I return from Divine Phoenix Empire, I will definitely accompany you every day.”

Cang Yue shook her head lightly, and said with a faint tender smile. “Husband, you’re the most outstanding man in this world, so you must never ever say you’re bad. Being able to marry you is the most fortunate and blissful thing that could ever happen in my entire life. In the future, as though you’re a dragon flying out of the seas, you will definitely fly to a much higher place, while I, do not wish to become the load and burden that hinders your path. Those words you said earlier, are already enough for me.”

“Xueruo…” Warmth instantly surged in Yun Che’s heart. He could not help but hug Cang Yue even tighter, and was unwilling to let go. Even though she was an honorable princess, she was as gentle as the light breeze and smooth water. After she married to him, she had even regarded him as her sky, and she always had him in mind with everything she did… A month after their marriage, he left for four consecutive months, and after seeing her once again, there was only joy in her beautiful eyes, there wasn’t a single trace of anger in them at all. This made Yun Che feel even more guilty… and he had already silently decided in his heart that he would definitely accompany her at her side at every moment after his return from Divine Phoenix Empire; to become a husband that was true to its meaning, and one who was worthy of her deep feelings.

Seeing the two of them being lovey-dovey over there, Xiao Lingxi suddenly felt a strange bitterness in her heart, and it surged all the way to her nose. She simply turned around, and no longer looked at them. However, her lips and nose had flared up high, and her small hands were constantly wringing the corner of her clothes.

“Where’s Grandfather right now? Has he gotten used to the life here?” Yun Che asked.

Cang Yue slightly smiled. “Grandfather is currently at the Supreme Profound Hall in Blue Wind Profound Palace, managing the various historical records of Profound Arts and Profound Skills on the second floor. In the beginning, when the Profound Palace disciples knew that he was our grandfather, all of them were very respectful to Grandfather. I heard from Palace Chief Dongfang that they were all trembling when they were speaking with grandfather… But, grandfather’s character is very kind, and even if he was facing a Profound Palace disciple of the lowest level, he had never shown any imposing behavior. Gradually, he mixed himself with the disciples and instructors in the Profound Palace. Everyone began to like and respect Grandfather from the bottom of their hearts, and it was no longer because of us. Now, Grandfather has many old and young friends over there. He’s always full of smiles everyday, and sometimes, he would even stay there for a couple of days, and would not be willing to return to the imperial palace at all… So, in regards to Grandfather, there’s definitely no need for you to worry. Right now, it’s possible that he doesn’t even have time to care about you.”

“Then, that’s good... “ Yun Che smiled from the bottom of his heart.

“Father is already waiting for you. Seeing his anxious look, he should have something very important that he wanted to discuss about with you… He’s currently in the Imperial Study.”

“Alright, I will head there now.”

Yun Che left the Moon Embracing Palace, and sprinted directly towards the Middle Palace. The moment he stepped into the Imperial Study, Cang Wanhe took the initiative to welcome him. “Che’er, you have finally returned. We initially thought that you would only stay at the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace for a few days, never did we expect that it would be for several months.”

“Judging by Father’s look, could it be that there is some sort of important emergency?” Yun Che asked as he looked at Wang Canhe’s expression.

“Haah!” Cang Wanhe sighed. “It’s not really an urgent matter, however, this matter might have a very big influence on you. Since a month ago, we have dispatched men to send letters regarding the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament to the various large sects, in order to make preparations for our nation’s talented practitioners of the young generation to participate in the tournament… However, seven days ago, we received Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s reply, and they actually rejected having Xia Qingyue to head towards Divine Phoenix Empire.”

“I know about this matter. But Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace does indeed have their own reasons for doing this.” Yun Che said.

“Oh?” Cang Wanhe glanced at Yun Che, and continued. “A nineteen year old at the middle stages of the Emperor Profound Realm, the eternal number one practitioner in Blue Wind! If she participates, she will definitely shock the other six nations. Not only will she raise my nation’s prestige, she will also spread Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s name far and wide. We really don’t understand why Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace isn’t allowing Xia Qingyue to participate. But from the looks of it, you seem to already know the reason… But, not just Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, the letters that we have sent to the rest of the sects, had all been rejected as well.”

Yun Che’s brows slightly twitched, before following up. “Isn’t it normal for them to reject? When competing with others outside, their biggest goal is naturally to spread their names and show off their might. However, if they are unable to show off, and instead suffer mockery and humiliation if they participate, then no matter who they are, they wouldn’t be willing to meddle in it either.”

“Indeed.” Cang Wanhe sighed heavily. “In truth, we have already predicted this outcome. Because in the past Seven Nation Ranking Tournaments, it has always been this way as well. In terms of the level of profound strength, the difference between the other six nations and us, is indeed too big. In the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, excluding the Divine Phoenix Empire, the participants sent out by the other five nations are always at least at the Sky Profound Realm. However, our Blue Wind Empire, within these one thousand years of history, a single Sky Profound Realm practitioner below the age of twenty five had actually never appeared. Hence, in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, our Blue Wind Empire has always been an existence similar to a laughing stock. Those absolute geniuses in the boundaries of Blue Wind, had once participated in the tournament while carrying pride and confidence in themselves. In the end, all of them were mercilessly abused, their pride was smashed, and they returned in humiliation… A long time has passed, and even the Four Major Sects no longer allowed their disciples to represent Blue Wind to participate in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. We had initially thought that Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace would definitely take this opportunity to show off their might with the appearance of Xia Qingyue; never did we expect that Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace would still decline.”

“This time, the reason why Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace did not allow Xia Qingyue to head to Divine Phoenix City isn’t because of a lack of confidence, nor do they not wish to borrow this opportunity to show off their might. Rather, they have a special reason that they’re unable to tell others about.” Yun Che explained simply on behalf of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. “Father, since all of the sect disciples are not willing to participate, then in the past Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, how did our Blue Wind make arrangements for the tournament?”

Cang Wanhe shook his head and smiled, and it was a very self-depreciating smile. “Although we don’t wish to participate, as we will simply suffer mockeries and humiliation if we do, we cannot not participate in it, otherwise, Blue Wind will even lose that final piece of dignity. Hence, in the past few tournaments, we have always picked out a few genius disciples under the age of twenty five, who had graduated from Blue Wind Profound Palace and entered our royal family’s forces, to simply cope with the matters… As for the results, the former emperors had basically never asked about them, because those results can be figured out even by counting one’s toes.”

“...Ten? So you’re saying, in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, there are ten participants for every nation?” Yun Che said.

“That’s right.” Cang Wanhe nodded. “The number of official participants by every nation is ten, but a thousand people are allowed to accompany them! The Seven Nation Ranking Tournament is hosted once every twenty five years, and it’s a topic that’s very rarely brought up in our nation. Because every single time it is brought up, any Blue Wind citizen would think of it as a humiliation, but to the other six nations, it could be referred to as the biggest event in the profound world! To the extent where the emperors of each nation would put down their nation affairs, and personally accompany them to view the tournament. Those mighty and strong sects, would also bring out their most elite forces to head over. Although a thousand accompanying members sound to be a lot, these thousand names are usually fought bloodily over by those mighty sects. As for those who are unable to be part of the accompanying thousand people, they would still make their way to Divine Phoenix City… To the point where, in order to obtain an entry pass to view the tournament and support their own nation’s practitioners, they would enter Phoenix City in advance by a month, or even a few months… During the period of the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, the degree of bustle in Divine Phoenix City, far surpasses your imagination.”

What Cang Wanhe said was correct. The “Blue Wind Ranking Tournament”, within the boundaries of Blue Wind, especially within the profound world, was paid attention to by an extremely high degree. While the “Seven Nation Ranking Tournament”, these four words which represented the biggest event in the entire Profound Sky Continent, were actually something that Yun Che seemed to have never heard of before from anyone… Forget about the fact that there was merely less than a year before the tournament which was hosted once every twenty five years… if Feng Xichen had not randomly barged into his and Cang Yue’s wedding ceremony, and handed Cang Wanhe the invitation, Yun Che might not even know about this matter regarding the “Seven Nation Ranking Tournament”.

While, at the same time, Cang Wanhe’s straightforward words had already clearly outlined how grand the “Seven Nation Ranking Tournament” was for the rest of the other six nations, and even the entire Profound Sky Continent! At this time, most of the other six nations’ conversation topics would perhaps be centered around the upcoming Seven Nation Ranking Tournament.

Those sects who had been awarded the qualifications to participate for their various nations, were also in their most anxious, serious, and excited preparations in twenty five years.

Only Blue Wind Empire, was as quiet and peaceful as the wind, completely stagnant. No one was paying attention to it, nor was there anyone discussing about it, as though that was a matter regarding the other continents, and had nothing to do with them at all.

This was a form of escape, and even more so, a form of helplessness, and humiliation.

He could even imagine that in the Divine Phoenix City, there would be densely packed numbers of practitioners from the six nations pouring in, while basically not a single Blue Wind citizen could be seen. In that grand tournament, when every single person headed up the stage, he or she would always be accompanied by the intense cheers and shouts by his or her respective nations, and when a practitioner from Blue Wind Empire headed up the stage...

That image, even though it was just an imagination, it was already incomparably miserable and sad.

Yun Che suddenly raised his head, and said with incomparable seriousness. “Father, regarding the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament this time. You don’t have to make any other arrangements and preparations. I shall be the only one… who represents Blue Wind Empire in this tournament!!”

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