Chapter 396 - Collecting a Debt Along the Way

Against the Gods

Chapter 396 - Collecting a Debt Along the Way

The Snow Phoenix rose straight into the sky, reaching up to the height of ten thousand meters in the high skies. In a blink of an eye, they had already left the boundaries of Blue Wind Imperial City.

Yun Che took out the map of the Profound Sky Continent which Cang Yue had prepared for him, and estimated the distance between Blue Wind Imperial City and Divine Phoenix City… The territory of Divine Phoenix Empire was huge, it was nearly twenty times the size of the Blue Wind Nation. Even if the Snow Phoenix were to fly fifteen to sixteen hours per day with its speed, it would still take a dozen of days before reaching Divine Phoenix City.

“...It’s actually this far!” Yun Che groaned in a low voice. He had initially thought by setting out a month in advance, he would be considered to have incomparably sufficient time, and would still have ample time to move around in Divine Phoenix City. However, since he had never seen the map of the Profound Sky Continent before, he had evidently misjudged the distance between Blue Wind Imperial city and Divine Phoenix City.

After staring at the territory of Divine Phoenix Empire for a short while, Yun Che’s gaze once again returned to Blue Wind Empire. After stopping his eyes at the southwestern lands for a short while, he fixed on a single spot… He let out a single strange cold laugh, closed the map, and then flew at wind-breaking speed.


With Sorrowsouth Mountain at the back, and the Southsky River on the right, the location of the main branch of Xiao Sect was an impeccably treasured piece of land blessed by feng shui. Three thousand meters in the high sky, Yun Che could clearly see that arched stone gate at the front of Xiao Sect. This stone gate was more than three hundred meters in height, and the word “Xiao” that was carved at the very top, had a majestic look, with an extraordinary domineering aura.

“This sure is a good place.”

Yun Che muttered out. Riding the Snow Phoenix, he sped downwards. When he was approaching the stone gate in the sky, he leapt down, and with his Dragon Fault pulled out, he smashed onto the stone gate with a single strike.


An earthshaking explosion rang throughout the entire Sorrowsouth Mountain. Following after, Dragon Fault let out a sky-trembling dragon cry, and the millennium old great gate of Xiao Sect trembled intensely under the explosive cry. Countless crack lines grew at extreme speed, and in a blink of an eye, they densely filled the entire great gate. Subsequently, the gigantic stone gate, under the thunder-like explosive sound… crashed down.

Boom boom boom boom...

The sound of the collapsing gigantic stones could not escape anyone’s ears. The sand and dirt that was swept up filled the skies and covered the earth. Yun Che descended from the sky, his face was filled with a cold smile… and this action of his, had undoubtedly forced out the hornets from their nest. The initially quiet Xiao Sect instantly rang their alarm bells, and sounds of chaotic footsteps came flocking over. The looked on with widened eyes at the great gate which represented Xiao Sect’s reputation and millennium history, actually crash down just like that, turning into shattered stones which littered the ground. None of them did not have ghastly pale faces.

“Who is it! Who dares to act wildly in my Xiao Sect!!”

Xiao Juetian’s furious voice came from the sky. As Sect Master, he did not even bother to appear before everyday trifle affairs. However, their sect’s gate was suddenly destroyed, this was a grave matter which was related to Xiao Sect’s millennium-long honor! Xiao Juetian flew over; like an eagle, he charged to the very front. With his palm pushed forward, a windstorm made of profound energy came sweeping over, blowing away the sand and dirt that filled the sky, which revealed the culprit —— Yun Che’s figure.

“Sect Master Xiao, it’s been a few months since we last met, I hope you’re fine.” Yun Che looked at Xiao Juetian whose beard was about to flare up from anger, and said with a face full of smiles.

“Yun… Yun Che!!”

The moment he saw Yun Che’s face clearly, the face which Xiao Juetian saw was no different from that of a demon’s. His entire face twitched intensely, and even more so, an explosion sounded in his mind. The surging fury in his heart, as though something incomparably heavy was tightly suppressing it… was no longer able to erupt out. His suppressed chest looked as though it was about to explode.

When the elders and disciples of Xiao Sect, that came rushing quickly over from the back, heard the two words “Yun Che”, their expressions greatly changed. Tardiness even began to show in their wild sprinting footsteps.

Yun Che kept Dragon Fault, and walked towards Xiao Juetian unhurriedly. Slowly, and leisurely, he said. “Back then in the imperial palace, Sect Master Xiao had personally participated in my great wedding, I’m really endlessly grateful for it, so, on the spot, I promised to personally pay a visit to Xiao Sect some other day. I will definitely fulfill the words, I, Yun Che, have said. Hence, the reason I’m here today… I saw this great gate of your esteemed sect from afar, it’s very majestic, a rare sight in the country. Hence, I wanted to land on top of this great gate and overlook the entire view of Xiao Sect. However, I didn’t expect that, this great gate was actually this brittle. The moment I stepped on it, it immediately collapsed. It even gave me a big shock. Oh, for accidentally trampling the great gate of your esteemed sect, I hope that Sect Master Xiao do not take offense to it.”

The great gate of Xiao Sect had a millennium-long history, and had experienced countless of storms and winds, how could it possibly be “trampled”!? Yun Che, who had destroyed this great gate which was three hundred meter in height, actually casually mentioned “do not take offense to it”... Xiao Juetian’s blood pressure surged upwards on the spot, and even his organs were about to explode. If any other person was in front of him, even if he was Ling Yuefeng, he would still desperately charge out.

However, the person who was standing in front of him, was someone he could not afford to offend. He also secretly vowed long ago, to definitely, definitely not be in conflict with Yun Che, even if his dignity was stepped on by Yun Che! Because, not only were his abilities terrifyingly strong, he was a maniac who had annihilated the entire Burning Heaven Clan, who even dared to give the Divine Phoenix Prince a harsh beating!

On the day of Yun Che’s great wedding four months ago, Yun Che seemed to have casually said that he would definitely pay a visit to Xiao Sect some other day. These words had caused Xiao Juetian to have sleepless nights for half a month. Now that a good few months had passed, his heart had basically managed to put the matter to rest… But in the end, Yun Che still came.

Xiao Juetian squeezed out a smile that was even uglier than a crying expression on his face. “It’s actually little brother Yun! It’s no wonder a hundred flowers had bloomed this morning in my sect’s medicine garden, it’s actually because of the arrival of an esteemed guest. My Xiao Sect is really graced, and honored… This great gate had existed for a thousand years as well, and it had long been neglected for many years. I never expected that it would actually collapse at this moment, and even startled my esteemed guest, so we should be the ones apologizing. Little brother Yun, come, hurry in. Allow this humble Xiao to somewhat act as a host for your visit.”

The millennium great gate which represented the reputation of the sect was destroyed, yet, they still had to apologize to the culprit. The faces of all the elders and disciples of Xiao Sect were completely red… In the sect’s great assembly, Xiao Juetian had emphasized countless times, to not make an enemy out of Yun Che, and to never ever offend the people around Yun Che. Today, they had personally witnessed Xiao Juetian’s attitude… Evidently, his fear of Yun Che had far surpassed their imaginations.

“Oh…” Yun Che’s eyes slightly narrowed. Xue Juetian’s ability to “take setbacks”, had truly reached the pinnacle. He was still actually able to face such offense and provocation with a smile on his face, and even apologized. As expected of someone who was able to become the Sect Master of Xiao Sect. Yun Che slowly spoke up. “There’s no need to head in. The reason why I’m here today, is simply for a single matter.”

Xiao Juetian hurriedly said. “I wonder what little brother Yun needs? If this humble Xiao is able to help, this humble Xiao will definitely give it his all.”

“Heh, this matter, to Sect Master Xiao, is simply a breeze.” Yun Che said with a light smile. “I wish to meet a person in your Xiao Sect.”

Xiao Juetian’s heart instantly let out a fierce “badump” sound. He forcefully calmed himself. “I wonder who’s the person little brother Yun wishes to meet…”

“Xiao Kuangyun!” Yun Che half-narrowed his eyes, and there was not a single change to the expression on his face.

Although he had long foreseen the appearance of this day, when it really came, Xiao Juetian’s heart was still twitching, and the many elders and disciples behind him had changes in their expressions as well… Currently, no one in the entire Xiao Sect was unaware of what Xiao Kuangyun had once done to Yun Che in the past. The retribution that should be brought upon him, in the end, had still arrived. With Yun Che’s brutal method of directly annihilating the entire Burning Heaven Clan, all of them did not dare to imagine just how Xiao Kuangyun would end up after he were to land in Yun Che’s hands… However, no matter what, Xiao Sect would definitely not go against Yun Che because of Xiao Kuangyun. Burning Heaven Clan, which was already annihilated, was a lesson taught with dripping, fresh blood.

“Sect Master, what should we do?” Xiao Boyun arrived next to Xiao Juetian. With a worried expression, he said with a low voice.

The color of Xiao Juetian’s face quickly changed. In the end, he fiercely gritted his teeth, and with a voice loud sufficiently loud enough to spread throughout half of the entire Xiao Sect, he roared out. “Have this unfilial son, Xiao Kuangyun, pulled out here now!!”

“Bu… But…” Xiao Juetian’s reaction, had caused Xiao Boyun to be at a loss for a moment. He had initially thought of whether they should make up a story, of Xiao Kuangyun not being in the Sect, or he already being expelled from the sect, to thus try to see if they could escape from this tribulation. He never expected that Xiao Juetian would actually be this decisive… Everyone in Xiao Sect knew that among Xiao Juetian’s four sons, the one he pampered the most was his youngest son Xiao Kuangyun. He was also the only son who had been born by his official wife.

However, facing this Yun Che in front of him, who was as terrifying as a demon itself, Xiao Juetian basically did not dare to put any faith in luck. He even incomparably wished to end everything as quickly as possible. No matter if it was a good or bad outcome, at the very least, he would no longer have to live a life in constant fear. He once again growled. “No buts! Hurry and have him scram out here! If he doesn’t come, if there’s a need to drag him, then drag him over!”

Not long later, the people of Xiao Sect at the back scattered apart. Xiao Kuangyun staggered his steps, and was forcefully pulled over by a Xiao Sect Elder. Then, he was pushed in front of Xiao Juetian. With unsteady feet, Xiao Kuangyun instantly fell onto the ground. When he raised his head, he instantly saw a face that was a little familiar. After being stunned for a moment, his face instantly turned ashen. “Yun… Yun Che!”

Xiao Kuangyun’s hair was slightly ruffled, and his complexion was a little yellow. Evidently, he wasn’t really well-off in this period of time. Because, ever since the annihilation of Burning Heaven Clan, and finding out that Yun Che was that Xiao Che he did not put in his eyes that year and had even almost forgotten about, he had been living within a nightmare every single day. Currently, the moment he recognized Yun Che, it was as though he suddenly saw the devil of his dreams in broad daylight. He was frightened to the point where he had almost lost control of his bowels on the spot.

“Oh, Great Young Master Xiao, it’s been three years since we last met, yet you’re actually still able to remember me, a small figure in the Xiao Clan of Floating Cloud City. I sure am honored!” Yun Che looked at Xiao Kuangyun, and lightly gave a cold laugh. Three years ago, his hatred for Xiao Kuangyun had sunk deep into his bones; he hated that he was unable to grind his bones and scatter his ashes. However, currently, facing this person who was crawling on the ground like a dog, whose face was filled with fear, he was not furious, nor did he have the thrill of being able to collect the debt Xiao Kuangyun owed him that year. There was simply only a faint feeling of sorrow… That’s right. He could only blame himself back then for being too useless. A figure like him that could not even be compared to trash, was actually able to force him out of his own home, and caused grandfather and little aunt to suffer three years of bitter isolation… If back then, Chu Yueli was not present, the outcome, would have been even more unbearable.

Now that he recalled it, it seemed like he should still thank this Xiao Kuangyun. If not for him, he would not have thirsted for power so intensely, and there wouldn’t be the Yun Che today.

And even now, he no longer held the interest in killing him… What kind of figure was he right now? The son-in-law of the Blue Wind Emperor, and even more so, he had the title of “Blue Wind’s Number One”, which was enough to fully control the Sect Master of Xiao Sect, Xiao Juetian. In front of Yun Che, even he was extremely respectful, and did not dare to burst out in anger. In front of him, this Xiao Kuangyun could not even be considered as poop. Killing him, would simply stain his own hands, and insult his own status.

Although Yun Che only possessed Earth Profound strength, his might was deep and heavy. Even Xiao Juetian might not be able to endure it, let alone Xiao Kuangyun. Under Yun Che’s pressure and gaze, his face had already turned ashen, as he tumbled and crawled to the back. “Don’t… Don’t kill me… That year… It isn’t my fault that year… Those were all… were all Xiao Yulong’s idea… It doesn’t concern me… It doesn’t concern me…”

“I know.” Yun Che said with incomparable calm. “Naturally, I knew everything Xiao Yulong had done. Hence, I tore his arm and leg muscles, gouged out his eyes, ripped off his ears, cut off his nose, sliced off his tongue, wrenched out all of his hair, broke his arms and legs, and crippled his humanity… And at the same time, left his life intact, allowing him to perfectly live on! I allowed him to die slowly… bit by bit, in hell!!”

“Ah, ah, ah…” Xiao Kuangyun let out a strange cry filled with extreme horror, his four limbs wildly trembled… Between his thighs, yellowish white liquid flowed down the ground.

When they heard of Yun Che’s brutal method, even those elder-level individuals, who had experienced countless of storms and winds, were stricken in terror, with chills running down their entire bodies… This was clearly a method which only the most brutal of demons would possess.

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