Chapter 399 - Divine Phoenix City

Against the Gods

Chapter 399 - Divine Phoenix City

“What’s the other matter?” Feng Hengkong said with a hint of anger in his voice. Divine Phoenix Empire had dominated for many years, and its authority reigned the world. The other six nations never dared to offend or rebel against the Divine Phoenix Empire in any way. When a Divine Phoenix Prince presented himself in the six nations, even the emperors of those nations had to be respectful and submissive. Naturally, he never expected that there would actually be an imperial family who dared to act against his son! And… it was even Blue Wind Nation, which had the weakest and smallest national power!

This was undoubtedly a challenge to this Divine Phoenix Empire’s unparalleled authority and might. The amount of fury he had in his heart could be imagined.

But in actuality, Cang Wanhe definitely did not possess the guts to command others to attack a Divine Phoenix Prince. And even if he really had such guts, even if those peak-level experts of Blue Wind were all present, not a single one of these Blue Wind experts would dare to make a move under his command… From beginning till end, Yun Che was the only who acted against Feng Xichen, and he even intentionally prevented others from being involved —— Even when Xia Qingyue wanted to help him, she was halted. Because with Yun Che’s personality, even when he knew that it was impossible for him to be Divine Phoenix Sect’s match, he definitely would not be willing to take it lying down.

Instead, Cang Wanhe was the one who spoke out and helped Feng Xichen in the end… But it was really unfortunate. In order to hide his own embarrassment and shame, Feng Xichen, had instead, aimed the tip of his spear at Cang Wanhe.

And this, in the near future, had intangibly accelerated the descent of Blue Wind’s calamity.

“The other matter, is related to the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament.” Feng Ximing’s expression turned heavy. “In the past two days, this son had received news from the Four Great Sacred Grounds respectively. On the day of the Ranking Tournament, all four Great Sacred Grounds will be sending personnels to spectate the battlefield.”

“Hmph! In the past Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, at the very most, only one of them would appear. However, the moment the Primordial Profound Ark appears, not one less of the Four Great Sacred Grounds would be present. Even though they said it was to spectate, in actual fact, isn’t it all for the Primordial Profound Ark! We have never even thought of fishing the benefits from their Sacred Grounds, yet, all they have in their minds is fishing up a big haul from the Primordial Profound Ark that appeared in our Divine Phoenix City. This is really outrageous!” Feng Hengkong said with an ill voice. If not because he could not afford to offend the Four Great Sacred Grounds, he would definitely not allow those from the Sacred Grounds to step onto the Primordial Profound Ark.

“But this time, the people that are coming, are a little irregular.” Feng Ximing said.

“Irregular?” Feng Hengkong raised his eyes. “Could it be the Saint Emperor, Sovereign of the Seas, Heavenly Monarch and Sword Master are coming personally then!?”

Feng Ximing said. “Naturally, these Lords of the Sacred Grounds would not come personally. Coming from the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary is Spiritual Master Ancient Blue, and it is reported that he will be bringing a closed-door disciple forward to spectate the matches… According to what was reported, the talent of this disciple is extremely terrifying, and even among the young generation of the Sacred Grounds, he is still a rarity. He had even shook the Sacred Grounds once. Coming from the Supreme Ocean Palace is Ji Qianrou…”

“What!? Ji Qianrou? Why is she the one coming!?” Hearing the name “Ji Qianrou”, Feng Hengkong actually lost control of his voice on the spot. On his initial face which was filled with dignity and might, a moment of spasmodic activity actually appeared.

“About this… This son doesn’t know. If royal father isn’t willing to make an appearance then, it’s fine to allow this son to receive him… Coming from the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region is Rinsing Sword Region’s Seventh Elder Ling Kun. The people coming from these three Sacred Grounds, are still rather normal. However, the person coming from Sun Moon Divine Hall is actually… Ye Xinghan.”

“Ye Xinghan?” Feng Hengkong’s brows furrowed fiercely. “The eldest son of Heavenly Monarch Ye Meixie… Young Hall Master Ye Xinghan? Why is he coming for!?”

“This is also the reason why this son has swiftly come to report to royal father.” Feng Ximing hurriedly said. “The ventures into the Primordial Profound Ark had been fruitless for ten thousand years, although it still peaks the interests of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, with so many years gone by, their interest had long waned. The people that had been dispatched in these recent years were basically not considered as core figures. The Sun Moon Divine Hall should not have any reason to have Ye Xinghan come forward. It’s even more impossible for him to be here to spectate the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, or to train! Hence, this son thinks that there’s an extremely high possibility that the reason why Ye Xinghan is personally attending…” Feng Ximing fiercely gritted his teeth, and slowly said. “There’s a possibility… that he’s here for Xue’er!”

Feng Hengkong was slightly startled, then, a great rage followed right after. The ground beneath his feet instantly cracked. “What… did you say!?”

The sudden outburst of anger from Feng Hengkong caused Feng Ximing to shudder for a moment in his heart, however, he did not feel the least bit unexpected. Because the “Xue’er” he brought up, was the most important existence in Feng Hengkong’s heart. In Feng Hengkong’s heart, her importance, had even surpassed the entire Divine Phoenix Sect! She was Feng Hengkong’s biggest landmine… Touching would mean certain death!

And to Feng Ximing, it was the same as well! To him, “Xue’er” was the world’s most, most important existence, no matter what anything else was, it could never replace her. He hatefully said. “Royal father should have heard of it as well. Ten years ago, Ye Xinghan had succeeded in training in a set of Black Arts that had long been lost by the Sun Moon Divine Hall. Ever since then, his strength rose explosively, and the training of that set of Black Arts, required the usage of women with extremely high-grade physiques as incubators. Hence, in these recent years, Ye Xinghan had been gathering a large number of women with unique physiques in the shadows. At the same time, he has a lustful personality, there’s no woman he doesn’t like, and this is fact that the entire world knows of… When Xue’er revealed herself for a short moment at the imperial city three years ago, she was instantly titled the world’s number one beauty. At the same time, she possessed the Divine Soul Body as well, it’s impossible for Ye Xinghan not to harbor any coveting intentions in his heart… The reason why he’s personally coming forward this time, there’s a ninety nine percent probability… that he’s here for Xue’er!”

In Feng Ximing’s speech, every single one of his words was filled with deep hatred and anger, as though he hated that he was unable to personally rip the body of Ye Xinghan, who was having on thoughts of “Xue’er”, into countless shreds, at that very moment. Except, whenever he brought up the two words “Xue’er”, all of his anger would suddenly turn into gentleness, as though those two words, were the most precious, the most warmest, in his sea of consciousness. Even his eyes, were projecting infatuation that could hardly be concealed.


Feng Hengkong’s entire body shook from his anger, as he spoke out with explosive rage. He looked at Feng Ximing, and a leg suddenly flew up, as he ruthlessly kicked Feng Ximing’s lower abdomen.


Feng Ximing who did not even have the time to react, wildly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, his body heavily smashed onto the wall at the back. He held onto his lower abdomen, and slowly stood up. Painfully, he said. “Royal father…”

“Hmph! You trash! You still have the guts to call us your royal father!” Feng Hengkong pointed at him and roared furiously. “Xue’er is your biological sister, and you actually dare to harbor lust for her in your heart! We had initially thought that these two years had allowed your will to overcome this demonic barrier. We never expected, that you had yet to change even the least bit! And you had even uncontrollably exposed yourself in front of us! You have really disappointed us!”

Feng Ximing knelt on the ground with his two knees, and said with a painful expression. “Royal father… This son admits his mistake… This son knows that these thoughts are ethically forbidden between this heaven and earth, and is simply unforgivable. This son has been putting all his might into suppressing these thoughts these few years, however… However, the Xue’er’s flawlessness, is basically unable to be resisted by sheer will...This son is really unable to do it… And not just this son, Third Brother, Fourth Brother, Seventh Brother… and…”

“Shut your mouth!” Feng Hengkong’s two brows straightened vertically, and his entire body released an extremely shocking amount of anger. “Xue’er is a gem that the heavens have bestowed to my Divine Phoenix Sect, and is also the biggest hope we have to go shoulder with shoulder with the Sacred Grounds in five thousand years! No one shall think of tainting her! In this world, there’s no other man who is worthy of Xue’er either! Forget about Ye Xinghan, even if Heavenly Monarch Ye Meixie were to personally attend, he shouldn’t hold any intentions of obtaining Xue’er either! You unfilial sons… The lot of you best suppress all these thoughts that are not meant to be deep in your hearts, for your entire lifetimes. If anyone dares to make any slightest of moves outside of their mere thoughts, even if he’s our biological son… We will still personally cripple him!”

Feng Ximing said in a fluster. “Royal father, calm your anger… Royal father, be at ease. This son has never forgotten that he is Xue’er’s brother. This son shall promise royal father, that I will never do anything that will sadden Xue’er in my life. If anyone dares to bully Xue’er, even if this son has to risk his life, he will render him beyond redemption! Third Brother and the rest have similar thoughts as well… All of us see Xue’er as the world’s most important treasure, so how would we dare to do anything to harm her… Otherwise, even we, ourselves, will not forgive ourselves.”

“It best be that way!” Feng Hengkong’s anger had yet to dissipate as he turned around, and said coldly. “Xue’er is currently training at the Phoenix Perching Valley. On the day of the Ranking Tournament, Xue’er will be present to spectate as well. After all, it is the first Seven Nation Ranking Tournament since her birth. When the time comes, you’d best stay as far as possible from her. If you dare to approach within thirty meters from Xue’er, we will break off your legs!”

“Yes.” Feng Ximing lowered his head, his face was filled with dejection.

“Take your leave then. We have taken note of the matters you have said earlier.”

“Yes, this son shall take his leave.”

Feng Ximing stood up, and with careful steps, he walked out of the Divine Phoenix Main Hall.

After leaving far from the Divine Phoenix Great Hall, Feng Ximing stopped his steps. Reaching out his hand to wipe the stains of blood at the corner of his lips, his head rose as he looked towards that gigantic shadow in the sky. His face was constantly interweaved with expressions of infatuation, hatred, unwillingness, and decisiveness...

“Xue’er… My Xue’er… For you, I’m willing to sacrifice everything… Even if you want my life, I will definitely not hesitate either… Wait for the moment I take the throne of Divine Phoenix Emperor, and become the Divine Phoenix Sect Master… Then, no one will be able to stop me from obtaining your everything… Ye Xinghan… If you dare to have any thoughts about Xue’er… Even if you’re the Young Sect Master of Sun Moon DIvine Hall… I, your father, will definitely cripple you!!”


At the same time, after experiencing thirteen days of journey, his two feet finally stepped onto the grounds of the Divine Phoenix City.

The air of the Divine Phoenix City evidently carried a trace of searing heat. It was not because the air here was warmer than Blue Wind Imperial City, rather, there was an extremely huge number of profound practitioners who trained in fire attribute profound arts, especially with the Divine Phoenix Sect as the head, in Phoenix City where the core grounds of the Divine Phoenix Sect. And it’s also because it was within Divine Phoenix City, which allowed the air here to be filled with an excessive amount of flaming aura.

Although Cang Wanhe’s words had long given Yun Che the time to prepare his heart, the bustle here, still gave him a small shock.

The size of Divine Phoenix City was enough to be twenty times larger than Blue Wind Imperial City. Even if that was the case, the level of density of people was still exceptionally shocking at the borders of the city. Countless of profound practitioners, wearing various types of clothes, were moving about. Among them, most appeared in groups, and seemingly everyone was emitting out an extremely dense and heavy profound aura… From these people, just by casually picking any one of them out, he or she would be at the level of a Sect Master in Blue Wind Nation.

Evidently, among them, a lot of them had came here in advance to spectate the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. On the few days at the start, and the few days before the tournament, the degree of bustle and liveliness would still definitely rise by a few more levels.

“As expected of the imperial city of Divine Phoenix Empire. The imposing feeling, atmosphere, and the level of strength here, naturally cannot be compared on the same grounds with Blue Wind Nation… They’re seemingly worlds apart.”

Yun Che could not help but exclaim.

He did not disguise himself, because his fame only laid in Blue Wind. In this territory of the Divine Phoenix Empire, there basically wasn’t a single person that would recognize him. And there were countless of experts in Divine Phoenix City. The moment his disguise was exposed, it would instead raise their awareness, and might bring about a huge trouble.

However, when he had to state his name, he would still naturally not use his real name.

“Look above!” In his mind, Jasmine’s voice suddenly rang out. Yun Che hurriedly raised his head and looked above.

In the sky above Divine Phoenix City, there would occasionally be boat-shaped flying objects flying past at extreme speed. These flying objects were separated into highs and lows, or big and small. The shortest one was merely a few meters long, while the longest one could even reach sixty meters. Although Yun Che had never seen such things in the Blue Wind Nation, and had only heard about them before, when he was in Azure Cloud Continent, he had seen such things more than a single time...

Profound Arks!

An extremely luxurious type of flying tool, and had many advantages which could not be compared by many flying profound beasts. However, the price to craft one was extremely expensive, and it’s source of energy —— profound stones and profound crystals, were even more incomparably costly. The consumption amount of profound stones and profound crystals flying a profound ark of a regular size for two hours, when converted into profound coins, would entirely be a humongous figure that could dumbfound normal people. Hence, the number of people who possessed a profound ark was extremely small, and the number of people who could bear to use one, was even smaller… In Blue Wind Nation, the ones who possessed profound arks were most probably only the imperial family and the Four Major Sects. However, he had never seen them use one before.

However, in this Divine Phoenix City, profound arks filled up the entire sky. Thus, it was evident to see the strength of their national power.

Looking past these profound arks, in the faraway sky, Yun Che was shocked to see a gigantic shadow… As though it was a giant black cloud floating shakily above the blue skies, it obscured a large extent of the brilliant rays of light that were shining down. With its shape and the posture it was adopting to float in the air, it looked just like an odd-shaped profound ark.

“That is… could that be the legendary… Primordial Profound Ark? Yun Che said with a low voice, and then, right after, his brows slightly twitched. “There seems to be another mistake as well. Royal father has told me that the size of the Primordial Profound Ark could be compared to the entire Blue Wind Imperial City. However, if one were to look at it from here, it basically did not look that big at all. Could it be that royal father was exaggerating his words?”

“Hmph, they weren’t the slightest of exaggeration at all.” Jasmine said in disdain. “Because the height which that profound ark is at… is a full sixty thousand meters above ground!”

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