Chapter 404 - Ghost Mirage Sacred Hand

Against the Gods

Chapter 404 - Ghost Mirage Sacred Hand

“Uncle Xia… in Black Moon Headquarters? Here?” Yun Che was stunned. Half a year ago, after he returned to Floating Cloud City, he had first went to Xia Manor, and found out that Xia Hongyi had left a long time ago to search for Xia Yuanba, who had not been sending any letters. The servant who had remained at Xia Clan told him that Xia Hongyi had taken out something shaped like a black crescent moon when he was tidying things up… At that time, he suspected it was a thing related to the Black Moon Merchant Guild, and if that was so, then he assumed that Xia Hongyi was probably searching for Xia Yuanba through the Black Moon Merchant Guild.

He never expected that he had actually remained within this Black Moon Merchant Guild.

And this was not just a Black Moon branch that could be found throughout the Profound Sky… it was the legendary Black Moon Headquarters!

Someone that was able to stay here was definitely not an ordinary figure. The relationship between Xia Hongyi and Black Moon Merchant Guild was in no way simple.

“If you wish to see him, this old man can personally bring you to him now. He’ll surely be delighted to see you.” Zi Ji said with a chuckle.

Yun Che’s expression became incomparably complex. After being silent for a long while, he slowly sat down and said: “Has Uncle Xia been doing well here?”

“Only he himself knows if he’s been doing well or not. But at least here, everything is stable, and he would not be bullied by anyone.” Zi Ji replied.

Yun Che nodded, and said half to himself: “Then that’s good. Knowing that Uncle Xia is safe and sound relieves me… I was the one who took Yuanba to Blue Wind Profound Palace, and it was also me, who took him to Heavenly Sword Villa. If he had remained in New Moon City, the things that happened afterwards would not have occurred. Without having found Yuanba yet, I don’t have the face to see him… Senior Zi, talk to me about Yuanba. This junior could not be any more clearer about his strength, so how could he have shocked half of Divine Phoenix City?”

“Two years ago, a youth from another nation arrived in Divine Phoenix City. After the first day he arrived, as well as every other day after that, he went to challenge those famous sects within the city.”

“He… challenged sects?”

“Yes. Unfortunately, his profound strength cultivation was too low, and was easily injured severely by the other party. But on the second day, he continued to challenge the sect with a body full of injuries. The outcome, was obviously injury upon injuries. On the third day, he still went to challenge that sect, and had actually been struck to the brink of death due to the other party’s impatience… Even though his profound strength was feeble, his physique was exceptionally abnormal. He was obviously near death with heavily injuries, but on the next day, he still was able to stand up, and dropped in once more to challenge them. There was even one time when the other party had beaten two enormous bloody holes on his body, yet he still didn’t die. At first, everyone thought that he was a lunatic, but as the days and months passed, no one considered him to be a madman anymore. It was not rarely to see someone who strongly pursued strength, but being strongly attached to that extent, even if it’s this old man, it was the first time ever.”

Yun Che: “...”

“In the three months he had stayed in Divine Phoenix City, his body was riddled with heavy injuries everyday. There was practically no place on his body that was left intact, but he still dragged his heavily injured body and went to seek out opponents that he simply could not defeat. Among the ones he had challenged, there were inevitably a few impatient ones, or perhaps malicious ones who wished to put him to death, but no matter what kind of heavy injury he received, he had actually never died. In those three months, the people’s view of him changed from ridicule to that of shock, until that day after three months when he suddenly disappeared from Divine Phoenix City. There was not the slightest trace of him even until today, so he has probably been forgotten already. However, this old man believes that he was not secretly harmed by another, otherwise, he would never have escaped Black Moon’s eye.”

Yun Che’s heart became incomparably complex. Even though Xia Yuanba was especially tall and appeared to make one feel oppressed, under Xia Hongyi’s nurture, he had an especially gentle temperament and a simple nature. Furthermore, he was always unwilling to fight against others. However, the Xia Yuanba described by Zi Ji was actually a lunatic, through and through. He was very clear on the reason why Xia Yuanba had suddenly changed...

“...Senior Zi, thank you for telling me all these. I’ll be troubling you with everything else.” Yun Che said while standing up.

Zi Ji also stood up right after, and said with a laugh: “No need to be polite, it is our Black Moon’s honor to have the privilege of servicing our esteemed customers.”

Yun Che understood why Zi Ji was so courteous to him. Since the Black Moon Merchant Guild had developed up to today, it naturally had an established reason for its existence. Toward those with extremely high innate talent that might possible rank within the Profound Sky’s peak experts, Black Moon naturally would show preferential treatment. Not only would their service be at its utmost respectful, they were even eager to make the other party owe them a debt of gratitude.

“Oh right,” Yun Che suddenly thought of another matter: “I don’t know if Senior Zi has heard of the ‘Netherworld Udumbara Flower’?”

The Netherworld Udumbara Flower was one of the three items Jasmine needed within thirty years. She needed a Netherworld Udumbara Flower, three Tyrant Profound Beast Cores, and thirty-five kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals.

“Netherworld Udumbara Flower?” A pondering look emerged on Zi Ji’s face. After a short while, he said slowly: “This old man knows of this flower, it is an extremely yin, demonic, and evil item. It only grows within extremely wicked places, and would only bloom once every twenty four years, then wither three days later. This flower is frightening, let alone touch it, just being near it would allow the netherworld’s aura invade one’s body, and damage the soul. If the effect was light, it would make one lose consciousness, if heavy, it would make one a living dead person, even so much that one would lose their life. Apart from this, I have never heard of any positive value to this flower. Why are you looking for this flower?”

“Junior naturally has a special use for it, if senior knows where one is, I’d like it if you’ll inform me about that as well.”

Zi Ji thought for a while, then shook his head: “The last written record of a Netherworld Udumbara Flower was one thousand three hundred years ago. After that, there were no more written accounts nor rumors about it. The human race within the Profound Sky Continent is continuously increasing, nowadays, there are more than four times the number of people since a thousand years ago. As a result, the yang energy of the entire continent has greatly surpassed the yin, perhaps the Netherworld Udumbara Flower has thus become extinct in the Profound Sky Continent.”

“...I thank senior for telling me this, this junior shall take his leave.”

After unexpectedly learning about some news concerning Xia Yuanba, even if it made his mood a bit heavy, it had at least comforted him somewhat… No wonder he was never able to find any signs of Xia Yuanba within Blue Wind's borders, it turned out that he had actually come to the Divine Phoenix Empire after leaving Heavenly Sword Villa.

In terms of profound strength level, Divine Phoenix Empire was after all, a place that was far higher than Blue Wind. Did he come here to seek strength in his extreme sorrow and self-blame…?

And Little Fairy, where exactly are you anyway…


Divine Phoenix Sect.

The date of the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament grew closer and closer. Feng Xichen’s mood also became more and more impatient by the day. The scene of that day’s humiliation never stopped upsetting his mental state. After he had finally informed Feng Ximing about the Yun Che related matter yesterday, he had become even more restless.

Because what he had described to Feng Ximing was a world of difference from the truth that happened several months ago. Even though he was certain that Divine Phoenix Sect would absolutely not pardon Yun Che if he were to truly come to Divine Phoenix City, he was unable to worry about Yun Che possibly mentioning the events of that day during the ranking tournament. If the events of that day were to be made public in front of thousands of eyes, the brand of humiliation would not only be carved into his soul, it would be carved onto his face from then on.

The door was pushed open, and a tall figure, accompanied by a scorching heatwave, stepped in. The anxious Feng Xicheng quickly turned around. Just as he was about to get angry, when he saw who had come in, his surging fury was panicky taken back, and he hurriedly made a frontal salutation: “This son greets royal father.”

“You may rise.” Feng Hengkong lifted his hand, and got straight to the point: “Ximing has already told us in detail about what you had experienced in Blue Wind Nation a few months ago. Although you have concealed it till this day, it is still pardonable, we are not here to blame you.”

Feng Xicheng said hurriedly: “This son thanks royal father for his kindness… It’s just that, even though royal father does not blame me, this son nevertheless feels even more ashamed and unresigned.”

“Hmph!” Feng Hengkong’s face filled with rage: “We also never thought that a little Blue Wind Emperor would actually have such guts! Rest assured, in not even three years, we shall retrieve back ten million times the humiliation you received in Blue Wind for you! At that time, you will be handling the punishment of that Blue Wind Emperor. As for that Yun Che brat… Hmph, didn’t he say that he was participating in the ranking tournament? Very good, we just so happen to be waiting to see how he’ll tumble!”

Feng Xicheng was half delighted and half in panic: “This son thanks royal father for his deep generosity… This son’s humiliation is but a small matter, but the matter of our Divine Phoenix Sect’s bloodline is even larger than the sky. How about taking care of that Yun Che in secret before the ranking tournament?”

“No need!” Feng Hengkong swung his hand and said in extreme disdain: “How is a little profound practitioner from Blue Wind fit to be especially targeted by our Divine Phoenix Sect in secret? That’s simply lowering our Divine Phoenix Sect’s status! The Seven Nation Ranking Tournament has always been our Divine Phoenix Sect’s show, if there is no source of laughter and sense of balance, it would be quite dull! We actually hope that this Yun Che could display a little color when that time comes, and not let us down.”

“What royal father has said is extremely true.” Feng Xicheng said while lowering his head.

“Xicheng, what is the result of the theft in Phoenix Jade Hall we have told you to investigate?” As he mentioned this matter, Feng Hengkong’s complexion changed to become distinctively overcast.

“This son has discovered the person behind the theft…”

Just as Feng Xicheng was in the middle of speaking, Feng Hengkong fiercely turned around: “Who is it! Who exactly is this audacious, to dare steal from our Divine Phoenix Sect!”

The reason why he was furious, was not merely due to this person’s audacity, but rather due to his astonishment, because this thief could be said to have a terrifying ability. What kind of place was his Divine Phoenix Sect? Let alone an outsider, even if it was a mere winged insect, it would quickly be detected. But this thief, who was not sensed by anyone, stole into Phoenix Jade Hall, where all kinds of treasures were stored… If it weren’t for the fact that he had inattentively touched an invisible profound formation during his theft, it could even be said that no one would’ve known that someone had already infiltrated Phoenix Jade Hall.

What astonished him even more was that after the thief had activated the profound formation, which made all the experts in the sect become more vigilant, the thief had actually left with not the slightest of injuries under the heavy encirclement of innumerable phoenix experts… For this, even if it was a genuine Overlord, it was still nigh impossible to achieve...

“Royal father, please calm your anger… There is only person in the entire Divine Phoenix Empire who is able to accomplish this…” Feng Xichen raised his head, continuing with locked brows: “Hua Minghai.”

“Hua Minghai?” Feng Hengkong had on an overcast expression, but quickly reacted over: “‘Ghost Mirage Sacred Hand’ Hua Minghai!?”

“Yes!” Feng Xichen nodded: “In this world, there is only one person who can accomplish that. Hua Minghai’s profound strength is not too great, but his speed and movement skills could be said to be peerless. Moreover, his ability to be extremely good at concealment, moving stealthily, changing his appearance, being soundless, and being good at escaping is unrivaled…”

“No need to speak any further.” Feng Hengkong waved a hand: “We have also heard of this name. Known as the ‘number one thief in the world’, Hua Minghai, who possesses a ‘ghost mirage sacred hand’! It has been said that no matter what he stole, he had never made a mistake, let alone be captured by anyone. Even his true appearance has never been seen by anyone. Hmph… but we never thought that this thief would actually be audacious enough to provoke our Divine Phoenix Sect! Does he truly think that no one in this world is able to deal with him?!”

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