Chapter 408 - What Kind of a God

Against the Gods

Chapter 408 - What Kind of a God

Upon exiting Falling Flame Merchant Guild, Yun Che’s figure quickly submerged into the stream of people within Divine Phoenix City’s streets. With the Phoenix Helianthus already in hand, what he had to do next was not complicated, which was finding a quiet place where he would not be disturbed.

At this time, the advancing Yun Che’s footsteps suddenly stopped as he turned around as fast as lightning. His sharp eyes sweep his rear, but his gaze didn’t find anything different, even that minute strand of sensation had also faded away without a trace.

Was he mistaken?

Impossible, how could he possible be mistaken when it came to things like this.

For example, he felt a peculiar gaze staring at him for an instant earlier. Before he left Falling Flame Merchant Guild, he had also felt the same sensation. This kind of sensation did not come from his perception, instead, it was “instinct”.

It was an acquired instinct born from after being hunted down to the brink of life and death!

If this sort of feeling came from his perception, it could perhaps be his misconception. But since it was a kind of “instinct”, it definitely could not be wrong, because it had saved Yun Che’s life many times before.

However, Yun Che’s lightning fast reaction that searched for the origin of this sensation had actually not gained any profit.

If he wasn’t mistaken, then that could only mean… that the other party was hiding his abilities, and was at a terrifying high level. In the Profound Sky Continent, this was the first time Yun Che could not sense his target’s existence after his detection.

Who exactly is it… why are they staring at me? In Divine Phoenix City, there shouldn’t be anyone who would recognize me.

“Jasmine, do you sense anyone following me?” Yun Che said in a low voice.


“Sleeping… don’t bother me!”


Yun Che wrinkled his nose, withdrew his gaze, and directly advanced onward.

A barely noticeable figure not even sixty meters away behind Yun Che slowly raised his head from within the stream of people. His eyes flashed with amazement.

An hour later, Yun Che returned to the inn he had stayed in last night. In this already packed Divine Phoenix city, finding an inn to stay in was indeed extremely difficult, but as long as one was wealthy, even if the population were to double, there still wouldn’t be a problem. The guest room Yun Che stayed in was obtained by him paying thirty times the original price from someone who failed to show up.

“Dear guest, you’ve returned, do you want to go back in your room to take a rest or do you want to have a meal?”

As soon as Yun Che returned back to the inn, a handsome waiter diligently welcomed him. Those who were able stay at such a luxurious inn at this time were all wealth god-like figures, so he obviously had to do his utmost to thoroughly serve him.

“Make me dinner a bit later today, before it gets dark, deliver it directly to my room.” Yun Che replied.

“Alrightie, have a nice rest. Dear guest, if you have any requests, feel free to call out at anytime.” The waiter said politely.

After Yun Che returned to his room, he actually did not go according to his previous plan of immediately beginning to refine the Sky Profound Universal Pellet. Instead, he closed the door, and laid on the bed to sleep. He seemed to be quite exhausted, because not long after he laid down, the sound of snoring gradually surfaced as he entered dreamland.

Yun Che directly slept from the afternoon to evening. It was exactly at this time that a wisp of noiseless and odorless smoke that was unable to be seen with the naked eye slowly floated in from corner of the room’s rear window, and blended in with the air in the room. Yun Che was still sleeping and still snoring. His breathing was even, without the least bit reaction to everything happening.

The light smoke stopped after several tens of breaths. Everything was silent, without any indication that something had happened.

Half a quarter of an hour later, Yun Che’s door was struck.

“Dear guest, the dinner you wanted is here.”

Yun Che was still heavily sleeping, without the slightest of reaction.

“Dear guest… Dear guest? Are you in there?”

The waiter gave the door a soft push. The door had only been closed, not locked, so it opened with one push. The waiter hesitated for a bit, then carefully pushed open the room and came in carrying the dinner.

The sound of the waiter’s footsteps were rather heavy, and the porcelain on tray in his hand also made clashing noises, but the Yun Che laying on the bed continued to not respond. It was evident that he was dead asleep. The waiter put the tray on the table, and after his eyes swept past Yun Che for a while, he slowly walked in Yun Che’s direction. Only this time, his footsteps… were actually noiseless, and his cautious gaze from before changed to that of water’s tranquility.

Yun Che’s breathing was steady, and he was dead asleep. All the sense organs on his body showed not the slightest sliver of movement. After confirming these, the waiter’s cautious expression loosened a bit. He came over to Yun Che’s bed and reached out his hand to grab at Yun Che’s spatial ring.

In the exact instant his fingers were about to touch Yun Che, Yun Che’s hand suddenly shot out like lightning and grabbed onto the waiter’s wrist. At the same time, his eyes that were closed for an entire afternoon also suddenly opened.

How large of a power did Yun Che’s grip possess? Even if it were a Throne that had been grabbed like this, they fundamentally should not think of easily struggling free. But when Yun Che was about to solidly grab him, he suddenly felt something slip from his palms, as if he had not grabbed onto an arm, but rather a fish! The arm that he had a solid grip on earlier suddenly slipped free from the palm of his hands. Immediately after, the inn’s waiter jumped up with incomparable nimbleness and dashed out the bamboo window, fleeing away flying.

Yun Che originally wanted to give chase, but as soon as he took a step forward, he stopped, and stared ahead in a daze… because this person’s speed was just too fast, fast to such a level that it was inconceivable. He only used the short time of an instant to escape from his grip, then nimbly flew out, and that was also something that only took an instant to happen. This person’s silhouette had already become a small dot within his line of sight...

His profound strength was not that strong, it was more or less at the middle stages of the Sky Profound Realm, but the speed he displayed completely surpassed Sky Profound level. It was even faster than the Snow Phoenix Beast by several times… the fastest person Yun Che had ever seen in the Profound Sky Continent.

A flurry of hurried footsteps sounded, and the inn’s waiter opened the door upon hearing the noise from earlier. He asked in alarm: “Dear guest, what happened?”

The waiter before him looked exactly the same as the waiter that had fled. Even his expressions and voice practically had no differences. Yun Che shook his head: “Nothing. Tell someone to help me fix the window. I will pay for the damaged window.”

After telling the inn’s waiter to leave, Yun Che stood by the window side, eyed the spatial ring in his hand, and pondered for a while. He wore the spatial ring to conceal the Sky Poison Pearl, nothing was actually in there. Looks like he was not mistaken about his previous feeling that someone had been tailing him. And this person’s tailing, concealment, ability to easily change appearance and voice, and even his ability to place a sleeping mist could be said to be in a top-notch realm. His ability to escape had given Yun Che a direct blow, and his speed was quick to the extreme...

What kind of person was he? Why was he targeting me?

The first time he felt like someone had been staring at him was back when he was about to leave Falling Flame Merchant Guild. Which meant that this person was also inside Falling Flame Merchant Guild, and was within the group of people present…

Yun Che’s brows sunk… The changing of appearance and voice, sleeping mist, ability to escape and speed… They were clearly all skills of an expert thief! And being targeted by such a frightening thief obviously was not a light matter. This thief had tailed him back the entire way, and had even schemed this hard, it was evident that he possessed something that this thief was extremely interested in. Then… he probably wouldn’t give up after failing once. He ought to be coming back again.

Not long after, the window repairmen arrived. Yun left the inn. After thinking for a while, he headed straight for the direction of Falling Flame Merchant Guild. Since that person had followed him, then he probably had left closely after his departure from Falling Flame Merchant Guild. This meant that he could only inquire about who had left after him and perhaps discover something.

Dusk had already fallen, yet the streets were still as clamorous as before. Upon reaching the Falling Flame Merchant Guild area, did it become secluded. Yun Che chose to walk on a few streets with few pedestrians, and at this time, the shriek of a young woman sounded: “Save me… Save me…”

“Hehehehe, you’ve fallen into this great lord’s hands, yet you’re thinking of escaping! Hahahaha…”

At a corner in front of him, a young woman was hurriedly running over. The young woman was dressed in blue. With a peach blossom face and a pair of clear eyes, she could be considered a beauty that would enchant a man instantly, and make him feel tenderness. Behind her was a middle aged man with a solid stature who was leisurely chasing after her. Lewd laughs came out from his mouth, as though he was currently playing a cat catch mouse game.

That young woman looked at Yun Che as if she had sudden found the last straw of hope from within her despair. She ran over as if her life depended on it, hid behind Yun Che, and pleaded: “Sir, please be merciful and save me, that evil bully, he… he was improper toward me… Sir, please save me…”

Yun Che held out a hand, hid the woman behind him, and then coldly looked at the man who chased over before his eyes. He said righteously: “Don’t be scared miss, with me here, that guy should not even think of touching a single strand on your hair… Sigh! In the peaceful broad moonlight where everything is clear, you actually dare to openly assault a woman of good family on the street, you’re audacious to the extreme, and simply unforgivable.”

“Hahahaha!” That middle aged man laughed heartily: “Kid, you haven’t even grown any hair, yet you even dare to copy other people’s ‘hero saving a beauty’? Hurry up and scram outta this daddy’s sight, otherwise, this daddy’ll take care of you first.”

“You’re seeking death!” Yun Che was furious. With just one step, he smashed his fist out. The sound of a deafening screech immediately followed his clenched fists that ruthlessly struck the middle age man’s chest. The middle aged man’s eyes abruptly widened as he smothered a groan and flew out into the distance, then fainted on the spot.

“Ah…” That young woman immediately let out a surprised cry.

“Hmph!” Yun Che withdrew his hand and said in disdain: “Just with this much of an ability, yet dares to come out to do evil, he’s truly bringing about his own doom.” He turned around and said in concern: “Miss, are you okay?”

That young lady saluted fully and said in a sobbing voice filled with fear and appreciation: “Sir, thank you for saving me… May I ask for sir’s great name? This little one will definitely pay back your great kindness.”

“Heh heh, it was barely any effort, don’t worry about it.” Yun Che said casually. His gaze fell downward, revealing an appreciative gaze for beautiful women: “May I ask for this miss’s name?”

The young woman said softly: “This little one is named Yan Xiaohua.”

“Yan Xiaohua…” Yun Che beamed: “Miss is so beautiful and doesn’t even cultivate in the profound. It’s too dangerous for you to be outside alone, you’d best be a bit more careful in the future.”

The young woman sighed as she revealed a grieved expression: “This little one usually stays inside her chambers and rarely goes out. But today, my father…”

Just as the young woman was in the middle of her narration, Yun Che, who had been quietly listening attentively, suddenly smashed a palm toward the young woman’s chest. The distance between the two was not even three feet and the palm Yun Che shot out was done without warning, so not only was the other party preoccupied in her narration, a young woman also should not have the ability to dodge this strike.


However, even with such a suddenly strike, Yun Che actually hit thin air.

A deafening sound resounded, immediately jolting the surrounding space into trembling. The young woman before him had disappeared, only leaving an afterimage that had not faded. As for the true body, it had already shifted three meters away in that short instant, then fled far away as quick as lightning.

He had previously escaped from Yun Che’s hands before, but how could Yun Che possible allow himself to fail once again? In the very instant he felt that he had struck empty air, he had already reacted in a split second...

“Dragon Soul Domain!!”

A sky shaking dragon cry resounded as the surrounding one hundred fifteen meter of space around him was instantly enveloped in the mighty pressure of an undefiable dragon’s soul. The entire body of the escaping “young woman” quaked, as she revealed an expression of terror. She had powerlessly fallen from the air… and just as she was about to fall to the ground, Yun Che had already quickly launched a Phoenix Break at her chest.


The protective clothing worn by the “young woman” instantly shattered, as she spat out a long bloody arrow and heavily landed on the ground. Yun Che’s figure swayed, then he was already at her side. He stepped on the core of her profound veins, not allowing her to channel profound energy.

“Who exactly are you, why are you targeting me?!” Yun Che asked coldly, yet the waves in his heart could not be quieten down. Under that sort of situation, Yun Che believed that even if it was he himself, it was probably impossible for him to dodge his abrupt strike earlier, yet not a corner of this person’s clothes had been touched.

He could help but acknowledge that if it were not for the fact that he possessed the heaven defying Dragon Soul Domain, it would be impossible for him to capture this ghost-like person.

“Heh heh…”

The “young woman” opened her mouth, and what came out was clearly a man’s voice. He wasn’t resentful, nor was he angry, instead, he was laughing with a tranquil expression: “In all my life… I had never fallen… Even eight Overlords who have chased me for seven days and seven nights had ever touched a single hair on my head… Yet today… I had actually fallen at you… a mere Earth Profound kid’s hand… I can’t help but say one word… Impressive…”

Yun Che was inwardly startled… Escaping the pursuit of eight Overlords for seven days and seven nights without a single injury. In the entire Profound Sky Continent, how many people could do that? And to even make a full eight Overlords not hesitate to team up to kill him… What kind of a god was this person beneath his feet?!

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