Chapter 414 - Trading a Life for a Life

Against the Gods

Chapter 414 - Trading a Life for a Life

“Run, why aren’t you running? Have you resigned to your fate, or have you already been scared witless?” Feng Chihuo laughed wildly: “Forget it, I ought to end our game of cat chasing mouse by now. Even though I spent so much time on you, with such an unexpected harvest, I can’t say that I've suffered any losses. I’ve even heard that you’re the Blue Wind Emperor’s son-in-law… Tsk, tsk. If that damned emperor of Blue Wind Nation and the other inferior nations were to know that a mighty prince consort was a demon from Illusory Demon Realm, I’m not sure how marvelous of a reaction they would have… Haha…”

After laughing to his content, Feng Chihuo’s face suddenly became darkened: “Even though I'm not going to kill you, once I give you to Sect Master… I’ll make you live a life worse than death! The debts you incurred after playing tricks on me… I’ll properly calculate them now!”

Feng Chihuo suddenly swooped down from the sky. With a sudden wave of his arm, a six meter wide column of fire instantly shot downwards. Just as it was about to approach Yun Che, it changed into a fire phoenix that danced in midair. As the temperature boiled, it nearly melted the ground.

Yun Che was not the least bit afraid of phoenix fire, but the profound energy attack of a high level Throne was still within the flame. Yun Che’s complexion grew grim as he instantly raised Dragon Fault. With a loud roar, the heavy sword force swung upwards against the air, straight for the fire phoenix.


Phoenix flame and the heavy sword’s windstorm directly clashed head-on. Yun Che’s hair had been blown up by the chaos as a distorted expression appeared on his face. The heavy sword force only lasted for half a breath before it had been completely smashed apart. The fire phoenix crazily descended, charging at Yun Che and the Snow Phoenix.

The sound of phoenix fire exploding roiled like surging thunder, as the incomparably terrifying heat suddenly inflated the surrounding space. Yun Che’s groans and the Snow Phoenix’s mournful cries came from within the blaze. One was knocked to the east while the other was knocked to the west….

“Little Chan!”

The Snow Phoenix lost its balance, as though it was a dead leaf that was being swirled inside a gale, it fell several hundred meters away… Two stretches of ghastly blood red had quickly spread on the originally snow white pair of wings. After landing on the ground, it no longer made another sound. It was, after all, only a Sky Profound Beast, how could it withstand an attack from a high level Throne?


Yun Che also heavily fell down, the fierce attack smashed two enormous holes on the ground. After he fell, the clothes on Yun Che’s entire body were broken into pieces, dyed all over with bloodstains. All four of his limbs twitched unceasingly, and it seemed as if he used all his strength to lift Dragon Fault. While struggling to finally stand, he panted with his mouth open in huge coarse breaths.

“Jasmine, with my current body, what is the maximum time I can maintain ‘Purgatory’?” Yun Che asked grimly.

Jasmine was also very clear that since Feng Chihuo recognized Yun Che’s profound handle, he had to die no matter what. If he wanted to kill Feng Chihuo, he had to forcibly open Purgatory’s gate. She said carefully: “Fifteen breaths… as for the most extreme limit, it cannot exceed twenty breaths. Otherwise, all the blood vessels in your body will rupture, even your Great Way of the Buddha won’t be able to save you!”

“Tsk tsk, not bad. No wonder our prince had specially sent me to kill you. You do have some ability, after receiving a move that contains thirty percent of my strength, you actually had not been beaten half dead, and can even stand up.”

Feng Chihuo casually dropped from midair toward Yun Che. The disdain in his eyes was as though he was looking at lamb about to be slaughtered. He moved his wrist, as malice flickered in his eyes: “You made quite a bit of blood flow from this arm of mine, there are even a few cracks that have appeared in my bones. In order to repay this favor of yours, tell me, should I snap every bone in your body, or pinch each and every one of them into pieces?”

Yun Che clenched his teeth and forcibly lifted the heavy sword as his entire body tottered on the verge of collapse: “Even if I die, even if I have to risk my life, I’m still going to… leave a few more injuries on your body!”

After he finished speaking, Yun Che roared. Swinging the heavy sword up, he smashed toward Feng Chihuo, who was only three steps away from him.

“Hahahaha!” The incoming heavy sword did not have the least bit of imposingness, rather, it seemed as if it was about to fall from Yun Che’s grasp any moment. Feng Chihuo laughed out loud as he extended a hand to grab at Dragon Fault: “You alone, can actually injure…”

Just as Feng Chihuo’s hand was about to touch Dragon Fault, Yun Che’s expression suddenly changed. “Purgatory” opened, and Yun Che, who was on the verge of collapse, seemed like a ferocious beast that had suddenly awakened from the abyss as his entire body bursted with a incredibly frightening strength.

“Falling Moon Sinking Star!!”

A sky tremoring dragon cry came from Dragon Fault as the ground beneath Yun Che’s feet suddenly shook. Cracks resembling spider webs crazily spread… this sudden variation greatly changed Feng Chihuo’s complexion. At such a close range, even if he was a deity, he would still not have time to react… That one strike brimming with all of Yun Che’s power ruthlessly smashed on his arm.


The cracking sound of bone disintegrating was drowned within a world-shaking explosion. The surrounding mountain stones were all twisted upwards by the heavy sword tornado, then, they were all crushed into the most minute of fragmented dust. Feng Chihuo’s left elbow bone had been directly smashed broken. Under the enormous attack, his entire person flew like a spinning top as he was smashed three hundred meters away, firmly ramming into a large mountain boulder, crushing it into smithereens.

With Yun Che’s strength, defeating Ling Tianni at the sixth level of the Emperor Profound Realm required the joint help of Xia Qingyue. In normal instances, prevailing over Feng Chihuo at the eighth level of the Emperor Profound Realm was something he had no chance of ever doing! If he was able to sustain Purgatory, he might be able to confront Feng Chihuo, but it was also near impossible… Besides, he could only maintain the Purgatory state for at most fifteen breaths. After fifteen breaths, he would be toying with fate, and after twenty breaths, he would be courting death.

And the only hope he had to kill Feng Chihuo… was to utilize all his strength and willpower, so much that he had to overdraft his life force! At the same time, he had to use any kind of tactics and tricks —— no matter how shameless and despicable they were.

With Yun Che’s current body strength, Feng Chihuo’s attack that contained thirty percent of his strength was still a fire attribute attack, it was impossible to place him in too miserable of a state. Even the utterly tattered clothes and those numerous little wounds were all devised by him… they were all for this one moment. And the results were even better than what he had anticipated… directly crippling one of Feng Chihuo’s arms!

Facing Feng Chihuo, who only had one arm left, his chances had naturally gotten better!

Feng Chihuo got up from the crushed rocks with an extremely angry snarl. His entire left arm dangled, its shape appearing to be hideously twisted. His right arm grabbed onto it as he felt intolerable pain. With most of the bones in his left arm broken, he howled, as if insane: “Yun Che… I’m going to tear you into ten thousand pieces!!”

Feng Chihuo had lived for over one hundred years, his combat experience was incomparably rich, so he was definitely not one of those who were arrogant and condescending. On the contrary, even when facing an opponent weaker than himself, he would still be very cautious… However, Yun Che was just too weak. Earth Profound Realm was two great realms weaker than him, how could he possibly be on guard? A fierce tiger going up against a wounded wolf might be on guard, but how could a tiger be on guard against a wounded young rabbit?

The acute pain in his arm was unbearable, yet far beneath the shock in his heart… The power Yun Che suddenly exploded out with just a while ago was only a strength a high level Throne could put forth, how could it appear from a profound practitioner at the Earth Profound Realm?

Just as he let out a howl, the figure before him swayed, and Yun Che had already attacked again, bringing along an imposing force not weaker than before. His eyes especially, flickered with a blood red radiance.

“Die!!” Instantly submerging in his anger and hatred, Feng Chihuo roared as his right arm shot out. The palm he poured his berserking profound energy in directly grabbed at Yun Che’s chest… with the intent to immediately tear Yun Che’s heart into pieces. Due to the arm that had been smashed broken, why would he care whether or not Yun Che was a demon from Illusory Demon Realm? Under his extreme fury, he only wanted to tear him into pieces.


Feng Chihuo’s palm struck empty air, as four Yun Ches appeared around him at the same time. Since Feng Chihuo had plenty of experience, even though he was shocked, his mind had not been thrown into disorder. Instead of locking onto Yun Che’s position, all the phoenix profound energy in his body rushed forth, launching out in all four directions.


Yun Che quickly dodged behind Feng Chihuo, then firmly smashed Dragon Fault on Feng Chihuo’s back. At the same time, Feng Chihuo instantly ignited his profound energy and also firmly struck Yun Che’s chest.

The two different forces exploded simultaneously, causing so much shaking that even the surrounding mountains violently trembled. A bloody flower burst out of Yun Che’s chest as he was ruthlessly knocked flying. Feng Chihuo was even more miserable, he had been fiercely smashed to the ground by Dragon Fault, and then rolled far away like a gourd. A groove half a finger deep was smashed out onto his back. He used a palm to pound the ground and suddenly jumped up. Before he had time to stand firm, he suddenly discovered that the Yun Che he had sent flying was actually floating in midair. Then, Yun Che’s entire body combusted with flame as he dove down like a shooting star.

Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing!!


Feng Chihuo widened his eyes, not daring to believe the fact that Yun Che was actually in midair, and was even borrowing the power that knocked him into the air. His gaze darkened as a ball of extremely powerful phoenix flame ignited on the palm of his right hand… Contained in this palm, was the unrestrained accumulation of all his strength, and he shot it at Yun Che within his raging roar.

Facing against Feng Chihuo’s attack, Yun Che’s descent had not diminished in the slightest, even the direction in which he was diving toward had not changed, as if he was willing to risk his life to receive Feng Chihuo’s attack in order to smash out a strike of his own… Once his all out attack had come out, it was too late to retrieve it even if Feng Chihuo wanted to. Facing Yun Che's fighting style that was entirely trading a life for a life, Feng Chihuo's eyes fixedly stared wide, and he explosively roared: "You're courting death!!"


Yun Che’s Dragon Fault and Feng Chihuo’s palm heavily struck the other party’s body at the same time… Numerous blood vessels on Yun Che’s arm ruptured instantly as a huge expanse of blood burst from his chest. Several bones in his ribs and sternum broke apart, and several lines of gaps had even appeared on his internal organs. His entire person had been smashed over a height of three hundred meters.

While the sternum and ribs of Feng Chihuo's left side were all jolted into pieces, the position of his heart directly shifted by an inch as streams of blood sprayed out of the wound like a geyser. He was unable to believe that he had actually been severely injured to such an extent by a strike from a junior at the Earth Profound Realm, while his own all out attack had not smashed the other party into pieces. In fact, his power had not even entered the opponent’s internal organs, and had actually been firmly resisted against.

That kind of power, that kind of body… how could it only be at the Earth Profound Realm… How was that possible!!

In this brief exchange, the two were both completely covered in blood and injuries. This was because what Yun Che wanted was not an exchange, the preservation of his own life, nor Feng Chihuo's defeat, rather, he wanted his death! In order to kill Feng Chihuo, he had to throw out all his power into his attacks in these short dozen or so breaths instead of dispersing his power and time to defend or evade.


Without attending to his internal and external injuries, the midair Yun Che didn’t wait for himself to regain his balance as he placed all his strength on his heavy sword once more. The silhouette of the Heavenly Wolf howled as it charged toward Feng Chihuo, furiously ramming onto his chest… Feng Chihuo conjured all the strength within his body to rigidly block the heavenly wolf silhouette, but due to the extremely fast propelling force of the attack, he was pushed backwards. It was only after both his legs instantly plowed two ditches over thirty meters long across the ground did he barely offset Heavenly Wolf Slash’s might. However, before he had time to gasp for breath, Yun Che had already fallen from the sky, blasting a strike over.

Feng Chihuo let out a loud cry as he condensed his flame into a sword. But this time, he didn’t attack Yun Che, rather, he put all his strength on the phoenix flame sword to suppress Yun Che’s heavy sword… Each one of Yun Che’s moves were executed without any concern to his own life, but how could Feng Chihuo willingly trade lives with Yun Che? Against such a terrifyingly large power and the lunatic Yun Che, who was trading injury for injury, his anger had already been rapidly replaced by dread and fear.

With every single sword strike Yun Che smashed out, several tens of blood vessels on his arm would burst open. Both his arms were instantly dyed with blood, as if they had just been submerged in a pool of blood. The wounds on his body endlessly spewed out blood, and the internal injuries in his body continually grew more severe as he attacked without reserve. But he didn't mind it at all; every single sword strike was vicious to the extreme.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom...

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