Chapter 422 - Complete Profound Formula

Against the Gods

Chapter 422 - Complete Profound Formula

World Ode of the Phoenix’s fundamental formula flowed into Yun Che mind. What throbbed first was not Yun Che’s mind, but the Heretic God’s fire seed. A flame also starting burning within Yun Che’s mind, gradually imprinting the drifting profound formula firmly into his soul.

The requisites to learning the World Ode of the Phoenix, required having the Phoenix bloodline. Even when possessing the Phoenix bloodline, it would still take a very long time to comprehend the fundamental formula of the World Ode of the Phoenix. This was because the World Ode of the Phoenix was essentially a profound art that belonged at the plane of gods, the flame laws it contained were far above that of ordinary profound flames. Even the weakest first to six stages required an immense difficulty for the user to perfectly comprehend, and was absolutely not something ordinary profound arts could compare to.

But towards Yun Che, this wasn’t at all a concern. That was because the existence of the Heretic God’s fire seed allowed him to easily understand and comprehend laws of fire of any shape and form. With the Heretic God’s fire seed, Yun Che’s current body was like an unpolished jade that could be sculpted at will. Even if it was this powerful World Ode of the Phoenix, the process of comprehension would be as simple as directly carving it into his body.

After reading the fundamental formula of the World Ode of the Phoenix once in his heart, Yun Che had already understood it clearly. Those profound formulas turmoiled in his soul, then suddenly combined together, creating a vast and boundless world… That was a dark sky of stars with countless heavenly bodies within, and in the next moment, scorching flames suddenly burned up, and entirely engulfed this colossal cosmos. In the sea of fire that could overturn the world, a loud and resonant phoenix cry suddenly sounded, as a golden colored phoenix spreaded out its wings, bathing in flames, born from the sea of fire..

A surge of scorching yet vast aura filled Yun Che’s mind to the brim, and also caused him to feel as if he had opened a gate to another world all of a sudden, as his body was also placed within a whole new world…


As the profound formula entered Yun Che’s body, he closed his eyes and became motionless. Princess Snow quietly sat in front of him, her beautiful eyes continuously watched Yun Che, in order to prevent unusual conditions such as soul damage and profound energy going into chaos during his comprehension mode. But as an hour passed, Yun Che was not only completely calm during this period, even his breathing had completely stabilized, and was steady to the point that it seemed as if he had fallen asleep.

Princess Snow showed a sign of relief, she once again looked at Yun Che for a while, and muttered to herself in a low voice: “It seems he has started to comprehend. There should be no problems if this was the case, but it should take a long time...”

“Little White, let’s go play!”

Feng Xue’er stood up, and just as she was about to go towards Little White’s side, a layer of mist-like flames suddenly flared up on Yun Che’s body.

Feng Xue’er stopped in her tracks and looked at Yun Che with a surprised expression. The spontaneously ignited misty layer of flames adhered onto Yun Che’s body, slowly flowed and shifted on the surface of his body, and gradually burned higher and higher. Right after, these flames again extinguished and an illusionary Phoenix’s image emerged behind Yun Che’s back. At the same time, the phoenix mark on Yun Che forehead appeared by itself, and released a dazzling golden light.


Feng Xue’er uttered an astonished cry as she stared blankly at the phoenix mark on Yun Che forehead. That was a phoenix mark that anyone who carried the bloodline of the Phoenix would have. When igniting Phoenix flames, unless one deliberately conceals it, the phoenix mark will emerge by itself. Princess Snow still had her stupefied look, as she stared blankly at the golden phoenix mark on Yun Che’s forehead. The expression in her eyes was in unrest, as the emotions contained within her gaze suddenly became incomparably chaotic…

The Phoenix’s image lasted for a long time, before it finally slowly vanished, and the golden imprint on Yun Che’s forehead also faded along with it. Yun Che also opened his eyes at this time, and at the first glance, he saw Feng Xue’ers eyes that were filled with astonishment.

“Big Brother Yun, you actually… have already completely comprehended the fundamental formula, and thoroughly mastered the bloodline and World Ode of the Phoenix’s profound art?” Feng Xue’er stared her eyes wide, and said with a voice that carried a heavy tone of disbelief.

“That’s right.” Yun Che nodded: “Isn’t this very easy… Right, Xue’er, how long did it take me in total?”

“It only took… an hour.”

“An hour… is this considered very short?”

“Short to the point of unfathomable!” Feng Xue’er’s emotions turmoiled: “The fundamental formula is the foundation of World Ode of the Phoenix’s cultivation, only after thoroughly comprehending it, would one be able to harmonize their bloodline and profound art; it’s also the most most important, and the most most difficult step. Even under the help and guidance of the senior generation, and even if one’s comprehension ability is very great, it’ll still need to at least take over a year, and some would need several years… But Big Brother Yun, you only used… an hour!”

“Uh…” With the Heretic God’s fire seed, no matter how difficult the fire attribute profound art, it was all just like the lift of a hand for him. Only after hearing Xue’er saying it like this, did he suddenly realize that mastering the fundamental formula just like that, was indeed a somewhat exaggerated speed. Just as he was pondering how he should explain, he then saw Feng Xue’er’s charming face already blooming with utmost reverence: “Wah! Big Brother Yun, you’re too amazing. You’re the most most most… most terrific genius that Xue’er has ever seen! Back then royal father had praised me for comprehending the fastest, but compared to Big Brother Yun, I’m way way inferior.”

“Um…” Yun Che somewhat embarrassedly pressed his forehead: “How could I be as amazing as Xue’er said? It’s clearly Xue’er who has taught me well, which is why I could comprehend it so fast.”

“Heh! Big Brother Yun only knows how to coax me. I only had given the profound formula to Big Brother Yun, and didn’t give any other help and guidance, and more so didn’t use profound energy to as a guide. As if it’s got anything to do with me at all, it’s Big Brother Yun himself who’s amazing.” Feng Xue’er said with a broad smile.

“No no, of course that isn’t the case.” Yun Che said with a serious face: “Xue’er is good looking, of noble status, with a kind nature. To be able to be taught the World Ode of the Phoenix personally by Xue’er, would be a blissful thing for anyone. Like this, any kind of miracle have a chance of happening. If it was a harsh old granny who taught me, I probably wouldn’t have comprehended it within ten years.”

“Hehe…” Even though she knew that Yun Che was coaxing her, she still laughed very cheerfully: “I had originally wanted to teach Big Brother Yun bit by bit, but since Big Brother Yun is so amazing… then I’ll just teach all of World Ode of the Phoenix’s profound arts to Big Brother Yun, maybe Big Brother Yun can similarly comprehend them very fast.”

As she spoke, Feng Xue’er extended her jade hands. A speck of dazzling red light congealed up between her fingers, then, she carefully touched it onto the center of Yun Che’s brows… Instantly, the complete profound formulas of the first to the fourth stage, all slowly and clearly entered Yun Che’s sea of consciousness.

The World Ode of the Phoenix, from the fundamental formula to the first four stages that belonged to Divine Phoenix Sect, was acquired just like this by Yun Che in such a complete and intact fashion.

Yun Che had already received the Phoenix’s blood for nearly three years. Even though he forcefully learned two phoenix profound skills, he never was able to cultivate the World Ode of the Phoenix. The World Ode of the Phoenix could be said as something he had always yearned for even in his dreams, and he knew how difficult and dangerous it would be to obtain this World Ode of the Phoenix from Divine Phoenix Sect. He didn’t expect that he would obtain Divine Phoenix Sect’s complete World Ode of the Phoenix precisely today.

If he went through layers upon layers of danger, schemes, gambles, or even blood and obtained the World Ode of the Phoenix, he would have no qualms about it, and let out three hearty laughters.

But at this moment, obtaining it without spending any effort at all, instead made him to be somewhat at a loss.

Because what Feng Xue’er had given him wasn’t merely World Ode of the Phoenix, but also a heart that completely trusted and was intimate with him, as well as feelings without the slightest speck of dust and impurity.

Yet the premise of everything, was his deceit toward her... Even if it was a deceit where he had no other choice.

As the first four stages of profound formula flooded in, the fifth and sixth stage profound formula that had long ago been engraved within Yun Che’s mind and soul was awakened at the same time. For a moment, the six stages of profound formulas combined and joined together by themselves, converging into the World Ode of the Phoenix’s complete first to sixth stages. Even though Yun Che’s mind was slightly in chaos, the Phoenix profound energy had already automatically channeled and fused following the profound formulas that entered Yun Che’s mind… So, he closed his eyes, ridded the distracting thoughts, and concentrated on comprehending the profound formulas.


As the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament neared, Divine Phoenix City also became more clamorous day by day. The profound practitioners of the six nations who were participating in Ranking Tournament, as well as their escorts, all one by one arrived at Divine Phoenix City. To be qualified to participate in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, they were no doubt the younger generation’s most tip-top prodigies of the six nations. And the people who accompanied them here, and also similarly beings at the pinnacle of the political and profound world within the six nations… Without exception, the emperors of the six nations all personally came.

However, these people who could all look down upon a nation, when arriving at the Divine Phoenix City, there was no choice but for them to lower their heads, and be cautious and prudent. At this time, there were only three days left until the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. In the six nations, other than the Blue Wind Nation, the other five nation’s participants had already all arrived, and were settled at the core encampment of Divine Phoenix Empire, Phoenix City.

“Hm? Blue Wind Nation’s people still aren’t here today?” Listening to his subordinate’s report, Feng Ximing pondered.

“Yes. I just especially asked the city gate people, there hasn’t been any Blue Wind participants entering the city. Should we immediately sound transmit to Blue Wind Imperial Family to inquire?”

“No need.” Feng Ximing lifted his hand: “Hmph! Tiny Blue Wind Nation is also merely a joke at this Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. I had thought someone interesting would happen in this session, looks like, this prince has really overestimated that kid called Yun Che. This prince had actually really believed that he would personally come participate in this Ranking Tournament like he had yelled out. I reckon that he has already hid somewhere he’d believe we can’t find him with tails between his legs.”

“No need to hurry and prepare the Blue Wind Nation’s dwelling location. It’s better that they don’t come, not only will that help us cut down the Ranking Tournament’s schedule, it also just happens to give royal father… another exceptionally good excuse. Withdraw for now… Right, today’s welcome banquet, there’s no need to arrange Blue Wind Nation’s seats either.”



“...A long long time ago, there were two young profound practitioners, one of them was named Zu Kun, the other named Liu Ti. They were of ordinary aptitude, and were frequently bullied and mocked by others. So they worked hard for prosperity, and decided to assiduously train together. Every single day before the sun even came up, as long as they heard the crow of roosters, they would get up from the bed and practice swordsmanship. Day after day, year after year, finally… They both got hit with the bird flu.”

“What is bird flu?” Feng Xue’er asked very curiously.

“Mn, it’s a very terrifying virus.” Yun Che said in dead earnest: “This story, is called “Working hard at the first crow of the rooster”. The moral of the story is that we definitely have to keep away from the bird flu.”

“Uu… This story is so boring. I still want to hear the story of Snow White… After Snow White and the Frog Prince got together, what will happen then? I really want to know.”

“This…. Let me think about it properly.” Yun Che scratched his scalp.

“Think of it properly okay… Big Brother Yun, say ahh.” Leaning on Yun Che’s shoulder, Feng Xue’er put her half-eaten dragon meat skewer beside his mouth, and watched him take a big bite out of it with a grin.

Once the pandora’s box was opened, the former taboo would rip apart a gap ever increasing in size. The Feng Xue’er who would definitely not have any contact with anyone before, was very naturally leaning together with Yun Che, eating the same meat skewer with him under various leads by Yun Che.

If Feng Hengkong saw this scene at this moment, he’d definitely be angry to the point of hovering between life and death. Slapping Yun Che into mincemeat on the spot would even be considered letting him off light.

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